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Battle Cry Index!


The following is a list providing the main article titles of every Battle Cry issued by Chick Publications. A new issue of Battle Cry is published every other month and sent automatically to anyone who has ordered products from the company in the last six months. You can access previous Battlecry articles (by date) HERE.

Special thanks to Richard Lee for his help compiling this list. (And Tom Raney for his help with the missing copies!)

Mar./ Apr. 2024
Headline: "10 Million Souls on Our Doorstep; Do We Care?" 
Other highlights include: "Canada Rapidly Becoming Dangerous For Christians" and "Science Finds More 'Evidence' of Adam and Eve"

Jan/ Feb. 2024

Headline: "Roman Catholicism's Disconnect From the Scriptures Is Increasingly Clear"
Other highlights include: "Researcher Finds 'Catastrophic Decline' in Christians' Worldview" and "Euthanasia Is A Slippery Slope"

Nov/ Dec. 2023

Headline: "In Canada, 'Transformation' is a Half-Empty Library"
Other highlights include: "Pope All-In on Climate Change" and "So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?"

Sept/ Oct. 2023

Headline: "Girl Scouts Can Now Earn a Sodomite Patch"
Other highlights include: "Spectacular Pageant Introducing a Buddhist Message" and "Mainline 'Churches' Splitting Over Same-Sex Marriage"

July/ Aug. 2023

Headline: "Is Roman Catholic 'Evangelism' Biblical?" 
Other highlights include: "Finnish Member of Parliament Again Charged With Hate" and "More States Are Voting for Assisted Suicide"

May/ June 2023

Headline: "I'm Forever Grateful for that Little Tract"
Other highlights include: "Prisons: 'A Mission Field Next Door" and "Even Women Inmates Are Not Safe from Transgenders"

Mar / April 2023

Headline: "Pope Say That Homosexuality is Sin- But Not a Crime"
Other hightlights include: "Mobs Are Okay, Christians Arrested Instead," and "Deaths of Despair Increasing as Church Declines"

Jan / Feb 2023

Headline: "A Burning Desire for Lost Souls Let to Saturation Mission"
Other highlights include: "Catholic Sexual Abuse Has Another Side" and "Pressure Increasing Against Freedom to Preach the Gospel"

Nov / Dec 2022 Battle Cry

Headline:  "Disney Peddling Another One of Satan’s Lies"
Other highlights include:  "California Establishes ‘Hate’ Commission" and "‘Banned Books Week’ Celebrates Perversion"

Sept / Oct 2022 Battle Cry

Headline: "Pope Apologizes-But Nothing Changes"
Other highlights include: "Marching Towards the Beast" and "When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Facts?"

July / Aug 2022 Battle Cry

Headline: "Pope Apologizes-But Nothing Changes"
Other highlights include: "Marching Towards the Beast" and "When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Facts?"

May / June 2022 Battle Cry

Headline: "Post-Christian Europe Attempting to Shut Down Free Speech"

Other highlights include: "ABS Sees Sudden Drop in Bible Usage" and ""Stop! Stop! Not 'Appropriate for' Children"

Mar / Apr 2022 Battle Cry

Other highlights include:  "Parents Sue California Schools Over Aztec Prayers" and  "Baby Baphomet Joins Baby Jesus in Illinois State House"

This issue only has "April 2022" for the date instead of the usual bi-monthly date. 

Jan / Feb 2022 Battle Cry

Other highlights include:  "Whose Abomination?" and "Parents Waking Up—Fighting for their Kids"

Nov / Dec 2021 Battle Cry

Other highlights include: "Homosexuals Want to Change the Subject" and "The New Face of Evangelism"

Sept / Oct. 2021 Battle Cry

Headline: "How One Tract Made the Difference"

Other highlights include:  "How Good is Your Ruler?" and "Teacher Stands for God-and Wins"

July / Aug 2021

Headline: '"More Proof Catholicism Is Not Christian"
Other highlights include, "Schools Are the New Battleground" and "The Resistance to Sin is Rising"

May / June 2021

Headline: "Pope Makes Social Call to Iraq"
Other highlights include: "Supreme Court Establishes Strong Precedent for Soul Winners" and "A Pandemic Bigger than COVID-19"

Mar / April 2021

Headline:  "Pope Still Worshipping Roman Catholic Goddess"
Other highlights include: "Thousands Discovering Way Out of Government Schools" and "Homosexual Attack on Children Blunted in Florida"

Jan / Feb 2021

Headline: "Vatican Power Politics More Important Than Truth"
Other highlights include: "Blind Soul Winner Rescued by the Constitution" and "Sermon Gets Chaplain Discharged"

Nov / Dec 2020

Headline: "Pope Proves that RC "Church is Still Counterfeit"
Other highlights include: "Pedophilia Now an "Orientation"" and "Does Reading and Trusting Codex Sinaiticus Lead to Faith?"

Sept / Oct 2020

Headline: Is the Virus God’s Judgment?"
Other highlights include: "Revolutions Rarely Benefit Christians" and "With Schools Closed, Satan’s Attack is Closer to Home."

July / August 2020

Headline: "Pope Using the Pandemic to Beat the Drum for Unity"
Other highlights include: "Nation's First High School LGBTQ+ Course in Maryland" and "Why Young Christian Leaders are Losing Their Faith"

May / June 2020

Headline: "Former Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) Suggests One World Leader"

Other highlights include, "False Forgiveness from a Woodshed" and "Harvard Hosts Anti-Homeschool Summit"

Mar / April 2020

Headline: "Pope Continues to Discourage Soul Winning"

Other highlights include, "LGBT Activists Shut Down Franklin Graham Venues" and "Disney Does it Again"

Jan/ Feb 2020

Headline: "The Pope Wants You to Have 73 (or 80) Books in Your Bible"

Other highlights include, "Next Step in the Sexual Revolution" and "Are We Really Too Dumb to Read the King James?"

Nov/ Dec 2019

Headline: "Pope Casts His Vote for Globalism"

Other highlights include: "Chicago Soul Winning Team Defending Their Freedom" and "Parents, Do You Know What’s Happening in School?"

Sept/ Oct 2019

Headline: "Pope Decides Lord's Prayer is Wrong"

Other highlights include: "Mormon President 'Instructed' to Drop Name" and "Are We Finally Waking Up?"

July/Aug 2019

Headline: "Cathedral Fire Exposed Catholic Paganism"

Other highlights include: "Testimonies Threaten LGBT Agenda" and "Fulfilling Christ's Command"

May/June 2019

Headline: "Is The Church Losing The Great Commission?"

Other highlights include: "When It's Not Safe To Die" and "Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot At Manhood"

Mar/ April 2019

Headline: "Virgin of Guadalupe Deceiving Millions" 

Other highlights include: "Drag Queens Out to "Groom" Your Kids" and "Sexual Revolution Devastating to Children"

Jan/ Feb. 2019

Headline: "Does the Great Commission Apply to Me?"
Other highlights include: "Evolution: No God Needed" and "Why Would God Bother?"

