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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

This is Chick Memories 12

From Jan 1st to Dec. 31st, 2008.

Revised. 12.21.08 (All contents ©2008 Monsterwax)


I just received my copy of Rebecca Brown's book, "Unbroken Curses" from Amazon and was wondering if you could shed some light on something, having met both Rebecca and Jack Chick. Having been a fan of the works of both for several years, I'm well aware of Jack's views on Bible versions, in that he considers the KJV 1611 to be the TRUE Bible and that ALL other bible versions are Satanic traps created to lure unsuspecitng Christians to the Path To Hell. I also know that Rebecca Brown and JTC woked together on several tracts together in the 1980s and that Chick Publications is the original publisher of her first two books. The curious thing is, when I was flipping past the copyright page in Unbroken Curses I noticed that it said that all of the Scripture quotes referenced are from the NEW King James Version (©1984), which Jack Chick considers to be an ungodly Bible version. I know this book came out in 1995, five years after she left Chick Publications. Do you know if this is a more recent post-Chick-Pulications development in her life, or was this something that was always present and possibly a point of contention between her and Jack? I know she left Chick Publicaitons on amicable terms, and as far as I know they're still friendly, but is this possibly at least part of why they parted ways?
Conspiratorially yours, Adam

Hey Adam,
I would not stake my life on it, but what I remember is Chick saying that he prayed about publishing Brown's newer book (the one co-written by her husband, Daniel Yoder) and "The Lord said 'no'!". Yoder had some run-ins with the law involving fraud, but if that had an effect on the decision, Chick didn't mention it. I hear another company camed along and offered her more money, and she went with them. So it sounds like it was a win/win situation, since both sides were able to change partners without leaving the other one out in the cold. If the new KJV came out in 1995, it sounds like that came along after the split, so I'd guess it had nothing to do with the seperation.

Hope that helps!

A friend at work says he read a Zippy the Pinhead comic, way back, that referenced Chick tracts and Jesuits. Do you know anything about that comic?  I've searched the Zippy site and can't find it.

Chick tracts seem to be a "sub-culture" item, not referred to much in polite society. It would be weird to see Chick tracts referenced in Mutts, Bizarro, Pardon My Planet, Zits, Pickles etc.  What could make that happen? -Hansen

Hey Hansen. I haven't seen that strip but the Chick reference sounds very believable. Chick is a cartoonist's cartoonist. Any serious cartoon artist knows about him and admires his success as an independent self publisher. Who wouldn't? He's become the most published author alive and he did it all without surrendering any control and publishing exactly what he wants. There's not an artist alive who doesn't want the same thing. That being said, Chick's views are so politically incorrect, any references in the mainstream media tend to be sarcastic or back handed compliments at best.

I've been debating actually getting some Chick books for a while now, especially after I realized many of them are basically extended tract-like comics. The problem is, I live in South Africa, and finding Chick's stuff here can be a bit tricky, despite him having a local distributor. Nonetheless I do my best to make him known to my fellow countrymen, and have already won him a few fans in these parts!

Hot Topics sounds pretty awesome, though I must admit I'm a bit disappointed at the alternate ending of Lisa. Henry going to jail would make a lot more sense, but that would decrease its "Chick" quality! And Home Alone sounds like an absolute riot!

-Delano (South Africa)

Get Hot Topics and you won't be disappointed. The other books fully illustrated by Chick and Carter are great as well, and can be found at


Hi - Happy Chick tract day (almost).

I really enjoyed the interview that was linked from your web site. Although she didn't ask the real tough questions, such as "What is your favorite color?" and, "If you were a tree, what kind would you be, and would anyone hear you if you fell in a forest?"

Anyway, I was glad to learn that Chick has a succession plan. (I'm guessing that David Daniels is his heir apparent?) However, I wonder if Chick has also planned ahead for the Rapture? Does he have at least one Unsaved person on staff, who will be Left Behind with power of attorney to keep things running after Chick et al. vanish? They'll be more need than ever for someone to distribute THE BEAST then. - BP

Dear BP,

That was a she? I thought the interviewer was a guy named Matt. (But you can never be too sure in Cyberspace.) It was fun discussion either way, even though several questions were (as you noted) from the Barbara Walters School of Journalism.

