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Fang's A lot!

Fangs A Lot

(An ongoing list of Fang sightings)


"Fang" is a cartoon dog that Chick sneaks into various tracts in various places. Sometimes he's obvious. Other times, he can be hard to find even if you know what page he's on. He's kinda like "Where's Waldo?", but he was invented by Chick long before Waldo ever came along. His first appearance was in "The Mad Machine" copyright 1975. Here's a list of known Fang sightings. If you spot him elsewhere, let us know and we'll add it to this list (email us). Keep a special eye out for him, because even updated versions of older tracts might have him added retroactively!

rev. 6/26/19

Accident, The ©1999: (page 6, in the painting)

All God's Creatures? ©2108 (page 5a, 9b, 11a, 12a&b)

Almost Time ©2017: (page 4a)

And It Was Good! ©2015: (page 6, among all the animals)

Awful Truth, The ©2011: (page 2a)

Baby Talk ©1995: (many pages, obvious)

Bed Time ©2015: (page 2b, in picture frame)

Best Friend ©1996 (many pages, obvious)

Big Deal, The ©2001: (page 3, on stairs)

Bully, The ©2009 (page 13a, 14a)

Busted! ©2003 (page 5, picture on the wall.)

Cathy ©2013 (Various pages 2, 3 6, 9, 13, 14, 16.)

Caught! ©2002 (page 2, in doorway)

Charlie's Ants ©1997: (many pages, obvious)

Chaplain, The ©2005 (page 16, facing rat in front of tent.)

Choice, The ©1999: (page 4, by fire hydriant, page 11 on tattoo.)

Cleo ©1995: (page 5, 6 in dog cage with other dogs)

Congratulations! © 2006: (page 2, framed picture on wall.)

Crazy Wolf ©2009: (page 4A. Barking at cow)

Evil Eyes (page 4, facing the bus)

Fairy Tales? (page 6, in picture on wall)

Fallen ©2002: (page 3.)

Fatal Decision 2008: (page 9b, tattoo on janitor's arm)

First Bite ©2008: (Page 2.)

Flight 144 ©1998: (page 5, on magazine cover.)

Framed ©2001: (page 4a)

Friend or Foe? ©2018: (page 3a)

Gladys ©2002: (page 18, Fang barks at invisible demon.)

Global Warming ©2012: (page 5)

God With Us ©2002 (page 4, barking at a bird and also on the front cover.)

Going Down ©2010 (page 6a, background painting)

Gold Fever ©2016 (pages 3b, 4b, 5a, 15a and 20a)

Good Ol' Boys ©2003: (page 9, being walked on a leash.)

Greatest Insult, The ©2015: (page 5A)

Great One, The ©1999: (page 6)

Guilty ©2007: (page 3)

Gun slinger ©1997: (many pages, obvious)

Heart Trouble ©2007: (page 11B, on back of jacket)

Here Comes The Judge: (page 3, panel B, in picture.)

Here He Comes ©2003: (page 3)

Here Kitty Kitty ©2006 (page 19b)

Home Alone ©2008 (page 8 of the Hot Topics book, pg 4a of the tract pages)

Holy Night ©2015 (page 4a, in picture behind boy)

In The Beginning ©2000: (page 2, side of desk.)

Is Allah Like You? ©2002 (page 6) [Later versions circa Feb 2011 {code 0222.11}delete Fang, as well as the other dog on pages 2, 3, & 5)].

It's All About You! ©2009 (page 4a, 10b, 11b, 13b 15b!

It's Coming! ©2000: (page 3, on the vase.)

It's the Law ©2001: (page 13, hidden in a net in a scene from Ancient Egypt.)

It's Who You Know ©2014 (page 19b)

Keep the Secret ©2015 (page 16b)

Kitty In The Window ©2016 (page 5b and 8b)

Just One More ©2014 (page 2A)

Just Sign Here ©2019 (page 6a & 6b, 8b)

Last Judge, The ©2002: (Page 2, picture on the wall.)

Last Surprise, The ©2013: (Page 6a-- top portion of picture on desk)

Limited Time Offer ©2018: (Page 4a, 7, 15a, 19a, 20a & 20b as stuffed toys)

Little Ghost, The ©2001: (several pages.)

