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Bob's Bank Account

Good ol' Bob Williams. According to the new 25 tract series, you can always count on Bob in a crunch. He seems pretty well off, despite not holding a regular 9 to 5 job. Just what does he do anyway? Whatever it is, it must pay well. Judging from the tracts, we know this much:

He can afford to travel to Israel and lecture tourists about the real cause of the Arab/Israel conflict (The Promise).

He can bail you out of prison at a moment's notice (Framed).

He can provide prostitutes with free food, clothes and medicine (The Outcast).

He can buy strangers dinner when they have their cars stolen (The Scam).

He's always available for free counseling (The Loser, Caught, The Monster, Fallen-- almost all of them!).

He's got time to visit the sick in hospitals (Real Heat).

He's got money to pay for strangers to visit the Emergency room (Who Cares?).

He can afford to have strangers move in with him at a moment's notice (Who's Missing?)


Let's face it, Bob's the man with the financial plan! He is obviously handy with computers. Two tracts (In The Beginning and The Last Judge) show him helping people with their computer. It's not clear if he's getting paid for this service, or just doing it to be a nice guy. Maybe he lives off his wife's income. She may be a teacher, but that's unclear as well. Everything is a little vague... I guess if you have a good thing, why tell everyone else about it and add to the competition. Hopefully, we'll find out the secret to Bob's financial success. He can afford to give a lot away to those in need, although--oddly enough-- he never seems to give away any Chick tracts. Let's hope that's not why he has money to burn!

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