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Jack Chick Tract Club link

These were our entries for the Chick Contest 2002!

Go here to see why our judges voted as they did.


I sent "THE ASSIGNMENT" to (you guessed it) Charles Bishop! He is the actual Alabama State Commissioner Of Agriculture...and he's running for Governor! I sent it to his campaign headquarters (along with a generous $ 5.00 donation, of course.)

New Yorker (HE WON 2nd PLACE)

I discovered Chick tracts 10 months ago. I was living in New York City at the time and one day overheard a guy on the subway telling his friends about how great the Catholic Church was. And how he was going to study Catholic theogy at one of their schools (even though he wasn't catholc himself, he proceeded to educate his friends about all the symbols and ceremonies). They got off at my stop, so I followed them off. I had just come from the christian bookstore and had a copy of Are Roman Catholics Christians? in my hand. I said, "Lord if you want me to give this to them I'll know if they turn the way I'm going." Well, they did turn my way. Now I had to give it to them. My palms were sweaty, heart was pounding - after all that tract is about as hardcore as they come! I followed them until they went in to restaraunt on 57th street. I didn't go in. I felt like a chicken. Just then my girlfriend at the time showed up. Being an ex-catholic she said, "I'll back you up." She kept the hostess busy while I plowed my way through the restaraunt to their table. I said, "I overheard your conversation in the subway so I followed you in here because I think you'll find this booklet VERY interesting!" With that I put it on the table and the four guys crowded around it like it was the only source of heat in a freezing room! Mission accomplished...haven't looked back!


Hello fellow Chick fans! I work in a Valdosta, GA convenience store and one of my regular customers is Valdosta's Rabbi. About a month ago, I asked him if he would accept a Hannukah gift from a gentile, and he said yes. I got him a set of 20 Hannukah postage stamps and put them in an envelope along with a tract called 'Shalom At Last' and the Chick tract 'Love The Jewish People' in Hebrew. I wasn't able to give it to him in person, so I put my name and address on the envelope (so they wouldn't think it was some sort of biological threat) and put the envelope on the synagogue's mailbox! Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the tracts to bring the Rabbi and/or someone in his congregation to Jesus Christ!


Recently the second Harry Potter movie came out to much acclaim. Little did the parents of these innocent children seen flocking to that movie that it was a railroad to Hell.

I took a couple of copies of Nervous Witch and left them in the theatre & restroom where the Potter flic was playing. No excuses, folks; now you know. Glad that at least Samantha turned away from that path.

BTW, has anyone noticed that the Nimbus 2000 animated broom that the toy companies are selling is a vibrating device? $19.95 can teach your little Samantha the sin of self-pollution!


I slipped them into copies of the free "alternative" newspapers that they distribute here in Toronto.


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