Nov./ Dec. 2018

Headline: "China Churches Protest Government Crackdown"Other hightlights include: "When we Take a Stand, Satan Loses" and "Does 'Palestine' Belong in the Book of Joshua?" and

Sept./Oct. 2018

Headline: "Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?"
Other highlights include: "Religious Freedom Victories" and "Halloween Is Not Satan's Only Holiday"

July/ Aug 2018

Headline: "Pope Forced to Backpedal in Chile"
Other highlights include: "Christian Colleges: Obey God Or Government!" and "Boy Scouts No Longer 'Boy' Scouts"

May/ June 2018

Headline: "Virgin Mary Goddess Again Elevated by Pope Francis"Other highlights include: "Great Commission Foreign to 51% of Church-Goers" and "Survey: 'Christians are Not Spreading the Gospel'"

Mar/ April 2018

Headline: "New Relic Rules for an Old Idolatry"
Other highlights include, "Petrified Forest in Antarctica More Evidence of Flood" and "Clergy Abuse Still Haunts Pope"

Jan/ Feb 2018

Headline: "Who's In Charge of the Bible?"
Other highlights include: "100 Years-100 Million Dead Under Communism" and "Malawi Church Started with Tract"

Nov/ Dec 2017

Headline: "Attack on Religious Freedom May Be Turning"
Other highlights include: "World-Famous Chemist Says Peers Hide from Explaining Evolution!" and "It Worked! David Got the Gospel!"

Sept/Oct 2017

Headline: "Halloween a Great Time to Teach Soul Winning"
Other highlights include: "Are You a Hater?" and "The 'New Rome' is Still the Old Rome"

July/ Aug 2017

Headline: "Religious Freedom Tightens World Wide"
Other highlights include: "Satan's Plan for Doubt" and "Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested"

May/ June 2017

Headline: "Pope Decides It's Okay to Read the Bible?"
Other highlights include: "Deaths of Despair On The Rise" and "Globalist Lab Cases Becoming Apparent"

Mar/ April. 2017

Headline: "Pope Still Eyeing Jerusalem"
Other highlights include: "Christian Parenting Threatened by California Bill" and "Millennials Poised for Deception"

Jan/ Feb. 2017

Headline: "The Pope is On a Roll"
Other highlights include: "Tributes to Jack" and "Jack's Cartoon"

Nov./ Dec. 2016

Headline: "Is Mother Theresa Really a Saint?"
Other highlights include: "Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Trying to Fund Heaven on Earth" and "Russia Moving Quickly Against Christians."

Note: This is the first issue of "Battle Cry" published since the death of Chick Publicatons founder Jack T. Chick in October 2016. This issue does not acknowledge his death, but the Chick Publications website does. There are no more "A Message from Jack Chick" sections in Battlecry, although Chick stockpiled new cartoons that continue to grace the back covers (along with timeless recycled ones).

Sept./Oct. 2016

Headline:"New Law May Forbid Soul Winning in Russia"
Other highlights include: "When is Witnessing Allowed in Public Schools?" and "Is There a Death Bed Window Into Eternity?"

July/August 2016

Headline: "Catholicism and Islam-Two Similar Gospels"
Other highlights include: "Why Mutilate the Body? It's About the Soul!" and "God Angry About Dividing His Land"

May/June 2016

Headline: "Prayer Rally Tainted with Ecumenism"
Other highlights include: "Satanists Pressure Schools for Equal Opportunity" and "Same-Sex Marriage Didn't End It"

Mar/ Apri 2015

Headline: "The Pope Wants to Talk to You"
Other highlights include: "Persecution Rising Worldwide" and "Cities Keep Testing Limits of Freedom of Religion"

Jan/ Feb 2016

Headline: "Terrorism Must Be Answered With Revival"
Other highlights include: "Whose bathroom is it, anyway?" and "Court foils attack on public witnessing."

Nov./ Dec 2015

Headline: "POPE FRANCIS: The White Knight to Save the World?"
Other highlights include: "UN good for world peace?" and "Should you follow Pope Francis?"

Sept/Oct. 2015

Headline: "Opportunistic Vatican On the Move Again"
Other highlights include: "ISIS phenomenon creates opportunity to witness to Muslims," and "Mosquito puts holes in Evolution."

July/Aug. 2015
Headline: "Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the Sexual Revolution"
Other highlights include: "Any such thing as a divine sinner?" and "KJV in the way of progress?"

May/ June 2015

Headline: "Pope Francis Making a Sharper Left Turn"
Other highlights include: "Homoactivist's next target: churches" and "What happens when God is removed from the culture?"

April 2015

Headline: "One-World Code Words Foreshadow Trouble for Bible Believers"
Other highlights include: "Anti-Israel sentiment growing," and "Why are church leaders worried?"

Jan/ Feb 2015

Headline: "Coming to Your Bible"
Other highlights include: " Plans for One-World government are well along," and "SBC suggests new approach to 'gays.'"

Nov/ Dec 2014

Headline: "Italian Pentecostals Not Buying Pope's 'Unity'"
Other highlights include: "Christians have become 'poster children' for Satan's lies," and "Freedom of worship but not freedom of religion."

Sept/ Oct 2014

Headline: "Catholicism's Happy Face Masks Same Old Bondage"
Other highlights include: "A 'gay' new world," and "Witnessing to Mardi Gras' evil twins."

July/ Aug 2014

Headline: "Pope's 'Unity' Push in High Gear"
Other highlights include: "A Christian is martyred every 3 hours" and "Christian media sacrifices truth for unity."

May/ June 2014

Headline: "What's Wrong with this Picture?"
Other highlights include: "'Comfortable Christianity...-Is Over!'" and "Vatican's fraudulent make-over."

Mar/ April 2014

Headline: "'Humble' New Pope Making Firm Push for One-World Religion"
Other highlights include: "Unity for all!" and "Fundamentalists the bad guys." This is the first Battle Cry issue that is not explicitly bimonthly, as this issue is labeled as "April 2014" instead of "March-April 2014."

Jan/ Feb. 2014

Headline: "New Pope Speaks for Political Salvation:
Other highlights include: "Humanist: 'Protect our schools from the Christians!'" and "Soul winners...Get busy!!!"

Nov/ Dec. 2013

Headline: "The 'Twin Towers' of the Vatican"
Other highlights include, "Mormon Leadership Admits 'Mistakes'" and "5-year-old passes Chick Tracts because they have 'Jesus in it!'"

Sept/ Oct. 2013

Headline: "Even Military Becoming Hostile to Christians"
Other highlights include: "Scotland says, 'All children belong to the state.'" and "Churches produce atheists?"

July/August 2013

Headline: "New Pope; Same Old Deception"
Other highlights include: "Hate speech laws v. freedom to witness" and "What is saturation witnessing?"

