Helpful KEY to W.O.C

("World of Chick" by Bob Fowler)

If you're like me, you find the detailed reference material in Bob Fowler's book helpful but difficult to decipher some of the abbreviations. They save space, but take time to running back and forth figuring out. Here's a simple KEY chart that lists all the abbreviations in alphabetical order for easy reference. Print it out and keep it near your copy!

ACCI The Accident (tract)

ALAH Allah Had No Son (tract)

ALIC Non-existant tract, a false title

ANGL Angels? (tract)

ARCC Are Roman Catholics Christians?

ASIN The Assignment (tract)

ATAK The Attack (tract)

BABY Baby Talk (tract)

BACK Back From The Dead (tract)

BADB Bad Bob (tract)

BEAS The Beast (tract)

BEST Best Friend (tract)

BEWI Bewitched (tract)

BIGD Big Daddy (tract)

BIGS Big Spender (tract)

BOOX Boo! (tract)

BRAT The Brat (tract)

BRED Bread of Death (Alberto's version of Death Cookie tract)

BULL The Bull (tract)

BURN Burn Baby Burn (tract)

CATS Cats (tract)

CHAR Charlie's Ants (tract)

CHOI The Choice (tract)

CLEO Cleo (tract)

CONT The Contract (tract)

CO1 Operation Bucharest (comic)

CO2 The Broken Cross (comic)

CO3 Scar Face (comic)

CO4 Exorcists (comic)

CO5 Chaos (comic)

CO6 Primal Man (comic)

CO7 The Ark (comic)

CO8 The Gift (comic)

CO9 Angel of Light (comic)

C10 - Spellbound (comic)

C11- Sabotage? (comic)

C12- Alberto (comic)

C13- Double Cross (comic)

C14- The Godfathers (comic)

C15- The Force (comic)

C16- Four Horsemen (comic)

C17- The Prophet (comic)

C18- The Great Holocaust: Alberto #7 (comic by Alberto)

C19- The Plot of Holcocaust: Alberto #8 (unpublished comic by Alberto)

CREA Creator of Liar? (tract)

CRIS Crisis (tract)

CURS The Curse of Baphomet (tract)

DARK Dark Dungeons (tract)

DEAT Death Cookie (tract)

DECV Deceived (tract)

DEMN A Demon's Nightmare (tract)

DONT Don't Read That Book (tract)

DOOM Doom Town (tract)

DREA The Dreamer (tract)

EART Earthman (tract)

EMPT Empty Tomb (tract)

ESCA Escape (tract)

EXEC The Execution (tract)

FATC Fat Cats (tracts)

FIRE Fire Starter? (tract)

FJAW First Jaws (tract)

FLIT Flight 144 (tract)

FOOL The Fool (tract)

FOUR Four Brothers (tract)

FRAM Frame-Up (tract)

GAYB The Gay Blade (tract)

GOHM Going Home (tract)

GODG Going To The Dogs (tract)

GOME Gomez Is Coming (tract)

GRES Great Escape (tract)

GRON The Great One (tract)

GREA The Greatest Story Ever Told (tract)

GUNS Gun Slinger (tract)

HALL Happy Halloween (tract)

HAPY Happy Hour (tract)

HENE He Never Told Us (tract)

HITH Hi There (tract)

HITP Hit Parade (tract)

HITX The Hit (tract)

HOLO The Holocaust (tract)

HOLY Holy Joe (tract)

HOOK Hooked For Good (Sammy Hall's tract)

HOWT How To Get Rich And Keep It (tract)

HUMB Humbug (tract)

HUNT Hunter (tract)

IDIS I Discovered The Real Person and Power Behind Witchcraft (false tract title)

INTH In The Beginning (tract)

ISTH Is There Another Christ? (tract)

ISVM Is Virgin Mary my Mother? (Alberto's tract)

IVAN Ivan The Terrible (tract)

JEOP Jeopardy (tract)

JON Jonah (comic)

KILL Killer Storm (tract)

KING Kings of the East (tract)

KISS Kiss the Protestant's Goodbye (tract)

LSTC The Last Call (book w/ many chick cartoons)

LSTG The Last Generation (tract)

LSTM The Last Missionary (tract)

LSTR Last Rites (tract)

LETR The Letter (tract)

LISA Lisa (tract)

LITP The Little Princess (tract)

LONG The Long Trip (tract)

LOVE A Love Story (tract)

LJEW Love The Jewish People (tract)

MACH Macho! (tract)

MADM The Mad Machine (tract)

MISF Missionaries Are Fools (possible tract)

MISS Miss Universe (tract)

MURP Murph (tract)

MYNA My Name In The Vatican (tract)

NOFE No Fear (tract)

ONEW One Way! (tract)

ONLY The Only Hope (tract)

OPER Operation Somebody Cares (a Chick promotional campaign)

OUTS The Outsider (tract)

OV1 The Escape (Overcomers comic)

OV2 The Beginning (Overcomers comic)

OV3 Blood of Love (Overcomers comic)

OV4 Children of Light (Overcomers comic)

PART Party Girl (tract)

PASS The Passover Plot? (tract)

PICT Picture Gospel (tract)

PILG The Pilgramage (tract)

PLAG Plagues (tract)

PORL Poor Little Witch (tract)

PORP The Poor Pope (tract)

PORR The Poor Revolutionist (tract)

PRES The Present (tract)

RANS Ransom (tract)

REVM Reverend Wonderful (tract)

ROOM Room 310 (tract)

ROYA The Royal Affair (tract)

SACR The Sacrifice (tract)

SATM Satan's Master (tract)

SCOU The Scoundrel (tract)

SECR The Secret (tract)

SECP The Secret of Prayer (tract)

SECW The Secret Weopon (tract)

SINB Sin Busters (tract)

SISY The Sissy (tract)

SLUG Slugger (tract)

SOMG Somebody Goofed! (tract)

SOML Somebody Loves Me (tract)

SOUL Soul Story (tract)

STOR The Story Teller (tract)

SUPE Superman? (tract)

SUPS The Superstar (tract)

SUPP Support Your Local Jew (tract)

SW1 King of Kings (comic)

SW2 The Big Betrayal (comic)

TERM The Terminator (tract)

TCRZ That Crazy Guy (tract)

TODV That Old Devil (tract)

THEF The Theif (tract)

THIN The Thing (tract)

TBOK This Book Has Been Banned (tract)

TWYL This Was Your Life (tract)

TINY Tiny Shoes (tract)

TITA Titanic (tract)

TRAI The Traitor (tract)

TRAP The Trap (tract)

TRIA The Trial (tract)

TRIK The Trick (tract)

TRUE The True Path (tract)

TRUS Trust Me! (tract)

TYCO The Tycoon (tract)

VISI The Visitors (tract)

WARN The Warning (tract)

WARZ War Zone (tract)

WHER Where's Rabbi Waxman? (tract)

WHOA Who Are They Gonna Remember? (tract)

WHOM Who Me? (tract)

WHYI Why Is Mary Crying? (tract)

WHYN Why No Revival? (tract)

WICK The Wicked Magistrate (tract)

WMUR Who Murdered Clarice? (tract)

WORD The Word Became Flesh (tract)

WRDL Wordless Gospel (tract)

WOUN Wounded Children (tract)

YOUM You Missionaries Are Fools (reprint of Secret Weopon by 3rd party)







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