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Welcome to the

Museum's VARIATIONS Index


Chick Tract Variations


Where you can keep track of known Chick Tract variations!

A variation is a tract that has been released in more than one form. Different covers, cartoon panels or different dialog. (Different type fonts and inside cover prayers or back cover changes are not listed here, nor are slightly different cover colors.) Be sure to understand the Chick page numbering system before using these notes. Also be aware that not every difference between two different variations is listed-- just the most obvious / interesting ones. Here's a list of known tracts that have variations. It is NOT complete, but we'll add more as you notify us.

NOTE: Promo Titles in COLOR vs. Promo Titles in WHITE: The colored titles were what Fowler calls "reseller promos" (for book stores), the white titles were "manufacturer promos" (for mail order customers). The white (mail order customer) titled tracts were sometimes more inflammatory, as Chick's regular customers were less prone to be offended by strong anti-Vatican rhetoric than the typical walk-in customers in a book store.

PAGE NUMBERING: Starting in March of 2012 (with "Global Warming") Chick started numbering the pages of his tracts. He even did it on reprints of older tracts like "Fat Cats" and "The Last Generation." So any tract you find with numbers (except oversized tracts from the 1960s) were printed or reprinted after March 2012.

INTERESTING NOTE: The 1994/95 JTC evolution: In the mid 1990s, Chick tracts stopped saying "By JTC" on the cover, and just said "JTC" instead.


A Love Story: Redrawn with an all black cast by Fred Carter and renamed Who Loves You?

(Also, the Swahil Version has a different picture on page 2.)

Allah Had No Son: Early version stars clean shaven Christian while later version he's grown a mustache. Early version accuses Muhammad of child abuse on page 10 while later version does not. But there is also a mix/match version with the clean shaven Christian with the modern text (not accusing Muhammad of Child abuse). Also, page 5a, used to say "We expect a Muslim flag to fly over the White House by 2010." Now (0822.6) it says " the near future." Eventually redrawn with a mostly black cast (by Fred Carter) and renamed Who Is Allah?

Angels: Satan is printed in red on page 21 in most versions (e.g. "F"), but in at least one early version, he was not (unfortunately, I traded it before I knew how to read the codes and don't know what date it was). Early version (e.g. "B") has different text on page 22. Tom claims he is no longer a "rock-a-holic.") There is a minor cover variation where the red graphic surrounding the rock start runs from the top to bottom on the front, compared to the other version where it stops 1/8th an inch from the cover's border. As of 2006 (maybe even sooner), page 22 eliminates the last word balloon talking about having been a "rock-a-holic". It suggests readers burn anything associated with rock music. The latest version on Chick's website shows a different background on the cover: Spot light beams replace what used to be clouds. (My copy with that cover change is dated 0109.8.-- and it has gone back to NOT putting Satan in red on page 21.)

Apes, Lies And Ms. Henn: Earlier version has "J.T.C" credit on the front cover replaced with "L'il Susy 2".

Are Roman Catholics Christians: Different covers. Early version has illustration of Mary on cover with burning snake (see image), later version has Rosary on front (see image). Early version has title in green (the retailer promo) or white (the mail order promo).

Another change was noticed as of April 04, on page 20. (Origins of Mary and Child motif.) The early version says on the last line at the bottom, "Are Roman Cahtolics Christians? No, not in any sense of the word. They are very religious and they are very lost: Slaves of the Whore of Rev. 17." While newer versions (my sample is code D) answers the question, "I'm sorry, but the answer is NO! They are very religious and very lost beause the system they trusted has betrayed them." The latest version softens it further, answering "If they truely blieve what their church teaches about how to get to heaven, the answer is NO! Millions have been deceieved by this false religion."(My sample was from 2009.)

The Assignment: Page 3 of earlier versions say, "I think we can use her for a penetration." Modern versions replace the suggestive phrase with, "I think we can use her."

The Attack: A change on page 21 is reported to appear on the web site version, but this has yet to make it though the inventory and into collector's hands (as of 4/04). Possible page 9 change as well.

Back From the Dead: "Allah" is added to the list of deadly beliefs on page 19.

Bad Bob: Early version had text ALL IN CAPITOL LETTERS, but eventually changed to regular fonts and revised some text as well, including changing lines like "OH CRUD" to "Oh, no!" (page 7). Also, the "Living Bible" loses it's title in the more recent version (page 8).

The Beast: Early Medium Oversized 40 and 48 page versions (see image) exist (both are 5 x 3 3/8s inches), as well as the standard 24 page tract (see image). The 40 page version also eventually makes the Beast wears Catholic vestments. The (normal size) Beast also has a version with shading around the cover graphic (like The Sissy). Finally, there is also a 52 page version (©1966). It has most the same art as the other oversized versions, but instead of flying through the clouds, the souls actually shoot up from cars on the freeway. The extra pages are used primarly for text.

Best Friends: Redrawn by Fred Carter with an all black cast and renamed Soul Sisters

Bewitched: Newer reissue (©2000) changes main character's name to Ashley (instead of Debbie). Other minor text changes. Original 1970 version has "Dark Shadow" show on the TV (page 2). 1972 and up versions replace it with "Bewitched".

The Big Deal: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 5 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 5 plus "of 25" added to it. Textwise, On page 15, the last line in version A says, "Ronnie, Laban wasn't finished yet." Version B replaces it with "But he was on a collision course with God." Both versions have the same date codes [0418.1] (Reported by Jonas & Joshua Zion)

Big Daddy: Info on evolution has changed (evolved?) in several versions. Four different versions exist, plus the original version which says on page twenty, "Then He was an invader from outer space?" (Later versions replaced the question with, "Are you saying He is the Creator?") Also, the Spanish version has the student's hair black... until page 16 and the last panel when it goes white (from fear?) The current Chinese version still has the older hair styles from earlier variations.

The Broken Cross (Crusader Comic) The first printing had a different cover, featuring the same shield as OPERATION BUCHAREST (issue #1). Except the BROKEN CROSS shield had hooded figures sacrificing a girl on it.

The Bull: Different dialog. The Bull continues to cuss after being saved in earlier versions. On page 11 he screams "@*#! chaplain" (as late as 36/H).

