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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Name Your Top Ten!

(Where collectors name their favorite ten tracts and why.)

Top Ten Chick Tracts

What's your favorite ten tracts and why? Email us your list and we'll post 'em here! (#1 would be your favorite, #2 your second favorite, etc.)

Please also explain (briefly) what it is you like most about each title you chose.

Hi, my name is Delano and these are my top 10 favorite tracts by Jack Chick!

1. The Only Hope
I enjoy Jack's doomsday tracts most of all, and this one is a true gem. Despite being quite dense with text, it's got all of Jack's juiciest trademarks: dire predictions, jabs at Catholicism and, of course, wonderfully cornball dialogue! ("I love drugs, do you?" "No, incest and murder are my things!")

2. War Zone
Jack gets a little too self-congratulatory at times, and this is perhaps one of his most over-the-top efforts! The idea that an entire school full of juvenile delinquents could be made into respectable people just by hearing the Gospel is a bit of a stretch even by Christian standards. The idea that it's done by Chick Tracts no less is just too funny!

3. Congratulations!
Sadly, not too many folks get to read this one as Jack only sends it with bulk tract orders. Similar to #2, it's a self-congratulatory essay in which "witnessing" (i.e. passing out tracts) is described as "the most important work in this life!" Jack's basically saying that his tracts render the Bible obsolete, but he'd never admit it in so many words!

4. Lisa
It's a pity that this one got discontinued. Even by Chick standards, this one is highly tasteless, offensive and ignorant. So much so, that you gotta love it! Again, like #2, the idea that the Gospel turns even the most despicable characters into saints is something guaranteed to bring about a few chuckles.

5. Wounded Children
Another tragically discontinued tract. As a gay man myself, I loved the exaggerated portrayal of the "homosexual lifestyle"! I'm a bit puzzled as to why God chose to send someone to witness to David only after a lifetime of misery? I guess otherwise wouldn't have made for an interesting story...

6. Moving On Up!
A recent tract that proves Jack isn't losing his touch, as this is one of his craziest yet! Unlike "Big Daddy", which tries to use "science" to discredit evolution, this one is a full-blown appeal to emotion. Evolution is a religion? Evolution makes people accept an amoral worldview? Polywogs, hairy frogs and tailless monkeys?! Ha!

7. The Trial
Jack's tracts get pretty crazy but this one makes you wonder if he's on drugs! Clearly an attempt at humor, the irony is that it *is* funny for all the wrong reasons.

8. The Mad Machine
Another attempt at humor and again actually funny, this is a classic of Chick-style dialogue! ("You can't see your shrink today, he's seeing *his* shrink!")

9. The Promise
I quite enjoy "Bob" tracts too. He's so annoying and unrealistic that he's almost cool! Bob never misses a chance to flog the Gospel, even after tragedies. Even to complete strangers. Even in foreign countries. Other than that, his simplified version of the origin of the Middle-East crisis is highly amusing. Seriously, where has the man been for the past 60 years?

10. Happy Halloween
Just plain awful in every way! The whole "haunted house" scene seems like forced filler, most likely inspired by Scooby-Doo! Leave it to Jack to turn it into something Gospel-related.

David S. List of Top Ten:

1. Demon's Nightmare: The clean cut, well-dressed evangelist singing has inspired me to be confident and well dressed. Plus, who can resist his opening line? "Say, did you ever hear about the time God was murdered by man?".

2. A Solution to the Marriage Mess (one of two graphic novels by Chick): Was the daughter actually raped? It's unclear in the comic. At any rate, Uncle Mark can do no wrong, even asking the father about the last time he had sex.

3. This Was Your Life: My first tract, I was inspired to live a Godly life after seeing how the man prays and goes on to tithe, visit the sick, and become an excellent worker.

4. Boo: I love the name of the camp ("Basil Bub") and the quote "Run! 'Tis the devil himself!".

5. Unloved: Dying of cancer, Jimmy tries his best, but his parents hate him. Fortunately, he is saved just before he jumps off a bridge (only to die four months later).

6. The Contract: John Freeman gets a fancy house *and* gets to go to heaven. No consequences?

7. The Angels: If only for the creepy band manager's name, Lew Siffer.

8. Party Girl: I love how the Grandmother shows up at Mardi Gras, inadvertently killing the lecherous bystander.

9. The Loser: Retells the inspiring story of Gideon. Also has the inexplicable line "Death to *all* cowards!".

10. The Outcast: I love how Bob Williams shows up with medicine and extra food. You know if that if Bob Williams shows up with his mustache, you are in big trouble.

Susan R's list of Top Ten:

1.) The Thief. Excellent cover image of the Thief with a mask (or is that thick-rimmed eyeglasses?) . I've witnessed to many gangbangers and drugdealers on the streets and they ask for this tract when they see the gun on the cover. Very nice "simplified" line drawings by Jack in a cartoon style...combined with the modelled 3-dimensional Comic Style Drawings by another artist. The 2 styles make a nice visual contrast. I love the eraser technique used to create the gleem on the Streets of Gold in Heaven! In the panel where Jesus is holding the Earth, he is darker skinned. Jesus here looks mediterranean and eminates gorgeous. The details of the dog and cat racing from scene to scene, the lady with the misbehaving child dumping a trail of groceries from the wagon, and the family portraits responding to the burglary are also classic Chick techniques.

2.) Good OL' Boys. The art in this one is not as good as in other Chick tracts, ,but when the Shining Path gunmen break into the Church and ask the congregation to deny Christ, most of the people do !!! (For all those who are offended by Chick, remember he attacks hypocrisy in Christians too!) Then the one Church Lady with a Spine stands up to the gunmen and says ""You don't scare us! Your're the one in trouble because you're going to go to HELL --- you loser!" Priceless. And the machine noise: "BUDDA BUDDA, BUDDA BUDDA"??? I like to put these anti-Masonry tracts on the windshields of cars with the Masonic symbols on the bumpers. Weird thing is, I sent my uncle the Good Ol' Boys Tract a few months ago , because he is ( or was) a Mason and he's a Christian. A few days later he called us. I thought he was calling to talk about the tract, but turned out that he was calling to give us the bad news that his son died in a freak accident on the same day that he received the tract. Just a coincidence I thought but then, later, I guess my uncle took the tract seriously, because he wrote us this long letter defending his Faith in Jesus and telling us he was no longer involved with the Masons. I heard recently he is handing out tracts! Hmmmmmm. Maybe God does hate Masonry?

