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Our Contributers

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Adam has been a Chick fanatic since discovering his work on a website dedicated to independent art and artists in 2002. Adam collects the tracts and is currently only 6 tracts away from his first complete set. Although not a true-believer, Adam admires Jack Chick's sincerity, story-telling abilities, and the artistic skills of both Jack Chick himself and Chick Publications' staff artist Fred Carter. Beyond enjoying Chick tracts for their exciting stories and the fascinating world they create, as a Boston-based marketing manager and graphic artist, Adam also admires the efficiency of Chick Publications productions and the marketing skills of its staff. Although he's never met a Chick tract that he didn't like, Adam's favorites include Satan's Master, Poor Little Witch, The Last Generation, The Beast, and Dark Dungeons. See Adam's review of Here Kitty Kitty.


Alan The Only Hope.


Andie Kittab

In addition to being a freelance writer, she used to be an ergonomics engineer for one of the Big Three, but now is a full time law student. (She sometimes jokes about becoming one of those ACLU bastards who sues elementary schools for having Nativity Scenes in their libraries.)

Religiously, she has recently been identifying herself as Christian Humanist. As she puts it, "I believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ, but I also believe that we should try to make this world as nice as possible before we go to the next one. I've always enjoyed reading and researching religious/political fanaticism as a form of entertainment. Theologically, I do not agree with 99% of Jack Chick's Biblical interpretations. Both Jack Chick and I pick and choose scriptures that support our arguments, but at least I admit it. I also admit to being envious of Fred Carter's superb art skills. I can barely draw stick figures, let alone photo quality line drawings."

She became a fan of a couple of years ago and was kind enough to contribute a review for God With Us.


Anneke is a contributor from Germany. She discovered Chick tracts by reading on a Catholic's web page that Chick tracts were terrible and untrue. From there, she eventually found the Chick website and a new fan was born (but not necessarily a believer).

Anneke is an ethnologist, an interpreter (of Slavonic languages) and a writer. She grew up in a Protestant family but converted to Catholicism in her late teens. A fellow student handed her first real (non-web based) Chick tract. It failed to convert her, but it increased her interest in the tracts. Among the tracts her classmate gave her were: Holy Joe, Room 144, and Earthmen. The two students also debated the anti-Catholic tracts. Anneka had serious doubts that "IHS" meant "Iris, Horus and Seb". She got her classmate to admit that some things stated in the tracts were "exaggerated".

Anneke continues to enjoy Chick tracts to this day. Her favorite ones are: A Demon's Nightmare, Back from the Dead, That Crazy Guy, This is Your Life, The Tycoon, and all the tracts with Li'l Suzy, and most of the ones with Bob Williams. Her first review was for anti-Mason tract, The Unwelcome Guest.


Ben The Trick.



Chrissy Spallone received her first Chick tract from a family member at age 6 or 7, opening the floodgates to a lifetime of underground comics exploration. Later, as a troubled teenager on a swift path to destruction, she received a parcel of Crusaders comics from "a caring friend" with familiar handwriting. Opening it, she realized how Carter's gruesome renderings of facial expressions, stiff gestures and strangely unwholesome colors of washed-out ink used in the cover illustrations combine to create a sinister, otherworldly visual that gets under her skin to this day. An artist and cartoonist herself, Chrissy prefers Chick's expressionist inking style to Carter's slick yet mysteriously unsettling line art.

Sadly, Chrissy doesn't see Chick tracts lying around so much since people stopped buying and touching paper publications. As a result, her references to his work grow increasingly esoteric. To compensate, she passes out the good tracts as Tricks and Treats night lagniappes, and secretly slips them in public places also. Her first review for was for There Go the Dinosaurs.

Chrissy occasionally works at a Quaker library, but mainly earns a living as a freelance writer and artist. Her art, comics and poetry have appeared in The Salt Hill Journal, Palooka Literary Magazine and The Black Warrior Review. She maintains a blog of current writing and art at

Dave A Demon's Nightmare.


Derik is from Norway. He wrote us a review of Men of Peace?


Elaine Gregory Lil' Suzy.


Emby Quinn is a freelance artist and writer who was born and raised in the buckle of the Bible Belt. Her acquaintance with Chick tracts began at the tender age of six when she first encountered a copy of "This Was Your Life" and disrupted morning Sunday school with her giggling. At fourteen she received a copy of "Bewitched?" in the mail from an anonymous friend who was concerned about her association with the occult. Today she still lives in the Deep South and still considers herself a witch. In her spare time, she reads and collects tracts. She's reviewed several of them, including Scream!


Jayelle Bewitched.


Joe The Peace Maker.


Kurt Pix

Self portrait based on Bewitched. In 2012, Chick included a cameo of Kurt in Here Comes the Judge saying "Did you see it?"

