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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the



Chick Tract Trades


Where you can trade your out of print Chick Tracts!

If you have any of the following tracts that our museum needs, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We'll not only give you credit at our site, we'll trade you other old tracts for it or pay for it! (Sometimes both, depending on the tract.) E-mail our curator at


We always appreciate donations of tracts (or $) to help operate the Museum. (ANY help is appreciated!) Your old tracts are used to trade for new and sometimes unknown titles. If you have a particularly rare tract you wish to sell, contact us and let us know. If we can't buy it, we usually know someone that can.


1. The Earthman (Early version before 11'5/610) Some different artwork & text.
2. The Empty Tomb (Early version before 11'5/610) Some different artwork.
3. "Hi There" (need version with death's skull face replaced with a human smiling face.)
4. Plagues (need A or B version before certain panels were redrawn.)
5. Love Story (need earlier version with picture changes on pages 2 and 22.)
6. The Secret Weopon (need upgrade)
7. The Beast (Oversized 40 page version).
8. My Name... In the Vatican? (with White title, instead of Yellow).

10. Holy Joe (oversized (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") original Rusthoi version, 1964, 32 pages)

Battle Cry (newspapers)

We can use any old issues if you can part with them, especially:

1. April (May) 1984 Battle Cry


Chick Books:
1. Battle

Chick Parodies:
1. National Lampoon "Joy of Sects" issue (1974).
And any other's that aren't listed on our parody site list!

Older out-of-print tracts FOR TRADE: (Yes! We have a duplicate copy of these old out-of-print tracts to swap for other out-of-print tracts!)

Angels (w/ red insert), The Attack, Big Daddy (original version), The Brat, Burn Baby Burn, That Crazy Guy (Herpes version), Death Cookie (first printing), The Dreamer, Doom Town (orginal Old Testament tale-- not modern Gay demonstration story), The Earthman, The Gay Blade, Going to the Dogs, Fat Cats, Fire Starter, Killer Storm, The Hit, Miss Universe, The Outsider, Rev. Wonderful, The Royal Affair, The Sacrifice, The Scoundrel, Sin Busters (first printing), Soul Story, Superman?

I also have a friend with some 1970s titles who is willing to trade in order to help us complete our archives (so email me your want lists).

Other newer duplicates:The Great Escape, The Trick, Why is Mary Crying, Flight 144, Titanic, This Was Your Life, The Sissy, Doom Town, The Last Generation, Who Me?, Holy Joe, Somebody Loves Me, Somebody Goofed, Tiny Shoes, The Fool, The Word Became Flesh, The Present, The Greatest Story Ever Told, War Zone, The Pilgramage, Trust Me, Why Is Mary Crying... and many many more. (email your requests).


Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art

3202 Enterprise Drive

Tallahassee FL 32312

(850) 591-3080

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