3.) The Assignment. When Dobbs' boss asks him if he heard him pray over his meal and Dobbs denies Christ while the demon on the edge of the panel laughs and gives the Okay sign. Funny but sadly it's true for many Christians. The antics between the Angels and the Demons are so hilarious... implanting thoughts in character's minds, flattening a tire, tying up the telephone having the old lady describe all her ailments. Charles Schulz has nothing on Jack Chick!

4.) No Fear. I had a kid at a bus stop select this tract out of my stack. The title and cover image are great. You gotta love the L- shaped pointy noses on these characters. That's what makes Jack's style so great, so straight forward. He can draw in a more sophisticated style, but he chooses this simplified way of drawing for the effect. Believe me, I am a professional artist and art teacher. His drawings are intentionally crude. Same thing with the messages. Jack purposely uses the culture (isn't No Fear some car product? Don't teenage boys stick the No Fear decal on their "pimped out" cars or something?). Jack isn't naive. He uses all these cultural references and the politically incorrect humor to challenge his readers to think and react. Nice scene changes in this No Fear tract, from close ups of character's faces, to bird's eye scenes etc. Nice use of black in this tract. The pimply drooling demons are also effective. "Hell is ... where they don't want their loved ones to come." Luke 16:28

5.& 6.) Who Me? and He Never Told Us. 2 free promotional tracts. In Who Me? I love the bald guy in the car who hears: "Brother---have you been saved? on the radio and he changes the station *CLICK*!. Also on the opposite page where the guy is watching high-kicking dancing girls instead of watching a Gospel program. In He Never Told Us a guy dies and at the funeral people are surprised hear that he was a Christian. Characters in attendance say : "A Christian?" "He never said a word to me!" The hair on the one woman (she's later in the tract, drawn in a illustration style) giving her testimony is so outdated. It changes from one panel being a big, teased swoopy Farah Fawcett hairdo to a big curly bush in the next panel. Her frowning face when she was unsaved as compared to her smiling face when she gets saved from reading the tract is a standard before and after technique you see in t.v. and print commercials. I enjoy putting these tracts on the windshields of vehicles with I Love Jesus and IXOYE fish on the bumpers. I also give them to people who tell me they are Christians. Just wish I had some of those Why No Revival Tracts.

7.) Something in Common. The big, hormone-imbalanced woman on the cover with the fur coat, carrying the lap dog, turning her nose down at the beggar man. What a true image. Can't we all relate to that? Either we've been snubbed by someone or someone has snubbed us. A good tract to give with some food or cash to beggars. The image of all the world leaders: the Pope, Osama bin Laden, the Queen of England, The Shaw of Iran, Mao along with all the other "no-names" coming out of Noah's ark.....ALso a great image. Nice use of arrows, especially the one melting over a edge like one of Salvador Dali's Clocks. Quote from the people headed to Hell: "We've Shacked Up for Years..."

8.) The Long Trip. My favorite panel in this tract is the one where John is in the crowd walking along with all the different people....the young ,the old, the poor, the rich, the beautiful, the not so beautiful, the Greek Orthodox Priest, the Nun, the African Lady with scarifications on her face, the Bikers, The guy with the Malcom X hat ,and of course the Plump Lady clutching the WATCHTOWER !!! And the Colonel Sanders guy pulling the mask off at the end to show he's really Satan is just like a scene from a movie. But this scene is depicted much better in Somebody Goofed where the mask looks like skin, more soft and pliable.

9.) Bewitched. The Devils conspiring at the conference table with bar graphs is effective. The Anton LaVay Devil who is too busy to come to the meeting because he's watching, his favorite t.v. show, what else.... BEWITCHED. Ashley Wilson's face melting in the mirror when she has her LSD flashback....I remember in the 1970s there was this game kids played... I think it was called Bloody Mary where you look in a mirror and chant something and the same thing is supposed to happen... your face melts in the mirror. ALso, I remember that similar face rotting/ melting scene in the horror film from the 1980s Poltergeist ? Jack is appropriating this stuff from the culture. Just GENIUS.

10.) ALL Chick's Halloween Tracts are really great, but I like BOO! the best. There are SO many horror flick references in that one. Carry, Texas Chain Saw Massacre etc.

Steve Hansen's Favorite Top Ten Tracts:

1 Somebody Goofed has the great "surprise" ending. Love the red covers with the, shall I say, even cute, chubby demons.

2 A Demon's Nightmare because I am fascinated by Jack's depictions of these guys and this is a great story about a kid defying society to believe the gospel.

3 Here He Comes. Wow, what a story. Who would ever thought the Revelation of John would ever be taken so literally. Rev. 17:9.

4 The Choice. My favorite to pass out. The essence of Chick, Christianity, who ya gonna believe?

5 The Missing Day. A new tract and my new favorite. Who has a family like this?. Did Jack do this one after his bypass surgery?

6 Lil Susy, so cute and innocent. Love it.

7 Boo, so many demons, I never imagined Halloween to be so insidious.

8 The Death Cookie. The title alone does it for me, I don't even need to see inside the cover (though I do, often).

9 The Beast. I saw the Battle of Armageddon drawing enlarged somewhere and it is fascinating.

10 Light of the World, not a tract, but all the tracts put together in a fantaghoria like brain melding overload of prime Jack Chick.

Emby's Top Ten (in reverse order).

#10 - This Was Your Life: This was the first Jack Chick tract I can ever remember reading. Its message is so straightforward and it is, indeed, a powerful testimony. Far less over-the-top and paranoid than Chick's later works, it delivers its message--be saved or be fuel for Satan's furnace--simply and powerfully.

#9 - The Letter: Very atmospheric, lovely Carter art, and I must confess it does my heart good to see the snobby Christian church lady get taken down a peg or twelve. Pity her friend had to die for it to happen.

#8 - The Mad Machine: After taking on the Roman Catholic Church, the Mormons, the Masons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the gay community, and Islam, what else can Jack go after? Why, modern psychiatry, of course! The mentally ill aren't really "sick", they just need to be led to the Lord. Riiiiight.

#7 - No Fear?: Somebody should have shared this tract with Kurt Cobain. "'re in HELL!" I loved the part where SuperPreacher kicked in the door just as the suicide's girlfriend was about to hang herself. Does anybody REALLY believe that Hell is just "one big party"?