May/June 2013

Headline: " Christians Becoming Public Enemy #1 —Worldwide"
Other highlights include: " What does gunpowder have to do with the KJV Bible?" and "Do you dare God?"

Mar/ April 2013

Headline: "Is 'Evangelical' Catholicism Really Evangelical?"
Other highlights include: "Can't homeschool in America?" and "Are you part of the 'Steepest Generation?'"

Jan/ Feb 2013

Headline: "Creeping Sharia-It's Not a Theory"
Other highlights include: "Today, its' getting more dangerous to be a Christian" and "Parents, the culture is no longer your friend."

Nov/ Dec. 2012

Headline: "Freedom is Never Free"
Other highlights include, "Stump an evolutionist" and "Speech-or blasphemy?"

Sept./Oct. 2012

Headline: "Who's the Real Hater?"
Other highlights include: ""Who's got the best family plan?" and "UK government now has a 'death template.'"

July/Aug. 2012

Headline: "Why Is Islam So Dangerous?"
Other highlights include: "Are you ready for Sharia Law?" and "Who would want to destroy the Bible?"

May/June 2012

Headline: "Popes Now Trying to Steal the KJV"
Other highlights include: "Humanists Army Chaplains?" and "KJV-Onlyism what do you think?"

March/April 2012

Headline: "Do the Pope and Bible Believers Really Have That Much in Common?"
Other highlights include: "Are there "Fairytale Markers' in your Bible?" and "Compromised truth is no longer

Jan./Feb. 2012

Headline: "Vatican Calls For World Government"
Other highlights include: "Mormons worried about their political image" and "Homosexuals turn up the heat in cyberspace"

Nov./ Dec. 2011

Headline: "Soaked Eucharist Grows 'Heart Tissue'"
Other highlights include: "Seeker Friendly Bibles" and "Are Jesuits Obsolete?"

Sept./Oct. 2011

Headline: "Evangelicals, Pope, Modernists Make New Evangelism Rules"
Other highlights include: "Jack's letter: hell no laughing matter" and "Most 'gays' got a bad sexual start."

July/ August 2011

Headline: "Catholic 'Evangelist' Carried the Wrong Gospel"
Other highlights include: "KJV: 400 Years of God's Power in English" and "Sodomites at war with Bible believers"

May/June 2011

Headline: "Even Popes Have Trouble Becoming Saints"
Other highlights include: "Sociologist Develops Gospel Saturation Plan" and "'Holy Roller' shares food and the gospel"

Mar./Apr. 2011

Headline: "Missionary Sowing Gospel of Peace in Hurting City"
Other highlights include: "Allah's solution for sin different from God's," and "Christians becoming public enemy #1."

Jan./Feb. 2011

Headline: "Israel Wary of Vatican Synod"
Other highlights include: "Public Schools vs. Parents," and "'Tolerance' can be confusing."

Nov./ Dec. 2010

Headline: "Europe is in Convulsions"
Other highlights include: "Poe and Islam competing for Europe," and ""How did we get in this mess?"

Sept./Oct. 2010

Headline: "Fifth Marian 'Dogma' Pushes Jesus Further Aside"
Other highlights include: "Could you wear an "I love Muslims" T-shirt?" and "When we legalize sin, bad things happen."

July/August 2010

Headline: "Modern Bibles Leave Room for Purgatory"
Other highlights include: ""Is your child a "stupid little bigot?" and "Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion"

May/June 2010

Headline: "Pope Prays Before Catholic Super-Relic"
Other highlights include: "Did Muhammad have a 9 year old wife?" and "University Excludes Christian Legal Society from Campus"

Mar/ April 2010

Headline: "Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Spreading to Europe"
Other highlights include: "Doubt in the Bible Behind Cultural Decay," and "Fired for telling the truth about Homosexuality."

Jan/ Feb. 2010

Jan/Feb 2010
Headline: "New EU President Touts 'Global Governance'"
Other highlights include: "Homosexuals await next generation to okay same-sex marriage," and "Can the government tax sin away?"

Nov/ Dec. 2009

Headline: "Pope Pressured to Reveal Names of 'Lost Jews'"
Other highlights include: "If Jesus Lied, Can He be God?" and "God shares His opinion of Lutheran Church allowing gay leaders."
Online articles: "What happened to Thanksgiving?" and "Malaysia Confiscates Bibles, Claiming Allah and Jehovah are Not the Same."

Sept/ Oct. 2009

Headline: "Pope Proposes 'World Political Authority' with 'Real Teeth'"
Other highlights include: "U.S. prisons breeding grounds for terror!" and "Does taking "hell" out of the Bible make it go away?"
Online bonus articles: "What's all the fuss about?" and "Deltas and the age of the earth"

July/Aug. 2009

Headline: "'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'"
Other highlights include: "They will kill you if you pass out tracts in those apartments," and "Pass out Chick tracts...go to jail, in Singapore." The online version of this issue features an exclusive article: "Pollster: Americans Christians Mostly 'Casual'"

May/June 2009

Headline: "Priests Apologize for 'Limbo' Babies Buried in Mass Graves"
Other highlights include: "Homosexuals to become a protected class of people," and "Catholicism and Satanism go hand in hand again."

Mar./Apr. 2009

Headline: "Is It Possible to be a 'Born Again' Catholic?"

Other highlights include: "Muslim TV Exec Beheads Wife Over Divorce" and "Survey: Only 1 percent of Young Adults Have Biblical World View"

Jan/Feb 2009

Headline: "Purgatory is Really Hell"

Other highlights include: "Will Mutations Rescue General Motors?" and "Kill a Pastor for $250.00"


Nov/ Dec 2008

Headline: "Vatican Synod Says Bible Not The Only Word of God"
Other highlights include: "Homosexual journalist admits that gay lifestyle is destructive," and "Do we need a Jihad Prevention Act?"

Online artcles from the same issue include: "Anglicans May Split Over God’s View of Sodomy", "Australian Church Greets Pope’s Pilgrims With True Gospel" and "Homosexual Marriage? - What’s the Big Deal?"

Sept/ Oct 2008

Headline: "Pope in Australia Pushes Unity of All Religions"
Other highlights include: "Homosexual Marriage?-What's the Big Deal?" and "Sodomy may split Anglican Church."

July/ Aug. 2008

Headline: "Will This Pope Make Mary Co-Redeemer?"
Other highlights include "Homosexual health hazards" and "Televangelist Hagee humbled by Catholic League"

May/ June 2008

Headline: "Bush White House First 'Catholic' Presidency?"
Other highlights include: "Rescuing a Loved One from the Watchtower," and "Islam laws 'unavoidable' in Britain"

Mar. / Apr. 2008

Headline: "Be Careful Who You Pray With" (Vatican Week of Prayer for Christian Unity)

Other highlights include: "Will the Moderate Muslim Please Stand Up" and "Pro-Aborts and Sodomites To Spend Millions On Election"

Jan. / Feb 2008

Headline: "Pope Worried - Losing Millions of Members"

Other highlights include: "Muslim Leaders Challenge Christians to Work for 'Peace"', and "Mormonism Trying to Look More Christian"

Nov. /Dec. 2007

Headline: "New Pope Pushing for Mother of the World."
Other highlights include "U.S. Prisons recruiting Muslim Chaplains," and "Poor Mother Teresa."

