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Level 2307

Here there be Devils!

Christians claim that love is greater than hate. That may be true, but if you think about it, there are actually two forces that bring people together. One is the love of something similar (like say, democracy), but the other is the hatred of a common enemy. When looking over Chick tracts, there is one character that makes an appearance every bit as often as Jesus or his angels. That character is Satan (and his demons). In fact, if space aliens couldn't read our language and were trying to figure out what Chick tracts were about, they might mistakenly conclude the comics were promoting Satan instead of Jesus. After all, devils are prominently featured in most the tracts and even appear on many of the covers. The bearded Jesus guy gets constantly crucified while the devil guy never seems to suffer at all (yet both wind up on thrones). Many of the humans are tossed in the lake of fire, but you might think they were the bad guys who deserved to be punished by the heroic demons, kinda like the good sheriff rounding up the criminals and tossing them in prison. At the very least, the tracts could leave many Martians scratching their antennas...

Satan and his minions appear in a variety of different forms in Chick's comics. Many are cartoonish demons that don't look that dangerous, while others are quite sinister and evil looking. Fred Carter's demons look even more elaborate, like grotesque chimeras with all sorts of different animal parts fused throughout their bodies. Other times, Satan takes on a human appearance (as in Bewitched and The Contract).

Below is a list of tracts that feature Satan and his pals either in the tracts or on the covers. We call it Level 2307 because that's the bottom basement floor in hell where Satan sends two of his bumbling demons in the first Chick tract to depict demons (both in the story and on the cover.) That tale was entitled A Demon's Nightmare, and was Chick's second ever tract, published way back in 1962.

This list only includes the tracts where the devil (or devils) appear within the story, not the ones that just have a picture of hell, or show someone being tossed into the Lake of Fire by an angel. (If we included all of those tracts, the list would be nearly 100% of Chick's work). Have a look at all of Chick's demonic representations and see why we say in Chickville, EVERY day is Halloween!

Listed in chronilogical order (by publishing year)

Level 2307

A Demon's Nightmare - (Art by Chick ©1962, 1972.)

The Beast - (Art by Chick ©1966, 1981, 1988.)

Somebody Goofed - (Art by Chick ©1966-2002) & Oops! (Negro version of same (w/ art by Carter) ©2008)

Creator or Liar? - (Art by Chick ©1969, 1972, 1976.)

This Book Has Been Banned (©1969 Cover only)

*#11 Kiss India Goodbye - (A rare promo. Art by Chick ©1970.)

*#12 Operation Somebody Cares - (A rare promo. Art by Chick ©1970.)

*#13 Pssssssst! Isn't it Time? - (A rare promo. Art by Chick ©1970.)

Bewitched?- (Art by Chick ©1970, ©1972, ©2000.)

The Thing Demon

The Thing - (Art by Chick ©1971. As a demonically possessed person.)

What's Your Score? (Art by Chick, circa 1971- page 9 and 10.)

Wordless/ Picture Gospel- (Art by Chick & Carter. New Guinea, ©1971, 1972, Hatian 1973, 1987, African 1997)

The Assignment - (Art by Chick. ©1972)

*#21 Breakthrough! - (A rare promo. No copyright date. 1972?)

Don't Read That Book!- (Art by Chick. ©1972. Cover and last panel.)

The Secret of Prayer - (Art by Chick ©1972. Page 15.)

*#30 Loosing the Old Zippp? - (A rare promo. Art by Chick ©1972.)

Hi There! - (Art by Carter ©1975, 2002 Has scenes in Hades, but imprisoned by an Angel. ) & Wassup? (negro vers.)

Humbug? also Humbug! - (Art by Chick ©1975, 1995. Page 14, knocker turns into Satan's head.)

The Contract panel

The Contract! - (Art by Carter ©1976. Satan as a well-healed human.)

Back From The Dead - (Art by Carter ©1982.)

The Letter - (Art by Carter ©1982. Dark angels in Hell deliver the letter.)

Wounded Children Panel

Wounded Children, The- (Art by Carter ©1983.)

Dark Dungeons- (Art by Carter ©1984. Demon spirits flee Debbie on page 21.)

The Only Hope - (Art by Carter ©1985. Page 3, witches sacrifice with spirit of Lucifer in background.)

The Attack - (Art by Chick ©1985. Page 7b, and again on page 21b.)

Angels tract

Angels? - (Art by Chick ©1986. Lew Siffer, record executive, is you-know-who.)

Satan's Master- (Art by Carter ©1986.)

The Trick - (Art by Chick ©1986.)

The Hunter - (Art by Chick ©1987.)

The Four Brothers/ renamed later as Four Angels - (Art by Chick ©1987. Pages 10 and 11.)

Why Is Mary Crying? - (Art by Chick ©1987. Page 21.)