#6 - Bewitched?: Someone once mailed me this tract anonymously. Maybe it was that seance I held at Bible Camp the summer previously. Anyway, I greatly prefer the earlier version of this tract where the girl's name was Debbie and it was an acid flashback in and of itself that killed her, rather than a heart attack brought on by said flashback.

#5 - Satan's Master: Not only is the Fred Carter art fabulous, this deals with a subject near and dear to my heart: witchcraft. This tract has long since sunk without a trace, though other similar tracts like THE POOR LITTLE WITCH and THE NERVOUS WITCH are still out there.

#4 - The Thing: This tract is a semi-retelling of THE EXORCIST plot, but it's well-presented, with a really effective ending.

#3 - A Demon's Nightmare: I laughed my @#$% off reading this. The two hapless demons are hilarious! It's one of Jack's earlier tracts, which means there's not nearly so much fire and brimstone--except for the Dysfunctional Duo, of course.

#2 - The Trick: I love all of Jack's Halloween tracts, but this one stands out. Halloween's origin and real purpose? Almost nothing to do with druids, actually. Has anyone bothered to point out that the ancient druids wouldn't have left jack o'lanterns in front of doors simply because they didn't have pumpkins in England at the time? Still, the presentation of the urban legends surrounding Halloween as a Satanic conspiracy provide endless amusement.

#1 - Dark Dungeons: I'm a sucker for any tract with art by Fred Carter, simply because his work is so beautiful. It helps that I was once an avid Dungeons and Dragons player myself (I have since graduated to online MUDs and GURPS). The silliest parts are the bits about D&D being used to "recruit" for witch covens and the Dungeonmaster "declaring" a character dead. That's what dice rolls are for, people!

My Ten favorites by Dale

1. Titanic. The first Chick Tract I shared with my wife and we laughed all the way through it. "Chester's name does not appear, Lord", we would say:to each other at various times for no reason at all then add, "Well, that's tough shit for Chester then."

2. The Curse of Baphomat. As a Mason I should be offended by this but am not as I have heard ridiculous charges like this from Day One. I even joke about going to "worship Bathmat" my play on words, when I leave for the lodge. I will regret this when I face Jesus on my day of eternal judgment and hear from him, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels."

3. The Poor Revolutionist. The first Chick tract I ever saw, when I was a teenager and I found it hilarious, way back in the early 1970s. I wish I would have kept it as long out of print, I could have resold it on ebay, without giving a tenth of the cut to the offering plate.

4. The Assignment. So ignorant and unrealistic. It has got to be one of my favorites. Dialogue could have been done by the late Ed Wood!

5. Somebody Goofed. Too bad Rod Serling is dead as this would have made a great Twilight Zone episode.

6. The Little Bride. In a post 9-11 world it seems only natural for Jack to get off the Masonic and Catholic kick for a while and show how the Muslims are gonna get screwed in the end. Thing is, loads of good, patriotic, Bush loving "Christians" would be perfectly happy seeing the Arabs all burn in hell.

7.The Sissy. I kind of wish Duke would have rejected Jesus and kicked that big trucker in the privates to take him down to size, but Jesus would not allow that for an ending and neither would Jack.

8.That Crazy Guy. My thought was, how wonderful to accept Jesus, but still die for your trouble. Maybe the girl should have given Benny Hinn a try instead of her doctor.

9. The Death Cookie. Do I really need to go into details? (The title says it all.)

10. Bad Bob. Ditto to #9.

Wolf's Top Ten Favorite Tracts

1. The Little Ghost- No, little girl. It was not a wonderful least not the way you tell it. Your face will now be replacing the ghost in my nightmares.

2. Big Daddy- If I live to be 200, I'll never understand why we can't compromise and say God created apes which evolved into humans. Everybody's happy, everybody wins. With that aside, what normal elementary school kid is going to stay after class to be preached to?

3. Somebody Loves Me- One of the only tracts I like it for a reason other than it's stupidity. This one is downright touching. Still I wonder what would happen if that little boy hadn't found Jesus at the last minute. Would Jack have still considered him worthy enough to go to Heaven?

4. The Death Cookie- We do NOT worship a cookie! And neither do we worship a statue of Mary! I am very offended indeed! And that's just what makes Chick tracts so fun to hate.

5. Charlie's Ants- Hideous drawings, but the picture of Satan carrying Charlie away like a 2x4 is hilarious. Amazing how little time it took for him to forget about the ants.

6. Doom Town- The title sounds like something out of Invader Zim. Also, you've gotta love the "Lot! Give us those men! We're gonna rape 'em!" line. Jack's so subtle...

7. Anything and everything with Li'l Susy in it-The cutest little girl you ever wished could be run over by a truck!

8. Cleo- "Stop! Don't kill our dog!" "Unless I have a receipt in ten minutes, I must put her to sleep." Sadly, my local SPCA is filled with people like this. Aside from that, this is actually a pretty cute story. (Note the great butt-shot on Cleo!)

9. God With Us- "And He HATES it when anyone messes with His name." I wonder what's worse...taking God's name in vain, or telling Him what He thinks and doesn't think? And I don't recall Jesus "wiping out" anyone.

10. The Secret- The story of a man who beats his wife, almost gets stabbed by his 7-10 year old kid...but once he finds Jesus, he's suddenly a tolerable human being and all is forgiven. Yeah right. God may forgive you, but people are another story.

My Top Ten List of Chick by Richard Lee

10. "This Was Your Life!" This was the first Chick tract I ever saw, and certainly remains the most memorable for other Chick fans.

9. "The Thing" Very chilling surprise ending!

8. "Somebody Goofed" Another twist ending with a great story that keeps the reader through the end!

7. "The Gay Blade" Very Politically Incorrect, and sets a new standard for inflammatory!

6. "The Crisis" I handed this out at a Jehovah's Witnesses convention in 1985! Too bad most of them were confiscated by an irate Witness before anybody read them!

5. "Are Roman Catholics Christians?" Whenever you see a Chick title with a rhetorical question, the answer is usually "No."

4. "My Name?...In the Vatican?" I take that back. In this tract, the answer intended is "Yes!"

3. "Is There Another Christ?" Another affirmative. Chick's understanding of the Roman Catholic Eucharist is quite accurate here, and not as inflammatory as "The Death Cookie."

2. "The Pilgrimage" My favorite tract to Muslims. Sure to be a conversation starter (or bomb lighter)!

1. "The Last Judge" How could this not be my favorite Chick tract with that corrupt character Richard in it?????

