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(Alberto vs. Metz on) KBRT Radio Interview- (Recorded live on "From the Heart" in 1984. The two fight it out over the airwaves.) Review.

Battle cover

Battle, The- (A 1972 re-release of seven tracts in book form, plus a narrative about how Chick tracts saved Bob Garcia.) Review.

Babylon Religion

Babylon Religion (How a Babylonian Goddess Became the Virgin Mary) Written by David Daniels and heavily illustrated by Jack Chick, this 224 page book shows a history of Mary from Moon Goddess to co-redeemer. See sample page. © 2006.

CBA 1981 Convention Tape- Tape of Alberto's speech to the Christian Bookseller's Association in 1981, during the height of the Alberto and Double Cross controversy. Review.

Closet Witches- (A 1986 interview with Dr. Rebecca Brown and a witch she converted from Satanism (Elaine), conducted by Jack Chick himself!) Review.

Did the Catholic Church Give us the Bible?

Did the Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? - Written by David Daniels and heavily illustrated by Jack Chick, this book provides a history of Vatican attempts to suppress the Protestant Bible. © 2005.

Evolution of Man poster. Review.

Going Bananas

Going Bananas- (Cartoons by Carter. How Christians can survive day to day secular hassles.)Review.

He Came To Set the Catives Free

He Came To Set The Captives Free - Book about Spiritual Warefare by Rebecca Brown, MD. Review. The cover sports a beautiful Fred Carter painting. Review.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics - Book with six controversial tracts reprinted, plus commentary added by Jack Chick and David Daniels. The reprints include ALLAH HAD NO SON, DARK DUNGEONS, and the out of print, LISA. Plus, it features an exclusive tract where a gay high school coach seduces one of his students (HOME ALONE)

Kent Hovind's "The Age of the Earth" (donated by Ramon Ruenes) Video that compares Evolution to Creationism. This is the Creationism expert that Chick quotes and promotes in tracts like "IN THE BEGINNING". Review.

The Last Call

The Last Call- Chick's cartoons illustrate the concepts of Charles G. Finney. Review.

Let's Take A Stand- (Chick's first audio tape, recorded at the height of the Alberto controversy. Can you guess what the topic is?) Review.

The Next Step

Next Step, The- A collection of 8 mini-tracts published in book form. Review.

Prepare for War

Prepare for War - Another Spiritual Warfare guide from Dr. Rebecca Brown, complete with explanations on how the devil uses "doorways" to get into and possess your body, including yoga, role-playing games, and meditation. Now published by Whitaker House, it was originally a Chick Publications release, and still features the meticulous Fred Carter cover.


Smokescreens- The book is now online for easy (and free) reading. It's sure to raise the ire of any die-hard Catholic or wishy-washy ecumenitcal. Review.

Solution to the Marriage Mess

Solution to the Marriage Mess, A- (Cartoons by Carter, Marital Advice by Chick.) Review.


Talking Chick

Talking Chick broadcast - A recording oa a live radio call-in program broadcast on WCVC on April 19, 2001. Covers the career and controversy of Chick with guest expert, Rich Lee. Features recordings of all the major player, including Alberto, Dr. Rebecca Brown, and Chick himself. It was originally a 90 minute cassette tape but is now available on 90 minute CD.

Unbroken Curses

Unbroken Curses - Rebecca Brown fans will want to see the book that Chick "passed" on. It was co-authored by her then-new husband, Daniel Yoder (before his fall from grace). The spiritual warfare meter pegs out in this one! (1995, Whitaker House.)

Walter Martin v. Dr. Rivera Debate- A 90 minute debate between the famous Cult expert and the infamous ex-Jesuit. Review.

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