The Poor Little Witch - (Art by Chick ©1987. Pages 8, 9, and 20.)

The Death Cookie - (Art by Chick ©1988. As the horned friend of the first pope, plus page 18.)

The Trap - (Art by Chick ©1988. Page 10.)

That Old Devil

That Old Devil - (Art by Chick ©1989.)

The Empty Tomb - (Art by third artist & Carter ©1990. Page 22.)

The Deceived - (Art by Carter ©1990. Cover only.)

The Traitor - (Art by Carter ©1990. Page 12 and 22.)

Earthman Panel

Earthman - (Art by third artist & Carter ©1990. As an angel, devil, and snake.)

Burn Baby Burn- (Art by third artist & Carter ©1991. Page 8.)

The Curse of Baphomet - (Art by Chick ©1991. Cover and Page 9 & 10 (as false gods.)) & That's Baphomet? (©2011).

Boo! - (Art by Chick ©1991)

Sin Busters - (Art by Carter ©1991. Cover only.)

He Never Told Us! - (Art by Chick ©1993. Lots of hell scens, but no demons, just angels.)

The Long Trip - (Art by Chick ©1994.)

Ransom - (Art by Chick ©1995. Page 14.)

Happy Halloween - (Art by Chick ©1996.)

The Gun Slinger - (Art by Chick ©1997.)

Charlie's Ants - (Art by Chick ©1997. Page 12.)

No Fear? - (Art by Chick ©1997.)

Flight 144 - (Art by Chick ©1998.)

Party Girl - (Art by Chick ©1998.)

The Choice

The Choice - (Art by Chick ©1999. Page 6.)

The Warning - (Art by Chick ©2000. Page 16 as snake.)

In The Beginning (Art by Chick ©2000. Page 14 and 15 as snake.)

Sin City (Art by Chick ©2001.)

The Little Ghost (Art by Chick ©2001. Page 13 and 16.)

The Nervous Witch (Art by Chick ©2002.)

Caught! (Art by Chick ©2002.)

Gladys (Art by Chick ©2002.)

Man In Black (Art by Chick ©2003. Page 11.)

Here He Comes (Art by Chick ©2003. Cover, page 11, and 21.)

You Are About To See... (Art by Chick ©200. Page 22.)

Birds And The Bees (Art by Carter ©2004)

The Devil's Night (Art by Carter ©2004. Page 17 as a fallen angel.)

Squatters (Art by Chick ©2004. Page 18a as the pope's puppeteer.)

The Missing Day (Art by Chick ©2005)

* #189 The Lost Continent (Art by Chick, circa 1971- A recent discovery that should be renumbered around #17)

Congratulations! (Art by Chick ©2006)

The Unwelcome Guest (Art by Chick ©2006)

Heart Trouble (Art by Chick 2007. Page 15)

Free At Last

Set Free (Art by Chick 2007) & Free At Last (negro version by Carter.)

Where Did They Go? (Art by Chick ©2007)

Poor Little Lamb (Art by Chick ©2008. Page 14b.)

Moving On Up (Art by Chick ©2008)

Who Is He? (Art by Chick ©2008. Page 6b.)

First Bite (Art by Chick ©2008. Page 8 and 21.)

Home Alone (Art by Chick ©2008) Exclusive to Hot Topics book. Page 7b and 20a.

Papa? (Art by Chick ©2008. Page 10 and 11.)

It's All About You (Art by Chick ©2009)

Evil Eyes (Art b y Chick ©2009. Pages 12, 13, and 20.)

It's A Deal (Art by Carter ©2009. Black pimp looking fellow who buys souls.)

Some Like It Hot (Art by Chick ©2009)

No Liars In Heaven (Art by Chick ©2009. Page 18 and 20.)

Crazy Wolf

Crazy Wolf (Art by Chick ©2010)

Going Down (Art by Chick ©2010. Pages 13a and 16a.)

The Little Sneak (Art by Carter ©2010. Pages 8a.10b, and 18b.)

Stinky (Art by Chick ©2010)

Love That Money (Art by Chick ©2010)

Univited (Art by Chick ©2011)

The Walking Dead (Art by Chick) ©2011

The Awful Truth (Art by Chick ©2011/)

Global Warming (Art by Chick ©2012. Pages 15a and 16a.).

Why Should I?

Why Should I? (Art by Chick ©2012. Pages 19b and 20.)

Camel's In The Tent (Art by Chick ©2012.)

Born To Be Wild (Art by Chick ©2012. Page 16a.)

Satan Comes to Salem (Art by Chick ©2012. Cover, 2a, and 6a.)

Mama's Girls (Art by Chick ©2012.)

Let's Fly Away (Art by Chick ©2013. Pages 16b and 17a.)

List complete up to March 2014 (thru "Sorry" tract).

Congrats on finding our secret page... it's hidden because the devil's in the details. Haw-haw-haw!

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