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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Tract Passing Contest 2003 results

Tract Passing Contest #3

Your Chance to Spread The Word (that Chick tracts are fun!)

Here's the folks who entered the 2003 contest and the winners are listed at the end.


Entry #4 Hansen

A fellow employee sitting by me at work was inquiring about the Jehovah Witness's and Mormon's, mostly because her daughter wanted to know what the two groups believed, so I gave her the Chick tracts "The Crisis" and "The Visitors". She then went to lunch with her daughter and son, to give the daughter the tracts. The daughter didn't know what to make of the tracts (or the mom, my co-worker). Then the son pulled out a Chick Publication order form he just happened to have on him, to their great surprise. Neither his sister or mom knew anything about Chick tracts before this or that their own family member was buying Chick tracts to pass out in various "Who, Me?" ways. So Jack Chick brought some light to a family through his simple but compeling tracts.

Entry #3 C-photo

I placed "The Gay Blade" tracts in the condom dish at the local gay bathhouse (Club Portland).

Entry #2: Timothy

Nearly 20 years ago, I was a die-hard Born Again Xian, and Chick Tracts were my favorite thing to pass out or "leave" somewhere, thus spreading the True Word!!

So, I lived in a small town, but decided (along with a convert) to drive into the capital (Columbus, Ohio) and leave a few tracts. What better place than the largest pornography store in town? I walked in and placed one in the cigarette (Sin-Sticks) machine. Then, I summoned all my courage (provided by the multitude of angels that were protecting me), I walked into the main part of the store

Oh No!!!! Nekkid pictures, and toys and videos and..ok, back to the story.

I found an obvious gay magazine (all mags appeared to be in plastic at the time) and after ripping a 3" slit, slid the tract (Gay Blade, natch) into the magazine. Had to convert them queers, Y'know? Plus I had the added bonus of damaging property in the name of Jee-Zuz!!

My friend that accompanied me, flipped some tracts in the open car windows in the parking lot. He tried to hand one to a guy that was outside in a trenchcoat (I didn't really believe him), but he said the fellow propositioned him (wishful thinking, perhaps?); so I started placing them under the windshield wipers on some of the cars.

Entry #1: Bob H.

I'm an Evangelist and live in a small town 20 miles from Canterbury England.

I go into large food stores and head for the breakfast cereal section. I pick up a large 1kg box. At the top is a slit at both ends deep enough to to push an evangelistic Chick book through. I then give the box a gentle shake to make sure the book falls deep inside and won't fall out when it is picked by the customer. You have heard of free gifts in cereal packets? Well, this is the ultimate free gift: the way to Heaven!


AND THE WINNERS ARE... (the envelope please).... C-photo! For his simple but funny placement of THE GAY BLADE in the condom dish at a local bath house. (Talk about a cold blanket!) 2nd place goes to Bob H, who slipped tracts into cereal packages (not something we suggest doing anymore in an age of bio terrorism). 3rd place goes to Timothy, who slipped them in with gay magazines (how far did the customers read until they realized it wasn't part of the regular mag?). Honorable mention goes to Hansen, who happened to have THE VISITORS handy when the issue of Mormons came up. The first three place winners will receive various amounts of tracts to continue their mirthful missionary mischief (in legal ways, please). Our best wishes to this year's winners! Thanks also to our three judge panel of David, Ray, Rich Lee and yours truly.

Here's a sample of the judge's rational (from Rich Lee)

Entry #3 C-photo (put tracts in a gay bath house condom dish)

This wins hands down, because of its boldness, brashness, and creativity. If only this would get suggested in "Tract Passing Tips" in Battle Cry!

Entry #4 Hansen (who gave tracts to co-workers who wanted info on Mormons)

I liked this because new Chick fans were created. More potential members of the Tract Fan Club, but I'm a greedy S.O.B.

Entry #2 Timothy (gay magazine placement)

This entry is a winner because although he rejected his own Born Again experience with Christ within 20 years, the Word of Chick still holds his attention to warrant him doing a search for our site and enter our contest. The dripping blasphemous apostate cynicism is an added bonus.

Entry #1 Bob H (Put tracts in cerial boxes).

This is a good runner up, precisely because it COULD be suggested as a "Tract Passing Tip" in Battle Cry!

If you were one of the winners and haven't been contacted by us about your prize, let us know. (It can happen if you changed your email address since entering the contest.)

Go here to see the 2002 Contest Winners!

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