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Tracts w/in Tracts!

mirror mirror

(A catalog of tracts featured in tracts)


Chick is a great self promoter. Tracts often feature other tracts in the storyline. Almost all the promo tracts do this, but even the regular story tracts do it too. Here's a list we've spotted of tracts within tracts. This list only includes tracts sneaked into the storyline, not display ads with photos of tracts or images of them circling the globe on the back cover. If you spot more elsewhere, let us know and we'll add it to this list (e-mail). The title of the tract featured within the story is in parenthesis (like this).


TRACT ILLUSTRATIONS (The tract listed first, then the tract pictured w/in the tract in parathesis.)

Angels (The Contract)

A Solution to the Marriage Mess (The Chick book has "A love story" tract in it. pg159.)

The Bull (Somebody Loves Me)

The Devil's Night (The Little Ghost)

Don't Read That Book (Don't Read That Book)

Earthmen (Earthmen)

Friend or Foe? (Man reading unknown Chick tract while angel records him (page 9b))

He Never Told Us (shows This Was Your Life and an unknown title (looks like Fire Starter) and also mentions The Assignment & One Way)

Home Alone? (2 versions: "Hot Topics" book vers, "Somebody Loves You", tract vers, "Uninvited"

How To Get Rich and Keep It (How To Get Rich and Keep It)

Kitty In The Window (Who Is He? on pg 11, 13)

The Letter (Somebody Loves Me)

Little Princes (Happy Halloween)

Little Princes GERMAN version (Charlie's Ants)

Losing the Old Zippp? (The Assignment, This Was Your Life, One Way, Escape, Demon's Nightmare.)

Operation Somebody Cares: Somebody Loves Me, This Was Your Life, A Demon's Nightmare, Holy Joe, Somebody Goofed, The Beast.)

Reverand Wonderful (The Contract-- visible in early version only.)

The Scam (This Was Your Life)

This Book Has Been Banned (This Was Your Life)

The Tycoon (This Was Your Life)

Who Are they Going To Remember (Looks like This Was Your Life & Fire Starter)

Who Me? (This Was Your Life)

War Zone (The Choice, No Fear, This Was Your Life, War Zone)


TRACT PHOTOS (Ads w/in tracts that work like catalogs.)

Are Roman Catholics Christians? (25 tracts.)

Losing the Old Zippp? (17 tracts.)

The Secret Weapon (Other language tracts of Greatest Story Ever Told, Earthman, How to get rich and keep it, Back from the Dead, This was Your life.)

This Book Has Been Banned (This Was Your Life, Who Me?)

Who Are they Going To Remember (11 different titles)

Who Me (This Was Your Life, A Love Story, The Long Trip, Somebody Goofed, Best Friend, Gun Slinger.)


FAKE TRACT REFERENCES (Non-Chick titled tracts w/in tracts)

Somebody Goofed (Ye Must Be Born Again)

Trust Me (Jesus Loves You)

Somebody Loves Me (Somebody Loves You)


UNKNOWN TRACTS (Can't make out the titles of the tracts w/in the tracts)





Ivan The Terrible

Last Rites

Ransom: (page 6) It is below the payphone that the kidnapper is talking on. You can't read the title, but the layout looks like THIS WAS YOUR LIFE.

Rotten Rodney (page 13a).



My Name In The Vatican (copies of Alberto)


rev. 4.21.01 Ransom

3.06.02 The Scam

12.22.05 - The Devil's Night (reported by darkkakurine).m1.7r

7/7/16 Kitty In The Window

3/16/18 Home Alone?

9/14/18 Faithful

11/1/18 Friend or Foe?

6/9/22 Rotten Rodney

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