David Daniels is not the one in line to assume leadership when Chick retires to his mansion in the sky. Daniels is well liked by Chick, but others have been there decades longer. Since I don't know if the particulars are private or not, I'll refrain from any further comments about Chick, TNG (The Next Generation). However, I think you are right to point out that they don't have any good "After Rapture" plans, because their entire staff would vanish instantly-- except, of course, the Jewish accountant. (That's a little Where's Rabbi Waxman humor there. I don't really know anything about their accountant, except that he is definitely not Catholic.)

Maybe if we're lucky, they'll put us in charge if no one else is around to run things. We're bound to do a better job than the other groups who would be banging at the doors (the Jesuits and the homosexuals-- or worse yet, the homosexual Jesuits). The way things are going these days, we should find out soon enough!

I was just browsing around on the chickcomics page and noticed that the myspery pics section is missing an entry. A few months ago I found a pic on someone’s blog that is supposed to be a shot of Jack Chick with Pastor Dan. Are you aware of the one I’m talking about?
I know you’ve met him, is this really him? -Adam

Hey Adam. Actually, I have seen that photo, but I've never seen Chick with that kind of rubber face expression. If it is him, he is certainly clowning around in a manner I haven't seen before. He has the right hair color, but he looks much younger than I remember him and I saw him a couple years before the photo date. I guess that's why they don't let prisoners make funny faces during their mug shots. You can't recognize them if they do, and I wouldn't recognize this person is he were walking down the street with a serious expression. I'm positive the other guy is not Chaplain Dann. It looks more like Philip Morris of Morris Costume company (the guy who played the original Dr. Evil in the 1960s) but I'm certain that's not him either. So I'm skeptical.

Yeah I had a feeling it was one of those ‘well.. maybe’ pics that was floating around the web. Even Jimmy Akin was saying in that post that he wasn’t sure. Anyway, I was just sending it to you as an addition to the mystery pics page, not as a JACK CHICK EXPOSED! sort of thing. I figured there woulda been a lot more attention on it if it were really him, or recognizable as him.
Thanks for the info. Oh hey, I just received my copy of HOT TOPICS. Do you know when that first tract, HOME ALONE was first published? I don’t remember ever seeing it out there. -Adam

HOME ALONE has never been published as a tract and they plan on keeping it exclusive to that book. It's a pity, because it's a great tract, but you can't blame Chick for wanting to give the HOT TOPICS book an added bonus. It's well worth the $7 retail!

Chick Memories 12

[Chick Publications recently recalled their calendar featuring images from Light of the World.] Actually, I was wondering what happened - Chick suddenly yanked the calendar off his web site, with just a line saying that it is "out of stock" - just when I was about to order it, too. It seems it had Easter (and Good Friday) wrong - one week too early by the Roman calendar, and two weeks too early by the Eastern Orthodox computation. More seriously, it omits Chick Tract Day, which SHOULD be the most important date! -Bill

Easter is a complicated calendar date, as it changes each year, but I would have thought that being experts on "the Great Whore", that Chick Publications would get it right. Then again, maybe the Vatican went back and changed the date just to cost Chick some dough. I told them about the Nov. 22 omission, and they acted suitably horrified. After a brief moment of panic, they suggested we email everyone to mark their calendars manually and thus, fix it with a write- in campaign. We could call it the "What would Jesus mark?" campaign. Haw-haw!

Is Chick supporting Obama?
Does Fred Carter still do artwork on the Tracts?
Any chance Chick will ever do a tract on strychnine-drinking, serpent-handlin’ Pentecostals?
How about one on Scientology?
Lastly, in regard to tracts, how do most collector’s store them? -Jeff

Dear Jeff,

Chick doesn't support pro-abortion types (he was almost Aborted by his own mother and feels strongly on this issue.) So I doubt he's an Obama man because when Obama was a State Senator, he voted to allow "after abortion" babies to die of neglect if they survived pre-mature birth-- such a vote would horrify the Chickster to no end. So it's a safe bet he's either voting McCain or not voting at all. (Though I suspect Chick feels it's his duty to vote in every election.)