Sept./Oct. 2007

Headline: "Pope Reaffirms 'No Salvation' Outside Catholic 'Church'"
Other highlights include: "Muslim Pay A High Price for Accepting Christ," and "Bookstores are Disappearing."

July/ Aug 2007

Headline: "Catholic Sexual Abuse Claims Exceed $1.5 Billion"
Other highlights include: "Court: Women's Restroom Okay for 'Transgendered' Men" and "Wiccan Suing Government Over Tombstones."

May/ June 2007

Headline: "Muslim Author Finds the True God He Knew Had to Be There Somewhere"

Other highlights include: "Catholics Told: 'You Can't Understand the Bible,'" and "Mormon President Pushes Book of Mormon Fiction."

Mar/ April 2007

Headline: "Vatican Council Says Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God"

Other highlights include: "First Muslim Congressman Sworn in on Qur'an" and "Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo"

Jan/ Feb 2007

Headline: "You Probably Know This Woman!"

Other highlights include: "Is Trust in the Bible Important?" and "Tracts + Web Site = More Ways to Witness."


Nov./Dec. 2006

Headline: "Muslim Tracts Used by Pastor to Inoculate Neighborhood"

Other highlights include: "Americans Worship Dead Man's Heart," and "Islam Organization Becoming Powerful Influence"


Sept./Oct. 2006

Headline: "Protestants Looking to Virgin Mary Goddess"

Other highlights include: "Judges Increasingly Hostile to Soul Winning," and "Muslim Qur'an leaves little room for 'peace.'"


Battle Cry July/August 2006

Headline: "Court Nixes ACLU's Ten Commandments Tirade"

Other highlights include: "Vatican and WCC Want to Cure Soul Winners 'Obsession'" and "PG Rating for Christianity?"


May/June 2006

Headline: "Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?"

Other highlights include: "New Gospel of Judas Fails Bible Test" and "Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?"


Mar/ Apr. 2006

Headline: "Iranian President Looking for Muslim Messiah"

Other highlights include: "Court Strips Parents of Education Rights" and "Cardinal Calls Immigrant Bill a 'Vicious' Assault"


Jan/ Feb 2006

Headline: "Millions Deceived by Crying Statues and a 'Lady of Light'"

Other highlights include: "Christians One Step Closer to Being Called Sick" and "Danger of Hate Speech Laws Becoming More Apparent"


Nov./Dec. 2005

Headline: "Protestants Gaining Millions in Africa and Latin America-Vatican Worried,"

Other highlights include: "'Jack the Ripper' Memorial Home for Battered Women?" and "Ex-JW Sued for Watchtower Quotes"


Sept/ Oct 2005

Headline: "A Return to Our Christian Roots??"

Other highlights include: "Father Arrested Over Pro-Homosexual Book" and "Islamic Threat to Europe."

This issue begins a change to "Battle Cry" over to a booklet format, abandoning the "newsletter" style adopted in 1995. This is the third format for "Battle Cry," which began as a newspaper, then shifted to a newsletter, and is now a booklet.


Newsletter Format


July/ Aug 2005

Headline: "Anglican and RC Officials Agree on Catholic Goddess"

Other highlights include: "Pastors Convicted For 'Vilifying' Muslims" and "Homosexual 'Marriage' Spreading"


May/ June 2005

May/June 2005

Headline: "Legacy of Pope John Paul II"

Other highlights include: "Public Schools More Hostile to Christians," and "Was the Pope Saved?"


Mar/ April 2005

Headline: "Pope Declares 'Year of the Eucharist' - Grants Indulgences"

Other highlights include "Evolution 'Proofs' Rapidly Vanishing" and "Women on Welfare Required to Work in Brothels"


Jan/ Feb 2005

Headline: Billy Graham Still Sending Converts Back To The Pope

Other highlights include: "Hostility to Christians Increasing World Wide." and "Homosexual Teachers Emboldened by Marriage Law."


Nov/ Dec 2004

Headline: Pope visits Shrine of Roman Catholic Goddess

Other highlights include: "Catholic Hispanics Finding 'Something Better' in Gospel" and "Street Team Jailed Under Hate Speech Law"


Sept/ Oct 2004

Headline: "Soul Winners Get Creative on Halloween"

Other highlights include: "Congress Members Request UN Supervision of Election," and "Mormons Gaining Respect but History Still Weird"


July/ August 2004

Headline: "Did Catholic Church Really Give Us the Bible?"

Other highlights include: "Worldwide Drive for 'Tolerance' Does Not Include the Gospel" and "Pollster Finds Only 7% of US Adults are Bible Believers"


May/ June 2004

Headline: "'Light of the World' Video A True Soul Winner"

Other highlights include: "Gibson's 'Passion' Masterful Ecumenism" and "Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids".


March/ April 2004

Headline: "What's Missing in Mel Gibson's 'Passion'?"

Other highlights include: "Pope Moves to Protect the Catholic 'Jesus' Idol" and "Afghanistan's New Constitution Worries Christians"


Jan/ Feb 2004

Headline: "Soul Winners Excited About New Gospel Video- Because It Works!"

Other highlights include: "Bible Authority at Issue in Ordination of Homosexual," and "It's All About Ecumenism"


Nov/ Dec 2003

Headline: "New Gospel Video Already a Soul Winner"

Other highlights include: "Are homosexuals anti-God?" and "Who is suffering the most in Muslim countries?"

Note: This is the first issue in 20 years not to report on Roman Catholicism and includes a photo of Fred Carter.


Sept/ Oct 2003

Headline: "Pope Insists that the Wafer Really is Jesus"

Other hightlights include: "U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Laws" and "Barna Study Finds Most Church Members Ignorant of Christian Basics"


July/August 2003

Headline: "'Potter Books are Pagan Discipleship' says Author"

Other highlights include: "Catholic Paper Praises Billy Graham for Unity Help," and "Tract Ministry Becomes More Than a 'Rack in the Lobby'"


May/ June 2003

Headline: "Roman Church Still Claims Supreme Authority Over the World"

Other Highlights Include: "Some people won't tolerate intolerance," and "Defective Bibles make for a confusing Bible drill."


March/April 2003

Headline: "Mother Teresa on Fast Track to Goddesshood"

Other highlights include: "What is the 'invisible cult' in our midst?" and "Is hell hot or not?"


