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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chick's Anti-Vatican Tracts

Last Rights Tract

Some think the majority of Chick's tracts attack the Catholic church. But that's not true. The vast majority of Chick tracts are Bible stories and "Jesus saves" tracts. Only a small minority of Chick tracts directly confront the Catholic system. They are:

Are Roman Catholics Christians?

Attack, The

Death Cookie, The

Is There Another Christ?

Kiss the Protestants Good-bye [unofficial but on-line]

Last Rites

Man In Black

My Name? ...In The Vatican? [Unofficial but on-line]



Poor Pope?, The [unofficial but on-line]

Why Is Mary Crying?



Others indirectly blame the Vatican for various conspiracies, including:

Allah Had No Son(credits the Vatican with creating Islam)

The Awful Truth (Various Vatican conspiracies)

Beast, The (shows one of the 4th horsemen as the Pope, & infers the Beast is the Pope)

Deceived, The (credits the Vatican with creating Islam)

Fat Cats (blames Catholic leaders for promoting communism in South America)

Here He Comes (The Jesuit General is named as The Beast.)

Holocaust (calls the Holocaust an Inquisition)

Ivan the Terrible (blames Communism on the Vatican)

Last Generation, The(infers the one world government is run by Jesuits)

The Last Missionary (has a page discussing the Pope's efforts to run all religions.)

Macho (suggests the Vatican started Communism.)

Mama's Girls (The Various off-shoot religions Satan (and the Vatican) is credited with.)

The Only Hope (Suggests the Pope is the Anti-Christ)

Satan Comes to Salem (How the Vatican influenced bad things in America)

Story Teller, The (credits the Vatican for creating Islam)

Squatters (Blames the Vatican for Israel's woes.)

Who's Missing (The pope is mentioned as the Anti-Christ)


(If you think of any others, please email me.)


If both groups of tracts are combined, that's about 28 tracts out of over 238 printed (as of March 2013). That comes to less than 12% of Chick's total tract output. (But let's not forget the Alberto full color comics! Some of Jack's most controversial stuff is in there, and its Alberto that got him in trouble with the Canadian censors.) But hey, artists are supposed to rock the boat! Besides, why should the Catholics complain? They got the lion's share of classical European artists and composers promoting their cause. Can't they afford to let the Protestants have Chick? (It's just a rethorical question.)

The funny thing is that although Chick criticizes almost every religion that leads followers away from a direct relationship with Jesus, it's the Catholics that complain more than anyone else about his tracts. In fact, the total of all the other groups combined criticized by Chick don't equal the number of complaints from irate Catholics. (Not if the letters received by this site are any indication... and we're not even affiliated with Chick publications!) We've received so many angry emails from Catholics, we've decided to store them in a special section for those who want to read that sort of thing. We call it "the Catholic Corner." Keep in mind, we're not Chick publications and we don't pretend to endorse (or disavow) Chick's allegations against the Vatican. A few controversial topics are discussed, (like the Inquisition and the Eucharist) but for the most part, it's a place for peeved papists to vent their Chick frustrations.

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