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Killer Comics

Chick tracts can be hazardous to your health... especially if you happen to be a character in the tract and unwisely ignore the Gospel. If that's the case, you usually die and fry!

Death is probably the most common event seen in Chick tracts, next to falling on the floor and reciting The Sinner's Prayer with a tear drop of sincerity. It's kinda ironic that to promote everlasting life, Chick really piles on the death. Maybe he's just giving the public what it wants (or needs).

Here's a list of tracts where characters wind up dead within 21 pages of comics. If you spot of anymore, alert us.


Note: This list does not include the numerous times Jesus is shown getting crucified on the cross. If you include that death scene, then practically ALL the tracts have it!


Angels?- Bobby dies of AIDS, Jim dies of a heart attack on stage, Jim O.D.s. So much for the band!

Are Roman Catholics Christians? - A heretic burns at the stake.

Assignment, The - Charles Bishop dies of a coronary at 3:10 AM on Nov. 22nd.

Attack, The - A Puritan is poisoned. Romans slaughter the Maccabees. A group of heretics burn at the stake. Another is strangled by an executioner. A lone heretic burns at the stake.

Back From The Dead - The main character dies... but then comes back to tell his story. (Does that count?)

Bad Bob! -Bob's cousin burns to death in a jail cell while Bob looks on.

Beast, The - Virtually EVERYONE drowns in Noah's flood. Two fight with knives (one should lose). Christians are decapitated with a roaming guillotine-cycle. A victim has his/her heart cut out for sacrifice by Satanists. A werewolf descends on one of the Satanists. An oceanliner sinks and no life boats are seen leaving it. At least two die in the desert as others shake their fists at God. The Vatican burns to the ground ("there is great rejoicing in heaven," so probably many perish in the fire.) 2/3rds of the Jews are put to death. The Battle of Armageddon captures the Beast and tosses him in the lake of fire, "and the remnant (of his army) were slain with the sword". And all this is just in the 24 page version. Imagine the death toll of the original 48 page version!

Bewitched?- Debbie/Ashley dies from "a massive heart attack from an LSD flashback." (You don't see that often.)

Boo! - A cat is almost killed. Satan busts in and with a chainsaw to slay the Halloween party, but the exact number of dead is uncertain (we hear three separate screams though). The Druids stab a woman. They abduct another for sacrifice. And 13 others were murdered at the same place last year!

Bull, The -The Bull throws a man off a balcony onto the cement below. It's a good bet he didn't survive.

Cats- King Belshazzar's army is destroyed. The King is run through with a sword. Danial's accusers are fed to the lions, along with their innocent families.

Caught! - David kills Goliath. He becomes king, beds Bathsheba, and has her husband murdered. David's baby dies. Roger- the man hearing this story- leaves but dies 8 weeks later.

Cleo - Four dogs are put under, but Cleo escapes.

Contract!, The - Farmer Freeman dies of old age. Cousin Bob Goode gets crushed by a falling tree.

Creator or Liar? - At least four people from ancient times are killed with spears, swords, and clubs. The Ark floats over a sea of drowned humans. A prophet is killed.

Curse of Baphomet, The - 50,000 Moroccan Christians are killed by Muslims, who dip their caps in the blood to create fezzes. A Mason's son shoots himself, but survives.

Dark Dungeons- Marcie hangs herself after loosing at D&D.

Death Cookie, The - A heretic is burned at the stake.

Deceived, The- The flood drowns most of humanity.

Don't Read That Book!- A heretic is burned at the stake.

Doom Town - Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed with fire.

Earthman- Cavemen/Apes kill each other. Cain kills Able. Adam dies of old age.

Escape, AKA The Great Escape - (East) Germany and Russia attack Israel. So many are killed, it takes 7 months to bury the dead.

Execution, The- An old man is clubbed to death by a mugger. His mother is hanged for his crime. An ant is squashed by the judge.

Fallen - Bruce is beaten up and dies of a broken neck.

