Specific Tracts Sold by Title

Looking for specific titles to finish your collection? I have most of them for sale (or trade, if you have titles I need). Prices start as low as $1, but are usually around $2 and $3 for out of print tracts. Harder to find older tracts can run $10 - $20. The really hard ones are $25 - $50, but that's a rare bird indeed. See the available list of titles.


80 Different Tracts! Just $12.95

Want to start collecting Chick tracts, but feel overwhelmed with so many titles to collect? Here's a batch of 80 different titles for just $12.95 (plus $2 postage w/in USA). What a fun and inexpensive way to start your Chick Collection! Mint condition. Go here for payment information.


Over 100+ Different Titles! Just $39.95

Want to "jump start" your Chick collection with a larger assortment? Here's a batch of over 100 different titles (including out of print titles) for just $39.95 (FREE postage). Mint condition. (Outside US postage extra.). Go here for payment information.

OVERSEAS POSTAGE: To give you an idea what overseas postage costs, to send 100+ tract to England costs $9 surface rate, or $15 air rate.


Chick Radio Show (on tape)

We hosted a special call-in radio show all about Chick and his amazing tracts. 90 minute tape, $7.95. For more information, go here.

19 Full Sized Chick Color Comics!

Get 19 different Chick full color comic books, (11 Crusader comics, 6 Alberto comics, The King of Kings and The Big Betrayal) for just $38.95! That's about $2 per comic, yet the quality is state-of-the-art! If you like Chick tracts, you'll go wild over the large color comic books. They feature photo-realistic art by the incredible Fred Carter. This is the complete set of in-print titles! 4th class postage (your risk) $2. Or Priority insured $4.50.)


See Our Book on Chick Tract Collecting!

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