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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chick Tract Contest 2004 &


Chick Tract Contest

We regret that we are discontinuing the contest at this time because of death threats from Jesuits.

Okay, so maybe it's really because we're not getting enough entries, but the Jesuit conspiracy sounds sexier. Perhaps we'll bring it back sometime in the future, but the site is becoming so big, it's difficult for new visitors to notice the contest and for us to update it along with everything else. So for now, you can keep emailing us your innovative tract passing tales and we'll post them... but no prizes or yearly judging for now.

Here are the old rules:

We want to know the strangest and/or funniest place you've ever left a Chick tract. It can be years ago or just minutes ago that you did it. Several factors will be considered for determining the winner. What was the tract title (if relevant). For example, did someone ever leave a copy of Flight 144 on Flight 144? How difficult was it to deliver? (Has anyone ever gotten a copy of The Death Cookie to the Pope?) How obscure was the location? (Space Shuttle access, anyone?) Obviously, we have to rely on the honor system here. We have no way of knowing for sure if you actually delivered the goods (but the faceless one upstairs knows, so better stick to the facts!) Besides, the hardest part is coming up with the winning idea. Just think of something funny and then make it happen. E-mail me your story and we'll post it here as they come in.


Don't be shy, have some fun! Place some Chicks in clever locations and tell us about it!


Below are two SAMPLE entries from folks we knew (and couldn't enter in the contest when we gave prizes). They give an idea of different techniques folks have used in the past.

Entry #0 (example only): Richard

Here's my story: Back when I was in high school, I placed an ad in the school newspaper with my picture, and called it a coupon. In it, I said that anyone who clips out the coupon and presented it to me when they saw me would get a free gift. Lunch hour came, and many people in the high school who I didn't know came up to me (recognizing me from the picture) and redeemed their coupons. What was the prize? You guessed it-- Chick tracts! George Collins of Battle Cry wants me to write about this for future publication.


Entry #0 (example only): Anonymous

Our County Commission recently debated if they should give homosexuals special protections in the rent laws. Naturally, the liberal newspaper was all for it and since 6 of the 7 Commissioners were Democrats, it looked like a done deal. I went to speak against it anyway. The audience was packed with gays who were rude and shouted down the few brave citizens who dared speak against the measure. And of course, the Jelly spined politicians passed the measure claiming it was "civil rights" (what an insult to minorities!) But I still got the last laugh (thanks to Chick Tracts). I left generous helpings of Doom Town in the chambers for those who needed it most! Haw-haw-haw!


Go here to see winners from 2003!

Go here to see winners from other years!

Remember, we've discontinued the prizes for now, so this is just for fun.

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