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Welcome to the

Jack's Tracts Archives

Blue Links are provided (when available) to view the tracts direct from Jack's official site. (You'll need to click your "back" button to return to this page.) All tract synopsis are Jack's official catalog descriptions (unless inside parentheses). If you wish to read our detailed review, click the REVIEW link at the end of each synopsis. * means the tract is currently out of print (but can be reprinted for large orders of 10,000). ** is not currently being offered for reprinting, but that status could change. *** means the tract will probably not be offered for reprinting for various reasons (controversy or timeliness of the topic).

Please Report any defunct links by clicking here!

rev. 2.29.24


*Accident, The -When a priceless carpet is permanently stained, its owner learns that only Jesus' blood can remove the stain of sin. ©1999 Review.


Adopted - (The story of a girl who was adopted by new parents... and by Jesus as well.) ©2017 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Allah Had No Son-The Allah of Islam is not the God of creation. ©1994 Review.

All Gods Creatures

All God's Creatures - (An old man learns about salvation from his grandson. This was Chick's last drawn tract.) ©2018 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Almost Time

Almost Time - (A cowboy story that predicts the revelation and second coming.) ©2017 WANTED writer/reviewer.

And It Was Good!

And It Was Good! - (The Story of Adam and Eve). ©2015 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Angels - (A "Christian" rock band isn't going anywhere until a sinister agent, Lewis Siffer agrees to represent them. While they're on their way to the top, their souls are going straight to Hell. ©1986) Review.

*Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn - (A second tale of Lil' Suzy, this time in school facing off against a teacher who promotes Evolution.) ©2004. Review.

Are Romans old ver.

Are Roman Catholics Christians?-Religion can't save; 0nly Jesus can! ©1981, ©1985 (two different covers, slightly different text.) Review.

Assignment, The-Will Charles respond to the gospel in time? ©1971 ©1972 (Spanish Version from the HToML collection) Review.

Attack, The-See the behind-the-scenes struggle to destroy the King James Bible, and how God preserved it. ©1985 Review.

Awful Truth

Awful Truth, The - (How Satan uses conspiracies like the Vatican to trick people from praying directly to Jesus.) ©2011. Review.

*Baby Talk -A teenager learns abortion is murder and Jesus is the only solution. ©1995 Review.

Back From The Dead-They thought he was dead, but he woke up screaming, "I've got to get saved! I saw hell! I don't ever want to see it again!" ©1982 Review.

Bad Bob! -Bob was mean and didn't need God until he nearly died in jail. ©1983, ©1999 Review.

Oversized Beast

Beast, The-This Bible prophecy tract hits hard. Accept Christ or face a time of trouble like the world has never seen. ©1966 oversized, ©1981 oversized, ©1988 Review.

Bed Time

Bed Time - (When Emily spends a sleepover at a bes friend's house, she learns about Jesus and prayer.) ©2015. WANTED writer/reviewer.

Best Friend-Let me tell you about my very best friend! He made everything, and is even getting a big mansion ready for me! His name is Jesus. Written especially for children. ©1996 Review.

Bewitched?- Time was running out for Ashley. Drugs would soon kill her. But a praying grandmother made the difference. ©1970, ©1972, ©2000. From the Paul Stiple collection. (Original version stars Debbie, later renamed Ashley.) Review.

Big Daddy? -A student proves evolution is full of holes. ©1970, ©1972 ©1992 ©2000 Review.

*Big Deal, The- (Story of Jacob conning his brother out of his birthright. Tract #5 of 25 Bible tracts. ©2001) Review.

*Big Spender, The - (A modern day "prodigal son" story. ©1982)- From the Jeremy Thomas Collection. Review.

*Birds And The Bees - Little Suzy tract #3 about the gay agenda promoted in public schools. ©2004 Review.

Boo! -This takeoff on horror films reveals the truth about Halloween. ©1991 Review

Born Wild Cover

Born Wild! - ( A little brat meets his match in a kindly, Christian Grandfather.) ©2012 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Brat, The - (The prodigal son New Testament parable. ©1992. From the Gary Evans Collection) Review.

***Breakthrough!- (A super-rare promotional tract urging the use of Wordless Gospels in Africa and New Guinea.) No copyright, but probably early 1970s. Return address is a Chino P.O. box, but called the International Gospel Literature Foundation. A JCMFA discovery! Review. (Reprinted in 2022 for the Chick Tract Club.)

*Bull, The -When Bull found Jesus in his cell, the prison was sure to change. ©1986 Review.

Bully, The - An aggressive father learns that he'll suffer forever if he doesn't get saved while there is still time. ©2009 Review.

*Burn Baby Burn- (The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. ©1991.) From the Gary Evans Collection. Review.

Busted! - (A lawyer will do anything to convict, even lie. He realizes too late the error of his ways. ©2003.) Review.

But Everyone Does It

But Everyone Does It- (A group of kids on bikes learns an important lesson about disobeying those who love them. ©2023.)

Camel's In the Tent

Camel's In The Tent - (The dangers of unchallenged Islam is examined. ©2012. Review.


Cathy - (A dying girl explains how she'll have eternal life ©2013. WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Cats - Daniel was spared in the lion's den because he trusted in God. ©1990 (From the Subgenius Spice collection.) Review.

*Caught!- Roger cheats on his wife and gets caught, then turns to Bob and expects sympathy. Instead, he gets a sermon on sin. Tract #13 in the Bible series of 25. Review.

