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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Jack Chick Parody Wing

chick tract parodies

Any cultural phenomenon is always going to generate parodies, but Chick tracts seem to attract more than most. Here's our current collection of Jack Chick Parodies. Some of these parodies are in poor taste and many are offensive. But we're listing any and all that we obtain. (Additional contributions are welcome. Please send them to the address listed at the bottom of page.)

From Rusthoi Publications (1968)

Hippy Come Home!


Why We Are Here

An H.P. Lovecraft type parody on Chick tracts written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Steve Ellis and published as a mini-comic for the Small Press Expo (in Bethesda MD in 2000).


From True Bible

Jesus Failed-- Find out why this is good news for you! (©2014 True Bible Church) Another subtle parody tracst, made to look like a real Christian tract. 20 pages of good cartoons. This is tract #3 of 3, and claims 99,999 out of every 100,000 people go to hell, but a tiny fraction still avoid Hell and Satan (played by George W. Bush).

The Real Reasons Revealed Why the Bible is Literally True (©2014 True Bible Church) Another subtle parody tracst, made to look like a real Christian tract. 20 pages of good cartoons. This is #2 of 3 tracts, and claims everythign in the Bible is either literal or a lie.

The Truth of the Epic Battle Beetween Sicnece and God. (©2014 True Bible Church) One of the more subtle parody tracst, made to look like a real Christian tract. 20 pages of good cartoons. This is tract #1 of 3, and claims God and real Christians don't want knowledge.


Adam and Evil? (From It's a pro-drug tract available for PDF printing. Other on-line parodies are at:


A Demon Hunting Veep? (by Cult Jam Productions). An 8 page parody of Demon's Nightmare passed out at Comic-Con to promote the short film, Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story. And check out the updated (post election) version, Ivy League Exorist.


A One-Way Trip To Hell (by Atticus Murphy Jr.) from the TV show, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

(Seen on You-tube):


Truth Team Comics: (Parody of The Last Generation, while skewing Obama's attacks on the GOP. From Zombie)


PLOY TO THE WORLD: (12 page tract by Chrissy Spallone)


The Amazing Secret:


The Trance Crackers

(Parody using Chick's THE LITTLE BRIDE to instead talk about raves).


From LSD & Psilocybin Research: Chemical Salvation?


Who's Your Daddy? (A Parody of Big Daddy, but from the anti-Creationist/ anti-Christian crowd) :


From Ministries (published by Sin Codex) Donated by Joni C!

Dark Days Indeed (Angels? art with different text, promoting a rock band. 24 pages.)


From The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack Chick (art by Hal Robins ©2004)

The Collector (24 page b/w tract reproduced on pages 175-177 of book.)

From Monsterwax Trading Cards

The Card Collector (A 12 page tract using art from the above (w/ different text) to promote card collecting.)


From Mystery Playhouse Productions.

The Haunted House. (Original art by Emby Quinn) 12 page tract promoting the Terror Of Tallahassee haunted house.


From Your Mom's Basement:

Galactus is Coming! (Marvel parody on Fantastic Four villians).


From the Luciferian Liberation Front.

A Really Scary Story

Something Fishy

The Only Sinless Man?

Biblical Family Values

Somebody Love You?

The Greatest Myth Ever Told

Playing Favorites

What Jesus Would Do


From Dan Clowes (inside Eightball #1 comic):

Devil Doll


From The Queer Ladies Auxiliary:

The Sodomite (a 28 page pro-gay/transexual tract by Peeps.)


From Epitath Records:

Plague Sound Scapes? (16 page tract that promotes The Locust punk band)


From the Church of Hemp:

Bad Bob Larson (Reverend Horrible)

In The Beginning (Before the D.E.A.)

The Lost Generation

Miss Universe (The Story of Cannabisa, Goddess of Hemp)

A Rent-A-Cop Demon's Nightmare!

The Visitors

Why No Holy Vegetable? (Special Hempfest Edition)

Wounded Children (Special Hempfest Edition)

Note: The Church of Hemp address on the back says P.O. Box 1498, Bellingham, WA 98227 and the email address is



From Johnson Advertising:

The Advertising Professional (cover has professor from "Big Daddy")


From Kunst Publications:

The Vision (Donated from the Rev. Jetrock Collection)


From National Lampoon:

Headshop or Deadshop? (inside the Joys of Sects issue) - donated by Paul Shiple


From The New Comics Anthology:

All Consuming Guilt (cover has Dagwood eating a sandwitch of 7 sins)


From Pathfinder Press:

Heathens Idolize School Prayer (has Viking on cover)

The Other People (has cover similar to "The Assignment")


From Religious Right/Liberal Left:

Mr. Hand says Go To Hell


From Starhead Mini Comics (donated by Paul Shiple):

Jesus Delivers


From HToML:

What God Has Revealed to Man (An Essay by Rev. S. Tyson)


From A Company of Wolves (Dark Dungeons art w/ new word balloons added):

3rd Edition- A Tool of Satan? (available on line only.)