Burn Baby Burn: Page 19 has slightly different profiles of the three Jewish brothers. Also, the name of Meshach in the subtitle above the BURN BABY BURN title on the cover changes to Meschach. (This happens sometime between version up 11.4 and 4.6)

Cats: Different covers. Both have lions on front, one has a rocky background behind lions, the other has blank background and gold outline.

Caught!: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 13 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 13 plus "of 25" added to it. Textwise, a misspelling ("recieved" on page 22) was later corrected.

Congratulations! (Well Done!) - Earlier versions (for example, 0925.7) have darker shaded sky over angles on cover, while later versions (the 0130.12 version) has bright yellow shy over angels on the cover.

Creator or Liar? Earlier version had no blue border around galaxy graphic. Version w/no border: Text rearrangements on various pages, including 15 and 20 (and dramatic font changes on pages 21 & 22). Also, a medium oversized (5 x 3 1/2") version exists, printed by Rusthoi Publications ©1969. 36 pages, with one new piece of art on page 18 (Mary getting zapped by the holy spirit).

Creator Or Liar? Available with black cast in Swahili language.

Curse of Baphomet, The: Different footnote on pages 12 and 22. (At least its in the 93/A version).

The Crisis- an older version has the words BLOOD TYPE on the blood bag and the date on the bag is different.

Dark Dungeons: The 1984 version has a variation on page 19 (Tolkien & CS Lewis listed as occultic authors, newer version of tract replaces this with bible references). Art wise, Marci's bare legs swinging at the end of the hangman's rope were covered with Jeans on page 11 of the revised version as early as August 2013. (Were the bare legs too sexy?) That same version also took the jacket off of Debbie as she rose to be saved on page 20 and 21, and removed the first panel of page 22 showing the preacher "taking authority in the name of Jesus" over the D&D pile before setting it on fire. Some interesting text changes also occur in the newest version. On page 14, Ms. Frost now refers to Marci's "weak spirit" (instead of her "weak character"). Also, on page 19, the preacher no longer says "Dungeons and Dragons material", but instead, now calls it "Dark Dungeons material". The cover has different colors over time. Originally, it featured more lighter orange highlights, but over time, these highlights were reduced and became darker. The front graphic typically covers the entire left side of the cover (like with most tracts) but the first (A) version filled in the top margin (the top of the sky) with a twilight pink, and bottom margin (the foreground) also with pink. The latest version (circa 2014) has filled in the top (top of sky) and bottom (foreground) with black, making the overall image darker and more foreboding.

Death Cookie, The: The German version has differenc cover art (of a hooded man zapping a wafer with magic while the Pope looks on) and a new title, "Hokus Pokus". (See image.)

Deceived, The: Early version (B) has outline of a fist superimposed on the cover beneath the demon's tail (so called "fisting" version). Minor text changes on pages 14 and 17.

Demon's Nightmare: An early Super Oversized version exists (8 x 5 3/8s inches) plus a medium oversized version (5 x 3 5/8s inches). Both have 36 numbered pages inside and contain art that is later redrawn to better reflect modern times (clothes, hairstyles, etc.). Standard size tracts zoom in more on the demon peering around the corner on the cover in more modern versions. Also, the regular Spanish tract adds a pencil thin mustache to the street preacher. Meanwhile, there's an oversized (5.5 x 4.124") 1965 Gospel Literature Service version printed in Bombay with all redrawn art. The characters are all Indian and the language is English.

Devil's Night, The: A typical front cover has the usual "JTC" printed in the bottom right hand corner, but the variant front cover states "Lil' Susy 4" instead. There is also a "Li'l Susy" variant without the number after it (and the change in the apostrophe location). Also, the 2004 version originally had Buffy's dress throughout the tract in white at least through 0929.14, but at least by the 1027.14 code (2014) colored her dress in a grayish color.

Doom Town: 2 different covers, 6 different inside variations.Version 1 (©1989) has Sodom burning on the cover. (See image.) Version 2 (©1989), version 3a & 3b (©1991) and version 4a & 4b (©1999) have skull and crossbones on cover. (See image.) Although versions 1 & 2 have different covers, the contents are the same. Versions 3 & 4 sandwich the story of Sodom within another story of a modern day gay rally. They feature different artwork from each other on pages 20 & 21. Page 10 has slightly different text in all four versions (where the father molests the child). There is also a slight variation within the 1991 version: One version (3a) has a "Kill the Bigots" sign on page 2, while another (3b) says "Hate is NOT a family value". (This is thought to have been an effort to prevent Gay bashing resulting from gay signs that were too antagonistic.) Two slight variations in version 4 can be seen on page 10. As the big hairy brute approaches the child for sex, the bottom of 4a reads "God heard the cries of these tortured little ones and took action". Version 4b reads "Sodom's cup of wickedness was full. It was time for God's judgement."

Also, from Clint: There's a slight variation from the 2nd reissue. Gone is the white border around the skull and cross bones on the cover. Also the printing job seems to be better, with more details visible. It also looks like some of the panels have been blown up.

The Earthmen: Different artwork and text between "A" and "E" versions.

Empty Tomb: Several faces redrawn after "A" version, as does significant text. The last page is more anti-vatican in the first version. Also, one has a cover that says Resurrection of Christ above the title and another one doesn't. Somewhere between Dec. 1996 and 2001, the art in the 2nd and 3rd to last panels are changed.

Escape: "A" version features MIG jet on page 16, and page 17 mentions Russian-German pact. "B" version replaces MIG with a picture of Moshe Dayan, and no Russian-German pact is mentioned.

Great Escape:
"Great" was added to title and the ecology symbol removed. Also, bleaker ecological statistics were included and pages 8, 9, 18 had picture changes. Between the Great Escape "A" version and the more recent 11.9 version, panel 18A was changed. The earlier "A" version showed a mobile missile launcher made of Lignostone that "burns better than coal!". The more recent version replaces this panel with the Christian saying "During the Persian Gulf war, the news showed pictures of the Russian tanks burning." (See also "Great Escape" for the 2024 variation between the 1991 version and the 2024 version.)

