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Jack Chick Tract Club link


A whimsical list of Chick's most obvious errors.

You goofed!

Okay, so nobody's perfect. But it's always fun to find bloopers or unintentional anachronisms in films, books-- or whatever else. You know, like spotting the Toto album in the record collection of The Talented Mr. Ripley when the film supposedly takes place in the 1950s (yet the album didn't come out until the 1980s). What were they thinking? Or were they thinking at all?

This is only the start of a new section devoted to those little bloopers that sneak into tracts. It is very small for now, but as readers email their observations, it will grow significantly. Keep in mind, however, that this is for cut and dry errors, not opinions like whether or not Alberto was a fraud or if God really exists. If it MIGHT be true, it doesn't belong here.

Just the facts-- or rather-- the NON-facts!


ALLAH HAD NO SON: Page 5 predicts "We expect a Muslim flag to fly over the White House by 2010." Well, 2010 came and went, and still no Muslim flag. Somebody Goofed! Interestingly, the more recent version of the same tract modify the date to say "in the near future." (That aught to be buy 'em some time!) However, a case could be made that Obama has strong Muslim ties, and he took the White House 2008, which was actually two years before the "Muslim/White House" deadline. Some critics claim Barack Hussein is a closet Muslim, while others point out his own school records label him a Muslim in his younger years. That isn't technically the same thing as having a Muslim flag fly over the White House, but who (other than Chick) would ever suggest a future President might bow to a Muslim King? Compare Christianity to ISIS at a Prayer Meeting? Alienate Israel in an effort to appease Iran, Or negotiate a treaty that allows an Islamic nation with terrorism ties to develope nuclear weapons? So although Chick's prediction was off by two years and one flag pole, a good lawyer could certainly spin it the other way. (Just so long as that lawyer's not an infidel, haw-haw-haw!)


MAMA'S GIRLS: Page 3 says "Before people came, people were like lost sheep... Satan waited in the shadows, grabbing their souls the instant they died." The picture shows Satan doing just that. But the victim he's snatching is wearing modern clothes, not pre-Jesus robes. (Plus, he's speaking English, centuries before it evolved-- but we'll let that one slide because that's in EVERY tract going back to the time of Jesus.)


THE FOUR HORSEMEN (Observation by Rich Lee): Christians in the catacombs of Rome write Bible verses on the wall... including the chapter and verse! This, despite the fact that the New Testament had yet to be written! Somebody Goofed!

(Addendum by David Stout) And the numbered verses were not added to the Bible until approximately 1550!


THE GIFT page 28, vol. 8 of the Crusaders comics (Observation by Joni) Jim is talking about the punishments Jesus had to undergo before being crucified. Part of his rant is to say that "The leather whip usually had pieces of steel, balls of lead, and sharp bones attached." Steel, huh? Well, steel in the West wouldn't be produced in any common way until more than a 1000 years later, and although steel was known to be formed accidently, it was a highly sought-after commodity--I doubt it would "usually" be woven into whips. Also, China had the technology to make steel at that time, but to get it would take significant trade, and it would again be a valuable commodity. Somebody Goofed!


MURPH, panel 4 (observation by Ken C:) The AK47 assault rifle has no cocking handle or selector switch visible. (Both are on the right hand side of the real weapon.) SOMEBODY GOOFED!


THE BIG SPENDER (observation by Ken C:) In the opening scene, a spectator says, "He made his point!" Funny, Howard is playing roulette, not shooting craps. You "make your point" at craps, you "hit a number" at roulette. Haw-haw! SOMEBODY GOOFED!


THE BRAT: This Old Testament tale shows how Joseph (the prodigal son) resorted to eating the pig's corn before realizing he could eat well if he swallowed his pride and returned to his wealthy father. The only problem is that corn wasn't discovered until the Pilgrims moved to America thousands of years later. Haw-haw! SOMEBODY GOOFED!


THE BEAST (observation by Ken C:) A grisly detail, but I thought I'd mention it. In "The Beast", there appears the following, "I looked, and I actually saw the nail prints in our Messiah's hands!"

Sorry, Jack, but that can't be. You ought to study crucifixion more carefully. The SPIKES, not NAILS, were actually driven through the condemned man's wrists. Otherwise his weight would have torn his hands free when his upper body slumped. Haw-Haw, Somebody Goofed!

THE DEATH COOKIE: Page 9 asserts, "The priests of Egypt called this miracle 'transubstantiation,' and then the people ate their God." Transubstantiation is a Latin term, and the Egytian priests did not speak that language. Haw-haw! SOMEBODY GOOFED!


THE TRICK: Page 14 says that the Halloween "trick-or-treat was created by the Druids. When they went to a home and demanded a child or virgin for sacrifice, the victim was the Druids' treat. In exchange, they would leave a jack-o-lantern." A burning pumpkin is shown as the victim is hauled off by hooded Druids. But once again, the facts don't support the food claim. Pumpkins were discovered in America and didn't exist in ancient England. Haw-haw! SOMEBODY GOOFED!

THE LAST JUDGE and THE LITTLE BRIDE. This isn't a prediction that went wrong, but the Judge starts out with an eyepatch on his left eye, but then it moves to the right eye in THE LITTLE BRIDE. (Maybe that's Chick's version of "An Eye from an Eye." Haw-haw!)



Last Bride: 3/19/08 (Parry)

12/6/12 Mama's Girls

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