Chaplain, The - This soldier learns that it is not what you know that gets you into heaven. It is WHO you know - Jesus! ©2006. Review.

Charlie's Ants-Charlie loves his ants! When they are all about to die, Charlie's young friend uses this problem as an opportunity to show why God became a die on the cross to rescue us from our sins. A strong salvation message written in an easy enough style. ©1997 Review.

Choice, The-All through life we make choices. But there is one choice that is more important than all the rest. ©1999 Review.

Cleo -When Cleo is rescued from the animal shelter, her owner learns how Jesus redeemed us. ©1995 Review.

Congratulations! - (A promo tract drawn by Chick that promotes the use of Chick tracts.) ©2006 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Contract!, The -You do not need a contract with Satan to go to hell. ©1976 Review.

Crazy Wolf - A story of a native American (bad) Medicine Man and how he is converted to Christ. ©2010 Review.

Creator or Liar?-The Bible in a nutshell. How the world began, how sin entered the world, and why we must trust Jesus. ©1969, ©1971 ©1972, ©1976. Review.

*Crisis, The- A Jehovah's Witness accepts Christ just in time to save his little girl's life. ©1985 Review.

*Curse of Baphomet, The-A Mason discovers the truth behind his lodge. ©1991 (See also most the same art but slightly revised version called That's Baphoment?) Review.

*Dark Dungeons-(Debbie thought playing Dungeons and Dragons was fun...until it destroyed her friend.- From the Friday Jones Collection.) ©1984 Review.

German Death Cookie

Death Cookie, The-Introduces Catholics to the real Bread of Life, Jesus Christ. (Also included is a foreign version with alternate cover and title.) ©1988 Review.

*Deceived, The-(Exposes Islam as a conspiracy of the Catholic church and, by proxy, Satan.) ©1990 Review.

Demon's Nightmare, A-When a youth finds Christ, he becomes a nightmare for the demons trying to stop him. ©1962 Oversized, ©1970 ©1972 Review.

Devil's Night, The - Little Suzy explains the satanic origins of Halloween to a classmate. ©2004. Review.

Dirty Diamond, The - A family discovers that riches can be hidden in a place one is least likely to look. ©2005. Review.

Doom Town old

*Doom Town -Story of Sodom. Delivers a compassionate plea to repent of homosexuality. (Compassionate compared to what? The fires of hell?) ©1989 ©1991 ©1999 Review.

**Don't Read That Book!- (Satan doesn't want you to read 10 chapters a day of the Bible. ©1972. Later included in the book "The Next Step.") Review.

*The Dreamer- (The Biblical story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers. ©1991) Review.

*Earthman- Through Adam and Eve, sin entered the world. (It's been downhill ever since. Includes a great panel where a teacher is admonishing students for bringing a Chick Tract to school. The footnote says, "This book could soon be banned in public schools, so read it NOW!) ©1990. From the Gary Evans Collection. Review.

Empty Tomb, The-The story of Christ's resurrection from the dead. Because of the empty tomb, Jesus is the only way to heaven. ©1990 Review.

**Escape- ©1971, ©1972. Revamped and updated as The Great Escape ©1991 Review.

Evil Eyes - (A tale of Santeria and Satanism, featuring a fearless Christian who takes both forces on. ©2009) Review.

Execution, The- He was supposed to be executed for his crime, but someone took his place. Jesus has taken our place too. ©1992 Review.

Fairy Tales - (The tale of a kid who's raised on Santa and Easter Bunny myths. ©2007). Review.

Faithful - (A former Muslim is assaulted for converting to Christianity) ©2018 Reviewer wanted!

Fallen- (Another retelling of the prodigal son. Tract #19 of 25 with Bob Williams.) ©2002. Review.

Fame - Negro cast version of The Star. ©2007. See the Black Cast Review.

Fatal Decision - (A dying patient rejects a doctor's offer of a second chance to live.) ©2008 Review.

*Fat Cats- (About the worthlessness of military revolutions.) ©1989 Review.

*Fire Starter?- Bible tract presents the Gospel with the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. ©1986 Review.

First Bite - (A tract made for Halloween trick or treats, which blends the story of Rosemary's Baby with The Cross and The Switchblade.) ©2008. Review.

First Jaws old ver.

*First Jaws, The- God loved Nineveh enough to send Jonah to warn the city. ©1985. From the Gary Evans Collection. Review.

Flight 144-A couple spends 50 years on the mission field, trusting in their good works. But when they die and stand before God, they learn that good works can't save... only Jesus can. ©1998 Review.

Fool, The -When the king was dying without Christ, the jester knew he had found a bigger fool than himself. ©1971 ©1972 ©1992 Review.

Four Angels - A revamped version (with some new art and changed text) of the retired Four Brothers. ©2006.

***Four Brothers, The - (Four young brothers attend a Revival meeting and accept Jesus, but as time passes, all but one fall from grace. ©1987. Revamped in 2006 and reissued as Four Angels.)- From the SubgeniusSpice collection. Review.

*Framed- (The story of Joseph getting sold into slavery and framed. Told by Bob as tract #6 in the series of 25.) ©2001 Review.

*Frame Up- (A condemned con complains to the chaplain about being framed. The chaplain tells about has Jesus was framed. Misery loves company. ©1972) Review.