Fallen: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 19 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 19 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Fat Cats: The 2012 reprint tweaks the dialog to make it more fluid (although it takes out the "necklacing" reference to Juan's poor pastor, so there's less bite there) and it shoe-horns in subtle Jesuit references (Father Dominic is no longer just a dirty Roman Catholic & Communist, he's socialist and a rotten JESUIT, since Chick tacks on a "S.J." after his name!). Socialism now replaces all Communist references except on page 11. Art wise, only one panel is changed on page 21b, where Jesus now points to the LEFT (rather than the righ)t to shout Matt 25:41.

Fire Starter: Different covers (one has gold borders around graphic, the other has white borders. A few different art changes inside.) The gold cover comes with and with out the "Elijah vs. the Prophets of Baal" at the top. Also, latest version has no question mark after the title. According to Robert Fowler, the "L" version has different text from earlier and later versions, beginning the story on page 2 with "my son". (I can't confirm this, since I only have the "A", "H" version, and a "N" version, but I can confirm some of the text and some of the art changes between "H" and "N". A - H versions start the text on page 2 with "I've decided my son will be our gift to the new god, Baal!". Version "N" (and maybe earlier versions like "L") says "THIS will be our gift to Baal!". There is also different art on pages 6A, 7B, 10A, 11B, 13, 14B, 15, 16A, 19B, 20B, and 21.

First Bite (2008 version) On page 22b, it used to have a couple of Bible verses from 2 Peter 3:9 and Acts 16:31. I last saw that with 0917.14 and starting with at least 0421.15 it has been replaced with Heaven or Hell and the boxes to choose.

The First Jaws: Different covers. One has view looking down on Jonah as he's about to be swallowed (see image). The other has underwater side view (see image). Also text is condensed (especially from pages 20-22). Another slight variation of the later version (profile cover) exists. Sometime after the "L" code, "BLIMEY" was changed in the very first panel. The later code (8.6) uses "GASP!" instead. Pages 3 and 21 have slight text changes as well. Version "A" has a white frame around the cover graphic, while later versions have light blue. Another difference is the image on page 12b, showing Jonah in the stomach (version A is dark with him facing upward, other versions are lighter and he's facing to the side.)

Framed: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 6 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 6 plus "of 25" added to it.

Free At Last: The negro tract originally had a black Jesus. He underwent a "race change" operation to make him more Jewish.

The Gay Blade: Original version has pink (not lavender) cover. Later version has crew cut homo on page 18 while earlier version has 1970s hair cut homo. He's more aggressive in the later version.

Gladis: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 17 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 17 plus "of 25" added to it.

Going Home: Page 5 of later version adds, "Unless God heals you..."

Going to the Dogs: Verson A has different characters on page 11, and 17. "B" and "C" versions insert characters who look like Peter Lorre & Sidney Greenstreet, as well as Ernest Bordnine and Edward G. Robinson. The last panel was also redrawn.

God With Us: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 18 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 18 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Good Ol' Boys: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 22 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 22 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all. Also, the Finnish version only has one of the two Masons on the cover (the one on the right side of the regular cover), and is called "Kahlittu".

The Great Escape: Updated 2024 version of the 1991 original 1991 The Great Escape (which was an updated version of 1972's Escape). The cover of the newer version has increased the size of the black sillhouette on the front by about 20% or so. Inside, the 1991 version has "@!!!**!" cussing on page 3 (but the cussing is removed in the 2024 version). Page 7b says population is 5.1 billion people in earlier version, but new version says over 8 billion. The same panel says "In just 40 years, there will be 10 BILLION!" whereas newer version says "In just 15 years, there will be 9 BILLION!" Page 8 says "Each day, 40,000 babies starve to death", whereas newer version says ""40 million are at emergency levels of hunger." Page 9 blames dying oceans on pollution, whereas newer version blames man-made climate change. Page 10 warns of AIDS wiping out entire regions in Africa, while newer version warns that "some rogue virus wlll wipe out civiliation." Page 11B says pollution is raising Lunge cancer and emphysema, while newer version says "Nine of out ten human beings currently breathe air that exceeds the WHO's guideline limits for pollutants." Page 17B has graphic of teen's hand pointing, but newer version replaces panel with detailed text. Page 18B has graphic of howitzer burning, but newer version replaces panel with map of the Middle East. Page 20A has teen ask, "how will they leave? In a space ship?", but newer version asks "Will the space aliens grab them?" Page 22B has saved teen exclaim, "I have peace!" while newer version says "I have peace and hope!" (There are other smaller modifications, but those are the most obvious.)

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Different covers. Early version has purple borders around graphic, later version white borders. Pages 17 and 18 swap and page 22 is completely different. (Some foreign versions are still unchanged.)

Happy Hour: Earlier versions have bigger "close up" of mask on cover.

He Never Told Us: Different covers, same graphics. One has the graphic with a yellow background, another in red, and one in lime green.Circa 1994/95, it stopped saying "By JTC" and just says "JTC". Removed the "Free! Take One!" on the cover.

Here He Comes: There are 2 cover variations. The first one has a circled 25 in the bottom right corner of the cover plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Hi There: Different race versions. Common American version (see image) with US cast, Asian version with Chinese slant eyes added to same drawings (and Chinese language.) One Chinese version has a Chinese version of death on the front (he looks like a Samuri warrior -- see image), and another doesn't. There is also a cover with a goofy human face in the grim reeper's cloak instead of a skull. (See image.) It was available in 2007 (ALERT: The year may have actually been 2017, I'm waiting for confirmation), probably earlier. Also, slightly different covers of the regulargcrim reaper cover in English. The newer version has blue borders around image of Death. Note also that some versions spell "Savior" and others "Saviour" on the inside back cover. (Jack prefers the King James version with "u" in it.) It was changed when they swapped to programs using Quark, and sure enough, a sharp eyed tract reader called the company and complained! The A - C versions featured a skeleton face on the front that wasn't shaded. Early versions don't mention "1,000 years later" on page 18. 2007 also changed "Oh my God... He's dead!" to "Aw man, he's dead!" on page 10.

Hit Parade: Early version references Gen: 12:3. Later version uses Gen. 27:29b. Also, black background is added to page 21 to highlight certain text.

Holy Joe: Different covers, same graphic but early version has much smaller helmet on front with only half the green area for the graphic. Also a slightly larger 1964 Rusthoi version (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") with redrawn but very similar art except the soldiers travel to battle originally on a ship and land on an island, instead of the modern version where they fly into a jungle. The oversized is also spaced out over 32 pages (plus cover). One minor but interesting detail is the original version suggest the enemy is Japanese (like Jack fought) while the modern version features a Red Chinese enemy soldier.