Top Ten of Heidi:

1. dark dungeons - i still remember being subjected to "born-agains" who drilled me with questions about d&d in high school. and they were all along this vein: "have you read book four? the one about mutilations?" "have you played to the twelfth level?" "what spells do you know?" i also find it amusing that with her spell "mind-bondage" she goes so far as to get her dad to buy her more d&d stuff. not take over the town or even get a boyfriend. and to any gamer out there, it should be obvious chick has no idea how the game progresses. one does not announce the spell *and* determine it's effect. and one does not sit and play d&d alone ("can't talk to marcie, i'm killing the zombie").

2. the thing - my name is vorono! @#$%&*! this one always makes me laugh with the line "he is strong in the lord". as though there is this neat little "lord-rating" somewhere that shows just how devout one is. and you just know that anyone who toots their own horn in a chick tract isn't a *real* christian.

3. satan's master - where to start? i simply love how the d&d dungeon master's handbook is quoted as a "source" for the knowledge the girl has of witchcraft.

4. the nervous witch - the usual: pentagrams under carpets, rebellious girls who lash out, demons who scream "yaaaaah!". perhaps the silliest thing is the dig at harry potter books being responsible for their descent into witchcraft.

5. the poor little witch - i love this one because the main character is just so teenaged! what does she do with her newly-acquired, satan-given power? she causes a girl to do badly in class! what a trivial use of her dark power... and, naturally, bruth's response of: "gotcha, baby!" is classic.

6. boo! - camp basil bub? salem high? the last 13 people who stayed here were murdered? sounds like a case for scooby doo! and, considering the power satan must have, why did he need to fashion a pumpkin disguise? why didn't he just shapeshift or something?

7. the trick - wow. spells cast on treats, the resulting deaths from said treats are sacrifices to satan. i've noticed that the main witch in most of the tracts is a woman with long, dark hair and full lips... perhaps jack was shunned by a witch once... also note the use of the usual person of god immediately sensing the witch. teenaged rebellion? no such thing! that girl has a demon! also, this is yet another tract where the word "scary" is misspelled as "scarey". perhaps jack should run the spell-checker once in a while.

8. that crazy guy - jack's caveat on page three: "careful, suzi. ms. damien's advice was wrong" is pretty funny. she states that two weeks is long enough for the pill to kick in. technicially (and this is only from my own perscription, i can only assume that other brands of the pill are similar) it only takes *one* week. so let's see: she's on the pill and using a condom and she's immediately wondering if she's pregnant, she finds out she's not pregnant but guess what! she got a nasty case of the clap and hiv to boot! and the kindly dioctor is nice enough to inform her: "you're dying and there's no cure." what a bedside manner!

9. & 10. doom town & the gay blade - chick's idea that flaming homosexual bikers were what sodom and gomorrah were made up of. note that in doom town, lot is young and wealthy-looking, whereas in the gay blade, lot is a bald geezer in simple robes.

Honourable Mentions

baby talk - gotta love those anti-abortion messages.

happy halloween -so timmy quit sunday school to hang out with his worldly friends? then why was he hanging out with those two losers on halloween?

no fear - fat, silly demons torment a suicide in hell. girlfriend decides to copy, preacher steps in. but how *exactly* doesn the preacher know that lance didn't get saved? isn't that the province of god alone? haw haw haw!

the visitors - this one always read to me like a nancy drew mystery. the plucky young girl cuts through all the bullshit and saves the day in the end.

Top Ten of -Wayne S. Rossi:

10. Bewitched? The opening at the board meeting in Hell and then Satan (looking less impish than usual) watching Bewitched make this one classic. Overall, standard Chick message: convert just before you die, you'll go to Heaven. (It's there in a surprising lot of his comics.)

9. The Tycoon. Just for the line "Are we going to see lord Buddha?" (Showing off Chick's savvy with Buddhism, which doesn't exist.) "No, someone FAR more important...the LORD Jesus Christ." Not to mention the absolutely terrible sunglasses in the beginning.

8. Where's Rabbi Waxman? in light of Love the Jewish People. Not because of the story or anything, but simply because of the nice little shift in tone between Rabbi Waxman and Chick's stroke.

7. Angels? Lew Siffer...hehe. The best part of it is that Lew thinks that a *gay* marriage will make his Angels too "respectable" for the hardcore rock he wants to promote. But, as the line goes, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist." There's also some nice neo-Gnosticism going on in the "god of the world" bit.

6. The Traitor. Imagine doing a paper on Hindu religion with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as your primary research. That's the quality level of "The Traitor." It's JTC Goes Pulp! Man, I could go for a few more of this kind.

5. Big Daddy? Quality anti-evolution propaganda. This is one of the few I've actually gotten in person at some point. The sheer level of exaggeration in the opponents here is like showcasing the strawman arguments that JTC is so fond of.

4. Sin City. Well, Doom Town and The Gay Blade both have their merits, but Rev. Ray is head, shoulders, and torso above anything they have to offer. I'm not sure what you're supposed to think he is - Episcopalian? - but this one is just plain screwed up on the theology. I don't know of anybody who seriously considers that Jesus was gay, esp. not in any organized branch of Christianity.

3. The Last Generation. I've always said JTC should be doing fantasy and not religious work. This one's the proof - the man comes up with an end times scenario that makes 1984 look pretty good by comparison.

2. Soul Story. It's a Blaxploitation Chick tract! How could you not like it, you stupid jive turkey? Now, this kind of classic death bed conversion bit in and of itself isn't all that - but the way it's presented makes it one of Chick's true masterpieces.

1. Dark Dungeons. THE classic piece of anti-gamer propaganda. I'm so disappointed that, in all the years I played D&D (I still roleplay, just other games), nobody ever let ME become a witch. Holding out on me like that...jeez.

-Wayne S. Rossi

Ttop 10 favorite Chick tracts of Jim Freeman:

1. The Death Cookie- My favorite panel in all of Chickdom is the one where the receiver of the wafer god is pulled inexorably toward the Death Cookie by a demon coiled around the hand of the priest.

"If you don't obey us, we won't let you eat the Jesus cookie anymore."

"The demonic power behind the wafer god holds the people in bondage, making it very hard to leave the system."

This one is hard to top, a tie is the best any of us can hope for...and people wonder why the Catholics aren't big fans?

