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Jack Chick Tract Club link

aka, The Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art




This century's most published author and cartoonist, Jack Thomas Chick, died Oct. 23rd, 2016, in his sleep. He was 92. Chick's cartoons spanned the globe in over 100 different languages. However, Chick Publications continues to publish new tracts after Chick's death, written by his co-writer (David Daniels) and drawn by Chick's long time "other artist" (Fred Carter, who started at Chick Publications in 1972-- until Carter's death in May 2022). Fred Carter also died on May 9th, 2022, and now the tracts are both written AND drawn by David Daniels. So even though Chick himself has passed on, his tracts continue to reach new audiences. The King of Underground Publishing is dead... Long live The King! (As well as Prince Carter!)


Death Cookie

(Click tract to proceed to Museum/Tracts Page)

An online catalog/ collection of Chick's classic tracts!

Whether you love him or hate him, you gotta respect Chick for sticking to his guns. Since 1961 (over half a century), he cranked out tract after tract to help sinners "see the light." He wrote over 260 different tracts (before his death), and printed more than 1 BILLION*, then distributed them worldwide in over 100 different languages. His influence was so vast that entire nations passed special laws banning his comics. Even as Political Correctness reigns supreme, Chick was unafraid to take on the sacred cows. He exposed the conspiracy of Catholics, Masons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, New Agers, Rock & Rollers, and any other group the devil might use to damn your soul. Chick also offended Jews and Muslims with previews of their fiery futures in hell (but only because he wanted to save them). The more taboo a topic, the more likely you'll see it covered in a Chick tract!

We don't condemn Chick for his controversial nature. We celebrate it! It's just one of his unique characteristics. Besides, he's an Artist. They're supposed to be provocative. (If he drew Christ in a Bowl of Urine, many of his critics would love him.)

Our goal is to SALUTE this dedicated demagogue and immortalize his work by assembling a complete library for fans and scholars to marvel at JACK T. CHICK!

The Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art is fully independent and not affiliated with Chick Publications in any way. We are open to the public free of charge. Out of town visitors can view most the tracts on line by clicking on the tract titles. Travelers to Tallahassee FL can stop by and view the collection in person (by appointment only). All visitors are welcome without regard to their race, religion, or sexual orientation (just no Jesuits allowed, haw-haw!) Please email for time and confirmation.

So come on in and take a peek. Enjoy your stay.

Rev. Wonderful image of Chaplain Dann

NEW BOOK! Chaplain Dann's Autobiography, From Cowboy Trails to Soldier Tales is now published. "Cowboy" Chaplain Dann is the same fellow featured in The Letter & Reverend Wonderful tract, as well as the Unwanted Crusaders comic book. He's passed out over a 1,000,000 Chick tracts, plus he drew at least a dozen different of his own self published tracts (which are also reproduced in the book). Sadly, Chaplain Dann passed away in December of 2020. But you can still hear him tell about his incredible life through his book. Order it here for just $7.)

*Chick Publications printed over 800,000,000 tracts as of mid 2015, and printed that figure in their Jan. 2016 catalog. My phone conversion with David Daniels in mid Dec. 2016 confirmed they had surpassed 900,000,000. Later phone conversations said they had conservatively passed 950 million. As of March 2023, they had passed 1 billion. (It would have been sooner, but an accounting error was counting the number of cases instead of the number of actual tracts.)


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