[From Ramon: compare the Hebrew version of with others on that page where the Sarge is given the shoes that Holy Joe shined. The Sarge's word balloon is smaller than that of the English version, and so more of the naked female in that poster, particularly her breasts, is revealed behind it. The naked female poster alongside it isn't obscured at all in either version, but the one partially covered by the Sarge's word balloon has the model in a full frontal pose while the model in the adjacent poster poses to her side.]

Home Alone: The original version (printed in the Chick book, Hot Topics) has Charlie reading the tract, "Somebody Loves Me." But in the tract version, he's reading "Uninvited." (See page 19B.)

How To Get Rich and Keep It: American and Asian versions.

Humbug! (One version has "?" instead of "!" after title.) Panels on page 17 swap places. Some of the text also changes.

In The Beginning: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 1 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 1 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Is Allah Like You?: Sometime between July 2010 (after 0628.0) and Feb. 2011 (before 0222.11). There are major text changes throughout. The father's name is changed from Abdul to Ahmed, the son's name from Omar to Hassan. Most interestingly, all images of dogs are deleted. In the original version, Omar is chasing a dog named Princess (pp. 2, 3, 5); in the new version, Princess has been deleted. The old version had a Fang sighting on p. 6a, but in the new version Fang is gone!

It's Coming: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 2 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 2 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

It's The Law: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 7 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 7 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Is There Another Christ: First version has chubby bald monk behind the mask (see image) of Jesus while later version has a priest holding the mask and dressed in fancy robes (see image). Also, the Spanish version had redrawn ethnic characters and different art. In 2010, Chick reprinted the Priest cover version with some new art and content inside, including a drawing of George Bush jr. on page 12. (Other modifications in this version include a reduced word count, Jesus in moved from the Upper Room to the Cedron river when he prays on page 10, and the photo on page 20 now features Ratslinger instead of John Paul.)

Kings of the East: Early versions only show a black and white "river of blood" on page 18. Later versions have spot red color added.

Kiss India Goodbye: Two different covers known for this rare promo. One is a white with a gray box on the cover with the title in black within. The other cover is different; it's the standard Chick style with white title on black background, picture on the left (map of India in the middle of crosshairs, with a red splotch centered around Calcutta). Except for the cover, the 2nd version ALMOST matches the first promo described in detail in The Art Of Jack Chick book (p. 82-83) - but there appears to be a few differences. For example, p. 5 has "less than 1 1/2 years" (instead of "less than 1 year"); p. 6 deletes the text about Calcutta; p. 22 deletes the name of the foundation (leaving a blank space)

Kiss the Protestants Goodbye: Versions A-C may have different endings from version D and up. (This needs to be confirmed.) Page 13 of the "A" version attacks the Masons, while later versions focus more on the Vatican. Page 18 of A-C versions accuse Scofield of Masonic connections (omitted in later versions). Available in white title (promo for mail order customers) and orange & bluish-green (promo for bookstore retailers).

The Last Generation: Different color cover and end panel. The early blue cover version (see image) has pile of clothes left on the floor in the last panel of story (page 20) while the later green cover version (see image) ends with an outside shot of the cabin. But by 2004, Chick returns the pile of clothes to page 20, only he zooms in a bit covers the image of the bra with a word balloon, plus there is different text at the bottom of that panel. On page 8, the green version has Bobby holding pictures of a puppy and kitten and saying, "My teacher said these are great for Halloween sacrifice!" (The early blue version says, "The teacher gave us pictures of these two extinct species.") Another green version variation: Two different panels on page 10 of violence occurring outside home, while later versions show no violence outside. As early as mid 2010 (maybe sooner) Page 6B has little Bobby approaching the house saying "I hate them!", compared to the earlier version that has him cursing "@!!!**!". (All the cursing is replaced.) The 2012 reprint changes the text on (the now numbered) page 10: Panel A says "You just said the wrong thing, you intolerant jerk!" (The earlier version called him "you old crud.") Page 7A also replaces Bobby's ealier gripe that "the kids call me slime because meh @!!!**! parents are still married!" with " parents are straight and still married!" Page 2 also has the S.J. (for Soceity of Jesus, aka the Jesuits) in a full size font, compared to the tiny font featured in the earlier version. The cover of the 2012 reprint also has the seals on the New Age Healer with green backgrounds (instead of white, as the ealier versions feature). There are also new footnotes for page 11A.

The Last Judge: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 11 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 11 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

The Loser: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 10 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 10 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

The Last Missionary: One cover in red type, another is blue, and another is green.

The Letter: Early version doesn't give credit for author of "the poem" (D.J Higgins, page 19a), but later version does.

Lil' Susy vs. Li'l Susy: First version has different apostrophe location on title cover.

Little Bride, The: A typical front cover has the usual "JTC" printed in the bottom right hand corner, but the variant front cover states "Lil' Susy" instead. There is also a variant that has "Lil' Susy 5" on the cover.

Little Princess: The German version ditches the Princess motif complete, and re-draws all panels with that costume to replace it with some sort of jacket (even the cover is redrawn and the re-title is Sandra's Greatest Wish). (See image.)

Lisa: 60/D has footnote on page 22, but by the "H" version, there is no longer an address to write for molestation help.

The Lost Continent: Original super-rare promo supposedly had a black & white cover, as well as a blue cover (but neither said JTC in the bottom right corner). The 2015 Chick Tract Club reprint had the blue cover, plus the "J.T.C." on the front bottom right corner, as well as numbers on each interior page. The back cover was updated to reflect a celebration of Chick's 250th tract by the club.

A Love Story: Picture changes on pages 2 and 22 between versions S/370 - 1'5/610. (Some have the change on page 2, but not on page 22.) There's also an English version with black characters.

The Mad Machine: Different size graphic on cover. Early version has 1 1/2 inch width while later version has nearly 2 inches width of graphic. (Darker green too.)

Man In Black: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 23 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 23 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Miss Universe: Text condensed by G/370 code. (For example, page 2 starts off saying the party was "the daddy of them all". The condense version drops the "daddy" reference.) White border added around cover graphic of Esther.