Little Princess, The ©1998: page 10 (picture on the wall.)

Loser, The ©2002: (page 5.)

Love That Money ©2010: (page 4)

Mad Machine, The ©1975: (page 13)

Mama's Girls: ©2012 (page 9)

Mary's Kids: ©2012 (page 5b, 8a, maybe 10b)

Mean Mama ©2011 (page 4a)

Men In Black ©2003 (page 2) Walking on the sidewalk.

Missing Day, The © 2005: (page 4)

Monster, The ©2002: (page 4) on the back of an employee's t-shirt.

Moving On Up! ©2008 (page 8, 11) Picture on the wall and also in the garden.

Murph ©1999: (page 4b, back of kid's t-shirt)

Nervous Witch, The: (page 2, stuffed animal on the shelf.)

No Fear ©1997: (page 20)

No Justice? ©2017: (page 6b, 9a)

No Liars In Heaven ©2009: (page 18, in picture on wall.)

No Way In? ©2022: (page 8, 11, 12)

Outcast, The ©2001 (page 4, upside down on the box.)

Papa? ©2008 (page 6, on lawn)

Party Girl ©1998 (Page 9, in the crowd) spotted by Chris Zion.

Payback! ©2002 (page 2, barking up a lampost)

Poor Little Lamb ©2008 (page 8)

Promise, The ©2001: (page 9, on a t-shirt) Spotted by UK Dave.

Ransom ©1995 (page 6, in background picture on wall. Has title "Fang")

Real Heat ©2002 (page 12, on arm of orderly)

Rotten Rodney ©2015 (page 6A)

Satan Comes To Salem ©2012 (page 8a)

Scam, The ©2002: (page 6b). Reported by MidnightV

Scream! ©2002: (page 2a) On the back of a pick up truck.

Secret, The ©1999: (page 9, on tattoo of a prisoner)

Set Free! ©2007 (page 2, barking)

Sin City ©2001 (page 2, on a poster on a telephone pole)

Sky Lighter ©2003 (page 4)

Slugger, The ©1998: (page 3, on tattoo of fan's arm)

Some Like It Hot ©2009 (page 6a)

Somebody Angry? ©2008 (page 2a, TV screen)

Some Like It Hot ©2009 (page 6a)

Something In Common? ©2005: (page 2)

Soul Sisters ©2006: (various pages, including 4b, 5a, 8b)

Soul Survivor ©2016: (pages, including 9b, 10b)

Spooky ©2013 (page 8b)

Star, The © 2006 (page 11, framed on wall in lobby)

Stinky ©2010: (Page 100

Sunk ©2017: (page 2a, 4a, 4b)

Tell Me About ItI ©2019: (page 11b, also 10 under Judy's bar stool, page 12a, and 13a.)

There Go The Dinosaurs ©2007: (page 6)

Things To Come ©2010: (page 2)

Throw Away Kid, The ©2014: (page 4a)

Trap, The ©1988: (He's supposedly in there, but I can't find him. Only regular dogs. Let me know if YOU locate him.)

Twin Towers ©2013: (page 7a-- in picture on desk.)

Unloved ©2004 (page 4)

Unwelcomed Guest, The ©2006 (page 6A, picture on the wall)

The Walking Dead ©2011 (page 6a, 7a, his arm tattoo)

War Games ©2014: (page 11b (ears & face peeking over the wall), 13a & 13b)

War Zone ©2000: (page 6, photo on wall)

Warning, The ©2000: (page 7)

What's Worse? ©2014: (page3, 4)

What's Wrong With This? ©2005: (page 3, in picture on wall.)

Where Did They Go? ©2007 (page 12, panel A)

Where's Your Name? ©2015 (page 12a)

Who Are They Gonna Remember? ©1987: (page 4)

Who Cares? ©2002: (page 6)

Who Is He ©2008: (page 3) back of jacket.

Who Murdered Clarice? ©2000: (page 3 in the paper that the woman is reading)

Who Me? (was ©1973, may be new): Old versions didn't have this, but now Fang appears on page 3 of the red/black cover versions w/ the FREE TAKE ONE in the top right corner.

