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Color Variations

For variations in art and text, visit the regular variations page.

This wing is dedicated to the most diehard collectors of Chick Tracts. (It's not a complete list, but a good start.) Listed here for the convenience of those who want to know are the variations in the color on the covers. This can be the difference between red and orange (The Attack) or two different shades of yellow (That Crazy Guy). This wing will be as detailed as YOU want it. Our purpose here is to list changes on covers only. We will not be dealing with any color variations inside the tracts. Those are already mentioned on the other variation site. To confirm the existence of a color variation, please notify our color variation expert, especially if we are dealing with shades of the same color. For example, if we have a tract that comes in two different light green colors, we might have to specify that one is lime green while the other one may be kiwi green. Let him see them to be able to compare and label them accurately. If you know of a variation, please contact him at



Are Roman Catholics Christians - Early version with Mary and snake comes in white and green


Attack, The - red and orange shading around the Bible


Bewitched - Early version has dark orange bkgd. for graphic. Newer version has a dramatically lighter orange.


Big Daddy - Early version had solid (but light) yellow and a solid dark yellow cover graphic. Newer version has top and bottom of graphic in darker yellow than middle


Boo! - light and dark orange


Burn Baby Burn - Much darker shading, most noticeable on the arm and hood.


Crisis, The - red and blood red borders and blood


Cats - dark yellow and gold lions


Creator or Liar - (no border) graphic varies from an almost blackish blue to a blueberry blue


Dark Dungeons - the specter varies from a really light gray to almost an ash or charcoal color. The red on the cover has a dark pink variation


Death Cookie, The - dark purple bkgd with gray shadow of cookie, light purple bkgd with dark purple shadow.

Doom Town - light orange with white stripes, med. orange with white stripes and dk, orange with light orange stripes (the skull is also a dark gray whereas the others are white.)

Firestarter? - white, orange, and gold border and flames

Gay Blade, The - purple and pink covers

Greatest Story Ever Told, The - white and purple borders (the white bordered version uses black to accent details)

He Never Told Us - red and yellow covers

Hi There! - same teal color, but one uses a lot more black than the other giving it a more ominous feel

Kings of the East - Graphic in red with pink shade, also a lighter tan with pink shade.

Kiss Protestants Goodbye - TITLE in red and orange

Last Generation, The - one cover is green, while the other is light blue with white streaks

Last Missionary, The - The LETTERING on the cover comes in aqua blue, light green, regular green and red

Love Story, A - newest version is brick red bkgd (not the heart shapes). Older versions have a faded red and gray criss-cross pattern, and another the same except for a darker gray.

Mad Machine, The - light green and dark green graphics

Miss Universe - yellow and white borders around cover

My Name In the Vatican - The TITLE comes in yellow and white.

Reverend Wonderful - light and dark yellow graphics

Room 310 - light and dark orange

The Royal Affair - Early version dark purple graphic, later version light purple. The 2010 reissue has a dark red/purple cover.

That Crazy Guy - light yellow bkgd with dark yellow shadow, yellow bkgd with gray shadow, newer version has dark yellow on top and bottom with light yellow in the middle (still gray shadow)

The Visitors - early version dark blue graphic, later version, light blue.

Who Are they Gonna Remember - TITLE in light green and light blue.

Who Me? - red, green and white covers (The German tract comes in yellow. Is there a yellow English version)

Why No Revival? - light green, reg. green and yellow covers


Updated 06/1/16: MORE variations (and some repeats) from Kevin Christy:

The Attack has a red and white cover instead of the old orange (brownish) and white cover.

Back from the Dead went from an aqua cover to a blue cover. Best Friend went from an orange square on left to a yellow square.

Born Wild! went from a yellowish cover to an orangish cover. Cleo went from an orange to a yellow cover.

Dark Dungeons has a black cover now. Earthman has had an orange cover with white border and orange cover without white border and now has a brown border.

Fatal Decision went from an aqua cover to a light blue.

Doom Town now has an orange cover.

Hi There! and Whassup? went from an aqua color cover to a blue cover.

How to Get Rich went from a white to a yellow cover.

It's Not Your Fault went from an aqua to a blue cover. Let's Fly away went from an aqua to a light blue cover.

Papa? went from an orange to a yellow cover.

Room 310 changed from an orange to a yellow cover.

Some Like it Hot went from an aqua to a blue cover.

Who Is He? went from a yellowish border to a brown border.

Angels? has a red cover now.
Satan Comes to Salem may now have a blue cover from the former aqua color. It appears that way on Chick's website, though I have not seen one yet.

Who's the Real Hater went from an aqua to a blue cover. You may call the aqua colors teal that I listed.

The Titanic tract at least in 2015 versus 2013-2014 versions has a smaller overall design on the tract cover.

Angels? has an early version where the picture only covers maybe 2/3 the size of the latest version.

Cleo version with white around the dog versus the orange or yellow of the others.

The Bully and Charlie's Ants both have a version with a bluish -green cover and a more all greenish color.

Don't read That Book has a red and a brown cover.

The early Earthman has the title The Story of Adam and Eve on top and a white border around the design.

An early version of How To Get Rich has a white cover. A German version shows the euro symbol in place of the dollar sign on the bag of money on the cover.

The earlier German versions had DM in place of the dollar symbol.

A Finnish version of The Passover Plot has the left side of cover in white and the right in aqua. The English version had By J.T.C. and now has just J.T.C. This applies to many tracts as well as pages numbered or not.

Hit Parade has a white and light blue version of the title and the stone the bird is sitting on.

A Finnish version of The Assignment has a light purple cover.

Birds and the Bees has Li'l Susy 3 on the original cover and the latest version has J.T.C.

The German version of Lisa has a brown border around the bedroom scene.

This Was Your Life variants of You Have A Date (for White females) and Your Big Moment for Black females.

Last Rites is the version for Roman Catholics. Your Best Life is a version for Muslims.

The Accident has a version with purple on the top and bottom with the middle of picture in white. Another version switches this with white at the top and bottom and purple in the middle.

A Finnish version of One Way! is all light blue.

The early Room 310 had the design cover only about 2/3 the area of the modern versions.

Somebody Loves Me has a version with the design 2/3 size of current version and there is a Spanish version also 2/3 the size with orange instead of yellow on the cover. All modern Spanish versions have replaced all Bible verses with the RVG2010 which replaced the RV1960.

Where's Rabbi Waxman? has a version with white on the top and bottom and blue around the person and another version with blue at the top and bottom and a strip of white and then the picture with a light blue background.

The Fool also has a version with design 2/3 size of current version. I will send more another time

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