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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chick's Anti-Vatican Tracts

Last Rights Tract

Some think the majority of Chick's tracts attack the Catholic church. But that's not true. The vast majority of Chick tracts are Bible stories and "Jesus saves" tracts. Only a small minority of Chick tracts directly confront the Catholic system. They are:

Are Roman Catholics Christians?

Attack, The

Death Cookie, The

Is There Another Christ?

Kiss the Protestants Good-bye [unofficial but on-line]

Last Rites

Man In Black

My Name? ...In The Vatican? [Unofficial but on-line]



Poor Pope?, The [unofficial but on-line]

Why Is Mary Crying?



Others indirectly blame the Vatican for various conspiracies, including:

Allah Had No Son(credits the Vatican with creating Islam)

The Awful Truth (Various Vatican conspiracies)

Beast, The (shows one of the 4th horsemen as the Pope, & infers the Beast is the Pope)

Deceived, The (credits the Vatican with creating Islam)

Fat Cats (blames Catholic leaders for promoting communism in South America)

Here He Comes (The Jesuit General is named as The Beast.)

Holocaust (calls the Holocaust an Inquisition)

Ivan the Terrible (blames Communism on the Vatican)

Last Generation, The(infers the one world government is run by Jesuits)

The Last Missionary (has a page discussing the Pope's efforts to run all religions.)

Macho (suggests the Vatican started Communism.)

Mama's Girls (The Various off-shoot religions Satan (and the Vatican) is credited with.)

The Only Hope (Suggests the Pope is the Anti-Christ)

Satan Comes to Salem (How the Vatican influenced bad things in America)

Story Teller, The (credits the Vatican for creating Islam)

Squatters (Blames the Vatican for Israel's woes.)

Who's Missing (The pope is mentioned as the Anti-Christ)


(If you think of any others, please email me.)


If both groups of tracts are combined, that's about 28 tracts out of over 238 printed (as of March 2013). That comes to less than 12% of Chick's total tract output. (But let's not forget the Alberto full color comics! Some of Jack's most controversial stuff is in there, and its Alberto that got him in trouble with the Canadian censors.) But hey, artists are supposed to rock the boat! Besides, why should the Catholics complain? They got the lion's share of classical European artists and composers promoting their cause. Can't they afford to let the Protestants have Chick? (It's just a rethorical question.)

The funny thing is that although Chick criticizes almost every religion that leads followers away from a direct relationship with Jesus, it's the Catholics that complain more than anyone else about his tracts. In fact, the total of all the other groups combined criticized by Chick don't equal the number of complaints from irate Catholics. (Not if the letters received by this site are any indication... and we're not even affiliated with Chick publications!) We've received so many angry emails from Catholics, we've decided to store them in a special section for those who want to read that sort of thing. We call it "the Catholic Corner." Keep in mind, we're not Chick publications and we don't pretend to endorse (or disavow) Chick's allegations against the Vatican. A few controversial topics are discussed, (like the Inquisition and the Eucharist) but for the most part, it's a place for peeved papists to vent their Chick frustrations.


Here are some more examples, provided by The Warner Channel:

In "The Crisis" the Jehovahs witnesses are converted by being informed the Jehovah's witness Bible was translated fron "corrupt Vatican manuscripts". All tracts that mention the King James Bible translation also mention "Corrupt Vatican manuscripts."

In "The Thing" a Catholic priest is shown powerless against a possession, as he isn't a real Christian, the demon twisting an image of Mary out of shape, and flicking his own holy water back at him.

Reverend wonderful portrays a worldly Reverend only in it for the money, praising the Pope and the ecumenical movement as signs of his folly.

"Angels?" Also has Lew Siffer state that his power runs from the Vatican down to island Voodoo.

"Sin Busters" when enumerating false gods not to worship, lists "Queen of Heaven" obviously referencing Catholic worship of Semiramis, who they call Mary.

"The Hit" also portrays an Italian mobster rejecting his Catholic priest, as he has been turned to true Christianity by his nurse.

Though you mention the "Alberto" series, you do not directly mention "The Prophet" which also tells of Catholicism creating Islam. 

You also do not mention "The Betrayal" which tells of the life of Chiniquy and the Jesuit assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 

"The Enchanter" also connects Mormonism to the Vatican, claiming Brigham Young was friends with a Jesuit Priest. Another exclaims "And that ties Rome to Mormonism." The other character speculates "Yes, and I also think Avard, who created their death squad*[The Danites] looks suspiciously like a Jesuit plant." "So it appears Dr. Rivera was right again!**[Dr. Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit Priest. See "Alberto" p. 18 and "The force" p.25]" A list of comparisons between Mormon prophets and the pope ensues.

In The Chaplain the titular, ecumenical Chaplain distinguishes Catholicism from Christianity, listing it alongside other false religions, saying, "There are many ways to Heaven, Mary, Allah, Buddha..."