The Monster: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 16 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 16 plus "of 25" added to it.

Murph: The Spanish version has a different title and name for the main character: "Pancho." Another foreign version (German?) has the character and title renamed "Harry".

My Name, In the Vatican? Title in Yellow and also in White. In the yellow title variety, a small text variation can be observed in version 904.C on page 17. It says "These people have their businesses on the line in their stand for Christ. So, back them up 100% with all your business and prayers." But the other version (904/M3E-U-B) omits the second sentence.

The Nervous Witch:There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 12 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 12 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all. Textwise, there are variations as well for the first printing. The last page of the original tract has Bob spelling witchcraft, "witchraft." The later version (first cover variation) has corrected it. The same reversion also telegraphs the plot with "see what happens to Holly in tract #17 'Gladys'", on page 18.

One Way: Title one line for early versions, two lines for later. The graphic was a 1/2 inch smaller for earlier versions as well. Negro version for Africa also made.

Only Hope: Naxi People's version (simple Chinese) has a special Chinese people cover and combines inside panels from Greatest Story Ever Told and Empty Tomb. Several unique panels have Chinese people with special mountains in various backgrounds. They are sacred to that area of China and created quite a buzz when natives noticed them in the tract.

The Outcast: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 8 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 8 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

The Outsider: Early "A" and "B" versions feature a main character who looks like Sean Connery with a beard and full head of hair. "C" version makes him look different (adds more bangs). A good example is on page 12.

Passover Plot, The: (Same tract was issued as THE PASSOVER)

Payback!: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 14 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 14 plus "of 25" added to it.

Plagues: Several panels were redrawn between B/277 and C/277. (For instance, page 3 of early version has four men in the room before Pharaoh, while later versions move closer in and show only one man bowing before Pharaoh.)

Poor Little Witch: Versions A-F feature Mandy getting murdered by Satanists. In version G, Jesus protects her from Satan (and Satanists).

The Poor Pope: Title in Orange (the retailer promo) and also White (mail order promo).

Poor Revolutionist: Four versions. First one has Harry (page 6) and an unnamed comrade (page 13, 14) in beards. Second version has Harry in beard on page 6 & 7, but not on page page 8. The comrade has no beard on any pages. The third version has Harry and the comrade beardless on all pages. The fourth version has the Russian cell leader on page 19 change from a secular man to one wearing a priest collar (i.e. Jesuit). Also, the latest reprint (at least the 2012 release) has removed the footnote on page 20 (that explains how the communists always kill their own revolutionaries after the purges that follow a revolution).

Primal Man: (Crusaders comic book #6) Updated evolution changes made in 2011. (Same images, though.)

The Promise: There are four cover variations. The very first cover was not released to the general public, but some were trickled out to people involved with the production. It featured an arm pointing to a star filled blue sky as the graphic. It had the number 4 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version changed the cover graphic to a group gathered around a crib adoring an infant. It also had the circled number 4 in the bottom right corner. The 3rd version has the circled 4 plus "of 25" added to it. The 4th version has no number at all.

Real Heat: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 15 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 15 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Reverend Wonderful: Harsher anti-Catholic text, especially at the end when Faceless God chews out the Reverend for compromising too much, not telling Catholics to leave their Church.

Room 310: Slight cover changes. One has County Ambulance written on back of ambulance. (Later version has no writing on car). Width of graphic also changes. (Earlier version 1 1/2 inch, later nearly 2 inches wide.)

The Royal Affair: Completely redrawn inside art by Fred Carter (replacing the third artist art). Carter's redrawn version begins the King David adultery story within a modern court room setting of a Senator being sued for sexual harrassment. (First version ©1990, 2nd version ©1993) In 2010, the tract was reissued with a red/purple cover.

Satan Comes to Salem: Page 18 originally read "special evidence" from early printings (Aug 2012), but changed it to "spectral evidence" for any future printings after Dec. 2015. (Collector Jeremy Weinstein alerted Chick to the mistake at that time, and Chick promised to change it for any reprints.)

The Scam: There are two cover variations. The first one has the number 9 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 9 plus "of 25" added to it.

Scoundrel, The: Minor text changes (from A to C versions) in pages 3 & 17. The original version quotes scripture while the later version says, "How could these little cuties be responsible for WWIII?" (page 3b).

Scream!: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 21 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 21 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Secret of Prayer: There are at least two versions. There is the 1972 version with a blue cover, and then it was reprinted in the late 80s with a black cover, and slightly different text. I think that the new version reflects the revisions in the Next Step. (Jeremy)

Secret Weapon: Another version was printed by the Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation with Permission from Chick Publications. It's called "Missionaries Are Fools" and is printed in a 20 page tract. All the artwork is Chicks, ©1974, but the tract was probably printed after 1983 (since most of it was also printed in Battlecry which started in 1983). There is different artwork and text from Secret Weapon, but over half of it is the same. This is NOT a custom tract printed by Chick, as it has no Chick company graphics on the back nor code. Chick also issued a "Missionaries are Fools" tract with standard Chick covers, we a 1974 copyright.

Set Free: A Mongolian Cyrillic version was made with all Chinese characters and text.

Sin Busters: Cover change (Early versions say "The Story of Moses, Part 2" while the more recent one just says "The Story of Moses".) The original 278/A version has different panels on pages 17, 19, 21 (for example, page 19 has dead laying in the desert, while newer versions have them being carried away). The later version with no "part 2" on the cover only seems to come with the modified art (ie., dead being carried off on page 19). It's the versions with "part 2" on the cover that are available with two different types of interior art. (Please notify us if you find otherwise.) In case your wondering what "part 1" is, check out PLAGUES.

Sin City: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 3 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 3 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Sissy, The: Early cover has lines (shading) around edges surrounding graphic.

Skylighter: At least two pages have footnotes added promoting related books.

