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Go to hell!

You hear a lot about hell in Chick tracts. It's one of the most common themes. In fact, the vast majority of Chick tracts either quote verses sending sinners to hell, or show The Faceless God directing someone to his hellish reward. We're often treated to seeing the naked sinner literally tossed into the lake of fire. (Will it be a head dive or belly flop? Without a fire retardant birthday suit, you know that's gotta hurt!) But how many tracts actually show a character telling a sinner he's hell bound to his face? Sure, many of us want to say it, but most are too timid to speak out and instruct a stranger to go to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200... Fortunately for us, Chick tracts demonstrate a variety of different ways how Christians can direct sinners to hell in style. So the next time you want to tell someone where they can burn forever, check out the titles below for examples of how the professionals do it.

Go To Hell!

Remember, unseen narrator text or Faceless God condemnations don't count. We're only listing tracts where characters in the story actually tell others that they're heading to the hottest of hot spots.

Accident, The: The good doctor asks his wealthy patient if he has ever told a lie. When the answer is "yes", the doctor replies, "Then the Word of God say you are scheduled for hell." [page 13]

Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn: Lil' Suzy informs her black classmate that "Timmy, most people will end up in hell." [page 13] and "Most of the world will end up in hell with the old devil because they didn't believe in Jesus so they could be saved." [page 20]

Back From The Dead: A man who returned from death claims, "I saw hell!" [page 13]

Baby Talk: A father tells his son that he "shall have part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone." [14]

Bad Bob: The jailer tells two inmates, "You are on your way to the lake of fire." [13]

Big Daddy: A classmate asks the good Christian what will happen if he doesn't believe in Jesus and creationism. The Christian responds, "Then you will die in your sins and be eternally lost." [22]

Big Deal, The: Bob Williams tells Ronnie "like it or not, you'll be in hell as soon as you die." [page 20]

Birds and the Bees: Lil' Suzy tells her classmates that if their names aren't in the Book of Life, that God will "cast you in the lake of fire." [page 11]

Bull, The: The prison bully demands of the minister, "Why didn't you tell me I was going to hell?" [page 12]

Busted: Charlie tells Douglas, "You are a hell-bound sinner." [page 6] and will be sentenced "to the Lake of Fire, forever." [page 9]

Caught: Bob Williams tells Roger, "You have committed adultery, not a 'little fling'! You sinned against God and all adulterers will spend eternity in the lake of fire." [page 8] Roger fires back, "You Bible thumpers can go to hell!" [page 20]

Charlie's Ants: A youngster explains to Charlie, "God cannot allow sin into heaven, so we all deserve to go to hell." [page 12] Aw, that's so cute!

Choice, The: A Christian tells his co-worker over lunch, "Most people will be in hell because they thought like you." [page 4]

Contract, The: Cousin Bob explains to his rich, dying uncle, "You're doomed to hell!" [15] (I guess that means no inheritance for him!)

Doom Town: The latest version of this tract features a news camera man telling a gay demonstrator, "I really care about homosexuals and I want them to know that they will face a horrible judgment." [page 20] (He won't get any with lines like that! Haw-haw-haw!)

Fallen: Bob Williams tells a paraplegic "You're dead meat, Bruce! The Bible says: 'God is angry with the wicked every day.' You're going to hell and Satan is laughing his head off." [page 20]

Fat Cats: A friend warns a commie, "Carlos, if you go with Carlos and Communism, then you will spend eternity in the lake of fire."[page 7]

Four Brothers: One brother asks another, "Henry, are you saying Charlie is on his way to hell?" Henry responds, "I didn't say it, the Word of God does." [page 20]

Gladys: Bob Williams tells Aunt Gladys, a little old lady/ psychic that "sorcerers...shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." [page 16]

Gunslinger, The: The preacher tells the congregation (including the man sent to shoot him) that "Whoever believeth in him (Jesus) should not perish in hell." [page 12]

God With Us: Bob Williams tells two kids, "You guys told me that you didn't keep His laws. That means you're sinners. And all sinners go to hell!" [page 20]

Going Home: A nurse tells a dying AIDS patient, "Why choose to die in your sins and suffer forever in the lake of fire?" [20]

Gomez Is Coming: A big thug tells his gang, "The devil LOVES IT when unsaved people die, because they go straight to hell." [page 21] (These guys probably give Chick tracts to whomever they mug.)

Good Ol' Boys: Bob Williams tells a Mason, "Masons serve Lucifer (the Light Bearer). Those who claim to be Bible believing pastors, etc, will face Jesus after death. And He will deny them.* (Send them to hell.) They must renounce Masonry and repent like the apostle Peter before it's too later. If they don't, then they are nothing but unknowing enemy agents of Christ." [page 21]

Happy Halloween: Mrs. Baxter explains to two grieving survivors the result of Timmy's refusal to accept Jesus before his death. "Bobby, that decision caused your friend to be sent to hell forever." [page 15] (I hope she didn't address the school assembly to announce what happened on 9/11)

He Never Told Us: An angel admonishes Charlie that because he didn't witness to his friends, "They will all burn forever." [page 4] (And he's stuck with that angel for all eternity?)

Here He Comes: Bob Williams looks straight at the reader and says, "Reader, if you reject Jesus and miss the Rapture, you will probably take the mark of the Beast to survive and be cast into the lake of fire." [page 22]

Hi There: A co-worker tells Charlie Conners to "go to hell." [page 2] He soon obeys.

