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John Todd Overview

A preacher that resembles John Todd leads a friendly neighborhood D&D bonfire in Dark Dungeons.

John Todd was one of the early influences on Jack Chick. In the late 1970s, he revealed to Chick that Todd's family had been involved with witchcraft for generations, and their real name was Collins (as in Dark Shadows). Todd said he was one of the high ranking priests on the Council of 13 (which worked for the Illuminati), and had been involved in all sorts of mischief, including managing one of the biggest record companies so they could poison the minds of youth though rock and roll music.

Chick wrote several full color comics based on Todd's testimony. They were THE BROKEN CROSS, ANGEL OF LIGHT, and SPELLBOUND. Todd is still credited at the beginning of these comics to this day (at the top of the first page), and he appears as the character Lance Collins in the SPELLBOUND comic. The satanists in the SPELLBOUND attempt to assassinate Collins, something Todd said they tried to do to him in real life during numerous occasions!

Todd may have also influenced several tracts, including DARK DUNGEONS and ANGELS, although the copyright suggests they were more influenced by Dr. Rebecca Brown. In DARK DUNGEONS, the character who speaks to the church and gets them to burn their D&D materials looks and acts a lot like Todd. Todd gave numerous church appearances in the late 70s and convinced many across the nation to burn their rock and roll records in church sponsored bonfires. His message swept in the nation via a thriving cassette tape ministry, fueled in no small part to Chick's popularizing of John Todd via Chick comics.

In fact, Todd referenced Chick's comics in many of his speeches. In a taped speech about Rock and Roll music, he says he wrote BROKEN CROSS. He goes on to explain how the Witches place curses on each master tape before it is made into an album, a claim that appears in his next Chick comic, ANGEL OF LIGHT. In a different speech about that comic, Todd says, "Now, many of you know I did a book for Chick Publications called The Broken Cross. We've written another one that will be out in about three months. Humph! You wouldn't believe the threats we've have been coming over this book. It hits the Mormons. It hits the occult. It hits the conspiracy and the Rothchilds. It hits the Masons. Man, I think they (Chick Publications) are going to have to go into a bomb shelter instead of bullet proof windows over there. It's really brought the infiltrators within the Christian church out into the public." (The speech continues with part 2.)

Todd predicted the Illuminati would take over the world in late 1979 after an economic meltdown. Things under Jimmy Carter looked like they were heading that way, but then a new President took control and America began a long period of economic expansion. Christianity Today printed an expose on Todd, and an entire book was also published that attacked Todd (entitled The Todd Phenomenon by Darryl Hicks & David Lewis. It contained a forward by Christian comedian and ex-Satanist Mike Warneke. He warned readers to watch out for lying Christians... and Mike should know: He was later exposed in Cornerstone Christian magazine as a fraud himself!) Todd's influence faded, he back slid into his old witchcraft ways, and then completely disappeared from public view. No one seemed to know what happened to him. We found out but we're afraid to say on the internet in case "they" maybe watching! (But you can find out about his fate and many more fascinating details from the conspiracy chapter in our book.)

You can hear many of Todd's tapes via free internet download here.

Todd died Nov. 10th, 2007.

See also Chick's later two big influences, Alberto Rivera and Dr. Rebecca Brown.


John Todd photo, circa 1978

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