Fat Cats- The People's (communist) Army under Carlos kills enough government troops to take control. "El Supremo and his staff are executed." Juan's family is killed. Juan is shot is executed with a bullet to the back of his skull.

Fire Starter?- A baby boy is sacrificed to Baal. Jewish prophets are beheaded. A cow dies of thirst. The priests of Baal are speared by the angry crowd.

First Jaws, The- Jews are killed by the Assyrians. A worm kills Jonah's gourd.

Flight 144 - An airliner traveling from Zambolo to the USA crashes in the ocean, killing all aboard.

Fool, The -The King becomes fatally ill.

Frame Up, The- A criminal is just about to be executed... but we don't see it.

Framed - A baker who tells Joseph his dream in prison is hanged by Pharaoh.

Gay Blade, The- The city of Sodom is destroyed by fire and Lot's wife turns to salt.

Gladys - Gladys and Holly are killed in a car accident.

God With Us - God destroys most of humanity during the flood. Then he torches the Sodomites.

Going Home - A nameless Negro dies of AIDS, providing room for Peter, who also has the disease. So does his doctor, who contracted it through a medical accident (yeah, sure doc!). Peter dies. No word on doc's fate is mentioned.

Going to the Dogs - The prophets of God are beheaded. Naboth is stoned to death and the dogs lick up his blood. Ahab catches an arrow in his back during battle, and the dogs drink his blood as well. His queen Jezebel is thrown to her death and the dogs... well, you can guess the rest.

Gomez is Coming - Valdez shoots three people, and one of them dies (the other two are lucky: they wind up on life support).

Good Ol' Boys - Shining Path communist rebels gun down a Christian congregation, according to a story told in a diner.

Greatest Story Ever Told, The - All the Bethlehem babies under age two are killed by Herod.

Gun Slinger, The - Terrible Tom is hanged. The sheriff is bitten in the face by a rattlesnake and dies.

Great Escape, The - (see The Escape)

Happy Halloween - Timmy is run over by a car.

Happy Hour - Alice dies of a heart attack... with some help from her drunk husband.

He Never Told Us! - A nameless Christian is buried in the first panel.

Hi There! - Charlie Conners falls from a high rise and gets impaled on a stake.

Hit Parade, The- The flood drowns everyone except Noah. Sodom and Gomorrah burn to the ground. The Jews kill everyone in the holy lands. Later, Titus attacks Israel. Then the barbarians kill the Romans. Fast forward to WW3 and thermonuclear war.

Hit, The- Mr. Lucci and two of his kids are blown up by dynamite.

Holocaust- Grandpa remembers how his family was killed in Hitler's ovens, but he survives long enough to hear how the Vatican was behind it all and converts from Judaism to Christianity.

Holy Joe - Holy Joe is shot by Asian soldiers. So is his sergeant and Henderson.

How To Get Rich - Uncle John dies of old age.

Hunter, The- Bobby freaks out and winds up in a mental institution... but lives. Jimbo is not as lucky. He O.D.s on drugs.

Ivan The Terrible- Catholic Crusaders kill Moslems and Orthodox Catholics in 1204. The Soviets (under Jesuit guidance) murder the Czar and his family in 1918. The pope launches the Catholic Nazi crusade and starts ww2. The anti-Christ and his army perish at the battle of Armageddon.

In The Beginning - Adam and Eve are introduced to Death. Cain murders Abel.

It's Coming - God drowns everyone except Noah's family.

It's the Law - Moses kills an Egyptian for hurting a slave. Plague #10 kills the first born of every Egyptian household. God drowns the Egyptian army in the Red Sea.

Jeopardy- (See Love The Jewish People)

Killer Storm, The - The world drowns except for Noah and his family. A Russian messenger with proof of the ark is executed. Trotsky inherits the documents, and we all know what happened to him! (Axed by Stalin... but that isn't shown.)

Kings of the East- 60 million Chinese are killed by Mao. China invades Korea and kills thousands more. The Chinese invade Tibet. Among the dead are 25 wealthy people who are crucified, and 24 parents who have nails driven in their eyes. Russia invades Israel and nukes fly, killing 1/4th the worlds population. & years later, The Beast kills 2/3rds of all the Jews. Millions of Chinese march on Israel and Jesus swoops down to fight the battle of Armageddon. 1/3rd of the world's population is killed.