Free At Last! - A Negro version (drawn by Fred Carter) of the Set Free! tract (drawn by Chick). ©2007 See the Black Cast Review.

Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe? - (God sees everything, and remembers it all for the final judgement.) ©2018.

*Gay Blade, The-(The dangers of homosexuality and how they are trying to be mainstreamed. It must have seemed paranoid in the 70s, but now much of it has come to pass! ©1972 ©2000) Review.

*Gladys - (Tract # 17 in the series featuring Bob. Tells how spirit guides wind up in the Lake of Fire. ©2002) Review.

Global Warming tract

Global Warming - (The latest media craze is "roasted" for promoting another end-of-the-world scare, one in a long line of historical hoaxes.) ©2012 Review.

God's Little Angel

God's Little Angel - (A young girl learns about innocence and sin.) ©2017

God With Us - (Tract #18 in the series featuring Bob. Tells why cussing will send people to hell. ©2002) Review.

Going Down - A church member finds out the hard way that his minister was lying when he insisted there was no such thing as hell. © 2010 Review.

*Going Home -Peter has AIDS, but after he met Christ he knew he would never die. He was just going home. ©1991 Review.

*Going to the Dogs- The story of Ahab and Jezebel shows that God watches and records everything.©1992. From the Gary Evans Collection. (Review.)

Gold Fever

Gold Fever. New Tract from Chick! (Billy makes a big discovery after losing everything-- the secret to everlasting wealth!) ©2016 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Gomez is Coming -Gomez is an imprisoned gang leader. Days before he is to be released, his kid brother is killed in a drive-by shooting. Everyone expects Gomez to get revenge, but a chaplain leads him to Christ on his last night in prison. In a surprise ending, Gomez forgives. ©1996. Review.

Good Ol' Boys - (Tract #22 of 25 featuring Bob Williams. Tells how Masons are deny Jesus and are destined for hell. ©2003) Review.

Great Escape, The- A youth learns the only way to escape this doomed earth is Jesus. ©1991 (See Escape ©1971, ©1972) Review.

Greatest Insult

Greatest Insult - The story of a good king betrayed by his people is told and tied in with Jesus. ©2015 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Greatest Story Ever Told , The - The Story of Jesus from birth to resurrection. ©1987 Review.

Great One, The-When he stood before God, the Great One learned that he wasn't so great after all ... but it was too late! ©1999 Review.

Guilty? - A story of a judge who saves a child and the future effects that causes. ©2007.WANTED writer/reviewer.

Gun Slinger-A hired killer trusts Christ and, at death, goes to heaven. But the law-abiding marshal who hunted him rejects Christ and goes to hell. ©1997 Review.

Happy Halloween -It was supposed to be a fun Halloween, visiting a "Haunted House" for a great scare. But when an accident claims a boy's life, his friends learn there is a real hell waiting for all those who die without Jesus. ©1996 Review.

Happy Hour-When this alcoholic finds Christ, he becomes a new man. ©1976 Review.

Hard Times- Negro version of Somebody Loves Me. Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares. ©2006.

Heart Trouble - A story about a heart patient that learns from his Christian doctor the consequences of sin. ©2007. Review.


Help - (Negro version of Soul Survivor.) ©2017

*He Never Told Us!-(Another promotion for Chick Tracts. Admonishes Christians to witness through... you guessed it, passing out Chick Tracts!) ©1993 Review.

Here Comes Judge

Here Comes The Judge - (An evil judge works with corrupt cops and winds up in intensive care, where he gets a last chance to turn to Christ.) ©2012. Review.

*Here He Comes - (Tract #25 of 25 featuring Bob Williams. The story of the Rapture. ©2003 Review.

Here Kitty, Kitty - (A story about a little girl who almost has her cat sacrificed by other kids. ©2006.) Review.

WhiteSkullHiThereHi There 2nd VersionHi There Chinese

Hi There!-When Charlie died in his sins, he stood before the Jesus he had laughed at. ©1975, ©2002 (Also available with Asian characters.) Review.

**Hit Parade (The prophets of doom and the last days are recounted. ©1979) From Anna's collection. Review.

*Hit, The- (A man responsible for killing the husband of a poor woman is given forgiveness by her as he lays in the hospital. She lays hands on him and he recovers. ©1993.) From the Gary Evans Collection. Review.

*Holocaust- The Holocaust was a Roman Catholic Inquisition against the Jews. No true Christians would kill anyone in the name of Jesus (unless they were Salem witches). ©1984 Review.

Home Alone ©2008 (A tract first issued in the Hot Topics book.) Review.

Holy Joe-His platoon laughed at him, but his testimony lead his sergeant to Christ. ©1964, ©1970 ©1972, ©2002 Review.

Holy Night

Holy Night - (A street person decides to put his faith in the Lord for the first time.) ©2015. WANTED writer/reviewer.

How To Get Rich-Learn how to gain riches you can take with you when you die. (Also available with Asian characters.) ©1978 Review.

Humbug! (aka Humbug?) -The famous Christmas story of Scrooge, only this time he's saved. ©1975, ©1995 Review.

*Hunter, The- (Don't let a drug pusher make a sucker out of you! He just hunts for kids to use them and then throws them away. ©1987.) From the Friday Jones collection. Review.


I Beg Your Pardon

I Beg Your Pardon - (A cowboy bandit is tricked when offered to escape, then refuses to escape eternal prison when given the chance.) ©2021

In The Beginning- (A tract about evolution vs. the Bible. Number 1 in a series 25 Bible tracts. ©2000) Review.