Who's Missing? ©2003. Page 4, in a drawing on the side of Bob's desk.

Why No Revival ©1970: (page 7, a "civil rights" Fang forerunner, but different on account that he's black.)

Why Sholuld I? ©2012: (page 5)



Prepare for War (book by Rebecca Brown, w/ a few Chick cartoons): Page 236- Fang in a family setting.


Who Spotted What & When

revised 3.20.01 (revised In the Beginning, It's coming!, Sin City), 5.1.01- The Promise, 6.20.01-Big Deal, 8.16.01 Framed, Little Ghost, 12.1.01 Murph (discovered by Evan.), 1.1.02 It's the Law (This one really blends in.), 1.25.02 The Outcast, 3.8.02 The Scam, The Loser (reported by MidnightV), 3.20.02 Party Girl (reported by Chris Zion.), 4.16.02 The Little Princes (reported by Chris Zion), 5.3.02 The Last Judge, The Nervous Witch, 5.7.02 Prepare for War (book, reported by Ray Ruenes), 6.2.02 Caught!, 6.15.02 Who Me (reported by John Hammond). 8.2.02 Real Heat (reported by Glen) 9.3.02 The Monster 10.1 Gladys 11.3b. God With Us 12.03.02 Fallen 1.4.03 Who Cares? 2.4.03 Scream. 3.3.03 Good Ol' Boys, 4.1.03 Men In Black, Payback (reported by Johnny V., 5.1 Who's Missing, 6.1 Here He Comes, 9.3.03 Busted, 11.4.03 Sky Lighter (reported by Paul Sappington), 10.04 - Unloved, 9.15.05 Soemthing In Common & The Missing Day (Reported by Emby Quinn.) What's Wrong With This., 6.23.06 Congratulations! The Chaplain, The Star, 12.5.06 Here Kitty Kitty, The Unwelcomed Guest, 1.11.07 Heart Trouble, 5.28.07 Set Free, Fairy Tales, 9.1.07 Guilty, There Go the Dinosaurs, 12.31.07 Poor Little Lamb, Where Did They Go? 2.28.08 Fatal Decision 8.03.08 Moving On Up? Reported by RedNovember93, Who Is He?11.5.08 Home Alone.1.4.09 Papa? 4.1.09 It's All About You. 5.21.09 Evil Eyes (reported by Terrible Tommy) 9.9.09 The Bully, Some Like It Hot 1.4.10 Crazy Wolf 2.24.10 Going Down 11.12.10 Things to Come (Terrible Tommy) 1.4.11 Love That Money, Stinky, Is Allah Like You? No Liars In Heaven 7.7.11 Is Allah Like You? 1/12/12 Here Comes The Judge5/1/12 Global Warming, Why Should I? 11/11/12 Mama'sGirls (Scot Carr) 2/29/12 Satan Comes to Salem, Mean Mama, Walking Dead, Some like it Hot, Somebody Angry?, It's all about You 4/21/13 Cathy

(many inbetween) 7/1/14 What's Worse?

7/14/14 - Spooky & Just One More (Kevin C's sightings)

9/7/14 - The Throw Away Kid (reported by Kevin C.)

12/21/14 - Soul Sister, Mary's Kids

3/2/15 - Where's Your Name?& Bed Frame (reported by Kevin Christy)

6/4115 - The Greatest Insult, It's Who You Know (spotted by Kevin Christy)

9/20/15 - Rotten Rodney (Kevin Christy)

11/15/15 -Holy Night (Kevin Christy)

3/1/16 , 6/1/16 Keep the Secret, Gold Fever, Soul Survivor, Twin Towers, Awful Truth, The Last Surprise (Kevin Christy)

6/29/16 Kitty In The Window

7/11/17- No Justice, Almost Time, Sunk (Kevin Christy)

1/22/18- All God's Creatures?

2/25/19 - Limited Time Offer, Friend or Foe (Kevin Christy)

3/12/19 - Just Sign Here, War Games (Kevin Christy)

6/26/19 -Tell Me About It (Kevin Christy)

7/28/23 - No Way In?

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