2. Doomtown- I'll admit to favoring Mr. Chick's "anti-Catholic" and "anti-gay" pamphlets and this is a great one. Fantastic art...a great drawing of two men kissing while a little boy is being chased by a lust-filled antagonist in the background.

"Lot!...Give us those men!...We're gonna rape 'em!"...I'm sure true homosexual seduction/recruitment is just that simple.

Is that Marlene Dietrich depicted in Panel 28?

3. Boo!...I also have a weakness for the Satanism/Halloween themes in Mr. Chick's work and this is filled with goodies. Pumpkinhead with his pet snake on a leash watching the unsuspecting Halloween revelers drive up the mountain, "They're coming to celebratemy birthday! @!!**...I forgot my chainsaw!"

"Chief, there's another massacre going down at Camp Basil Bub!"...just like in real life.

4. Reverend Wonderful- After the "too-big-for-his-britches" Reverend has tomysteriously return to his office, our prayer-warrior says, "I believe this is where you want me, Lord, so I'll walk down this sidewalk." After his elevator is overpowered by the prayer of the faithful witness, the Reverend is forced to walk down the stairs into the waiting arms of our soon-to-be-ignored hero. A spectacular planecrash is followed by earthly praises and Heavenly condemnation for The Ecumenical One but the repentant, drug-addicted prostitute is ushered right up into The Big House.

5. The Holocaust- Bob, the knowledgeable Christian, ominously warns of another Inquisition to be launched right here in River City. He then goes on to explain the Jesuit use of Dominican monks and the Gestapo..."Hitler was a faithful Catholic simply following the laws set forth in the Council of Trent." I just don't see what those Catholics find so offensive about Mr. Chick's work. "Who will stop the Vatican?...Jesus Christ will stop it!"

6. The Terminator?- Goliath rips a tree out of the ground at age nine. The years pass by..."Goliath's killing abilities improve daily."

7. Bewitched- The Demon's report: "After 60 LSD trips mixed with speed, Ashley's brain and arteries are beginning to gel."

8. The Curse of Baphomet- "God will never bless a church led by Masons...'What communion hath light with darkness?'...II Cor. 6:14". The nurse warns that Tommy's condition has not improved and he has given up...Super Christian immediately recognizes that Tommy is under demonic attack and offers to help. Two hours later after all of Satan's instruments are burned and the obedient couple returns to the Lord, the house is a happy place and Tommy is "awake and hungry as a bear!" the way, should Bible-believing Christians really be capitalizing "Satan"?

9. The Attack- Another helpful tract that exposes the corruption of all those insidious rival translations of Scripture and of course, the role that the Catholics play in it all. "The Puritan preacher exclaims, 'Thus saith the Lord!'...a faithful follower shouts, 'Amen!...Note: There were no footnotes by men. None of them dared to add to the Word of God."

"The Lord hates this Satanic system whose religious leader dares to call himself 'The Holy Father'. Jesus calls it the mother of harlots and and abomination of the earth."...and why don't the Catholics want these tracts ditributed in their bookstores, again?

10. The Sissy?- "Duke thought Jesus was a sissy, until a trucker explained to him the horrible price that Jesus paid so his sins could be forgiven. The Duke saw that Jesus had more guts than anyone who ever lived. Great for truckers and bikers!"...the official synopsis on "" is almost as funny as the tract...and more great art.


Top 10 Faves of Loretta T.:


1. The Tycoon: Pretty hardcore stuff, especially the decapitation after the car accident. My favorite line: "Are we going to meet Lord Buddah" Angel:" No, Some one far more important Jesus Christ". Nothing too politically correct here. A Classic!

2. The Last Generation: Got this one off ebay. I love the Dr. Evil like New age guy that looks like a bad Flash villain. Also the Hitler Youth kid who died and went to hell kind looked Chucky from Childs Play but more annoying. A++

3. Hi There: Poor ol' Charles Connor, Gets cursed out by a co worker, He and his friends doubt the existance of God/Christ,(Best line and reccurring Chick theme:" I wanna go to Hell were all my buddies will be"). Falls off a scaffold and impales himself and then spends the rest of his time in a sackcloth jammy waiting for Christ in a Purgatory like place. Talk about a bad day. The Chinese version of this is funny because Jack slants the eyes of the characters. One of the best "Scare you to believe in Christ" ploys.

4. No Fear: I love this one because after the kid kills himself, he goes to Hell not because of suicide, but because he didn't accept Jesus. Then the fun begins (I love AAAAH MY LEG"S ON FIRE). Plus I wonder if Ol' Jack is selling those No Fear shirts on line. The 2 Demon stooges are great , and I looove when the guy kicks down the door ala Schwarzenegger!

5. The Pilgrimage: Y'know some of my favorite Tracts are ones that have the "Your religion is evil" connotation to them. Dig this pilgrims: These Islamic folks are on a pilgramage and guess what (shocker) the plane crashes. They went on a Hadj so their sins are forgiven right? WRONGO!! He meets Christ and excuse the pun, all hell breaks loose. Classic Line: "But I was a sincere Muslim" Faceles Christ: " Sorry , but you were sincerely wrong" Doesn't get better than this! A++++

6. Dark Dungeons: A comedian once said about Ouija boards that he didn't think Parker Brothers had the keys to the unknown. Well he obviously never read this tract. Dark Dungeons i.e. Dungeons and Dragons is an evil thing. It turns people to witchcraft, suicide, etc according to Jacko. I played D&D when I was in Jr. High school, and all it turned me into was a dork, well at least in my cool friends eyes. Favorite Suicide Note?: Black Leaf is dead, I'm so alone I can't live anymore. If you were so alone, who'd ya leave the note for? Another favorite is that the girl mind controls her father to buy her 200.00 worth of D&D stuff after she joins a coven. Isn't that special.

7. Somebody Loves You: I love this one cause I've actually seen people cry reading it. This Cabage Patch kid gets the living Beejesus kicked outta him by his Rummy dad, because he only brough home a penny after a day of begging. Obviously this was written way before Dyfus, Anyhoo, the kid curls up in a fetal position waiting to die in an alley, when suddenly a tract flys thru the air and land next to him saying "Somebody Loves You". Next thing ya Know a little girl tells hime who loves him JESUS, well duh! The kid kisses the tract dies and goes to Heaven. The End. I wish he coulda included something rotten happening to his Psycho dad, but come on theres only so much ya can cover in 26 pages.