Fred Carter is still doing tracts for Chick. He's even doing the comics again, now that he's finished doing the hundreds of paintings for the LIGHT OF THE WORLD movie. In fact, recently Carter redrew"Somebody Goofed" with an all black cast, and they renamed it "oops".

Tracts on Pentecostals? I doubt it. They are Christians and Chick usually saves his powder for non-Christian religions or secular types. But Scientologists? I think (and hope) one day he would. Knowing how bold he can be with his criticisms, I'd expect that tract to be a real dozy!

Tract storage? I store mine in four pocket sleeves in a 3 inch wide, 3 ring binder. All tracts up to the year 2000 are in one binder alphabetically, and then the ones from 2000+ are in another binder chronologically. (I made the second binder chronological because when a new title comes out, I didn't want to have to reshuffle them all. Plus, 2000 was when they started the Bob Williams series of 25 numbered tracts, so I like having those in numerical order. It starts out the binder, in fact.

To whom it may concern:
  There is a lot about you Internet sight that i like. There is one thing that does bothers me and that is the skull and bones background. Can you please tell me why you have them on your web site? I always thought them as evil. Please in lighten me.  Thank- you.  Diane

Hey Diane. That emblem is from the cover of one of Chick's most infamous tracts, THE DEATH COOKIE. That is one of my favorite covers because it is simple, provocative, and very in-your-face. Plus, it's subtle enough that you can still read any web text you put in front of it.

If you haven't read THE DEATH COOKIE yet, you should. It's a classic!

I got the large envelope; the certificate is framed and mounted in my cube at work...  I had to move it to a less prominent position, though, because someone was afraid of an overzealous politically correct employee would see "Chick" and file a harassment charge, without talking to me and learning that it's a comic book club rather than something sexual..

Wow. They sound pretty uptight. So I guess you shouldn't wear our club President's T-shirt either. It says "F-U!" on it (for Fuller University, the Protestant Seminary where Rev. Richard Lee graduated). Haw-haw!

Yeah, it's a dangerous work environment in which to tread.  None of my previous employers have even approached this level of fear that "in this multi*culllll*tural environment, someone might not understand and take offense" (emphasis mine, but wording is that of one of my managers).  But while I tone down, I don't shut up; the certificate is still up, just a foot or so lower than it was (where it can be seen immediately upon entering my cube but cannot easily be spotted from the hallway next to my cube, as was the case before).

It's gotten some loud haw-haw's, already, by those who 'get' the humor.  And for those who've never heard of Chick Tracts (in a multi*culllll*tural environment, there are a lot of non-natives around), well, Richard Lee would be happy, because those folks will ask what the certificate is for, and I educate them.  I'm in it for the entertainment, though, so education involves pointing out the fundie-focused tracts more often than the palatable This Was Your Life type tracts.

I wonder if Jack will ever make a tract about Scientology..  I'm waiting for that one with eager anticipation.  I guess he's just waiting for someone to claim to be a dropout upper level Scientologist who knows, from personal experience, that Xenu is a transliteration of "Satan" from another language.

I'd love to see a tract on scientology as well, but he may be saving the best for last. they are famous for hitting back with everything they've got! (and they might team up with the gays and Catholics and witches) Like Chick needs another enemy. Oy!

I stumbled across your site while searching for more Chick tracts. Are you believers and followers of Christ? What is your site for? Does Mr. Chick approve of what you do?

We're fans of Chick tracts. Some are Christians, some are not. But we all enjoy the tracts. Chick knows about our site and appreciates the fact that we call attention to his work and introduce new folks to it. He realizes we present different viewpoints, but Chick doesn't shy away from controversy. He just doesn't like getting attacked and mis-represented like he usually does by the mainstream media. (We don't allow personal attacks on anyone.) In fact, Mr. Chick was good enough to reprint a few of his super-rare tracts exclusely for out Chick Tract Club. I hope that answers your questions and we hope you enjoy your visit!