Is Allah Like You? (Examination of Islam from a Christian perspective.) ©2010. Review.

I See You

I See You! (Everyone is being watched, but who is watching the watchers?) ©2017. WANTED writer/reviewer.

Is That All?

Is That All? (A mother leaves her son an inheritance he will never forget.) ©2019 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Is There Another Christ? -Have you ever been lied to? Millions have, trusting in "another Christ" to save them. The gospel for Roman Catholics. ©1983 -from the Michael Schmal Collection. Review.

It's A Deal - (An all-black cast tract losely based on The Contract. ©2009) See the Black Cast Review.

It's All About You - (Tract for all the clueless kids of today who don't know the difference between religion and personal relationship with Jesus.) ©2009 Review.

*It's Coming- (The story of Noah's Ark, number 2 in a series of 25 Bible tracts. ©2000) Review.

It's Not Your Fault - (An abused child learns the power of forgiveness.) WANTED writer/reviewer.

It's The Law- (The tale of Moses is told by Bob in tract #7 of 25). Review.

It's Who You Know

It's Who You Know- (An important person with connections finds out only one relationship reallly counts.) WANTED writer/reviewer.

It's Your Life

It's Your Life- (A negro version of This Was Your Life.) ©2006

***Ivan The Terrible-(Anti-Vatican tract about Ivan's visit with a christian that starts to scare him. ©1984) Review.

**Jeopardy- (Originally Support Your Local Jew, then reissued as Jeopardy and currently as Love The Jewish People. Hitler was a Catholic, and was just "following orders" when he carried out the Vatican's inquisition of Jews. ©1992.) From the Gary Evans Collection. Review.

Just One More

Just One More! - (The evils of drink are exposed.) ©2014 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Just Sign Here

Just Sign Here - (An executive signs falsefied reports but refuses to accept forgiveness for his sins.) ©2019 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Keep the Secret

Keep The Secret - (Satan follows Joey through his life to make sure he never believes in the devil-- or Christ.) ©2015. WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Kidnapped! - A child is abducted and it's up to a Christian cop to save her. ©2004 Review.

*Killer Storm, The -(The story of Noah's Ark) ©1991 Review.

**Kings of the East- (Anti-communist tract. The yellow menace is examined from a Biblical viewpoint. ©1975) Review.

Kiss India Goodbye 2

***Kiss India Goodbye - (A super rare promotional tract urging the use of Chick tracts to reach the Indians before it becomes a Communist country.) ©1970 Jack Chick, with Chino P.O. Box address, but called the International Gospel Literature Foundation. A JCMFA discovery (2nd cover version provided by James Finestein.! Review.

***Kiss the Protestants Good-bye - (anti-Vatican tract explaining the dangers of the Vatican and it's smear tactics against Chick tracts. ©1981) -from the Michael Schmal Collection. Review.

Kitty In The Window

Kitty In The Window -(A girl who passes out tracts can save a stranger, but not her own brother.) ©2016. Review.

Kura's Ants

Kura's Ants - Black cast version of Charlie's Ants. ©2014

*Last Generation, The-Christ's return will be the only escape for believers. ©1972 ©1992 Review.

Last Judge, The- (#11 of 25 featuring Bob. ©2002) Review.

**Last Missionary, The - (A tract aimed at getting missionaries to distribute more Chick tracts! Even after YOU are dead, this tract may bring someone to Jesus. If Commies can use cartoons to sway the minds of men, so can YOU! ©1987) Review.

Last Rites-When this Catholic man dies, he learns that his church couldn't save him. ©1994 Review.

The Last Surprise

The Last Surprise - (A preaches discovers the high cost of letting donations dictate the sermon... ©2013) WANTED writer/reviewer.

Let's Fly Away

Let's Fly Away-(When a happy neighbor moves into a sad neighborhood, Julie discovers the secret to enternal life.) ©2013 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Letter, The -Mildred learns in a dream that she wasn't a true friend. She never told Frances about Jesus. ©1982 Review.

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer - A salesman points out that merchandize isn't the only thing that can run out before the customer decides to get it in time. ©2018

Lil' Susy - Story for children about the effects of divorce (and how Jesus can be your new father.) ©2003 Review.

***Lisa - (Henry has a terrible secret - he's molesting his daughter Lisa! When Henry's best friend finds out, he wants to join in on the action! (Ugh!) When the doctor finds out, he brings Henry to Jesus - but can Henry show the light to his wife as well? Fine-line Fred Carter art, and fortunately, no explicit references to exactly what was being done to Lisa - in fact, she only shows up in the last frame! ©1984) See pages 1-6 here, pages 7-12 here, pages 13-18 here, and pages 19-24 here. Review.

*The Little Bride - Another Little Suzy story, this one explaining the evil origins of Islam. ©2004. Review.

Little Ghost, The-(A tract designed to be passed out during Halloween to kids.) ©2001 Review.

Little Princess, The-Heidi is terribly sick. But when she gets saved on Halloween night, her whole family finds Christ too. An emotional story with a happy ending. (Foreign cover and art variant included.)©1998 Review.

Little Sneak, The - (A picture tract with few words telling how a child stealing from his family causes unexpected consiquences.) ©2010. WANTED writer/reviewer.