In The Star and its Negro version Fame, the titular Star is seen with a Catholic Priest at his bedside, telling him, "Cardinal Rooney said a mass for you today, he loved your last movie." The Star tells his secretary, "Take a note, send another $250,000 to the Pope." When the Bible believing Christian nurse rebuffs him for having nude scenes and sex scenes in his movies (which the Cardinal loves), and tells him "You're a wicked sinner in God's sight." the Star counters by saying, "Cardinal Rooney says I'm a good man!" And the Bible believing Christian nurse replies, "You're not. He just wants your money." She later explains that he is unsaved. He considers becoming a Christian, but is apprehensive, as he will lose his fame and fortune to Christian persecution, which he apparently does not face as a Catholic. In the end, he accepts Christ and is saved. Given the content, I would say this Tract confronts the Catholic system almost as much as Murph.

This one is very incidental, and I am not sure if it is worth placing on the list, but in Gomez is coming, the titular Gomez got saved in prison by a Bible believing Chaplain, and says, "He told me things the Priest NEVER talked about, and then he blew me away with one question, Carlos, did you ever hear about the worst killing in history? When man MURDERED God?" indicating the Catholic Priest never educated him about the Passion.

In It's All About You a Christian tells his granddaughter about Satan, saying, "He'll turn you into a spiritual zombie, by trapping you into one of his religious institutions." The panel shows a pope, wafer in hand, saying "Trust us!" next to other false religions leaders, including what appears to be an Orthodox Jew, a televangelist, and the Dalai Lama. Another panel shows a Catholic priest saying, "I must say more masses to lessen your husband's time in purgatory." The widow says, "I can't afford to pay you." and the priest replies, "Then he must continue to burn."

In Some Like it Hot a pope is shown being strangled in Hell among many other false religious leaders. The Devil himself comments, "We're "blessed" with popes galore..."

No liars in Heaven discusses missing verses in modern Bible translations, and though it does not expressly blame the Vatican as The Attack does, it mentions infant baptisms with an illustration of a Catholic priest, and then reveals modern Bible translations are lacking a pivotal verse against infant baptisms.

The second to last panel of Crazy Wolf  lists Catholicism alongside other false religions, stating, "Trusting religion, idols, ceremonies, nature goddesses, or the Virgin Mary to save you is only chasing the wind!"

In Uninvited the Christian Nurse asks the homosexual A.I.D.S patients if they were molested as children, which they all were. One remarks, "I was an altar boy...I don't want to talk about it."

In Still No Revival the ecumenical movement is illustrated as "Father Manning will bless us with another sermon on why we should be one big church." Looming over them is the demonic figure of the pope holding a communion wafer, Semiramis behind him. The text then reads "Our Christian leaders are drawing closer to the pope. REMEMBER THE INQUISITION...When millions were tortured and killed in all sorts of hideous ways, in the name of Mary and the popes? Of course you don't! This was hushed up in the name of "unity". Shouldn't our Christian leaders be a little more cautious? Remember, Jesus hates Catholicism and calls her the Great Whore."

Global Warming says, "Back in the Dark ages, when the Catholic Church ruled the known world, no one dared question them when they said: Do penance. The world will end before the year 1000! The little people were terrified. Where could they turn for help but Mother Church?" It then details how the Catholics extorted members for livestock and other goods, and then sold the people their own property back after the world didn't end, stating, "In hard times there's winners and losers. Guess who made out like a bandit?"

In Why should I? The pope is featured as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse with 666 written on his hat. A Catholic priest represents another horseman.

In Who's the real hater a man tells a woman, "That creep just said Jesus is God Almighty." and the woman shouts, "Liar! The pope is!"

What's Worse? has a panel where the Devil tells the pope, "Holiness, you are God on Earth"; and the pope replies, "Of course!" communion wafer in hand, cardinals bowing. Text below reads: Demons control all kinds of religions.

Look Out! feature an illustration of a pope labelled, "Satan's counterfeit church...". Later, the tract warns, "Catholics, LOOK OUT! Satan has claimed your precious souls."

Almost Time lists Biblical prophecies falling into place, including, "The pope is uniting nations".

Friend or Foe? depicts the Catholic inquisition, saying, "Satan is furious! He tortured believers, trying to force them to deny Jesus was the only way to heaven."

In What about me a Catholic priest passes the room of a dying patient who says "Father Mike!--Oh, that's right, you only visit those who put a lot in the offering plate! God doesn't care about poor people!?" A true Christian comes to her aid, and she laments "I'm too poor for a priest".

As for full color comics, Sabotage? illustrates Alexander Hislop's thesis that Nimrod and his wife Semiramis invented Catholicism, including confessionals and veneration of Mary and baby Jesus. Catholic Church fathers Origen and Eusebius are then denounced as not having been real Christians, and corruptions in the Alexandrian manuscripts and the Vulgate are attributed to them. It is then said, "The confessionals were again set up like they had in Babylon, The priests had the people under their control again. The word of God was kept from the people. The stronger the popes became, the deeper the world sank into the dark ages. Millions went to hell. Satan was delighted." They then mention the inquisition, and define a heretic as "anyone who didn't go along with the pope or the teachings of the Roman Catholic church, Like a Jew or a Bible believer." After telling the stories of Martin Luther and the King James Bible, a Jesuit conspiracy in academia is alleged, involving every new Bible translation, claiming Westcott and Hort were secretly Vatican agents, and "both men devotely worshipped Mary".

