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Reality Check

Collecting the Chick predictions that did and didn't happen.

Welcome to the Reality Check wing. This is where we attempt to record specific predictions from various Chick tracts and comics which can be verified or discarded. Only specific predictions that can be proved or disproved are included here. Vague predictions with open ended deadlines are not included because they could still occur in the future. Conspiracy allegations are likewise excluded, because it's usually impossible to prove one way or another. Reader contributions to this list are appreciated!

"In the year 2000 there will be 7 BILLION people on this earth!"- Escape! (1972 version), Page 7.

TRUE! This prediction actually came true (okay, the number was off by 1 billion) but Chick must have assumed that the rapture predicted in "Operation Bucharest" to occur by the mid 1970s would wait long enough for the population prediction to pan out.

"Vatican experts today have written off the United States saying it will lose the war with Russia. The Vatican will only back a winner!" -Macho, page 11.

FALSE! This was written during the height of the cold war (©1982) and fortunately, did not come to pass. However, several key points should be made. It didn't say that the Soviet Union would win the war, it said Russia. Although the Soviet Union has fallen, Russia has not. However, Russia is so weak, the notion they would win a war with the United States anytime in the near future seems pretty unlikely. But anything is possible. The part we know that is false is that "The Vatican will only back a winner!" If other Alberto allegations are true and the Vatican supported the Nazis and the Soviets, she rarely backs the winner! Haw-haw-haw!

The Seminaries are filled with homosexuals. Many Priests and Nuns engage in adultery and illicit sex. -Alberto.

TRUE! (Although "filled" is an exaggeration.) This was one of the more inflammatory Alberto claims that critics used to emphasize how mean spirited he was. However, events in 2001 and 2002 have shown that at least some priests have raped nuns and forced them to have abortions, as well as molested young boys. At last count, the Catholic Church is facing $300 million in law suits for homosexual misconduct between priests and young males. However, the vast majority of these crimes have been linked to a very small minority of the priesthood (so far).

"Either Christians go to work as soul winners or expect to see the following... Communist time table for the U.S.--1973. Spreading riots, too late to evangelize!" -Operation Somebody Cares, page 3.

FALSE! This tract was printed in 1970 and luckily, it wasn't too late to evangelize after three years passed... or thirty for that matter. But once again, Chick could argue he had an escape clause. Enough Christians evangelized to prevent the widespread riots from destroying our democracy. He could also say he didn't claim it would happen, he only said it was the Communist's time table. So they were the ones who goofed, not Chick!

"Israel's deadliest enemy is the Vatican. To date, she has never recognized Israel as a nation."- Jeopardy page 7.

FALSE (Kinda.) Rome has since recognized Israel. When that happened, Chick changed the panel to the terse statement, "Israel with regret any agreements with Rome." In fairness, Chick only said "To date, she has never recognized Israel", so although he was making it sound like she never would, he didn't actually say that. What he said was accurate at the time and when it changed, so did his tract. (Jeopardy is currently reprinted as Love the Jewish People.)

"The Vatican has never apologized for these horrible massacres throughout the centuries. (Although according to the briefings Dr. Rivera received, they are planning to do so in the future)".-The Crusaders/Alberto part 5, The Four Horsemen, Page 27.

TRUE! Rome had never apologized for the Inquisitions up to 1985 when the comic book was published. Alberto was also correct that Rome was secretly planning to Apologize in the future. The Pope did so 15 years later in Israel, much to everyone's surprise. Alberto would probably point out, however, that the Pope did NOT saw they would never to do it again! Haw-haw-haw!

"Judgment fell on Germany! It is now a divided nation, never to rise again... 1/2 is now under communist slavery." page 7, Support Your Local Jew (1976).

FALSE!Germany is not only united, it is the richest nation in Europe. However, one could argue that "rise again" means in a military sense. Germany has yet to do that. (Although we may want them to, if other Chick predictions about Russia come to pass. Haw-haw-haw!) This tract is long retired.

"Sofia's suffering is only temporary... very soon the Rapture will take place and she will be with the Lord. She will miss the coming holocaust when 1/3 of the Earth is destroyed by fire and the ecology is ruined." -Tim Clark, The Crusaders: Operation Bucharest inside back cover.

FALSE!This prediction is still printed in The Crusaders, but was originally published in 1974. It's hard to say exactly when "very soon" is, but so far, Sofia has waited 28 years and no Rapture. At least she should be out of prison (after the Soviet Union fell) but by now she's an old hag! Then again, life is only temporary when compared to the age of the universe. So technically speaking, Chick is not wrong here.

"When the showdown comes--Gomer (East Germany) will join Russia in the invasion [of Israel]." page 17, Escape (1972).

FALSE! East Germany has since reunified with Germany, and is no longer under Soviet (or Russian) control. The Russians will have to find another alley. Fritz is no longer under the Bear's paw! Haw-haw-haw!

"The Poor Communists have been betrayed. They are simply a branch of the Roman Catholic Institution--the bully for the Vatican. They are the muscle, looking for an utopia on earth. But they'll be destroyed by Christ when they attack Israel, on the Pope's orders." (w/ flag of Soviet Union next to it) page 33, Godfathers.

FALSE!In this case Chick is pointing a finger at the (former) Soviet Union, as everyone was at the time. But the USSR never attacked Israel, and didn't exist long enough to make the prophecy come true. (Unless they return to power.)

"I believe in the future you will see that our Christian television heroes with giant ministries will soon be picked off one by one. All of the biggies will fall for one reason or another. And the last hero alive will be his holiness in the Vatican, and the world will love him." Page 50 Smokescreens, Chapter Seven, "Show Biz" (1983). Cassette tape (1982).

TRUE! Although "all" is debatable, the fact remains that the major televangelist scandals began in 1987 and continued through the early '90s with lesser known t.v. preachers. The Pope remains the most respected religious leader in the world, and best known through television at that. However, even the Teflon Pontiff has had his image tarnished in the wake of the homosexual priests scandals.


Email your Reality Checks to us here! (This is only a start and we hope to add other predictions from other tacts as well.)

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