Long Trip, The-Life is a trip that will lead you to one of two places...Heaven or Hell. ©1994 Review.

Look Out tract

Look Out -Satan's tricks are examined in this, the first tract after Chick's death. © 2016 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*The Loser-(#10 of 25 Bible tracts starring "Bob". ©2002) Review.

***Losing The Old Zippp?- [see cover] (A super rare promotional tract showing the effectiveness of passing out tracts.) ©1972. A JCMFA discovery! Review.

Lost Cont. promoLost Continent Reprint

***Lost Continent, The - (A super rare promotional tract discussing the threat of communism in South America.) circa ©1970s. A JCMFA discovery (Reprinted exclusively for Chick Tract Club members in 2015.)

Love Story, A-Who loves you so much that he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus! ©1977, ©2002 (See also the Negro version, Who Loves You?) Review.

Love That Money - (A creepy social climber is confronted with the choice of living it up now or later). ©2010 Review.

Love The Jewish People-God has promised to judge those who turn against Israel and bless those who trust her Messiah. (Originally issues as Jeopardy and Support Your Local Jew.) ©1998 Review.

**Macho- (Communist revolutionaries take over an embassy and confront a Christian man who warns them about Catholicism. ©1982) Review.

Mad Machine, The-Financial pressures, world tension, crime... only Jesus can give you peace. ©1975 Review.

Mama's Girls

Mama's Girls - (How Satan used selected women to undermine God's plan for humanity.) ©2012 Review.

*Man In Black- (#23 of 25 featuring Bob Williams. Anti-Vatican tract. ©2003.) Review.

Man of the Match

Man of the Match - (A negro version of Superstar, with redrawn art by Fred Carter). ©2015

Mary's Kids

Mary's Kids - (What do you do when Grandmah is a Catholic and corrupting your child?) ©2014 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Mean mama

Mean Mama - (The story of an angry woman who faces good times and bad times before finding Christ.) ©2011 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Men of Peace? - A hard hitting critique of Islam. ©2006 Review.

Missing Day, The - What every happened to the real Thanksgiving? (©2005) Review.

Red Vers. Missionaries

Missionaries Are Fools- An early promo that was later reissued as The Secret Weapon. (And later published as a 20 page reprint by the Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation.) Courtesy of the Tom Raney Collection. Red cover variation from the Mark Normand Collection. ©1974 Review.

*Miss Universe- (God sent Esther to deliver Israel. ©1987. From the Friday Jones collection.) Review.

*Monster, The - (Tract #16 of 25 featuring Bob. It tells another story of King Nebuchadnezzar going mad for arrogance against God.) ©2002. Review.

Moving On Up! (Anti-Evolution tract drawn by Chick) ©2008 Review.

Murph -His priest said he could not know for sure he was saved. But on his deathbed, Murph put his faith in the One who gives assurance of eternal life. ©1999 Review.

***My Name? ...In The Vatican? - (Reveals the Catholic conspiracy to destroy protestants and especially Jack Chick. ©1980)- From the Michael Schmal collection. Review.

Nervous Witch, The- (#12 of 25 featuring Bob. The story of Saul and the witch. ©2001) Review.

No Fear?-Suicide...The subject is common among teens today. But when Lance decides it is the only way out of his troubles, he discovers that hell is not the party place described in popular songs. (Songs like "Lake of Fire"?) ©1997 Review.

No Justice?

No Justice? - When her son's murderer is released on a technicality, this mother cries "There is no justice." But One is coming who WILL bring justice to the whole earth. ©2017 WANTED writer/reviewer.

No Liars In Heaven? - Promo tract for the David Daniels book, "Looks What's Missing". ©2009 WANTED writer/reviewer.

No Way In?

No Way In? - First tract by David Daniels (after the death of Fred Carter in May, 2022) that tells how easy it is to get to heaven... but only by one door. ©2022 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Now or Never?

Now or Never? - A lost-- but eventually "found-- " tract of Fred Carter art depicting "The Choice" tract, but with black characters. ©2022 WANTED writer/reviewer.

One Way!-Using just pictures and very few words, this tract shows that Jesus is the only way to obtain eternal life. Great for children! ©1972, ©2002 Review.

Only Hope, The-Here is a description of the horrible times the Bible says are coming in the future. There is no one to turn to for help but Jesus. He is the only hope. (It was also customized for a special Chinese ethnic group, the Naxi people.) ©1985 Review.

The Only Way

The Only Way (A Negro version of One Way redrawn by Fred Carter with a black cast). ©2008 See the Black Cast Review.

***Operation "Somebody Cares"-(A Super rare promotional tract urging the use of Chick tracts to spread the Gospel before Communist riots decimate the US.) ©1970. A JCMFA discovery! Review.

Oops! (A Negro version of Somebody Goofed redrawn by Fred Carter with a black cast). ©2008 See the Black Cast Review.

*The Outcast- (Tract #8 of 25 Bible tracts staring "Bob". This is the tale of the prostitute Rahab.) ©2001 Review.

*Outsider, The -(A Bible tract about the story of Ruth. ©1991) Review.

Papa? -(A tract about the sordid history of the Roman Catholic Pope. ©2008) Review.

Party Girl-A young woman's brush with death reveals Satan's plot for her destruction. ©1998 Review.

*Passover Plot, The-(story of Moses and Egyptian plagues. ©1972) Also entitled "The Passover". Review.