I've been a Jack Chick fan since I was about 5 years old in 1976.  Grew up with a fundamentalist bible preacher stepdad who believed everything Chick wrote.  I used to have a huge collection of just about every rare and out-of-print chick tract ever made, including a lot of the old oversized ones.  I left that crazy world when I was 15 and took my chick collection with me.  They mysteriously "disappeared" from my non-religious grandmother's home while I was gone one day  - I'm sure to the trash can, even though I still like to imagine she has them stashed in her house somewhere hidden away.
I went on to many other things in secular life and about year ago or so started looking into what chick had been up to over the last 15 or twenty years.  I've started rebuilding my collection and love your illustrated guidebook and website.  Absolutely great.  I wish so badly I could contribute scans of the extremely rare tracts I used to have.
I picked up the "Hot for Chicks" dvd a while back and heard mention of the "God's Cartoonist" dvd - sounds great!  The inner working of Chick's operations have always been interesting to me.  I personally have always felt that there is a strong chance that Chick is a couter-culture figure playing a huge joke on the fundamentalist crowd.  His newer tracts especially seem to verge on blatant self-parody - especially "Here Kitty Kitty".  It's almost like he's seeing how ludicrous he can make it before they realize the joke.  But then again, he might really believe it all.  I really miss the "witches infiltrating churches" Jodd Todd/Rebecca Brown days though - my stepdad got very paranoid from that and started discussing who in his church might be witches trying to lead others astray.  Even as a teen I thought it was hilarious as he would walk through the house casting out demons like on "The Exorcist".
Thanks for all your work in helping others appreciate Chick and Fred carter's great work!  I'd have to say the cover of "The Force" is my favorite painting ever, and "The Marriage Mess" is definitely a neglected classic.
Look forward to checking out the DVD - I'm sure it will be a classic!

Your brother in Chick, Bill E.

Hey Bill,
Thanks for the great letter, although I always feel a little queezy when I hear another story of how a great collection was tossed out by parents. (I also collect trading cards, so I hear that story a LOT!) In a way, it's like a sentimental love story: You suddenly appreciate what you had MORE once you've lost it! At least your story has a CHANCE that your grandmother only hid them. I take it that she's passed away and you can't ask her anymore? Although you could take a page from BEWITCHED and try asking her via a medium... Otherwise, I think I would be taking apart the house plank by plank!

I'm delighted you enjoy the book and site. I know you'll get a kick out of the DVD. It's fun to actually SEE and HEAR all of the people discussed in the book, including Todd, Rivera, Brown, Dann, Carter, Daniels, and of course, (audio of) Chick. And watching Bob Fowler and Dan Raeburn talk about their Chick obsession is a hoot a well. Be sure to check out the 22 minutes of deleted scenes as well! Let me know your verdict after you've seen it and best of luck recreating your Chick collection. I have to say, building the collection is part of the fun, so from that standpoint, starting over isn't so terrible... although I would still pursue all avenues to find your original "buried treasure".

I recently acquired a copy of a Chick tract entitled "Kiss the Protestants Goodbye." On the cover, where it should say "JTC," it says "Dr. Alberto Rivera." And on the back, it says "Protestant Society of Missions" with a Canada address. The text in the tract refers to "Mr. Chick" in the third person.

I assume that this wasn't put out by Chick Publications. Do you know anything about this particular specimen? Is it particularly valuable? Is it even a Chick tract? - Mark D.

Hey Mark,
That was originally a Chick tract drawn and published by Chick, but based on info provided by Alberto. Chick let Alberto self publish the same tract and the cover changes were the biggest adjustments Alberto made. I think it's a great tract, but it's not as expensive as the original Chick versions because Alberto continued to make them long after Chick stopped. Alberto did the same thing with two other tracts he provided Chick with info on, MY NAME IN THE VATICAN and THE POOR POPE. I think I have spares of all three titles and I sell them for $3-$5 each. The originals are more like $20-$30 each. I hope that helps!