8. Holy Joe: A weird one. This deals with an Army man who gets ridiculed fo loving Jesus. So the Sarge and another army dude send him on a death mission to find Col. Kurtz. Only joking about Col. Kurtz. Any way the sarge and the other heathen find Ol Joe and he's Dead, killed by the Cong. The VC's then start firing at them and the non believing Sarge prays for forgiveness (and probibly craps his pants) and the heathen doesn't. They both die, guess who goes to Heaven? Why the Sarge of course. Even though he sent him on a mission purposely and got him killed, Well hey he repented. Another recurring theme of you can be as rotten as ya'd like, but if you repent, it's all good. Love the way Jack draws the enemy VC. Not too exaggerated huh?

9. The Sissy: Probably written when Smokey and the Bandit was popular, deals with a unbelieving truck driver and his toady. He thinks of Jesus as a sissy, and he exclaims that when he sees a truck that has Jesus Saves on it. Well no sooner tha he says he wants to kick the owner of the trucks butt, here comes Anrde the Giant the trucks owner, who dwarfs Duke and his lackey. He invites them to dinner, shows them that Jesus is not a wimp, and by the end of it even the truck stop waitress is repenting. Then Dukes riding around in atruck with Jesus saves on it and now thinks Jesus is a tough guy. Best line of thinking is comparing Jesus to the Bionic Man. Whatta Country!

10. That Crazy Guy: Girl has premarital sex for the first time, girl gets a nasty funk, girl goes to Doctor, Doctor tells her she has Gonnerhea and AIDS (as if Gonnerhea wasn't enough) Doctor is born again, scares girl that she's gonna die, Girl repents and Lives hapily ever after. The best is the Steve Martin guy on the cover. This ones guarenteed to make you limp if your about to have premarital sex.

Top Picks of John S.

1. Why is Mary crying? This is a short coming of Idolatry and the female or weaker vessel whom tends to fall for Idols. Weather it be teen Idols or statues.

2. Allah had no son. No doubt the Muslims are praying to the wrong God.

3. The Death Cookie. Although I personally have witnessed a miracle at the lords table one time. I think the important part is to do this in remberance of me is the key note that this does not save you.

4. The Attack Got me to challenge the writ for inerrancy.

5. Where's Rabbi Waxman No doubt every Jew should look at this one and ask where is he or she going to be without the blessed hope? No eternal answers with the Rabbis.

6. The Beast makes you question your social slave number and do further study here.

7. Doom town. In the old testament they would kill these people according to the Rabbis. But we are to win them to Christ and save their souls. In the new testament as was the case of the eunuch that was baptized. As some were Eunuchs at birth and some were made that way by men (Transsexuals today's terminology) Old testament- Sodom (Sodomy) & Gomorra (Gonorrhea) "come we will make you like us".

8. This was your life. A good reminder when I thought back about my life before I was saved.

9. One Way Shows how we are all unclean from birth and need forgiveness from the only one capable of forgiving your sins. The Lamb of God.

10. The Word became Flesh. This shows me and others that Christ was not just a spiritual being spoken in the bible. But God chose the Jewish people to manifest his son in the flesh here onEearth.


Top Ten of Kia:

1. The Beast. The original large version. I was tripping on acid when I first read it. The faces all came to life. I enjoyed all the drama and even got a spiritual message from it although not the one intended. For example, when god is sitting on the great white throne and says, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant...enter thou into the joy of they lord," I saw god and the soul he is speaking to as one. So he was speaking to himself.

2. Dark Dungeons.

3. Bewitched?

4. Angels?

5. The Poor Little Witch

6. The Trick

7. That Crazy Guy!

8. The Hunter

9. Somebody Goofed

10. The Assignment

I like most of the above because they have people in them I could have known (although very distorted by Jack's paranoia) and that's fun.

Top Ten of Ray


Honorable Mention: the Spanish version of the quote, "!EL EQUIVOCADO ERAS TU! PORQUE NO ACEPTASTE A CRISTO COMO SENOR Y SALVADOR." I was a little disappointed by the lack of the word personal finding its way into the Spanish version, much less an italicized appearance of the word.

2. Soul Story: "THIS IS MY ORGANIZATION NOW,...BRO!" "YOU STUPID JIVE TURKEY!" I also love the outrageous sense of fashion exhibited by Leroy and the various gang members. I guess that when you're as bad as he, you can afford to dress as flamboyant as you like.

3. Sin City: "Hi, I'm Reverend Ray and I'm gay! And Jesus loves me!"

4. A Demon's Nightmare: That last panel reminds me of Gilbert Shelton's art as seen in The Freak Brothers. I wouldn't be surprised if he's among those who the demon's addressing: "JUST THINK, YOU AND US TOGETHER---FOREVER!"

5. Tiny Shoes: "Juan just got paid. Let's get it away from him." As Bob Fowler might say, concerning the dialogue, "Just like in real life!" I also love how practically every reference to the shoes lazy Juan promised to buy for Juanito is preceded by the adjective tiny. For example, "Papa, all I want is tiny shoes to keep my little feet warm." "Tiny shoes? Of course, my son. As soon as I get paid I wil buy your tiny shoes."

6. The Mad Machine: The chaos that's better known by the "group therapy" euphemism has the following priceless exchanges: "I HATE YOU CUZ YOU'RE BLACK!" "YOU HONKY DEVIL!"

Honorable mention goes to the Spanish translation, which isn't quite that faithful to the original English version: "!Te aborrezco, negro estupido!" "!Blanco anormal!"

7. Sin Busters: That first panel is one of the funniest I've ever seen. The utmost of hyperbole is illustrated when cops give someone the Rodney King treatment for posting the Ten Commandments in a public school, while they're completely oblivious to some seedy Miami Vice extras conducting an overt drug deal.

8. Operation Bucharest: "LOOK OUT MAN--HERE HE COMES!!!" "HE'S ONE BAD DUDE!" The way the alcohol-and-funky-hat-toting bystanders pull a "parting of the Red Sea" at big bad Jim Carter's approach is hilarious!

9. Angel of Light: "I'm not the kind of guy who wastes time. Thanks for saving Darlene's life...but...I demand an apology for scaring her about going to hell!" What nerve this guy with the yellow fro displays so soon after his lover's life is saved by the Christian mod-squad. I guess she was so frightened by the Crusaders' frankness about her destination after life on Earth that she refused to submit to Jeff's advances, so to speak.