Jan/ Feb. 2003

Headline: "Mary Goddess Still Focus of Revised Rosary"

Other highlights include: "Professor Threatened for Exposing Contradictions in the Book of Mormon" and "Life From Space?"


Nov/ Dec. 2002

Headline: "Bishop's Committee Says Jews Already Saved- Don't Need Jesus"

Other highlights include: "NIV Gets Sex Change" and "Evolution's Grip On Schools May Be Loosening"


Sept./ Oct. 2002

Headline: "Sodomites Moving in on Children's Clubs"

Other highlights include: "International Criminal Court Brings One World Gov. Closer" and "Radical Muslims Recruiting in U.S. Prisons"


July/ Aug 2002

Headline: "Catholic Sex Scandals Provide Big Soul Winning Opening"

Other highlights include: "Sodomites Targeting Next Generation" and "9-11 Opened A New Witnessing Opportunity"


May/ June 2002

Headline: "Conflict With Islam Seen As a 'Clash of Cultures'"

Other highlights include: "No Letter From Hell" and "4th Grader Teaches Principal A Lesson in Free Speech"


March/ April 2002

Headline: "Pope invites world religious leaders to Assisi for prayer."

Other highlights include: "Muslim heaven reads like a playboy's dream" and "Sodomite sex now taught in public schools."


January/ February 2002

Headline: "Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe."

Other highlights include: "What Did Muhammad Think of Jesus?" and "Popes 'Forbidding to marry,' a sexual trap for priests."



November/December 2001

Headline: "Islamic Holy War More Than Just Israel."

Other highlights include: "Harry Potter:'Making Evil Look Innocent'" and "Hate speech laws may trap soul winners."


Sept/ Oct 2001

Headline: "Muslim countries becoming bolder in persecuting Christians."

Other highlights include: "Attorney sees hostility to Christianity growing in the workplace," and "Professor gets threats for study showing homosexuals can change."


July/ Aug 2001

Headline: "Pope Worried, Calls for More Confessions."

Other highlights include: "New French Anti-sect Law Lumps Evangelicals with Moonies and JWs," and "Census Shows Explosive Growth of Sin."


May/June 2001

Headline: "Nuns in 23 Countries Report Sexual Abuse by Priests."

Other Highlights Include: "Mormons Manuevering to Appear More Christian," and "Court Finds In Favor of Students Who Spoke Up Against Sin."


March/ April 2001

Headline: "Can Government Promote Charity without Religion?"

Other Highlights Include: "Japanese Archaeology Uses Evolution's False Teaching to Fool All of Japan," and "Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood- A Muslim Mosque."


Jan/Feb. 2001

Headline: "Message of Tiara Proves Rome Has Not Changed."

Other Highlights Include: "Nationwide War on Boy Scouts," and "'Tract Coupon' Got High Schoolers Reading the Gospel." (This article features Chick Club president Richard Lee.)


Nov./Dec. 2000

Headline: "'No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism,' says New Vatican Dictum."

Other Highlights Include: "'Evolution is Religion, not Science,' says Dr. Kent Hovind," and "Mayor discovered 'minister' would pray to the wrong god."


Sept./Oct. 2000

Headline: "Arab-Israeli Negotiations Fail, but Pope Has a 'Solution.'"

Other highlights include: "Homosexual Teachers Eight Times More Likely to Molest Students," and "Soul Winners Not Welcome in World Religions Organizations."


July/August 2000

Headline: "Pope thanks Fatima goddess again for saving his life."

Other highlights include "Aborted baby parts for sale," and "Native Americans now have their own Chick tract."


May/ June 2000-

Headline: "Dr. Rivera's 15-year Old Claims Verified by Current Events."

Other highlights Include: "God's Mother?" and "What Is The Best Book About The Devil?"


March/ April 2000-

Headline: "Pope Declares Jubilee Year- Brings back Indulgences."

Other highlights include: "Media Ignores Homosexual Murder" and "School Officials Told Sodomy Okay".


January/ February 2000-

Headline: "World Lutheran Federation Takes Major Step Back To Rome."

Other highlights include: "What God Does The Evolutionists Worship?" and "Was The Reformation A Mistake?"


November/ December 1999-

Headline: "Ruport Murdoch, Papal Knight, Publisher of NIV, Donates $10 Million for New LA Cathedral."

Other highlights include: "Want a do-it-yourself-God? Try Masonry." and "Who is The Drunken Woman in Revelation?"


September/ October 1999-

Headline: "More Proof That Roman Catholicism Isn't Christian."

Other highlights include: "Purgatory: Cash Machine Of the Papacy" and "Evidence Portrays Mormonism's Joseph Smith as a Magician."


July/ August 1999-

Headline: "President Sidesteps Congress to Appoint Homosexual Ambassador."

Other highlights: "Celibacy Makes Rome Even More Than Mother of Harlots" and "Is It Hate To Try To Keep People From Hell?"


May/ June 1999-

Headline: "Pope Worries About Growth of 'Bible Christians.'"

Other highlights: "Religious Freedoms Under Attack" and "Gospel Only Solution To The Balkan War."


March/ April 1999-

Headline: "Pope Targets Soul Winners in Recent Trip To West."

Other highlights: "Prostitute of Prophecy Identified" and "Homosexuals Die Young."


January/ February 1999-

Headline: "As Israel and the PLO Negotiate, The Pope Makes His Bid For Jerusalem."

Other highlights: "New Law May Threaten Soul Winning" and "Who Is The Whore of Revelation 17?"


November/ December 1998-

Headline: "Pope Pushing WWII Mass Murderer for Sainthood."

Other highlights: "Muslim Debater Fails To Show Up To Scheduled Debate. Is the Truth Too Embarrassing?" and "Mormonism: It's Based On Myths."


September/ October 1998-

Headline: "World Government One Step Closer With International Criminal Court."

Other highlights: "Homosexuals Parenting: Study Proves It's Dangerous for Kids" and "Graham Crusade In Canada Helps Build Catholic Church."


July/ August 1998

Headline: "Buddha's Sacred Tooth Makes State Visit to Taiwan."

Other highlights: "Catholic Power Emerging in Mexico" and "Christians Witness with T-shirts were tracts are Banned."


May/ June 1998

Headline: "Priest Rebuked for Giving Eucharist to Clinton, a non-Catholic."

Other highlights: "Tara Lapinski's Other Medal" and "What Does NIV Have against Jesus?"


March/ April 1998

Headline: "Castro Welcomes Pope, Harasses Home Churches."

Other highlights: "Irish President Takes Protestant Communion... Angers Rome" and "Student Wins Battle To Pass Out Tracts at School"

(This issue also acknowledges the death of Chick's wife, Lola Lynn)


January/ February 1998

Headline: "Feast Showcases Catholic Trust in Mary Idol."

Other highlights: "Battle Cry Archives go Online" and "New Witnessing Ideas for your personal Tract Ministry."