Kiss the Protestants Good-bye - 68 million victims are persecuted by the Inquisition and "countless thousands of them burned to death."

Kiss India Goodbye- "over 100 political assassinations took place in West Bengal last year."

Last Generation, The - Grandpa is tortured to death for loving Jesus.

Last Judge, The - The ancient Israelites destroy their enemies with the help of the Ark of Covenant, until God disfavors those who carry the Ark. 30,000 Jews are slaughtered by the Philistines. Eli falls over backward and breaks his neck. The next king is Saul, who is instructed to destroy the city of Amalek and kill everyone and everything. He returns with some animals and the king as captive. His priest kills the king and cuts him into pieces. David kills Goliath.

Last Missionary, The - "Recently, some 30 churches were burned in Africa by irate Moslems... Many missionaries died in Latin America standing against Catholicism." (A captive is shown being shot in the head.) "Africa will soon be gone... AIDS and famine are stalking the land."

Last Rites - John Sullivan is run over by a car and killed.

Letter, The - Francis is killed in a car accident.

Little Princess, The -Heidi dies of an breathing ailment.

Long Trip, The -John (and thousands of other sinners) fall off the cliff of life and into hell.

Loosing the Old Zippp? - A would-be suicide victim reads a Chick tract and becomes saved... only to die of cancer a a few months later.

Loser, The - Joshua dies, the and the Jews "followed false Gods and killed their own babies to please them." Gideon tricks the Midianite army into killing each other in a panic. His army kills the survivors.

Love The Jewish People- The first born of every Egyptian household dies in a plague. Pharaoh's army drowns in the red sea. Hitler murders 6 million Jews. African nations starve because they broke diplomatic relations with Israel. The Beast will attack Israel but fail.

Macho- Marines are killed by communist rebels at an embassy in South
America. The Nazis kill six million Jews. A missionary predicts an upcoming bloodbath during the next Inquisition. Protestant ecumenical pastors are also slated for execution. The beast attacks Israel and is destroyed by the army of Jesus.

Mad Machine, The - A Christian lady tells a reporter her husband is dead and she has cancer (but she's saved, so none of that matters to her).

Men In Black - A flashback describes how king Nimrod dies. Centurions kill a Christian family. "Christians were hunted and slaughtered everywhere-- especially Rome." Later, "The horrors of the Inquisition (1200-1808) produced untold millions of tortured and burned victims."

Miss Universe- Babylon is defeated, residents are stabbed and impaled. Mordecai overhears an assassination plot, and rats on the culprits, who are then hanged. Haman plots to kill the Jews, but the Jews out-scheme him and have executed instead. The Russians and her commie allies, along with the Arabs, attack Israel. Jesus returns and destroys them at Armageddon.

Monster, The - Ancient Babylonians who offend Nebuchadnezzar are cut into pieces.

Murph - Joe takes a bullet for his police partner, Murph, but Murph dies anyway.

My Name? ...In The Vatican?- Six million Jews die under Hitler. 68 million victims die under the Vatican's Inquisition.

Nervous Witch, The - King Saul dies in combat.

No Fear? - Lance hangs himself.

Only Hope, The - Satanists sacrifice a human. Villagers rape and stab one another. Humanity drowns in Noah's flood. Atomic weapons destroy cities with fire. The Vatican "systematically murdered millions of Bible believers through Inquisitions." Many men die in the plagues. God smashes the Russian and Islamic armies. The Kings of the East (China) sends millions against Israel and God destroys them.

Operation Somebody Cares - A man is shot a point blank range with a shot gun. His wife and baby are attacked by an ax welding killer. His son is strangled. The police are set on fire. A communist dreams of the day when the last congressman is strangled with the guts of the last preacher, and all the Christian's children have their throats slit.

Outcast, The - Israel attacks and kills everyone in Jericho except for Rahab.