10: King of Kings The Bible in Pictures: A Catholic dressed for St. Patrick's Day holds a bloody dagger and shouts to his victim, "Die, you dog..for the Blessed Virgin!"


Top Ten of Dave

Ahh...what is better than sitting in front of a big pile of Chick tracts... Here, off the top of my head are some that I read over and over and over....

1. The Beast: Who knows this may come true, cool art, esp the mobile guillitones. Check out the trilogy of rapture films made in the 70s. They are like a Chick tract filmed.

2. Somebody Goofed: As the Kurator as said, it's hard to see how this could be any better.

3. Charlies Ants: I dont know why i like this one so much. I guess its the little subplots with dogs and cats and mice and stuff. It's hard to see how anyone could be offended by this one.

4. Sin city: Chick is no fool. He knows the climate of Politcal Correctness we live in. Favorite panel: "I'm a gay minister and Jesus loves me." Demon: "I hate your guts!"

5. Various Fred Carter tracts: You know he is really a good artist. Some of his art is almost photorealistic. Very underappreciated I think.

6. No Fear: Kind of a touchy subject matter, teen suicide, but jack pulls it off with his usual sensitivity (surprise your in hell)

7. That Crazy Guy: just for that one scene where the girl says to the doctor "All I have to look forward is dying of aids", and the doctor says " have something much WORSE to look forward too." I always laugh when I read that, though its really not funny.

8. The Last Generation: I have only read that online but it is my favorite chick tract. Would kill to have it. well, not kill....

9. The Thief: Kind of a sweet story.

10. Bewitched: love the retro 70s drug scare feel of it.

The bible story tracts...lot of good info packed in a fun story...also a good showcase for fred

The Crusader comics...Man they are fun.

Alberto is good too, but theyre not exactly light reading. I have no idea how much of that is true, but as many have said, if he made that up he did a damn good job.

There are so many others. I wish I had my tracts with me to look at I could probably come up with a lot more. Chick tracts are the best!!!!!!

Top Ten of Jordon.

Since Jordon is serving time in Prison, this list was submitted by his childhood friend, Ramon. (He recieved the tracts between Prison terms. They apparently didn't change him.)

1. Doom Town: Jordan burst out laughing when he saw the Village People butch-leather biker in one panel. He also found the sign slogans funny.

2. The Next Step: (AKA: Don't Read That Book tract.) "Hey, friend, you don't want to read this book! Let's just toss it somewhere where it'll never bother you again!" I'm paraphrasing, but Jordan found that bit a clever literary ploy (reverse psychology, anyone?). He also liked the sign slogans for one of the cartoons, like "boycott garlic" and "kid's lib."

3. Bad Bob: Jordan laughed hard at the panel where the fire engulfs the jail and Bob's cousin, in a very awkward posture, is dancing with the flames and screaming that Chick trademark, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

4. Gomez is Coming: We had our share of dealing with various Gomez-and-the-gang types as we committed all kinds of juvenile delinquency (and he was a lot more hard-core than I; I still marvel at the extent of some of his successful exploits), so my friend liked the line the kidnappers used to scare Bobby as they were transporting him to their hideout, to await Gomez's presumed punishment: "Tonight, we'll serve you a taco supreme..."

5. That Crazy Guy!: He spotted the cover in a promo and started repeating the title with dramatic effect. I wish I had a copy of the actual tract at the time, though I personally find the cover more amusing than the tract's interior.

6. The Sissy?: Jordan spotted the irony when the Duke and his diminutive yes-man are confronted by the owner of the rig with the Jesus Saves sticker. The supposed "sissy" was buff, and much bigger than tough-guy Duke.

7. The Thief: Jordan's in prison for theft, so he could relate to this title in a way few of us respectable types can. He liked the cover a lot more than he did the interior, with the exception of those gorgeous Fred Carter panels of life in Heaven. I guess my friend is among those who far prefer Fred Carter's art to Jack Chick's.

His appreciation of Chick tracts gives them some street cred as far as I'm concerned, and even though he's still prone to misbehaving when his greed and his desire for chemical euphoria get the better of him, he's old enough by now to yearn for the strict morality and the free salvation advocated by Chick's tracts in a package that's palatable to working-class types like him (and to the rest of us commoners). He is exactly the kind of audience Chick writes for, and the message comes through loud and clear while those with too much disposable time on their hands fret over the tracts' "hateful" overtones and simplistic packaging, though that's all in the eye of the beholder, really; I'd rather litter my theoretical coffeetable with cheap-but-appealing Chick tracts than with any overpriced high-brow fare for the snobbish elite. I look forward to the day when I can litter any available surfaces with tracts like The Wounded Children, the original Why No Revival?, The Thing, Macho, and any others that I currently have no copy of.

Top 10 of Linda:

I'm an Evangelical Christian (Baptist) and I have been a "Chickster" for about 5 years. I wouldn't use all of Chicks tracts for sharing the gospel - however, they are all fun to read (as I am saved and no longer need to worry about being tossed into the Lake o 'Fire by a white smocked angel...)

My favourites:

1. Why No Rivival? I love the "family alter" with cobwebs growing on the Holy Bible, and a well thumbed Playboy on the shelf beneath it!! I like this tract because it is such a wakeup call to people who go to church and profess to be Christians.

2. This Was Your Life (1972) I love how the pastors finger twirls while he states "He was a good man!" Like, whoopee - as the Word says "We all all as an unclean thing..." (Isaiah 64:6). This tract is one of my favourite as an outreach tool. It explains the nature of salvation through Jesus (and not by works) and it further explains how one conducts oneself after accepting Jesus.

3. The Sissy? I love the intensity of Duke - the big drops of sweat and his tremouring at the realization of his own fallen nature . This is also a good outreach tract as it has excellent art, a clear description of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a happy ending.

4. How to Get Rich (and keep it) "You tricked me!" The reader finds out near the end of the tract that this is indeed a Christian message (like they wouldn't have guessed from the onset....). I love the expressions, especially those of the greedy nephew, Herbert.

5. Burn Baby Burn (The Story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego) At first I didn't even read this tract because the cover scared me - it looked like something one would find in a XXX leather fetish store. Once I did read it, I was awestruck by the wonderful artwork. In all the Old Testament story tracts, I love how Chick relates these stories back to Jesus Christ and his message.

6. The Brat (The Story of the Prodigal Son) I like this tract for the same reason that I liked Burn Baby Burn. The artwork is superb. This is a good tract for Christians who have fallen away. I appreciate how Chick encourages the reader to "get (their) eyes back on the Lord" after they have fallen away from Him.