Hey! As a Roman Catholic and an unrepentant gamer, I'm one of the last people you'd expect to like Chick Tracts. And for the longest time, I didn't. 

I found my first tract about three years ago, on top of a payphone. By some misfortune, it was THE DEATH COOKIE. Horrors! As an apologist-in-training--with a very thin skin, I might add--I was furious. How dare he, thought I, isn't it enough that we still get flak for the Inquisition? Even those, like myself, who acknowledge that it was definitely a stain on the Church's history? And now he's calling one of our most important sacraments an invention of Satan? With a little noise of disgust, I chucked it in a bin and fumed all the way home, eventually forgetting about it around dinnertime.

A year and a half passed until I found a second tract, in a Goodwill dressing room. It was A LOVE STORY, I believe. Instead of being insulting, I found it dull, with badly-drawn pictures and bad dialogue. That one went in the bin too, but I was curious enough to look up Jack Chick on Wikipedia. From there, my interest in his comics grew. I read mostly parodies up to about six months ago, especially those of DARK DUNGEONS (I'm a DM by training), and THE DEATH COOKIE.

And then, on a whim, I decided I would read the tracts themselves. What a gold-mine! My skin has been sufficiently thickened to be able to laugh at some of the ridiculous assertions he puts forward, then ignore them and admire Fred Carter's artwork. I can only hope that my fellow Catholics can learn to do the same. Assuming that the conspiracy theories would influence the minds of millions, mostly those who don't already believe it, is actually somewhat insulting. It projects a sort of elitism as well as a false martyrdom; it would be like if I said we're being persecuted because people are too stupid to disbelieve a comic book!

Sorry, this is getting a bit tangental.

Anyway, love the website. Thanks for providing a neutral ground in a field that's overwhelmingly negative. I can't wait to hunt down a tract or two and start a collection of my own.


Thanks Jacqueline. You "get it," right on the money. I only wish everyone else did! Hey, you know you can order an all assortment pack from and get over 80 different tracts for 15 cents each. (That's the best way to start your collection.) I started mine (seriously) in 1999 and it took about three years to finish (all but a few ultra rare non regular issues, i.e. promos). And as far as collections go, it wasn't all that expensive either.

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful letter. Keep on tract'n!

Here's a recent email to the webmaster of a site devoted to John Todd. Todd was rumored to have died in prison in November 2007, but that hasn't been confirmed. And now this suggests he has been dead for nearly 30 years! Read on....

April 29: Sir, I have information that suggests John Todd may have been dead by 1979. Would you like to correspond?

Back in 78 I attended Liberty University. A guy named Steve Hoffer was a John Todd promoter of sorts on campus. This amounted to simply passing out some tapes and the like not really like some sort of official promoter. I saw him last in the fall of 79. He had a letter he claimed was from Johns wife and it informed him that John had been killed that fall late. He read me the letter, I saw the letter. He was warned that he could be in danger. He has some close relationship at least by mail with the Todds.

He left for home for Christmas break but never showed up. His car was found abandoned in Cincinnati about two weeks later. He was found around early May of 80 a few mile outside Lynchburg tied to a tree and garroted in classic style, his body still hanging there. As you may know this is a special method of death and has a history and meaning. The death of a heretic.

At the time of his death Steve had been publicly investigating Jerry Falwell while a student at Liberty. As you can figure this caused no small controversy considering Steve was a student there. As you may know Falwell was on Johns list of conspirators. Falwell publicly told the student body that he didn't know Todd, as Todd had claimed he knew Jerry personally, as well as saying Todd was off the hook mentally. Steve's death can be verified if the records are still available or if Todds wife is still living she may remember Steve.