November/ December 1997

Headline: "Orthodox Church Persuades Russia to Outlaw Bible Believing Churches."

Other highlights: "Don't Get Arrested When Witnessing" and "Buddhism-- the new Religion of the Trendy."


September/ October 1997

Headline: "Muslims Using Hate Laws Stamp Out Religious Freedom in Canada."

Other highlights: "Mary Co-Savior of Jesus?" and "Noah's Flood Proven by Computer."


July/ August 1997

Headline: "The Pope's Steamroller Grinds on Northern Ireland."

Other highlights: "Dr. Alberto Rivera is 'Promoted to Glory' June 20th, 1997" and "Jack Chick Tells how Wordless Gospel tract was Written."


May/ June 1997

Headline: "Struggle for Jerusalem Larger Than Jew vs. Arab."

Other highlights: "Soul Winners Persecuted Worldwide" and "Tract Passing Tips."


March/ April 1997

"Non-Bible Festivals Growing In the US."

Other highlights: "The Witchcraft Side of Masonry" and "After Thirty years 'This Was Your Life' Still important to Pastor."


January/ February 1997

Headline: "One World Government Wants Your Child-- Parent's Rights Under Attack."

Other highlights: "Pedophile Rights coming soon?" and "Chick Tract Stake-Out in Men's Prison."


November/ December 1996

Headline: "Local Priest Expects Thousands to 'Come Home' to Rome During Billy Graham Crusade"

Other highlights: "Choosing Heaven or Hell? Don't Base it on Man's Opinion" and "Your Witnessing Rights in the Local Mall."


September/ October 1996

Headline: "Olympic Teams Discover Everybody Reads Chick Tracts."

Other highlights: "Try Passing out 50,000 tracts All By Yourself! One Man Did!" and "Twenty Catholics Converted and Counting."


July/ August 1996

Headline: "Pope Promotes 24-Hour Worship of Wafer God."

Other highlights: "Catholic Strongholds Receive Gospel" and "Dead Rock Stars have One Thing in Common."


May/ June 1996

Headline: "Homosexuals And Lesbians Mount Assault on Chick's UK Distributor."

Other highlights: "True Hatred Stands in Selfish Silence as Hell's Population Grows" and "Moon Dust Silences Evolutionists."


March/April 1996

Headline: "The 1996 Olympics: An Open Door to the World."

Other highlights: "'I could Preach to 50 People or reach 10,000 Households with Chick' Says Minister to Inner City."


January/ February 1996

Headline: "Move Over Jesus-- Here Comes Co-Redeemer, Mary."

Other highlights: "Protestant Queen of England Goes to Catholic Service after 400 years!" and "What do Bullets and Tracts have in Common?"


November/ December 1995

Headline: "Pope Challenges UN to Begin Promoting World Morality."

Other highlights: "Will Poland Belong to the Pope?" and "You Can't Really Be Arrested for Passing Out Tracts, Can You?"


September/ October 1995

Headline: "Soul winners Beware! Evangelical Leaders Compromise the Gospel."

Other highlights: "Christians Promote Occult Beliefs" and "Protestants Condemned by Official Catholic Doctrine."


July/ August 1995

Headline: "Pope Advancing His Campaign to Become Moral Leader of The World."

Other highlights: "Pedophilia Now Acceptable, Declares The American Family Association" and "Priest Says 'I am Useless' Jesus Did the Job."


May /June 1995

Headline: "Pressure Building on SBC Leaders Who Signed 'No Soulwinning' Pact with Rome."

Other highlights include: "Texas Bookstore Harassed for Selling Chick Literature."


March/ April 1995

Headline: "Adored In The Philippines, Pope Launches Bid for China."

Other highlights: "Dr. Alberto Rivera Wins Catholics And Burns Idols" and "Will America Choose The Bible or the Bayonet?"


January/ February 1995

Headline: "Catholic Jesus Only a Bit Player Compared to Virgin Mary Goddess."

Other highlights: "Voodoo Priest Calls Pope 'God'" and "What is the 'Final Authority' in Your Life?"


November/ December 1994

Headline: "Pope calls Bloody Archbiship a 'Hero of Sacredness.'"

Other highlights: "Voodoo priest calls pope 'God'," and "What is the 'Final Authority' in your life?"


September/ October 1994

Headline: "Pro-Life Movement Blunts Soul winning Between Participants."

Other highlights: "Should We Trust The World of God to such Sloppy Workers?" and "Can Your Really Have Salvation in You're Not Sure You're Saved?"


July/ August 1994

Headline: "Latin American Bishop Declares 'Holy War' on Soul Winners."

Other highlights: "The Pope's New Universal Catechism Still Teaches the Same Old Bondage" and "Can You Witness at Work? Gov't Wants to Say 'No'"


May/ June 1994 (This is the first Battle Cry issue in newsletter format)

Headline "Major Evangelical Leaders Promise to Stop Winning Catholics to Christ."

Other highlights: "'We Won't Witness to Catholics' promise Well-known Leaders. Then Who Will?" and "God Called Me to Witness at a Strip Joint!"


March/ April 1994 (This is the last Battle Cry Issue in Newspaper format)

Headline: "Catholic Leaders Pushing 'Perpetual Adoration' of Wafer Idol."

Other highlights: "Winning Muslims is Not Easy" and "Evolution and Abortion Go Hand in Hand."


January/ February 1994

Headline: "Jerusalem Still a 'Burdensome Stone' in the Midst of 'Once-in-Forever' Peace Event."

Other highlights: "Roman Catholics Aren't The Only Ones Who Use Prayer Beads" and "Are Vampires Just Show Biz? Meet One that Got Saved."


November/ December 1993

Headline: "Vampires: Hollywood Is Pushing Them... But Are They Real?"

Other highlights: "Alberto Still Winning Grateful Catholics" and "Will Islam Replace Communism As the New World Threat?"


September/ October 1993

Headline "Oregon High School Attempts To Suspend Student Over Chick Tracts."

Other highlights: "Not Even Beatings Can Stamp Out Christians In Muslim Countries" and "Who is Really Beating Up Homosexuals?"


July/ August 1993

Headline: "Eight Youth Groups Blitz Five High Schools With Chick Tracts."

Other highlights: "What Do You Get When You Mix Religion and Government? The Answer: Anything but Christianity" and "Is The Light Going Out? Ecumenism Would Have Us All Believing The Same 'Sweet Nothings.'"


May/ June 1993

Headline "Refugee Flood Gives Yugoslavian Believers Unique Opportunity."

Other highlights: "Children of Princess Caroline of Monaco Are Now Eligible for the Thrown. The Pope Gave His 'Special' Permission. And You Thought Those Days were Over" and "Chick Distributor in England Attacked by British Christian Booksellers Convention for Anti-Islam Books."


March/ April 1993

Headline: "Two Cities Approve Homosexual Recruitment in Public Schools."

