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- Presents -

Six Degrees of CHICK Separation!

Did you ever hear those two guys on the radio play the Kevin Bacon's association game of Six Degrees of Separation? They challenge callers to come up with any Hollywood name, and then they trace that person to Kevin Bacon by naming five people who know one another until the last one in the line worked with Kevin Bacon!

Oh, would that the world were so innocent, and the only conspiracy was one of coincidences that all trace back to one of Hollywood's most bland actors...

But alas! As this Wing will prove, there is a far deeper, DARKER conspiracy at work. Everyone and everything IS associated with one another within six degrees, but it isn't limited to Hollywood and Kevin Bacon. It reaches out ACROSS THE GLOBE and even beyond HEAVEN AND HELL! The common thread is SATAN!

Don't believe it? THEN JUST TRY IT! Name a topic, a famous person, or historical event and we'll connect that subject to Satan's plan for world conquest as revealed in a Chick tract or comic within six degrees of separation... or less!

Go ahead. Take up the challenge. You'll be surprised how Satan has his mitts on EVERYTHING, and Chick has exposed such plots in at least one of his tracts!

Allow us to demonstrate... (Notice how even the first five letters of "demonstrate" reveal how omnipresent Satan is?)

Example: Actor Omar Sharif!

1st degree: Omar was a movie actor who played the lead in Doctor Zhivago.

2nd degree: Doctor Zhivago was about the Communist Revolution.

3rd degree: The Communist Revolution was part of Satan's plot to take over the world (via the Vatican) as exposed in the Chick tract, IVAN THE TERRIBLE.

Example #2: Taxes.

1st degree: Taxes are collected by governments to pay for goods in services.

2nd degree: One of the most important and biggest expenses of all local governments is education.

3rd degree: Modern schools have been infiltrated and taken over by liberals who brain wash our children into believing Evolution instead of Genesis, as exposed in the Chick tract, BIG DADDY.

Example #3: UFOs.

1st degree: UFOs are supposedly alien space craft piloted by extra terrestrials visiting our planet from another galaxy.

2nd degree: If UFOs do exist, they also travel through the sky (air) better than anything we've invented, since our space ships are either awkward rockets that cannot land back on Earth without parachutes, or else are space shuttles that require other rockets to lift them up through the air into space.

3rd degree: One of Satan's titles is "the Prince of the Power of the Air," as exposed in the Chick tract THAT OLD DEVIL. Because UFOs are superior (Prince-like) compared to human space/air craft, their origin must be Satanic.

Subject: Trash Cans.

1st degree: Trash cans are used for collecting dirty garbage to remove it from our presence and help keep us clean.

2nd degree: Because of Sin, we are dirty and must be kept from God's presence, as Chick reveals in his tract, ONE WAY.

Conclusion: Only through repenting and accepting Jesus can be become clean again so that we can join God in Heaven and not be tossed out like the trash when we die and get sent to join Satan in smelly hell.

Subject: Kent State (submitted by David S.)

1st degree: Kent State is famous for the shooting of anti-war protestors during Vietnam.

2nd degree: Anti-war Student activists are usually liberals inspired by the leftist arguments of Communist ideologues like Karl Marx.

3rd degree: Marx preaches protest and revolution of the masses. Chick shows how students are fooled and ultimately betrayed by such empty rhetoric in his tract, THE POOR REVOLUTIONIST.

Conclusion: Godless Communists and their sympathizers (like the Kent State protestors) will all burn in hell.

Subject : Disney (from Tara)
1st Degree: Disney is a company that specializes in Children's entertainment.

2nd Degree: After Walt's death, it was taken over by money hungry compromisers who took innocent Disney stories and reworked them with adult sexual themes, like they did by making the movie Pretty Woman out of the Cinderella concept. They continue to market themselves as wholesome entertainment for the entire family, but even their cartoons promote new age and anti-Christian themes, like the Lion King singing about the "circle of life" (Reincarnation). Meanwhile, the company gives full benefits to the partners of gay employees and offers "gay days" in their theme parks.

3rd degree: The Chick's tract WOUNDED CHILDREN and SIN CITY say these efforts to mainstream the gay (sinful) lifestyle is just Satan's way of leading people into a self destructive lifestyle, and eventually the Lake of Fire.

Conclusion: Since Disney promotes new age concepts like reincarnation and the gay lifestly, it must be another puppet of Satan..

Subject: Screw drivers (submitted by anonymous).

1st degree: Screw drivers are tools used to help us properly complete tasks.

2nd degree: Chick believes we need tools to properly study the Bible and prevent Satan from confusing us with false doctrine (modern translations).

