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Jack Chick Tract Club link

The Fool-O-Meter!

This wing is dedicated to Ray Ruenes, since it was his idea. He noticed that a lot of people who write us often confuse us with Chick Publications, even though we clearly state we are NOT Chick Publications many times throughout the site. Ray decided to add up all the (usually angry) letters that accuse us of being Chick and post the running tally. The current total at last count is:


Never mind that the disclaimers and third person references make it rather obvious we're not Chick Publications, there's always going to be someone who doesn't bother reading the web site before criticizing it. (We call them "knee jerks", because you can always count on them for immediate knee jerk reactions whenever certain topics come up.)

But what the heck, we still enjoy reading their remarks, so keep 'em coming folks! The more the merrier. Maybe we'll give a prize to the person who breaks 100. (How about a free Death Cookie? Haw-haw!)

(Current up to 2006 only)

The Fine Print

Here's the breakdown of where each mistaken identity was found. If you find more, alert us:

In your face: 1x

Catholic Corner: 3x

Chick Memories: 1x

Memories 2: 1x

Memories 3: 4x

Memories 4: 3x

Arthur's letter: 1x

Memories 5: 1x

Memories 6 &7: 5x

Memories 8: 4x (actually, Poolman thought we were Catholics attacking Chick! Not the same as confusing us with Chick, but pretty foolish none-the-less.)

Memories 9: A muslim death threat. (Some guys will do anything to earn virgins in heaven.) Someone who thought we wrote "Only Sinless Man"... which wasn't even a Chick tract!

Memories 10: 3x. A converting Muslim, an angry whatever, and another Catholic.

Memories 11: 3x from someone who said they could prove hell and another who wondered if we were "for real". Leanne with her tract story. Also, Mario who wanted info on the Pope. And Safise, who wanted free tracts.

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