Somebody Loves Me: Change on page 19 (later version has Christian offer to get help, early version doesn't.) The width of the graphic also changes over time. It grows to 2 inches from 1 1/2". There is also a rare medium oversized version of this tract from the late 1960s which features a subtitle on the cover that says "STORY OF AN ORPHAN BEGGER BOY." Much (all?) of the the artwork is revised, and includes images of abuse less severe than the current version (like the boy gets spanked instead of beaten). The 1969 version has the girl in pigtails, while the 1972 and 1973 version has her with untied hair, and wearing a plaid jacket. In 2006, Fred Carter created a negro version by replacing all the caucasian faces with a black cast and renamed it Hard Times

Somebody Goofed: The original medium oversized version was more square shaped with no graphic on the the front at all (see image). It had more basic art inside. For the regular size tract cover, demons on the front danced and laughed a hearty "haw-haw, heh-he" (see image), while the later version does not (see image). Real early versions have the demon in red after he pulls off his mask in last panel. Characters on pages 2 and 3 are updated sometime before the "haw-haw-haw" cover is changed. Old version page one, t shirt back has peace symbol. It changes to pentigram in later versions. Page 2, originally has hippy with jean jacket and peace symbol. Later version has a rocker with black shirt and skull design. One of the early regular sized versions (w/ haw-haw-haw on the cover) doesn't refer to purgatory on page 18, but instead, calls it Hades. An oversized 1966 version has completely redrawn art (which is more primative) and a different cover design (with no graphic), but the story is still the same. A more recent change is the name of the tract passed to the kid on page 11: It used to be called "YE must be born again", but now it is "YOU must..." In 2008, Fred Carter completely redrew the story with an all black cast (renamed Oops!)

Soul Story: Front graphic covers complete front of the original early version (see image), while later reprints just cover 1/3 the cover (see image).

Squatters: (from Rowan Morrel) "I've just been comparing the new version of Squatters with the original 2004 release and have observed the following changes. Firstly and most obviously, the new one has page numbers. Secondly (and much more subtly), the font on the words "OUR LAND" on the cover is slightly less bold. Other changes include: the words "Replacement Theology" being added beneath the 2nd panel on Page 14, the word "capitol" being changed to "capital" in the 2nd panel on Page 17, the word "Moslem" being changed to "Muslim" in the 1st panel on Page 19 and the Pope in the 2nd panel on Page 19 being altered to look like Francis (whereas before I think he was supposed to resemble John Paul II, who was still alive in 2004)."

Superman: Cover change: Samson flexing muscles (see image) on front cover of earlier version while later version shows him pulling the pillars down (see image).

Superstar, The: (foreign version, maybe English verions as well, though I only have a newer one with the dirt) have an old version where the soccer player's left hand is clenched and left foot points slightly up and he has clean knees and uniform. On the newer versions the left hand of the soccer player is more straight and the left foot points more down. Dirt on uniform and left knee. The cover also changed from a teal color to a blue color.

This Was Your Life: An early Super Oversized version exists (8 x 5 1/2 inches) as well as a Medium Oversized version (5 x 3 1/2 inches). They contain minor art changes. Both have 34 interior pages. The artwork was later redrawn (but with the same plot) and reduced for what is probably Chick's most widely read tract (the standard English version). Also regular sized Negro cast version (art by Carter), two different Asian cast versions (featuring Japanese and Korean versions redrawn by Carter). A Hindi version (with several different scenes), Arabic version (with main character wearing mustache, plus other details), and a Turkish version with God as a ball of light (which has since been updated to a regular faceless God). A regular Spanish & Italian version has the regular plot, but the preacher wears a priest collar. A Tahitian version has Hawaiian characters (and a different Fred Carter style). A Huichol version with a different page 2, 12b, and 21. Future variations are planned for (probably misspelled) Marshalian, Philippine, and Waraye-Waraye (an ignored province in the Philippines-- this may be the same as the Huichol version). Changes may be as subtle as the designs on shirts, or different funeral rituals. Chick Publications relies on missionary feedback to alert them of any special cultural differences that they should include in customized tracts.

[Update from Apostate: I spotted another variation of a tract; the Negro version of This Was Your Life. The English-African version has a different first page than the other African versions. It shows the sinner smooching the girl from a different angle than the other African versions (which makes it a bit more sensuous). You also get to see the man's car through a window while the other version doesn't. In the Zulu, Swahili, and Chichewa versions Jesus is colored. In the African and Black English version, he's white.

Also the Amharic version of TWYL, on page 3 there is an Orthodox priest giving the eulogy and there's a lot more people aroung the gravesite. Also when the sinner sees himself as a baby on the screen, it's a completely different face from the standard version.]

[Update from Ramon: Remember the blonde chick that the guy lusts after in This Was Your Life? In the most recent English printing, the sinner's word baloon, "I remember doing that--but no one saw me!" covers the woman's cleavage, whereas before it was always situated below the "movie screen" frame on which the event is displayed. Compare your white English versions of This Was Your Life from 2002 and a version prior to that, and see if you can duplicate this spotting!

Also, look at the Black English version of This Was Your Life and compare the scene where the naked women are bathing to that in some other black versions like the Creole or the Chichewa tracts. Notice anything different about the women's hairdos between those tracts?

In addition, look at the funeral caption in the English version. Notice the tombstone with the cross? Now look at that panel in the Arabic and Farsi versions. Hmm, not only have the guests and the religious figure changed, but so has that tombstone!]

Update from Bill Parry: IT'S YOUR LIFE (Black version of TWYL), p. 16a: 0522.6: faceless God is black. 1228.6: new art, faceless God is now white (but remains black on p. 22).

Update from Kevin Christy: the French Tahitian version of "This Was Your Life" has an island scene, but I did want to mention that the Fijian version shows a much closer view with the girls skirt barely being seen.

The Terminator: Cover change. One has close up of Goliath's face (see image), other has long view of him holding victim over his head (see image). The long shot picture also comes in two versions-- one with the subtitle "David and Goliath", the other without.

That Old Devil: Page 16b has devil with red eyes, but sometimes it is only partial or missing totally.

The Trick: Slight variation on page 22. The earlier versions (including 11/B - 11/E codes) references the Rebecca Brown books "He Came to Set the Captives Free" & "Prepare for War". The later versions (e.g., 11/I code) reference a book and an organization called The Yoders with an address in Iowa (That's Rebecca Brown's husband's name.) Most recent versions (as early as 11/K) have no footnotes on page 22.