7. The Long Trip I like the simplicity of this tract. Does anyone notice that the disguised demon who tells John he's got 8 years left looks an awful lot like Colonel Sanders?

8. Why is Mary Crying? Although I'm not as hard on the Catholic Faith as JTC, I did like this little tract for those who are into the whole "Mary worship" thing. It also contained an interesting history tracing Mary back to BAAL worship and the other goddess that were derived from the Babylonian religion.

9. The Trap I love the way Chick tracts show snooty people. This is what makes them fun to read. On a biblical note, I like the explanation of re-incarnation and necromancy being a lie.

10. Titanic I wonder if the director of the multimillion dollar movie from 1998 got inspiration from this tract. I doubt it.... however the illustrations in this tract are as lush as the motion picture. This is the tract I would have loved to leave in the cinemas when Titanic (the motion picture) was released.

There is is then, my personal top 10 favourite Chick tracts.

Whether I agree with every word his says - that's another matter. However, I love Chick for his unwavering, straight shooting opinion and the great comic book art that goes with it.

Top 10 of JOHN H.:

1. Angels? - What other tract attacks rock music (Christian or not), drugs, Satanism, AIDS and homosexuality all in one spot. Remember, this is the original source of those great lyrics: ROCK, ROCK, ROCK WITH THE ROCK.

2. Lisa - Who else but Chick could pull this one off. Could there be an AIDS version in the future?

3. Wounded Children - Just when you think Chick can't get anymore personal, he slaps you (homosexuals) right in the face with this one.

4. Fat Cats - Priests in fatigues, communism, and revolution. Does it get any better?

5. The Thing - need I say more.

6. Who Murdered Clarice? - Everybody is held accountable in this one. (But I'm a Supreme Court judge.)

7. The Great One - I know a ton of people that could be this character. Too smart for religion, "the opiate of the masses". Not smart enough to stay out of hell.

8. Flight 144 - It hurts (burns?) to find out that all of your good works didn't get you into Heaven.(That's got to really suck!)

9. Boo! - You know those cops had to have had dirty pants after just hearing that this guy was back.

10. The Contract! - I just love how the banker and the cousin get it in the end.

Honorable Mentions

Miss Universe - There is not a better conversation in all of Chickdom than the one of the girl and her virginity.

No Fear - How do you like that door kick? She should have jumped at the first noise. Don't they teach this stuff nowadays?

KK's Top Ten:

1. Wounded Children: Because the main character is just a puppet being controlled by subliminal demonic mind control, and the demon is cool looking too. While gays maintain Homosexuality is genetic and therefore beyond their control, Chick offers a very non-pc alternative explanation: The reason they have no choice is because they're controlled by Satan!

2. Satan's Master: Great demons plus a great conspiracy. Witches cast spells on each other while infiltrating a church. Murder, mayhem & religious espionage. Plus a neat opening line: "Based on a true story."

3. Lisa: Only Chick could turn a story about a father who rapes his own daughter into a feel good fairy tale with a happy ending. A sleazy neighbor puts in a memorable cameo.

4. Dark Dungeons: The evils of D&D are exposed! I only wish I had a copy on me when I met Gary Gygax. He probably already has a million of them, but it would have been so much fun to place it in his hand and act like it was only a coincidence he got a tract warning him about the very game he designed. Haw-haw-haw!

5. Last Generation: Long before the Left Behind series made millions, Jack made millions of these tracts about a "big brother" future and the rapture. No telling what unsuspecting secular humanists made out of his Apocalyptic predictions...

6. The Beast: The 48 page oversized version is beast (er, best), but any version is a fun page turner. Love that portable guillotine on the side car of the motorbike. (Where can I get one of those for MY motorcycle?!)

7. Angels: Not only is Rock & Roll music Satanic, but so in Christian Rock & Roll. This is what you call taking a HARD LINE!

8. Happy Halloween: Poor Timmy. He went to a haunted house and had to pay the price. ETERNAL DAMNATION! Another equally good one is BOO! The theme to both is anyone who celebrates Halloween will wind up surfing in the Lake of Fire!

9. The Thing: Chick does a great knock off on The Exorcist in this one. Another slimy neighbor gets his in the end! One of the best covers, too.

10. Somebody Goofed: Anytime Satan "tricks" someone into hell it's interesting. This devil in disguise is especially fun to watch how he mocks the Christians and convinces his target to drive like hell and get there faster! How many of my friends act just like this? How many of them are really undercover underworld agents???

Honorable Mention: Soul Story. The overblown art and 1970s Superfly flavor defies belief.

10 Reasons to Love Chick Tracts

Personal Reflections by Dave L.

1. The gospel message. (So I'm a believer. Sue me.)

2. The unintentional (and intentional) irony. Jack is a devout man, and may be a bit naive, but he can also be a sly satirist. I love the way he skewers certain liberal sacred cows such as the environmentalists, gay rights activists, etc. I also enjoys the way he turns "hate crimes" back on the liberals.

3. Jacks artwork. It may be a bit "crude" as some people like to put it but its packed with details in the way the early mad magazine comics were. There is a lot too look at in such a small space. And as a fledgling comic artist who has practiced on his tracts for fun, its not as easy as it looks. And by the way, a lot of the cool underground comics or whatever that are so hip are also deliberately crude. Granted I'm no expert on comics, but I have read somewhere that even Robert Crumb has paid Jack his due.

4. They are a quick read. Whether you want a quick gospel fix, a laugh, or a little story they are always there for the off moment. Also good for those whose brain cells were destroyed in the 80s who have short attention spans (like me)

5. They fit nicely into most pockets and still leave room for cigs and lighter.

6. You can read them while you drive. I wouldn't recommend this in a metro area but in the wide open interstates on north Dakota its pretty safe.

7. There is a comfortable familiarity in the storylines. I think we all know the basic plot. Gospel presented, gospel rejected or accepted, throne or lake of fire. Kind of comforting.

8. They are outside the mainstream. Personally anything in the mainstream of American culture makes me want to puke.

9. They are cheap. 13 cents a tract. Or would you rather spend $19.95 on a Marvel or DC graphic novel that's pretty stupid. No matter how hip you dress them up superheros to me are still stupid.

10. They piss so many people off. Need I say more?

To email your own list of top ten chicks (and why), click here. Allow a few days for your remarks to be added.

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