3rd degree: Chick reveals in his tract DON'T READ THAT BOOK that the proper tools for understanding God's word is a King James Bible, plus colored pencils and high lighters. He carefully explains how many chapters to read each day (ten) and how to underline and study it... so we don't get screwed out of Heaven and driven to hell.

Conclusion: Not using the proper tools (like your King James Bible) can get you screwed out of Heaven and driven to hell.

Famous Person: Jenny McCarthy (submitted by David)

1st degree: Jenny McCarthy is Jim Carrey's girlfriend.

2nd degree: Jim Carrey played a replacement "God" in Bruce Almighty.

3rd Degree: Bruce Almighty was part of Hollywood's (and Satan's) attempt to make Bible believers look crazy, as Chick points out in (the yellow version of) WHY NO REVIVAL.

Conclusion: Hollywood is Satanic.

Famous Person #2 : Craig Ferguson, The Late Late Show host (also submitted by David)

1st degree: Craig Fergusonm is a talk show host for CBS.

2nd degree: CBS uses an "evil eye" logo that harkens back to Baylonian Pagan days, when spells were put on disbelievers to drive them insane using the symbol as revealed in Chick's Crusader comic, Spellbound?

Conclusion: Therefore, CBS is Satanic.

Famous Person: Admiral Peary (Submitted by David)

1st degree: Admiral Peary lead an expeditian to the North Pole.

2nd degree. The North Pole is where the Secular media claims Santa Claus lives.

3rd degree: The notion that Christmas is about Santa and not Christ is part Satan's effort to confuse people about the truth about Jesus, as revealed in Chick's tract, Fairy Tales.

(Email question) Can you link Peanut Butter to Satan?

Answer: Yes, I'm afraid so.

1st degree: You see, Peanut Butter is made from Peanuts, which is commonly farmed in the South.

2nd degree: The most famous Peanut farmer of modern times is Jimmy Carter. Carter used his "humble peanut farming background" to help convince Americans that he would be an honest President (in the wake of Watergate).

3rd degree: Carter also claimed to be Christian, but as John Todd revealed in August 1972, Carter actually worked for a Satanic organization called The Illuminati. (John Todd was Chick's source of information on the Illuminati for Crusader comics like ANGEL OF LIGHT and SPELLBOUND.)

4th degree: Therefore, if Peanuts were a tool in helping elect Jimmy Carter, that means that Peanut products like Peanut Butter are actually tools of Satan and The Illuminati.

Can you tie in the blockbuster movie "The 300" with Satan, even though it depicts historical events before Christ?

Yes we certainly can. (We received this kind of guestion before.)

1st degree: The devil is in the details of the title. If you multiply 300 by 6.66 (a sign of The Beast) it equals 1998.

2nd degree: 1998 is the same year a Vatican priest (Jesuit?) served a Catholic Death Cookie (wafer) to protestant President Bill Clinton (as documented in Chick's May 1998 edition of Battlecry).

3rd degree: Clinton ate that cookie with the same mouth he used to kiss Monica LEWinsky. "Lew" is short of Lucifer.

4th degree: Satanists worship Lucifer by praying to an upside down cross. If you turn 1998 upside down, you get 8991.

5th degree: Jesus warned us how close the end was in Luke 9:27. If you subtract 927 from 8991 you get 7734.

6th degree: If you view 7734 upside down on a calculator, it reads "hELL".

Conclusion: Watching The 300 will send you to hell.

Subject: Actor Martin Sheen (Submitted by Jason).

Everyone knows Martin claimed to be a warlock, and Chick has written numerous tracts and comics that cover occultism (including Dark Dungeons). That was so easy, in fact, that I suspect it was meant as charity. While I appreciate the sentiment, doesn't accept handouts (unless they are tracts), so we'll need to make it more challenging:

1st degree: The standard Chick tract length is 5 inches long.

2nd degree: If you multiply 5 inches of length by the number of tracts that Chick Publications says they have printed (800 million at the time of this writing), you come up with 4 billion inches.

3rd degree: If you divide 4 billion inches by one foot (12 inches), you come up with 333,333,333.3 feet total.

4th degree: If you divide 333,333,333 feet by the Earth's circumference (131,479,713 feet), you come up with 2.5.

5th degree: Charlie Sheen became famous for his role as a sleazy bachelor in the hit comedy series, 2 1/2 Men, a series that has been criticized for contributing to the decadence of its audience.

Conclusion: Chick foresaw the future destructive effect of 2 1/2 Men, so he literally covered the globe 2 1/2 times with Gospel tracts to counteract its Satanic influence.

Email us your challenge with subject heading, "6 Degrees of CHICK!"

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