That Crazy Guy: Herpes version vs. modern AIDS version. Both involve text and panel changes. Original Herpes version shows diagrams explaining how VD multiplies on page 12. Another more subtle AIDS version exists-- Code L & M (and perhaps others) includes one more line of text on the very last panel: "And thank you that NOW I don't have to go to that dark, horrible, unspeakable place." (Later versions replace the line with a footnote pushing two Rick Jones books.)

That Old Devil: On page 22 of the earlier versions, it references one of Rebecca Brown's book. It's omitted later.

Titanic: There are three cover variations: One with dark cloudy sky, one with an overshadowed sky, one with a clear sky. The codes are 48/C (dark cloudy sky), 48/I (overshadowed sky) and 048 3.8 to present (clear sky). The bottom of the boat is white in the last two and black in the first cover.

The Trial: Cover variations-- Earlier one has white borders around graphic, while later one has a brick wall behind the girl and a black border around the graphic. An error version has solid black behind the girl (no bricks).

UNWANTED: (Crusaders comic book #19) Changes in text made in 2012. (Same images, though.)

Virtual Reality?: Original title had fuzzy blue outline around letters, and "D.W.D." in bottom right was printed in blue. Revamped version five months later had all white title and "D.W.D." in all white letters.

The Visitors: Early version has elders named Bruce and Randy. They place a curse on Janice on page 20. (Later it's Bruce and Grant and no curse is given.)

What's Wrong With This? page 5, originally the lady calls the man "Smarty Pants" but now it has been changed to "Mr. Know It All".

Who Are They Gonna Remember? Available in blue, green and red titles (see image). Also, the very latest (902 10.5) version has white titles, with a green background behind the graphic (of the people), and the question marks in white (see image).

Who Cares: There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 20 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 20 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Who Loves You? (Black version of A LOVE STORY):
code 1214.6 (that means it was printed December 14, 2006): God is black on pp. 16 and 22.
code 0914.7 (Sept. 14th, 2007 to date) God is white on pp. 16 and 22.

Who Me?: Cover color change: Early cover is black and white (see image) while another is green and black ("free- take one") and another has a red and black cover (all ©1973) . The latest version has the red and black cover (©1998) and minor layout differences, including FANG on page 3! There's an Asian version featuring a Chinese lady on cover and inside (see image). Also a German version with a blond on the front cover.

The original 1969 version had different art, almost all of which featured the blond woman thinking about and passing out tracts. In 1970, most the art from This Book Has Been Banned was combined into Who Me.

In April of 2004, the main character changed from being a blond to a brunet, both on the cover and throughout the tract. An older version (900R) had the gal with red hair.

Who's Missing? There are three cover variations. The first one has the number 24 circled on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The 2nd version has the circled 24 plus "of 25" added to it. The last version has no number at all.

Who's The Real Hater? There are two known cover color variationsj: The first one is aquamarine color, the 2nd one is blue. There is also a text change on the last page (pg 22). The original (printed in 2012) says "But Chick tracts are not 'hate literature.' They are 'love literature.'" across the top, and at the bottom, it says "That is the message of love that we prayerfully put in every Chick tract." The 2nd version says (from March 2018) "But this tract was given to you out of love, not hate." across the tope, and at the bottom, it says "If you want God's free love gift, do what it says on the next page."

Why No Revival: Early ©1970 version with yellow cover (see image) features Civil Rights issues. Later ©1986 version has green cover (see image) and no civil rights panels (and about 30% different art). It was originally a Super-dooper Oversized version ©1961 (8 x 10 inches), which was soon reduced to regular Super Oversized version (7 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches). They contain almost ALL different art (see image). It's Chicks very first tract but the art was changed as the characters were based on Church members who didn't appreciate it! A Medium Oversized version also exists (4.25 x 5.5"). There is also a Minor Oversized version (3.5 x 5"). All of the above oversized tracts were dated 1961.

Once Chick redrew it (1970), he was using regular sized tracts, but there is also a small variation in the regular 1970 small version (yellow cover) on page 16. Next to the panel of "King Kong Died For Your Sins", is a street sign of "Welcome to the Church of Chit" (removed in later versions). Finally, there is a slight text variation in the green cover versions. Sometime after the "W" code, page 14 changes the statement of "Every Church has been successfully infiltrated by witches" to "Most churches..." The footnote on the same page plugs different books as well.

Wordless Gospel: African (see image), Haitian (see image), and New Guinea versions exist (all w/ different art, see image). An oversized version of New Guinea The Wordless Gospel was published in 1972. It's 3 1/2" x 5 1/4". It's basically the same art (though more complete), but there are a couple minor art modifications and at least one additional art panel. There is also more red ink in the larger version, with the demon colored in red. Does this mean oversized versions of the African and Haitian versions also exist?

At least a Hatian version with the demon in red exists, but it's regular size. Each panel has a number under it. Panels 28 and 29 or switched (compared to the current version.) The back advertises "International Gospel Literature, P.O. Box 1001, Chino CA 91710" instead of Chick Publications. It's ©1973.

Wounded Children: Different footnotes and contact information provided on page 22 between "E" and "H" versions. The "H" version pushes Dr. Rebecca Brown's books.


For color variations, visit the color variations page.