Outsider, The- Naomi's husband dies. So do her two sons.

Party Girl - Jill's wanna-be boyfriend drinks the poison martini that Satan intended for her and dies in her place.

Passover Plot, The- Anthrax kills all the Egyptian cattle. Each Egyptian first born dies. Guards at the tomb of Jesus "become as dead men".

Payback! - John Bank dies with a little help from his nurse, Kelli. Naboth is stoned to death by angry Jews in a flashback. King Ahab dies from an arrow wound. Jezebel is tossed to her death by her angry servants. Kelli dies of cancer.

Pilgrimage, The- A jetliner filled with Muslims returning from the holy land crashes and kills the passengers. Pharaoh's army is drowned in the Red Sea.

Plagues- Disease kills all the Egyptian cattle. Each Egyptian first born dies. Guards at the tomb of Jesus "become as dead men".

Poor Little Witch, The - A baby is sacrificed by witches. (A footnote says 40,000 to 60,000 ritual homicides occur in the USA each year.) In early versions, Mandy is killed by the witches as well, but in later versions, she is not. In earlier versions, Rev. Chuckwyn dies, but doesn't in later versions.

Poor Pope?, The- Christians are tossed to the lions. Pepin fights the Arabs and destroys their army. The Vatican tortures or kills 68 million Inquisition victims. Jesuits murder Abe Lincoln and set up WW1 & 2.

Poor Revolutionist, The - Commie sympathizers lead a revolution in the USA that kills cops, their families and firemen. "Women and children are taken hostage. The death toll mounts!... The executions begin! The Capitalists are destroyed. Homeowners, those who own anything of value." Jimmy is hanged for being a Christian. Paul and his hippy gang of Reds are also shot, because the new state can't trust traitors, even communist ones.

Present, The - The village people kill the prince with an ax, knife and club.

Promise, The - An Arab blows himself up along with a bus load of Jews. Abraham almost kills Isaac, but God stops him. He kills a ram instead.

Real Heat - Thomas Hawkes is burned at the stake. The inquisition claims 68 million victims (but doesn't say they all died). Soldiers who toss three Jews in a furnace burn to death (but the Jews are unharmed).

Reverend Wonderful - Two airliners collide in mid air, killing both groups... including Rev. Wonderful.

Room 310 -Danny has terminal cancer. He won't get cured, but he feels a lot better after getting saved.

Royal Affair, The - Goliath gets his head chopped off. Kind David murders Uriah. David's baby dies. David dies. An adulterous couple is stoned (in the 2nd version).

Sacrifice, The- Isaac sends his concubine and first son to the desert to die, but they are saved by an angel. Isaac tries to kill is second son, but God stops him at the last second.

Satan's Master- Ann is tossed out a 3rd story window head first. Hannah is strangled to death by a demon.

Scam, The - Moses dies of old age. Joshua leads the Jewish invaders to kill everyone in Jericho (except a prostitute). Another town (Ai) kills 36 Jews and wins the next battle. Joshua stones a thief and attacks Ai again, this time, he destroys them.

Scream! - An arsonist catches on fire and burns to death. Lazarus and a rich man both die in a flashback.

Scoundrel, The- Isaac dies of old age.

Secret, The - Roy Davids dies of a massive heart attack.

Secret of Prayer, The- A fellow who borrows $3,000 from a Christian and refuses to pay it back dies in a car crash.

Secret Weapon, The- A clift has millions of people falling off it "dying without Christ."

Sin Busters - Pharaoh's army is drowned. A victim is stoned to death for using the Lord's name in vain. A sixteen year old boy dies for hating his parents. An adulterer catches AIDS. The "3 million complaining Jews" die in the desert, because they sinned against God.

Sin City - "Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner" are destroyed.

Slugger, The - Mr. Stone dies of cancer.

Somebody Goofed - Bobby O.D.s on the street. A young kid and his mentor are hit by a train.

Somebody Loves Me - An abused kid catches cold in the rain and dies homeless.