Though The Broken Cross comic book does not name Catholicism, it also illustrates Hislop's thesis and directs readers to the Two Babylons.

Chaos comic book features a Catholic priest as one of those left behind by the rapture "because they didn't believe the Bible."

Angel of Light comic once again illustrates Hislop's thesis that Catholicism was founded by Nimrod and Semiramis, "Catholic Virgin Mary" is listed as one of Semiramis' many names, and "Catholic Baby Jesus" is listed as one of Tammuz's many names. Later, they quote Alberto Rivera saying the Vatican controls the Illuminati.

Black Angel comic presents Catholics as involved in the Occult, and when our protagonist goes to a Protestant Church, says, "This Church was nothing like the Catholic church, they were happy, singing, and talked about the Bible and Jesus."

I think the title Jesuits comic speaks for itself

And finally, The Unthinkable comic depicts Satan and his demons leaning on the Vatican.


Why no revival? or at least, the current edition of that tract, features a panel where the pope is being accepted by the ecumenical movement, and says, "Thank you heretic...Oops, I mean my brother."

In the famous Somebody goofed, and its black version Oops!, the devils says "This is the place where the lost go temporarily. This is not purgatory as many believe. There is no such place!" This, of course, directly confronts Catholic dogma.

In That Old Devil, Roman Catholicism is the first bullet point on a list of false religions that teach works instead of grace, followed by Islam, Mormonism, Masonry and Jehovah's witnesses. Later, it warns the reader to "Watch for these phony signs: Visions of Jesus and of Mary (actually demonic apparitions or sophisticated holograms that make the image speak), watch the religions merge into the New Age Movement with the pope as its leader..."

I also forgot that in The Trial, when different religions take the stand, "Bishop Danny O'Tool" argues against Jesus being the only way to heaven, stating, "There is NO salvation outside the Church of Rome, But we are all uniting together under the banner of love. How dare this girl try to divide us? The teachings of the mother church are the final authority on this issue. What respected theological document would teach such a NARROW doctrine?" The little girl on trial replies, "It's in the Bible, sir."

I feel like Real Heat tract  should be added to the list of tracts that directly confront the Catholic system:

The Pastor tract tells the history of Thomas Hawkes, who was martyred for refusing to let his son be baptised by Catholic priests. 
The other character says, "You mean the Catholic church did this?"
the Pastor replies, "Don't you know the history of the Roman Catholic religion? A former Catholic priest said the inquisition was the most horrible engine of cruelty and power the world has ever seen. The Roman Catholic Institution, from 1200 A.D. on, produced a total of 68 million victims. Their most effective weapon of fear was being burned to death. It was a reign of terror."
The other character asks, "Why isn't that in our history books?"
The Pastor says, "Can you think of anyone who wouldn't want that in print?"

The Pastor in the story then draws a direct comparison with Nebuchadnezzar attempting to burn Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego for not worshipping his idol.

Mary's Kids should be added to the list of Tracts that directly confront the Catholic system. In it, an ex-Catholic tells her mother in-law that both she and her husband were raped by priests, and explains that Catholic veneration of Mary is repackaged goddess worship. The Catholic mother in-law smashes her idol of Mary, shouting, "You monster! My family is in hell because of you! You damn every Roman Catholic to hell, who trusts you more than Jesus! I hate you!!"

Twin Towers's description reads, "When under attack, the pope finds safety in two idols." The plot revolves around a Catholic scheme to make a rich old lady write her Protestant granddaughter out of her will, and leave her fortune to the Vatican. For this, the corrupt cardinal makes the priest a Bishop. The Catholic old lady dies and goes to Hell. The Protestant granddaughter saves her Catholic friend, telling her, "Religious politicians who run the Vatican are cold hearted hypocrites! Souls are not is."

In Things to Come a fortune teller goes to a Protestant Preacher, and tells him, "I'm a devout Roman Catholic and do everything my priest tells me to. I go to mass, help the poor, pray the rosary. I hope my good works will get me into heaven." The Preacher explains she is unsaved, the Antichrist will be the pope, Catholicism is the Great Whore of revelations, and Jesus will have it "burned for murdering millions and destroying the souls of its faithful members." He then gives her the ultimatum, "So, do you want to reign with Christ forever, with a beautiful mansion, or stick with Satan's popes, receive the mark of the Beast and spend eternity in the lake of fire?"

In Evil Eyes, a Catholic priest "Father Dominic"  is shown to also be an occultic, Santeria priest, and powerless against a hex, as he is not a true Christian. He is also probably the aforementioned "Santerian priest" that gave the man the name of the witch who cast the curse in the first place. Instead, a Bible believing Christian has all idols of saints and crucifixes removed from the house, and exorcises the man. He then saves Father Dominic, who says, "I've been both a Santeria priest and a Catholic priest, and now it's over! I'm sick of evil spirits, phony saints, and all my lies over the years. I was into Witchcraft like other priests, I've committed horrible sins, abused and robbed my people." Later he says, "In my church we have hurt people. We've destroyed millions of souls." the Christian replies, "That's why Jesus hates her and calls her "The Great Whore."


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