*Payback!- (#14 of 25 tract series featuring Bob. This one re-tells the story of Ahab and Jezebel.) ©2002 Review.

*Peace Maker, The - (The flashback story of a cop named Carter is recounted.) ©2004 Review.

*Pilgrimage, The- (Those arrogant Muslims just don't get it. When they die, they're going straight to hell because they don't accept Christ. Maybe they'll get lucky and read this tract before it's too late. ©1999) Review

Picture Gospel, African - (A tract for non-reading African tribemen. ©1997.) See Also "Wordless Gospel" (New Guinea & Haitian) Review.

*Plagues- Bible tract presents the Gospel with the story of the Exodus. (Lots of exciting blood and gore.) ©1991 Review.

Poor Little Lamb - (The history of Moses, the blood of the lamb, and the sacrifice of Jesus is recounted.) ©2008 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Poor Little Witch, The - (Mandy thinks it's cool to practice witchcraft, until she realizes witches kill babies and murder traitors. ©1987.) From the Friday Jones collection. Review.

**Poor Pope?, The - (Reveals how rich the Pope is compared to humble Jesus and Paul. ©1983) Review.

Poor Revolutionist, The - (Similar to "Fat Cats", revolutionary plots lead to hell- especially for commies.) ©1971, ©1972 ©2010 Review.

Present, The -The king had a present that he wanted to freely give to those in his kingdom who would receive it. God wants to give you a free gift...eternal life through His Son, Jesus. ©1993 Review.

*The Promise- (Tract #4 of 25 Bible stories featuring Bob. Tells about the promise given to Abraham and the roots to the Arab/ Israeli conflict are shown. ©2001) Review.

***Pssssssst! Isn't it time??- [see cover] (A super rare promotional tract pushing Why No Revival, This Was Your Life, and The Last Call.) ©1970. A JCMFA discovery! Review.

*Ransom -When two thugs kidnap a woman and demand a ransom for her release, they learn that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate ransom for them. ©1995 Review.

*Real Heat- (Tract #15 of 25 Bible tales featuring Bob. Tells of King Nebuchadnezzar tossing the three fireproof Jews into the furnace.) ©2002 Review.

*Reverend Wonderful -When a respected religious leader dies and stands before God, he learns that his name wasn't in the Book of Life. A soul winning message. ©1982 Review.

Room 310- Danny is dying of cancer. The man in the bed next to him tries to win him to Jesus. A compelling story with a happy ending. ©1973, ©2002 Review.

Rotten Rodney

Rotten Rodney - (A criminal gets a new cell mate who undergoes a big transformation). ©2015 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Royal Affair, The -When King David repented of his sin with Bathsheba, God forgave him. ©1990, ©1993 Review.

*Sacrifice, The-(Bible story of Abraham and Isaac. ©1991) Review.

Satan Comes to Salem cover

Satan Comes to Salem - (The Untold story of Salem is revealed.) ©2012 Review.

**Satan's Master-(White Witchcraft vs. Black Witchcraft. What's the difference? Answer: None! ©1986.) From the Friday Jones collection. Review.

*Scam, The - (#9 in 25 of Bible stories starring "Bob". ©2002) Review.

Scream!- (#21 in 25 Bible stories starring Bob Williams. ©2003) Review.

*Scoundrel, The-(Bible story of Jacob. © 1991) Review.

*Secret, The -He thought no one would ever know he had hurt his wife. But when the secret got out, it was Jesus who changed his life. ©1999 Review.

*Secret of Prayer, The-(Stories of great men of prayer. ©1972 Reprinted in Chick's book "The Next Step") Review.

**Secret Weapon, The- (Chick explains how the Chinese commies succeeded with comics, and missionaries should too. Originally printed in 1974 as Missionaries are Fools!) ©1994 Review.

Set Free - A caption free tract that tells the story in pictures (and scripture footnotes). © 2007. WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Sin Busters-Nobody can keep the 10 Commandments. Jesus is the only way to heaven. ©1991. Review.

Sin City-(Tract # 3 of Bible stories, addresses the gays and their efforts to rewrite the Bible.) ©2001. Review.

Sissy?, The -Duke thought Jesus was a sissy, until a trucker explained to him the horrible price Jesus paid so his sins could be forgiven. Then Duke saw that Jesus had more guts than anyone who ever lived. Great for truckers and bikers! ©1978. Review.

*Sky Lighter, The - (A tract about Arab terrorists using children to blow up the enemies of Islam.) ©2003. Review.

Slugger, The-When the Slugger learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless. An exciting baseball story that delivers a powerful salvation message. ©1998. Review.


Sneakers - A negro cast version of Tiny Shoes. ©2015


Snowflake? - The problem with selfishness is examined. ©2020

Somebody Angry? - An overview of current weather patterns provides proof that God is avenging Israel. ©2008 Review.


Somebody Goofed - A young man goofs when he is talked out of receiving Jesus as Saviour. ©1969, ©1972, ©2002. Review. Also, an oversized ©1966 version from the Kirk Demarais Collection. It includes a different cover and all different art.

Somebody Loves Me - Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares. ©1969, ©1972, ©1973 Review. See also the Negro version, renamed Hard Times.

Some Like It Hot - In a rare moment of candor, Satan explains to one of his inmates how another would-be victim escaped. ©2009. Review.

Something In Common? - Comparisons of what we all have in common. ©2005. Review.


