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Dr. Rebecca Brown Overview

Rebecca Brown Review

Mrs. White resembles Dr. Brown

After hearing about the Illuminati from John Todd in the late 1970s, and the Vatican plots from Alberto Rivera in 1979/early 1980s, Chick learned what The Craft had in store for America from Dr. Rebecca Brown in the mid 1980s.

Dr. Brown (legal name: Ruth Irene Bailey) was a medical doctor who sought out Chick to tell how her hospital had been taken over by witches. She had met up with one of Satan's brides (a woman named Elaine Moses) and converted her to Christ. Elaine spilled all the beans about how Satan used his power to enslave his followers and trick the rest of us. Dr. Brown said she fought efforts by witches to kill her patients, and the hospital administration took her license away for preaching instead of practicing medicine. She eventually went to work at Chick Publications and wrote several highly successful books, including HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE and PREPARE FOR WAR. She also recorded a dynamite two part tape with Elaine Moses and Jack Chick called CLOSET WITCHES. (You can read excepts from it here.) She told Chick all about Spiritual Warfare, where invisible angels and demons fight it out around us on a daily basis. Regrettably, she never appeared in any of the Crusader Comics, but she inspired Chick to write some of his most dramatic tracts. They include SATAN'S MASTER and POOR LITTLE WITCH, both of which contain stories similar to what happened to Elaine and Rebecca. She may also have helped write ANGELS, THE TRICK, and THE HUNTER (all of which involve her type of conspiracies and were written when during her time at the company).

Dr. Brown eventually met and quickly married Daniel Yoder, a man who had a very colorful history of his own (and that's putting it mildly). She co-wrote a third book with Yoder but Chick decided not to publish it despite missing out on a sure-fire money maker (her earlier two books helped Chick Publications through some very difficult times following the Alberto controversy). Chick generously gave Brown the film for her earlier two books so she could continue to publish them with her new publisher, and the two parted as friends. She continued to be a successful author and speaker on Spiritual Warfare until her death on June 23, 2020.

(You can find out many more fascinating details about Rebecca Brown and Daniel Yoder in the conspiracy chapter in our book.)

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