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Jack Chick Tract Club link

"I used to be one!"

(Converts converting converts)

One of Chick's favorite plot twists is to have the main character (the Christian who's trying to convert the sinner) reveal that he was also guilty of the same sin before he saw the light. It's a great debate response to someone who otherwise questions the accuser's credibility. After all, the wise Christian already knows everything the sinner knows. He used to be one! But then he wised up after hearing the real truth and... well, we all know what happens next. Once he tells the sinner what converted him, the sinner hits the floor on all fours and becomes a Christian too. At least, that's how it happens in Tractville.

Here are some examples of tracts where a convert is trying to convert another possible convert.

Curse of Baphomet

The Bull (a prison's bully gets saved after reading a tract, then uses his considerable intimidation to convert other cons.)

The Crisis (the minister who wants to convert a Jehovah's Witness, just happens to be a former Jehovah's Witness himself.)

The Curse of Baphomet (Ed is trying to convert some Masons, and he just happens to have been a Mason as well.)

Gomez Is Coming (a killer gets out of prison, then returns to his gang to convert them all to Christ.)

Going Home (an A.I.D.s infected doctor spends his last days treating and converting A.I.D.s patients.)

The Hit (A Mafia Don gets saved, then leans on his criminal friends to convert.)

Macho (A missionary is taken hostage by Communists, and just happens to have been a Communist too... until he found out it was a Vatican plot.)

Murph (the Protestant cop who takes a bullet for his Catholic partner just happens to have been a former Catholic too.)

The Peace Maker (A cop confronts some hoodlums and admits he used to be a racist hoodlum himself... until he found Jesus and became a cop.)

The Poor Little Witch (Mandy gets in too deep with witchcraft, but gets saved by Mrs. Grayson, who used to be a former witch.)

Satan's Master (the Christian who exposes the witches used to be a witch herself.)

The Story Teller (Yuseff extracts a promise from fellow Muslims not to interupt him until he finishes explaining how the Vatican created Islam.)

Trick, The (Becky exposes the evil of Halloween to other housewives, including Brenda, a witch. When challenged by Brenda, Becky says she was an ex-witch but now serves Jesus.)

Where's Rabbi Waxman (a converted Jew goes to his Rabbi to share the news about another former Jew... Jesus!)

Wounded Children (the Christian ministering to queers just happens to have been a homosexual himself... and still dresses like one to prove it.)

If you think of any others, email us!


And of course, there's the Crusaders! Fred Carter is a former villian, turned Christian good guy. John Todd (Lance Collins) was a former Satanist. Alberto was a former Catholic priest. Now they all fight their ex-chums in colorful, action packed adventures.


There's plenty! But the most notable are Elaine Moses (Rebecca's side kick) who was a former witch before she converted. And Willim Schnoebelen was a former Mason and Satanist before converting to Christianity and exposing his former collegues.

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