Sorry - A burly prisoner is released due to overcrowding, and tracks down those he vowed to "payback". ©2013 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Soul Sisters - (Negro cast version of an earlier tract, Best Friends. ©2006.) See the Black Cast Review.

*Soul Story - When Leroy got out of prison, the turf war began. But all the time, he kept remembering Grandma and her faith in Jesus. An inner city story. ©1977 Review.

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor - (The existence and purpose of the soul is explained.) WANTED writer/reviewer.


Spooky - A neighbor's Halloween home haunt provides the opportunity for someone to learn about Jesus, and for the builder to get saved. ©2013. WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Squatters - A tract explaining the Arab and Vatican history/ conspiracy to take over Israel. ©2004. Review.

*Star, The- (A big time movie star meets a humble Christian maid who changes his life.) © 2006. Review.

Still No Revival? - part two of Why No Revival, but updated 50 years later with different art and text. ©2011. WANTED writer/reviewer.

Stinky - A demon is sent on a mission to trick-or-treat to gather gifts for Satan himself. (Directed towards kids.) ©2010. WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Story Teller, The - (Yussef returns home to his family and tells a shocking story about how Islam has been manipulated by the Jesuits in order to convert them all into Catholics. ©1985) Review.

Sunday Special?

Sunday Special? - (Negro version of Happy Hour, redrawn by Fred Carter with a black cast.) ©2016


Sunk! - (The old testament story of Moses and the sink hole is told.) ©2017 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Superman?- (Bible story of Samson. ©1990) Review.

*Superstar, The- (A redrawn versin of Superstar written for soccer fans.) Roberto's fame and skill were no help when he learned that he had only weeks to live. ©1999 Review.

**Support Your Local Jew- (The title says it all. Later reissued as "Jeopardy", and then again as "Love The Jewish People". ©1976.) -from the Michael Schmal Collection. Review.

Tell Me About It

Tell Me About It - (A gossip queen discovers that rumors are false, but the word of God is not.) ©2019 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Terminator Original

*Terminator? - (The David and Goliath story- 2 different covers) ©1986 Review.

*That Crazy Guy! - When Suzi got AIDS, she learned that God's demand for sexual purity was for her own good. ©1980 ©1992 Review.

**That Old Devil- Reveals one truth the devil wants kept secret...the blood of Jesus saves! ©1989 Review.

That's Baphomet? A revised version of Curse of Baphomet with the same art, but a different title, cover, and a few different photos and updated background information. ©2011


Then What? (A young girl asks about the end of the world via Climate Change, and learns instead about Biblical Tribulation) ©2024

There Go The Dinosaurs (Chick's 200th original tract story, about how Dinosaurs co-existed with Dinosaurs.) ©2007 Review.

*Thief, The-When this burglar breaks into the home of a Christian, he wants to get saved too. ©1993 Review.

Things To Come - (A fortune teller discovers too late what is in store for humanity.) ©2010. Review.

*Thing, The -(Danger of the occult revealed via an Exorcist story. ©1971) Review.

**This Book Has Been Banned- (Promotional tract, later combined with "Who, Me?" ©1969)- From the Jeremy Thomas Collection. Also, an twenty page oversized version ©1971. Review.

This Was  Your Life black

This Was Your Life!-Your life will be played back at the judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life? This title is a worldwide favorite, with over 60 million sold in 65 languages! ©1964 oversized ©1969 ©1972 ©2002 Review. See also the Negro version. (as well as an Africanized Negro English version), and various other ethnic groups, like Asian-English, Malaysian, and Tahitian.

Throw Away Kid

Throw Away Kid, The - (A young girl is unwanted and left alone to fend for herself, but a neighbors prayer saves her.) ©2014 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Tiny Shoes-When his son died, Juan turned from drinking and gambling to serve Christ. ©1989 Review.

Titanic- Chester didn't need God. He would soon be rich. But when the ship began to sink, he learned how little he had. ©1983. Review.

*Traitor, The -When a Hindu priest meets a man of God, he decides to trust Jesus as his Saviour. ©1990 Review.

*Trap, The-Forget reincarnation. This tract uses the rich man and Lazarus to show there is no second chance. ©1988 Review.

*Trial, The-A young girl is sued because she witnessed to her young friend. A humorous story that drives home the vital Biblical truth that Jesus is the only way to heaven. A powerful salvation story. ©1996 Review.

*Trick, The-Shows Halloween's origin and real purpose. ©1986 Review.

*True Path, The- A Native American version of One Way. ©2000 Review.

*Trust Me! -"You're gonna love these drugs, kid. Trust me!" But this youngster learns too late that Jesus is the only one he can really trust. ©1994 Review.

Trust The Science

Trust The Science - Questions about Carbon Dating are explored. ©2023. WANTED writer/reviewer.

Twin Towers

Twin Towers - (How the Catholic church exploits people's fear eof purgatory is explored in this anti-Vatican tract.) ©2013 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*Tycoon, The -A Buddhist learns Buddha didn't die for his sins. Jesus is the only way to heaven. ©1993 Review.

Unforgiven - (A black con is converted to Islam in prison, but once out, his Christian Grand Mother is determined to really set him free. ©2007) Review.

Uninvited - (A nurse informs her AIDs patients why they are lost without Jesus.) WANTED writer/reviewer.

Unloved - A story about a child who growes up without being loved... except by Jesus. ©2004 Review.