I to am from Columbus Ohio where John claims to be from. Listening to some YouTube yesterday jogged my memory. Its been 30 years since I last listened to him. Anyway there is actually a small Druid cemetery in Columbus. The stones are in a circle and have no dates or names on them. These graves may indicate the founding members of the original lodge that apparently left Wales sometime in the 1800's. There are also a lot of Welsh and Pickish graves nearby. John claimed to be a Druid and Pickish or lowland Scottish.The name Todd means father in Cymraeg and is old Celtic. Columbus Ohio is said to have had the largest concentration of Welsh immigrants in the US. There was even a Druid Hall being used in Columbus and so known as such up into the 1940's. It may still be there and is in an old part of town and it and the name were openly known which may indicate the measure of their presents.

At any rate there is something to this John Todd. He may have been a plant to create problems or something. There is an element of truth in what he says but why he was saying it is still in question.

Dear Curator,

I hope, you had a nice easter. Actually, I wanted to write you *before* the holidays, but I had lots of stuff to do. Now that I have a few days in order to reeee-lax I went out to see what the Chickster did in the meantime. A tract about a "poor little lamb" and a tract about some guy who refused his life-saving medicine. A parable of the man who rejects Christ's offer to redeem him, alright.

Did you notice that animals in Chick tracts are often portrayed as cute, and that he does not have compunctions about making people say things like: "I love my Fluffy?" I mean, Christ taught us that we should rather hate our own family than make it more important than God. What about pets? (Admittedly, these sayings of Christ are among those I have some trouble with…)

And another thing: I wonder why Chick never told us that Easter is a pagan holiday. Some people over here actually believe this. They see it as one of many rituals according to the temporal seasons and the sun's course. Just like Christmas is often associated with pagan festivals, like Yule (a Germanic festival in December, lasting 12 days) or Sol Invictus (well, this isn't so far-fetched, actually Constantin the Emperor wanted it thisway). Easter is often associated with the spring equinox (which is about March 20) or the beginning of spring as a festivity of life being reborn. Some people say that the Easter bunny is a symbol of fertility, and that he is the favorite animal of the spring goddess "Ostara", which sounds like "Ostern" or "Easter". Actually, there never was a Germanic deity of that name, but it would fit into Chick's tactic to invent one.

Another reason for Chick to reject Easter: It is not the Jewish holiday of Passover. If I remember correctly, the Western calculation method stems from Beda, the Venerable, a *gasp* Roman Catholic. The Eastern Orthodox have a different method which deliberately avoids collision with the Passover date. And, according to Chick, the Orthodox church and the Catholic church are "basically the same". This is stupid, even for the Chick universe. Even though Orthodox Christians are supposed to be polite to anyone (and usually they are), they make it clear. Orthodox means "giving God praise in the right manner". Anything else is kakodox, heterodox, or, to put it in Latin: heretical. And some Orthodox even live in overt contempt for the Catholic church. Especially if it dares to send R.C. priests into their territory or even start a diocese there…Alexis II, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, has already made his point: If the Catholic church wants to live in friendship with the Russian Orthodox church, they must leave Russia to "the Patriarchate she belongs to." (Some Orthodox see the Pope as an apostate patriarch.) I wondered myself that he kissed Cardinal Kasper (on the lips!) when he came to hand over the icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

BTW, now that Alberto is dead, Chick is in terrible need of a new reformed Catholic priest. Why can't he find some Rudolfo or Ernesto? Or maybe have Father Dominic, the "liberation theologian" from "Fat Cats" convert to Jesus. Because he was trained in Russia (according to the tract) he might explain why the Orthodox church and the Catholic church are basically the same.
Warm whishes, Anneke=

Thanks for the comments Anneke, I'll post them.

Well, it's that time of year again - another wholesale slaughter of classic tracts. I see from Chicks web site that he has just discontinued:
Here He Comes!
It's Coming
The Last Generation
The Peace Maker
The Promise
Sin Busters
The Star
The Superstar
The Thief
What's Wrong With This?

Too bad about Last Generation. I guess Chick gave up on The Rapture. And Little Bobby (The Monster) must be all grown up by now, he's probably become a leading Healer himself. Or maybe they used him for food. - Bill Parry

Thanks Bill,

But Little Bobby is NOT "all grown up" just yet. He's just off to college. In fact, I could swear I'm teaching him in one of my classes. The only way I could be sure is to slip up and quote a Chick tract, and see if they would haul me off faster than you can say "If I turn in a sicko, will I get a reward?"