Hunter, The: A doctor explains to the brother of a drug overdose victim, "The devil is doing his best to take as many with him as he can." [page 19] (Too bad this doctor didn't meet Rebecca Brown while she practiced.)

In the Beginning: Bob Williams tells his friend,"there are only two place to go (after death) and one is hell." [page 17]

Last Judge, The: Talk about a soft ball! Bob Williams pussyfoots around the "h" word in this tract, and instead tell the judge, "You have no defense, your honor. As of right now, you are without hope and guilty before God." [page 19]

Lil' Suzy: Suzy saves her friend so she can be spared the Lake of Fire. She explains, "Now, you're not going to hell when you die." [page 21]

Lisa: A doctor explains to a man who gave is daughter herpes, "Reject God's gift... it will only lead to tragedy and eternal damnation." [page 14]

Little Princess, The: Christian neighbors tell parents of a dying girl, "because of our sin, we ALL deserve hell." [page 17]

Long Trip, The: A father asks a man offering salvation along the highway of life, "Is everyone on this highway doomed?" The man replies, "Absolutely!" [page 14]

Man in Black: Bob Williams tells a priest who's about to jump to his death from a bridge, "I see you're about 100 feet from hell!" [page 4]

Monster, The: Bob Williams tells a friend's boss that "I hear nobody likes you, even your family, and you treat your employees like dirt. God hates that and you're on the way to hell." [page 19]

Murph: A cop tells his dying buddy, "Would a god who really loves you want you to live without knowing you were heading for an eternity in a lake of fire?" [page 10]

Nervous Witch, The: Bob Williams tells the witches, "Every witch, white or black, living today who rejects Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will end up in the lake of fire, and you can count on that." [page 16]

No Fear: A preacher breaks down the door to stop a teen from hanging herself and says, "You were seconds from burning FOREVER in a lake of fire." [page 11]

Payback: Pastor Malcom tells his congregation, "God know we've all done things that should put us into hell." [page 18] Crooked nurse Kelle accepts the warning and converts before dying of cancer.

Peace Maker, The: A cop named Carter tells four dead victims of a drug shooting they "are now in hell." [page 4] So much for not speaking ill of the dead!

Pilgrimage, The: A Christian tells Abdul, "We all deserve hell." [page 16]

Promise, The: Bob Williams tells two fellow tourists to Israel that "If you refuse God's love gift and reject Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior, you will be cast into the Lake of Fire." [page 21]

Ransom: A kidnap victim tells her abductors that disbelievers "go to the lake of fire where they will burn with the devil forever." [page 16]

Real Heat: Bob Williams tells a burn victim "All those who escaped Nebuchadnezzar's furnace will be cast into the lake of fire on doomsday. That's real heat!" [page 21]

Room 310: A cancer victim's roommate tells him that he will never see his friends in hell because it is too dark. [page 9]

Scam, The: Bob Williams tells a victim of fraud that he'll join the con artists in the lake of fire for all eternity unless he gives his heart to Christ. [page 17]

Scream: Bob Williams tells a fire fighter recovering from 3rd degree burns, "Jesus knew you were going to hell, Fred, so He left heaven just for you. He knew you were guilty and totally lost." [page 10]

Sin Busters: A sinner tells a Christian that "I know I deserve hell because I've broken God's Laws." [page 22]

Sin City: A gay minister asks Bob Williams if he'll go to hell for preaching that Jesus was gay. Bob says, "Our sin puts all of us in hell." [page 17]

Sissy, The: A trucker tells Duke, "You're going to hell on a greased pole and Satan is laughing his head off." [page 13]

Slugger/Superstar, The: A sports star asks his gardener if he is going to hell, and the gardener responds, "Yes." [page 14]

Somebody Goofed: A Christian explains to a boy who witnessed a death that those who go before God without knowing Jesus are "ETERNALLY LOST!" [page 5]

Soul Story: Dying Leroy tells his girlfriend "Grandma was fright, I'm going straight to hell!" But she tells him, "Whosoever believeth in Jesus should not perish in the lake of fire." [page 21]

That Crazy Guy: The doctor explains to Suzy, "God tells us in his last book of the Bible that all who engage in homosexual acts shall be cast into the lake of fire along with every homosexual and lesbian." [page 19]

Thief, The: A Christian tells a burglar, "You should be scared, Joey, because we both know where YOU'RE going." [page 11]

Traitor, The: A Christian tells the Hindu priest, "Satan created all the gods in India. They are demons who will rob your soul and take you into hell." [page 19]

Trap, The: Rich Charlie asks the Christian if he is going to hell. The Christian replies, "You don't have to Charlie. God made a way of escape for you." [page 18]

Unloved? : A Christian convinces a cancer victim about to jump off a bridge not to do it, despite the fact the victim believes "If there's a God, He'll probably send me to hell." [page 12] After saving him, the Christian says, "You're not going to hell, Jimmy. You're on your way to heaven!" [page 19] Guess that means the cancer in not in remission.

Warning, The: A preacher tells his congregation that the devil/snake was responsible for "sending billions of souls into hell!" [page 17]

War Zone: A kid warns the school bully, "If you died today, you'd burn in hell." [page 12]

Who's Missing: Bob Williams tells a panicked Mary Anne that God will shout Matthew 7:23 at her come judgment day, and that "Jesus will only take those who love His appearing, live godly, obey the gospel, and are faithful to Him. The precious Catholics are lost, Mary Anne."[page 19]

Wounded Children: A an-homosexual explains to a guy in a gay bar, "Sinful habits are learned and influenced by demonic forces in order to take you to hell." [page 19]


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