Soul Story - Jackson is stabbed to death in a prison riot. Leroy's grandmother dies in the ICU. Leroy's girlfriend is killed in a drive-by shooting. Leroy kills the rival gang in a church. Leroy dies from resulting wounds.

Superman?- Two Jews are run over by Philistines. Samson kills 30 Philistines to pay for a bet. The Philistines retaliate by burning Samson's wife and father-in-law to death. Samson kills those responsible. He kills 1,000 soldiers with a donkey jaw bone. He's captured, but manages to kill 3,000 more Philistines in an act of suicide.

Superstar, The - Mr. Stone dies of cancer.

Support Your Local Jew- Pharaoh's army is drowned. 6 million Jews die in the Holocaust. Nine African nations starve because they won't recognize Israel. 1/4th of the world population is predicted to die in WW3. 2/3rds of the Jews die during "the time of Jacob's trouble." God will destroy the armies that invade Israel.

Terminator? - David slays Goliath. Jesus destroys the armies of Satan at Armageddon.

That Crazy Guy! - Suzie gets AIDS from Craig, who wore a condom.

That Old Devil - Mankind is destroyed though wars, famine and disease (we see several prisoners executed). A man falls dead clutching his chest. Jesus will slaughter Satan's armies at Armageddon.

Thief, The - A Christian encourages a robber to blow his brains out by counting to three for him, but the thief spares him at the last second.

This Was Your Life! - A man drops dead without warning.

Tiny Shoes - Little Juanito catches cold in the storm and dies in the rain.

Titanic - The ship sinks and most the men drown.

Traitor, The - A policeman and his assistant die in a rock avalanche for angering a demon god. A rich man is slain for refusing to pay ransom. The demon god rides her tiger into a hut at midnight and beheads a victim.

Trap, The - Lazarus dies as a beggar. The rich man also dies, clutching his chest. An unidentified corpse is stuck in a coffin.

Trial, The - A mother and four accusers (religious leaders) die and face God.

Trick, The - Miss Brenda (a Satanist) poisons Johnny's Halloween candy. Another Satanist dies of heart attack. Druids sacrifice victims in a flashback scene.

Trust Me! - A kid sells drugs to support his habit, gets caught and goes to jail. He's raped and dies of AIDS.

Tycoon, The - A Buddhist, his wife and driver speed over a cliff after throwing a Chick tract out the window. (Take that, you litterbug!)

Warning, The- Three boys are bitten to death by poisonous snakes after ignoring a "No Swimming" sign.

Where's Rabbi Waxman? - Waxman dies of a cold. Nathan (who unlike Waxman, accepts Jesus) dies 40 years later.

Who Cares? - Thousands die in the World Trade Center attack.

Who's Missing? - Dr. Ngaba and his black U.N. delegation is assassinated with a sarin gas bomb. Bob predicts a future of "murder, plagues, witchcraft, cannibalism."

Who Murdered Clarice? Baby Clarice is aborted. The doctor eventually shoots himself in the mouth. A flashback shows Egyptian soldiers drowning Jewish (male) babies in the Nile. Other priests toss other babies into the flames. Herod orders the slaughter of the innocents. 6 million Jews are killed by Nazis.

Why Is Mary Crying? - Babies are sacrificed to Nimrod. He is eventually put to death.

Why No Revival? - Christians are murdered by Romans for refusing to deny Christ. Elizabeth Elliot's husband is killed by Aucas, who she then works to save. A Christian woman is burned at the stake. Thousands fall off a cliff "into a Christless eternity every hour."

Wicked Magistrate, The- The King's messengers are killed by the wicked Governor. He sends his son, who is also killed... but then returns from the dead.

Wordless Gospel- (New Guinea) Natives who hear a missionary soon die from spears and one dies from a hog attack. (Haiti) The same basic plot, only they all die during a hurricane. (African Picture Gospel) Same basic plot, only they are shot with arrows and the killer is eaten by a lion.

Wounded Children, The- David's boyfriend is beaten to death in a hate crime. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by flame in a flashback scene.

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