Kurt first encountered Chick tracts at Auburn University in the 1980s. While there, he also saw Campus Crusade for Christ, The Maranatha House, Brother Jed & Sister Sidney, and many other Southern Bible Belt traditions. Kurt's first Chick tracts were This Was Your Life and Holocaust. Years later, he discovered that Chick had published many more titles and thus, the collector was born.

Kurt was an adjunct professor of English, and Speech &Communications, but his work as a writer, documentary film maker, and collectibles manufacturer has kept him from teaching recently. His hobbies include trading cards, old time radio shows, and of course-- collecting CHICKS! (He continues to find them left around in public places in Tallahassee, but he also hunts them down in other towns.)

Kurt started this site in December of 1999, and it has grown ever since. Any review that does not have a GUEST REVIEW declaration at the beginning of it is written by him. One of Kurt's earliest reviews is also on one of his favorite tracts, Allah Had No Son.

Miriam's first memory of Chick tracts involves a copy of This Was Your Life being chucked in through the open window of her parent's car at a music festival. A lifelong addiction was born. She reviewed Chick's black cast adaptations.

(Rich's cameo in THE LAST JUDGE, where Chick portrays him paying a bribe.)

Richard Lee, an evangelical minister, has been a Chick tract fan for over 20 years. Among the first Chick publications he read were This Was Your Life and The Crusaders series. Jack Chick was influential in helping Richard obtain a rudimentary understanding of basic Protestant theological concepts, which tided him over until he pursued professional seminary training later. Richard Lee met Jack Chick in person in April 1986, although they had communicated by letter for several years before. Over the years, Richard has made several "pilgrimages" to Chick Publications to visit and purchase materials. During this time, he has examined and reexamined the basic theological beliefs contained within Chick tracts, and maintains that their concepts are basically in line with classic Protestantism, albeit at a "popular" level.

Richard is an Assemblies of God clergyman. He produced The Richard Lee Weekly Telecast, a cable program that ran for four years. Richard's biography was published in Who's Who in America, 2000 Millennial Edition. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in comparative religion from the University of Washington, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Gonzaga School of Law, and a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also a practicing member of the Washington State Bar Association. He plans to develop a Christian apologetics ministry which will engage in constructive dialogue on various issues ranging from atheism, Roman Catholicism, Ecumenicalism, charismatic beliefs, and religion in general. He currently manages a general Christian evangelistic website. A comic book fan, Chick tracts have combined Richard's love for picture stories and religious concepts. Rich is currently practicing law in his home state of Washington.

Rich is also the President of the Chick Tract Club, which helps support this site. He has written many tract reviews, including Are Roman Catholics Christians? He is also the co-host of the Shazam/ Isis podcast, profiling all the 1970s TV live action exploits of Captain Marvel.

Rowan was raised in a Christian home, but is a new Christian (in the sense of being truly "born again"). While Chick tracts didn't specifically result in him getting saved (the KJV Bible was primarily responsible for that), they did contribute to a major shift in his personal world view from liberal modern version and CCM-loving New Evangelical to conservative KJV-only Fundamentalist. He is also a freelance translator, so he finds the issue of KJV vs. modern versions particularly interesting. He uses Chick tracts for witnessing (his favorite technique is to drop them in letter boxes when out walking), but also likes to collect them. Some of the titles are especially difficult for him to acquire because he lives in New Zealand.

As a Christian with a very similar outlook to Jack Chick himself, he take the tracts and their message a lot more seriously than some of the other contributors on this site, but there are still some things about them that he finds amusing. He doesn't agree 100% with certain aspects of their theology and is skeptical about some of their more controversial claims. Nevertheless, he feels their basic Gospel message is sound and that is the most important thing, their other quirks and occasional faults notwithstanding. His first review was Here Comes The Judge.

Ryan Hill Sin Busters.


Saint Nate Trust Me.


Tom Alford is a big Chick fan located in Dothan, Alabama. (Right in the middle of the Bible Belt.) He enjoying reading and passing out Chick tracts whenever possible. He's a sports fan crazy about the Auburn Tigers. His first review was for the sports related tract, The Slugger.


Terrible Tommy Murray is a self described witch (Wiccan). Although he strongly disagrees with with almost all of Chick's views, he still enjoys collecting the comics and poking fun at them. (Censors, take note. People can think for themselves without Big Brother banning comics that are protected under the first Amendment.) One of Tommy's earliest memories is The Poor Revolutionist, of which he wrote his first review. Sadly, Tommy passed away on Aug. 17, 2012.


UK Dave Uk Dave is from... you guessed it, the UK! He thinks Chick tracts are great pieces of Americana. See his review of It's The Law.


Wise Ass is a self described, well, "wise ass." Nothing is sacred to him, including religion. He really likes to sink his hooks into a good Chick tract, especially the controversial ones that criticize other groups like the Masons. His first review is on just such a topic. It's called Good Ol' Boys.


If you wrote a review and don't see a bio here for you, let us know. We've lost track of a few of our early writers but we still want to include their information.


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