Other highlights: "Colombian Evangelicals Sue to End Special Treatment of Catholic Church in Their Country" and "Owning Bible Can Get You Killed In Saudi Arabia."


January/ February 1993

Headline: "UN (US) Invades Somalia-- Another Small Step Towards The 'Last Generation.'"

Other highlights: "'Save The Real Estate!' Says the Bishop" and "Russian Crackdown against Christian Missions Coming, According to Mission's Expert."


November/ December 1992

Headline "World wide Islam Becoming More Aggressive."

Other highlights: "Will Soul winning Become Illegal In Australia?" and "Vatican Buried Treasure Unearthed. Meanwhile, Church Leaders Plead Poverty."


September/ October 1992

Headline: "Old Religious Hatreds Erupt Into World."

Other highlights: "Is Sexual Abuse of Children a Sin?" and "Chicago Cardinal Reclassifies It As A Disease. Maybe People Won't Get So Mad Now At His Priests Who Do It" and "Halloween... Is it for your Kids?"


July/ August 1992

Headline "Striking Biblical Symbolism Openly Flaunted By The Press And European Institutions."

Other highlights: "Preachers Get Arrested In This Town For Making 'Noise.' But Rock Bands Play On Undisturbed. Guess Where? Right in America's 'Bible Belt!'" and "Catholic Priest and AIDS."


May/ June 1992

Headline: "Jerusalem: The Burdensome Stone."

Other highlights: "Atheists... Look at What They are Afraid Of" and "Alcoholics Anonymous... Satan's Counterfeit of The Early Church."


March/ April 1992

Headline: "Christian Concerned as Mexico Restores Catholics Privileges."

Other highlights: "'Religious Activities Without Permission' Get Jail For Vietnamese Church Leader" and "These Former Catholics Call it a Cult!"


January/ February 1992

Headline: "Peruvian Evangelicals Caught In Murderous Squeeze."

Other highlights: "Christian Being Killed In Peru Because They Won't Join The Rebels in Killing and Looting" and "Guardian Angels... Are they Scriptural? The Answer May Surprise You!"


November/ December 1991

Headline: "Military Chaplains Discouraged From Soul Winning."

Other highlights: "'I Taught Witchcraft In Public School' Says Teacher" and "Pastor Discovers Catholics Not Saved."


September/ October 1991

Headline: "Pro-Life Advocates Apologize For Viewing Catholics as Cult Members."

Other highlights: "You Can Lead Hispanics To Christ" and "Argentina Cracks Down on Religious Freedom."


July/ August 1991

Headline: "Yugo Slavia's Past Catholic Brutality Threatening European Peace Plans."

Other highlights: "Mother Teresa Recommends Idol Worship" and "How Do You Cure A Criminal? TM or Christ."


May/ June 1991

Headline: "Latin American Governments Threaten To Register and Close Churches."

Other highlights: "The Universal Goddess" and "New Agers Blame Christians for Ecology Mess."


March/ April 1991

Headline: "Pope Consolidating control over Poland."

Other highlights: "U.S. Government Leaders attend 'Red Mass'. Look Who Was Present" and "Masonry's Witchcraft Connection."


January/ February 1991

Headline: "Europe Busily Preparing For New World Order."

Other highlights: "Will Mainline Protestant Laity Follow Their Leaders Into Apostasy?" and "Homosexual Lobby Has Bold Strategy to Call Evil 'Good.'"


November/ December 1990

Headline: "New World Order Promotes Coming Into The Open."

Other highlights: "Salvation Is Never Certain, Catholics Are Told. All You Can Do Is Hope. How Tragic" and "Sodom and Gomorrah Found Near Dead Sea."


September/ October 1990

Headline: "Islam: More Than Just a Religion."

Other highlights: "Will The Catholic Church Rule Europe?" and "Nicaraguan Government Favors Catholicism."


July/ August 1990

Headline: "Rumanian Church Full of Visitors After Tracts Flood Streets."

Other highlights: "Mexican Christians Suffer New Wave of Persecution Following Pope's Visit" and "New Age Leadership Targets Children."


May/ June 1990

Headline: "Nicaragua Outlook: Good for Catholics- Bible Believers Worried."

Other highlights: "Mexican believers attacked. Assailants say 'This is a Catholic Town'" also "Priest rebukes Baptists for being too worried about morality. 'Be More Like Us' he suggests."


March/ April 1990

Headline: "When We Gave Them the Chick Tracts, Many began to Weep."

Other highlights: "Battle Plan to Stop Chick unveiled by 'Catholic Herald,'" and "TM- Is it science or religion?"


January/ February 1990

Headline: "Pope one step closer to his Goal: Moral Leader of the World."

Other highlights: "Hospital tries treating Satanists," and "Who is the Catholic Virgin Mary?"


November/ December 1989

Headline: "Church of England seeks unity with Rome- No Turning Back."

Other highlights: "Psychiatrists discover faith in God doesn't make you Crazy" and "Lots of Priests are homosexual, says famous priest."


September/ October 1989

Headline: "Solidarity: 'There will be only one church in Poland."

Other highlights: "Born again Christians called 'Fascists' by Philippine Catholic Bishops" and "Can Homosexuals be reached?"


July/ August 1989

Headline: "One Million Catholic Hispanics won to Christ."

Other highlights: "The Pope's hat has special meaning" and "Can a Christian be a Mason?"


May / June 1989

Headline: "Religious Tug of War in Philippines has Catholic Bishops Worried."

Other highlights: "The Pope wants an army to control the world" and "Soul winner killed for his witness.

March/ April 1989

Headline: "Tiny African Builds World's Second Largest Church."

Other highlights: "U.S. let war criminal escape to prevent embarrassment to Vatican, Claims U.S. Intelligence" and "U.S. Intelligence officer is Satanic High Priest."


January/ February 1989

Headline: "Catholic League helps New York turn history into 'Myth.'"

Other highlights: "Was the Holocaust a modern-day Inquisition?" and "Cities want to stop Satanic Animal sacrifices, but doing so won't be easy."


November/ December 1988

Headline: "Catholic leaders say Jesus was a Communist."

Other highlights include: "Jim Bakker confesses to priest" and "Is one Jesus enough? Roman Catholics have seven!"


September/ October 1988

Headline: "Islam: Just another system of Good Works."

Other highlights: "Gospel tracts without words" and "New Age Madness hits middle America."


July/ August 1988

Headline: "Church Reopened after Chick Tracts Saturate Neighborhood."

Other highlights: "Chick tracts reach Russia right after Chernobyl disaster" and "Kids in survey say rape is okay on date if boy has spent enough money on the girl."


May/ June 1988

Headline: "Hindu Temple in Los Angeles near Completion."

Other highlights: "The Death Cookie, Jack Chick's New Tract on page 5" and "The rats didn't know it was God."


March/ April 1988

Headline: "100,000 Tracts sown in Ireland."