From The Subgenius Foundation:

Somebody Loves You (Edited by Dr. Legume)


Another Subgenus Parody, but by Gov. Rocknar (Last Generation):


Another Subgenius Parody, from Pete, (using This Was Your Life).


From the "Aussie Slack Archives" (another Subgenius parody) available as real tracts & comics,

[note: These two sites are probably still down]

The Slack Archive's parody of The Crusaders at:

This 8 page story is part of a 28 page comic book called Harmless Fun? (Pox #2).

And also the Slack Archives parody of Somebody Goofed at:

This 24 page tract was printed in 1995, then reprinted as part of a 1999 zine called Slacktower.


From A.C. Petyt (Another parody featuring "Bob" Dobbs)

Sod 'em begorrah (Pro-Gay 24 page tract deriding the story of Lot and Gomorrah.)


The Church of Tina Chopp has a number of chick parodies, including "High There", "Tina Shoes" and "The Visitors" (Very offensive, Rated X), which is based on the lives of Bruce and Randy, the founders of The Church of Tina Chopp. (Chick's art w/ new word balloons added.)


From "R.H.T.": (12 page Xerox tracts, one sided sheets stapled on side.)

Four Pieces of Toast



From TJD (printed in Australia by Dead Xerox Press)

The Beast (Golfers Go Beserk!!!) This is an oversized tract that pastes over the original The Beast to parody it.


From Spike Publications:

Joystick Democracy (an oversized tract w/ a political satire from a far left viewpoint) The first and last two pages have good art, the rest is basically stick figures.


From Thaniel Dirkson Ministries, Inc:

TIKI- (a 4 1/4 " x 2 3/4" xerox tract.) Tells the story of how TIKI worshipers want Bible Believing Christians six feet under. TIKI intends to rule the world and show no mercy!" Art is cartoony and story is humorous. 16 pages.


From Mayo Publications, 69 Sperm Lane, Candyland USA (parody address):

A Patriarchy's Nightmare- This parody was drawn by Keith Mayerson (circa 1994), an artist who specializes in provocative gay art. It is one of the best Chick satires, redrawing scenes from A Demon's Nightmare and Wounded Children, but it's so raunchy, it's disgusting. 24 pages.



The Stranger (weekly newspaper), 1535 11th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Seattle WA 98122. Phone (206) 323-7101.

The Stranger- An 8 page well drawn tract with no date or copyright.



From nonDairy Publishing (

The Bible- (©1992, 1997 by Jesse Reklaw) a 12 page tract with execellent illustrations. It's a story of a kid who starts quoting scripture he makes up to get his own way.


For a very unusual Jack Chick story/ satire (text, not comic), click here.


For more "blasphemous" Chick parodies, see the Jack Chick Parody Archive (redrawn Chick art w/ new word balloons added.):


From 741.5 Comics (

Emmy's Story (donated by Paul Stiple)- Funny 16 page tract parody of the Crusaders as they take on a super villian Pope and slug it out.


WHO WILL BE EATEN FIRST: An 11 x 17 inch sheet comic passed out at BURNING MAN by Pagans using bastardized Chick art. Influenced by Lovecraft's Cthulhu character (featured on the cover). It was reduced and put into tract form (9 panels) by Bob Fowler.


LGBTQ God does NOT hate You! : Pro-gay tract of 12 pages (xeroxed) that shows a gay angel convincing a lesbian that the Bible/ God approve of homosexuality. Artist: Roberta Gregory.

If you found or created a Chick tract parody, please send us a copy for our archives at the address below. Include any author information that you want posted, like who did it, what it's for, and any contact info (if you want others to order it or find your organization). Thanks!

Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art

3202 Enterprise Drive

Tallahassee FL 32312


You can also find more parodies on line here.


Recently added:

6/18/14 Jesus Failed, The Reals Reasons Revealed, and The Truth of the Epic Battle (

1/16/12 Truth Team Comics.

1/14/12 Ploy To The World

The Amazing Secret

Chemical Salvation?

The Sodomite, & 7 more Church of Hemp tracts (jan 07)

6/20/07: Who Will Be Eaten First/ LGBTQ God Does Not Hate You.

9.12.07 The Card Collector, The Haunted House

4.15.08 web address updated.

6.22.08 3rd Subgenius parody by Pete.

7.29.11 Galactus is Coming

7.29.12 A Demon-Hunting Veep

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