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4.4.01 The Trick, Greatest Story, Fire Starter, The Beast,4.15.01 Titanic, Creator or Liar? 4.22.01 TWYL, Only Hope (Naxi version) 4.30.01 My Name in the Vatican? Creator or Liar? 5.05/01 Allah had no Son, Poor Little Witch 5.15.01 This Was Your Life, Empty Tomb 6.1.01 The Beast 6.20. 01 Going to dogs, First Jaws, Somebody Goofed, The Beast, The Letter, This Was Your Life, That Old Devil, 6.30.01 Little Princess 7.13.01 Secret of Prayer. 9.7.01 Big Deal 9.27.01 Somebody Goofed. 4.06.02 Going to the Dogs, The Outsider 4.15.02 Empty tomb 5.11.02 The Assignment 5.25.02 Nervous Witch 6.15.02 Who Me, Who Are They Gonna Remember? 7.28.02 Kings of the East (Fowler) 8.2.02 (from Mark) Bad Bob, Who Are They Gonna Remember, Somebody Goofed, Going Home, Kiss The Protestant's Goodbye.8.8.02 Great Escape 8.16.02 Caught (Fowler), 8:17.02 Hit Parade, 9.03-02- Escape, Poor Revolutionist, 9.16b.02 Angels, 10.9.02 TWYL, Holy Joe, 12.9.02 Big Daddy, 4.14.03 Kiss The Protestants 7.15.03 Broken Cross (noted by Wooddoc) 2.12.04 Fire Starter & Hi There (noted by Wooddoc) Who Me ('69 ver.) 4/04 The Attack, Are Roman Catholics Christians? Who Me? and [Other] 6/04 Firestarter, Somebody Goofed 6/19/04 Bewitched 7/8/ The Nervous Witch 11.13.04- The Last Generation 12.23.05 - What's Wrong With This (spotted by Sunil) 1.15.06 - A Demon's Nightmare (indian version spotted by Sunil) 2.20.06 - Somebody Goofed (page 11 change, spotted by Sunil) 5.25.06 Doom Town (Clint). 2.2.07 - Allah Had No Son 3.07 Set Free. 5/18/07 This Was Your Life 9.12.07 Free At Last 1.24.08 Angels, Who Loves You, (from by Bill Parry) 2.28.08 Somebody Goofed (new black version "Oops!"), A Love Story (new black version Who Loves You?), Best Friends (new black version Soul Sisters), Somebody Loves Me (new black version Hard Times), Allah Had No Son (new black version, Who Is Allah?) 3.19.08 Burn Baby Burn, and Lil' Susy, That Old Devil (Parry) 3.25.08r Is There Another Christ? 7.25.09 Somebody Loves You. 1/1/10 Is There Another Christ, In The Beginning, It's Coming, Sin City, The Promise, The Big Deal, Framed, It's The Law, The Outcast, The Scam, The Loser, The Last Judge, The Nervous Witch, Caught!, Payback!, Real Heat, The Monster, Gladis, God With Us, Fallen, Who Cares, Scream!, Good Ol' Boys, Man In Black, Here He Comes, Who's Missing

6.20.10 Last Generation (Alex G.)

7.7.10 Poor Revolutionist (Bill Parry)

7.7.11 Is Allah Like You? (Bill Parry)

2.25.12 The Devil's Night, The Little Bride (Rowan Morrell)

7.28.12 Skylighter

9.14.12 Hi There cover variation from James Burroughs

11.10.12 - Fat Cats (Scot Carr & Bill Perry)

1.11.13 - Death Cookie, Murph, Last Generation, added links to variant covers. Good Ol' Boys.

1.27.13 - Congratulations! (Chrissy Spallone). Also, corrections and clarifications to Angles and Are Roman Catholics Christians? (James Burroughs.) Murph. Somebody Loves Me, Last Generation (Rowan).

7.19.13- Squatters

7.1.14 - Home Alone (Kevin E's observation from Facebook)

11.18.15 - Apes Lies And Ms. Henn cover variation

11.28.18 - Who's the Real Hater

12.9.18 - Dark Dungeons. (Art changes noticed by James of Virginia in versions post 2013.) & Poor Revolutionist (removal of footnote on page 20 in latest version).

4.1.19 Firestarter (art changes, mentioned by James.)

8.8.22 Dark Dungeons (Vince G.)

4.20.23 Why No Revival (oversized tract measurements provided by Vince G.)

4.25.23 Why No Revival (Super Dooper Oversized-- 8 x 10" version) & Kiss Protestants Goodbye title color (Vince G.)

MORE VARIATIONS spotted by Kevin Christy:

Why is Mary Crying? has the newer tracts with a different picture on page 3 with the words now in two boxes on each side. Boo has the older tracts with the words on page 7 in the balloon on two lines. The newer tracts have the words on one line.

Holy Night on page 14 has some changes in the newer versions from Frozen Chosen and lower case marine to Chosen Few, upper case Marine and just korea instead of North Korea.

It's Who You Know in the original has no bold lettering on the Ten Commandments, whereas the new ones have bold lettering. This may be like a font change that you don't list.

There are a few word differences in the Home Alone from the Hot Topics book and the tract.

Reverend Wonderful on page 13 removed the tract "The Contract." The picture on Just One More is smaller than on the original printings.

The Li'l Susy tract went from tree leaves around border to an all green background with a narrow gap at bottom to an all green background with a large gap at bottom.

Who Murdered Clarice went from a bigger cover picture with no gap on top or bottom to a smaller picture with a gap on the top and bottom. There are also some of the series tracts such as The Greatest Story Told and The Empty Tomb and others with or without subtitles and numbers or J.T.C. on the bottom etc. If you would like some more variations, I will let you know of what I know. Thanks.

The Why is Mary crying? tract that I said has a different picture on page 3, also has a different picture on page 10 and the square with the comments the Scriptures say: is less bold on page 6 in the ones with the new pictures.

Why Is Mary Crying? had a version with a slightly wider cover picture with By J.T.C. on it instead of the current J.T.C. and with or without page numbers.

This Was Your Life tracts of 1972 and 2002. On page 4 of the 1972 tract, the verse is written in 7 lines, but is 8 lines in the 2002 version. On page 14a of the 1972 tract, it says " I wonder who's winning the World Series?", but it is changed to Ball Game in the 2002 tract. On page 15b of the 1972 tract, the verse on line 3 says "reap", but on the 2002 tract it says "also reap". In the 1972 tract on page 17a, Jesus points to his right, but to his left in the 2002 tract. On page 19 of the 1972 tract it reads II Peter 3:9, but 2 Peter 3:9 in the 2002 tract. On page 20a of the 1972 tract after REPENT, the words are changed in the 2002 tract. On page 20b it reads Savior in 1972 tract and Saviour for 2002 tract. On page 22b of the 1972 tract, Jesus is pointing to his left and verse reads I Corinthians 2:9, but in 2002 tract it reads 1 Corinthians 2:9 and Jesus points to his right and an asterisk referencing Matthew 25:21 is added.

First Bite, The Superstar (Kevin Christy)

8.8.23b: Hi There update (the smiling cover may have been 2017 instead of 2007, awaiting confirmation). Also updated The Lost Continent, saying the early version came in black/white but also blue covers.

8.16.23 Satan Comes to Salem.

2.19.24: Great Escape revamped version. Virtual Reality? cover change.

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