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The live call-in show all about Chick tracts!


Discover answers to the mysteries behind those entertaining yet enigmatic Chick tracts! Hear their amazing history and a fascinating discussion with live audience call-ins about the world's most widely read underground artist. Some callers love the tracts-- others hate them-- but everyone has an opinion on them. Also featured are actual recordings of Alberto Rivera, Gary Metz (the man who set out to debunk Alberto), Dr. Rebecca Brown (the Spiritual Warfare warrior), Elaine Moses (a "saved" witch previously hellbent on killing Chick), Dr. Walter Martin (the original Bible Answer Man), and Jack Chick himself.

This is a two CD set (90+ minutes) recording of the actual AM radio broadcast recorded live in April 2001 at WCVC studios, FL. It is the only call-in program where the entire two hour show (before the commercials were edited out) was devoted to Jack Chick and his underground empire of religious cartoon tracts. It's a very fast paced and entertaining show. Special guests include the President of the Chick Tract Club, Reverend Richard Lee (a personal friend of Jack Chick's), and Kurt Kuersteiner, the Curator of Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art. You won't find a more interesting and engrossing conversation on the Chick tract phenomenon anywhere else (at least, not while on Earth).

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2 Disk Set "Talking Chick"

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