Unwelcome Guest, The - (An anti-Mason tract where the lead character discovers that the lodge he just joined is really a witchcraft cult!) © 2006. Review.

Vitual Reality

Vitual Reality - (A man experiences the thrills (and chills) of Virtual Reality life and death..) ©2020 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Visitors, The-Two Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their church. ©1984 Review.

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - (A comparison between the spiritually dead and zombies is made in this tract.) ©2011 WANTED writer/reviewer.

The Wall - (A tract that uses NASCAR theme to win souls.) ©2005. Review.

War Games

War Games - A Biblical look at Jehovah's Witnesses. ©2014. WANTED writer/reviewer.

The Warning- (A group of kids ignore the danger signs and risk their lives for short term gratification.) ©2000 Review.

*War Zone- (Great self-promotional tract about modern schools and how only Christ (with a little help from Chick Tracts) can curb the violence. ©1999, ©2000) Review.


Wassup? - (Black cast version of "Hi There") ©2012

What About Me?

What About Me? (A lonely black lady is stuck in a nursing home without visitors, until she hears the truth about God.) ©2019

What a shame!

What a Shame! (A stubborn grandmother refuses to believe in the Gospel despite the best efforts of her Christian grand-daughter.) ©2016. WANTED writer/reviewer.

What's Worse?

What's Worse? - (Which is the lessor of two evils, parasites or demons?) ©2014 WANTED writer/reviewer.

*What's Wrong With This? - (A museum visitor discovers she has a lot in common with a savage that worships a worthless idol.) ©2005. Review.

**What's Your Score? (A super rare promotional tract showing the effectiveness of passing out tracts.) Circa ©1970s A JCMFA discovery. (Reprinted exclusively for Chick Tract Club members in 2007.) WANTED writer/reviewer.

Where Did They Go? (More prophecy about the end times. ©2007). Review.

*Where's Rabbi Waxman?-In this tract, written specially for Jewish people, Rabbi Waxman comes face-to-face with prophecies of the Messiah and sees how they all point to Jesus. ©1996 Review.

Where's My Letter?

Where's My Letter? (A dying mailman has a cryptic request for his Christian grandson... but will the young man understand it in time?) ©2021 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Where's Your Name?

Where's Your Name? - Hell... what it is, where it came from, and how YOU can stay away from it. (This was Chick's 250th original tract story.) ©2015 WANTED writer/reviewer.

Who Are vers. 2

**Who Are They Gonna Remember?- (Another tract promoting Chick tracts.) ©1987 Review.

*Who Cares? - (Tract #20 of 25 featuring Bob Williams. Explains the story of the Good Samaritan to a Muslim that was attacked after 9/11.) ©2002 Review.

Who Is He?

Who Is Allah? - A negro version of the Allah Had No Son. ©2006

Who Is He? - (Gospel tract that discusses the prophecy and fulfillment of Jesus.) ©2008 Review.

Who Loves You?- (Negro version of A Love Story) ©2006 See the Black Cast Review.

Who Me Old ver.Who Me?WhoMeRedHeadWho Me blackWhoMeAsianWhoMeBlondWhoMeRegular

Who, Me?-(A tract about Jack T. Chick Tracts! The art from the 1969 version was combined with This Book Has Been Banned to provide today's version.) ©1969, ©1973, ©1998 Review.

Who Murdered Clarice?- (A new tract by Jack. ©2000) Review.


Who's It Gonna Be? - (Two construction workers discuss why God lets evil people exist.) ©2018

Who's Missing? - (Tract #24 of the 25 tract featuring Bob Williams. Tells the story of the end times and rapture. ©2003.) Review.

Who's The Real Hater?

Who's The Real Hater? - (A promotional tract demonstating that the real haters are the ones trying to prevent people from hearing the Gospel. ©2012) WANTED writer/reviewer.

Why Is Mary Crying? -Devotion to Mary doesn't please her. It breaks her heart. ©1987 Review.

Oversized Why No Revival?

*Why No Revival?-A message to Christians shows why many churches have no revival. ©1961 Oversized, ©1970, ©1986 Review.

Why Should I?

Why Should I? -A tract for those unaware of their souls or the afterlife. ©2012 WANTED writer/reviewer.

**Wicked Magistrate, The- (A rare tract that featured an ancient Korean magistrate on the front cover along with a Korean lettered title and all the inside printed in Korean. ©1989) The English version was printed exclusively for Chick Tract Club members in 2000 and has an English titled cover and interior in all English as well. Review.

Word Became Flesh, The-Almost all scripture, those with no Bible training will understand who Jesus is. ©1984 Review.

Wordless Gospel- (Available in New Guinea & Haitian. ©1971 ©1972 ©1973 ©1987.) See also Picture Gospel African. Review.

***Wounded Children - (Explains how a young kid can be turned into a homo by uncaring parents. But Jesus saves him in the end (of the story). ©1983) Review. (You can also see part of a live action version performed on youTube.)

You Are About

**You Are About To See... - (Rare promo for the premier of Chick's 2003 film, Light of the World.) WANTED writer/reviewer.

You Have A Date - (Female version of This Was Your Life) ©2011.

Your Best Life

Your Best Life - (Mulsim version of This Was Your Life) ©2014

Your Big Moment

Your Big Moment - (Black Woman's version of This Was Your Life). ©2011


And, or course, the Inside Back Covers!


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