Other highlights "Creation is 'nonsense', says Catholic Publication" and "It's not a sin, it's just.... well, queer."


January/ February 1988

Headline: "Alberto speaks to Overflow crowds in Australia."

Other highlights: "Body snatchers baffle police. The growing connection between Satanism and crime cannot be ignored" and "Werewolves: Are they real?"


November/ December 1987

Headline: "Pope visits US:- Did he get what he came for?"

Other highlights: "Witchcraft openly promoted in public schools" and "'Stop those fundamentalists!' Cry worried Bishops."


September/ October 1987

Headline: "Major Newspapers announce: 'Christ IS in the World.'"

Other highlights: "Graham Crusade returns Catholics to 'Mother Church'" and "Catholic leaders keep pressure on uncooperative governments."


July/ August 1987

Headline: "Pope Leads Poland in Worship of Ultimate Idol."

Other highlights: "Why is Pope coming to U.S.?" and "Baptist leader sees new threat to soul winning."


May/ June 1987

Headline: "Mary- The Tie That Binds?"

Other highlights: "Will Mormonism become a new world religion?" and "United States of Europe? The Pope dreams of ruling the new 'Holy Roman Empire.'"


March/ April 1987

Headline: "Is the Catholic Church a government Agency?"

Other highlights: "Baptists plan protest during papal visit in America" and "Actor from 'Dallas' promotes Buddhism as he tells how chanting got him a better contract."


January/ February 1987

Headline: "Pope Dedicates 1987 to Virgin Mary."

Other highlights: "One- Worlders see '87 as a special year" and "Personalized Tracts top 2 million mark."


November/ December 1986

Headline: "Pope Pushing Wafer Worship."

Other highlights: "Eating Christ... whose idea was that?" and "Ku Klux Klan has new Catholic leader."


September/ October 1986

Headline: "California Indians Fight Serra Sainthood."

Other highlights: "Churches can be close down through zoning laws. It's okay to watch porn movies, but don't you dare read the Bible!" and "Witchcraft-- not my kids! Then again, maybe you're in for a surprise."


July/ August 1986

Headline: "Effective Soul winning has Vatican fighting back."

Other highlights: "Businessman hires only Christians. State of Minnesota vows to stop him" and "Catholic priest calls 'Fundamentalists a dangerous cult'. He thinks they place too much faith in the Bible."


May/ June 1986

Headline: "Parents: What kind of music are you kids listening to?"

Other highlights: "Catholic 'Church' fears million dollar losses due to sexual abuse of Children by priests" and "Satanists are infiltrating police forces, claims Police Officer."


March/ April 1986

Headline: "Cardinal Sin Helps Oust Marcos."

Other highlights: "Weird Scientology belief revealed to public by court documents" and "'We don't worship relics', claim Catholics. They just pray before them, bow down to them and build churches over them."


January/ February 1986

Headline: "Church Seeds City with 30,000 tracts, Reaps Harvest for Years."

Other highlights: "Bibles become bathroom tissue after communists country show how 'free' it is by letting them in" and "Fundamentalists are mentally ill. New group claims 150 Chapters help 'former' Fundamentalists find how to have more fun."


November/ December 1985

Headline: "The Cult of Fatima: A Tool of War."

Other highlights: "Prostitute abandons her customers after reading a Chick Tract" and "Rose Parade outreach to use Chick Tracts."


September/ October 1985

Headline: "Catholics Saved During Bookstore Persecution."

Other Highlights Include: "Catholic Child's First Communion-'This is Jesus? But it looks like bread!'" and "Tax Dollars for Catholic Schools? It May Be Closer Than You Think!"


July/ August 1985

Headline: "Southern States Could become Refugee Camps."

Other highlights: "C.S. Lewis says CHRONICLES OF NARNIA will not be written as Christian allegory" and "Alberto Rivera- new evidence from his past."


May/ June 1985

Headline: "Catholics getting Saved: Vatican studies 'problem.'"

Other highlights: "Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses. Former J.W. Tells how" and "Chick Comic books help as Catholic Family comes to Christ."


NOTE: April is skipped as Battle Cry starts publishing on an even Calendar basis.


February/ March 1985

Headline: "Cardinal Manning asks mercy for 'Balkan Butcher.'"

Other highlights: "Lincoln assassination involved the Vatican" and "More Catholics in Congress than any other group."


December 1984/ January 1985

Headline: "Mormonism: Quest for Godhood."

Other highlights: "Country music- has Satan found a new way to use it?" and "Mormon missionaries- should you let them in?"


October/ November 1984

Headline: "Nine Arrested in Canada over Gospel literature."

Other highlights: "Lisa: A new gospel tract by Jack T. Chick" and "Vatican pays $244,000,000 for bank collapse. No problem getting the cash."


NOTE: Earlier issues don't list second month on the cover.


August (& September) 1984

Headline: "Pope's Objective: Moral Leadership of the World."

Other highlights: "Interview with Jack Chick on beginning of Chick ministry" and "Vatican to help U.S. Spy?"


June (& July) 1984

Headline: "Wisconsin Legislature Attacks Soul winning Literature."

Other highlights: "'Swearing almost gone' after student covers school with tracts" and "Newspaper censors former Catholic in Beeville for giving his testimony" Also, Chaplain Dan (the Fundamentalist in Rev. Wonderful) is profiled.


April (& May) 1984 (We need a copy of this one if any one has it)

Headline: "Pope Consecrates World to Mary: Asks His Idol to Avert War."

Other Highlights Include: "Television Is a Pagan Babysitter," and "Canada Threatens to Arrest Christians During the Pope's Visit."


February (& March) 1984

Headline: "U.S. to open full diplomatic ties with Papacy."

Other highlights: "Nazis escaped with Vatican help. New evidence released" and "Many Wounded Children responded to tract." (This is also the first issue to feature Galatians 4:16 on the front page of Battle Cry.)


December 1983 (& January 1984)

Headline: "One Million Chick tracts invade Communists Poland."

Other highlights: "Prayer Bulletin-Shortly before press time, Attorney General McMurtry started on Canadian national television that legislation was being prepared for passage this month which would block distribution of Chick literature in Canada. Please pray that God will foil this Roman Catholic plot" and "TV stations drop Jimmy Swaggart for preaching salvation to Catholics" (This article features an open letter to Jimmy Swaggart from Jack T. Chick: "Jimmy, when the heat and insults are at their worst, rejoice over the Catholics who are getting saved... because they're worth it" This issue also features pictures of the Rock Group KISS reading Chick Tracts.


October (& November) 1983 PREMIER ISSUE!

Headline: "Attack on religious freedom stopped by Canadian Protestant League- Chick comics again flow into Canada."

Other highlights: "TV evangelists admit Catholics not saved... but many are silent" and "Remains of Catholic death camp found. Chick is proven right again!" (Jimmy Swaggart quoted from this issue on his weekly telecast.)

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