Can you tell me when Chick Publications was founded? I notice that my 1st ed of "The Last Call" (1963) was published by Rusthoi Publications. (Is this the first ed.? It is paperback.)

How many of these 5 x 7 "giant tracts" did Jack Chick publish?

Thanks--- Donna

Hey Donna,

Chick started publishing gospel cartoons in 1961 through Rusthoi. He started printing them himself (via Chick Publicaitons) around 1970.
Oversized tracts include:
Why No Revival
Somebody Goofed
Creator or Liar?
This Was YOur life
The Beast
Holy Joe

Hallo, you probably got the email from Chick about the black re-draw of Somebody Goofed, which has been titled Oops.

The artwork is intriguing me. It looks too good to be Chick and not good enough to be Carter. Actually many of the faces seem to resemble the Third Artist faces... or am I imagining that? On the second page (counting cover as page one, as is the custom), see the face of the man saying "Hey guys, look at this! It's Bobby!", and on page three the face of the man on the far left, both look a lot like third artist faces. At least, they look like it to me...

Might there be a fourth artist? Or is the third artist back on the job? That seems exceedingly unlikely... I need to get one of these on paper for closer inspection.

Any thoughts? -Alan

Hey Alan,
It's Fred Carter alright. It only looks a little different because he's working on a computer screen instead of pencil, ink and paper. Chick's mots recent art can be seen in Fatal Decision. Chick suffered a stroke back in the 1990s, and that made his style more crude for a couple of years, but he's steadily returned to be as good as he was before the stroke and now he seems to have surpassed that point. He's about 84 now, and it's good to know you can still improve at that age.


Hi - I was looking at some old versions of Chick's WHO ME? and I noticed that, for about 20 years (from code D through code R versions, about 1973-1993), Chick's "Fishermen's Club" included "a monthly news letter showing you new tracts and soul-winning ideas." This can't refer to the BATTLE CRY open leters, since it was monthly (not bi-monthly), and began about ten years earlier. I think the newsletter version of Battle Cry must have replaced it though, when the newspaper was discontinued. Have you ever seen one of these newsletters? There must have been 200 issues. Perhaps this is another Chick collectible; if so, I guess that no one has any hope of finding a complete collection now?

The Fishermen's Club ("A Ministry For Laymen") is the punch line of WHO ME, from the first version (1969) up until about 1994 - look at your old ones, pps. 22-24. The Caucasian woman is being asked to drop 3 tracts each day - to do this, she must subscribe (prepay) to the Fishermen's Club, and will receive 100 tracts per month, starting with THIS WAS YOUR LIFE the first month, and (I guess) continuing until Jack has cleaned out her bank account. The 1973 version of WHO ME (codes D through R) promises a monthly newsletter along with the monthly 100 tracts. I don't know anything more about the Fishermen's Club except what WHO ME says. Chick seems to have abandoned this scheme around 1995, so now WHO ME just tells you to write for a free catalog, and lets you decide for yourself how many tracts to buy each month (oooh!). -Bill

Interesting. I think I have a tract or two with the Fisherman's club logo on the back. I always assumed they were a church, but you've pointed out the folly of my assumption! (Like Fowler warns, "Never assume anything about Chick tracts!")

You gotta hand it to Chick, he's come up with a lot of innovative ways to get people to pass out tracts. He also printed those ultra rare promos from the 1970s for the World Gospel Foundation... the idea was that you send them money, and they buy tracts for missionaries... and three guess who's tracts they buy? Why, the only guy who made them (back then): Chick! haw-haw!

But you can also understand why they had to do that. Christians would keep asking for free tracts for missionary work, ignoring the reality that someone has to pay to keep the business running. I understand from employees at Chick that many Christians would also make bootleg copies of Chick in different languages and would be surprised when Chick had to tell them NOT too (because it would compromise Chick's copyright). When it comes to running a business, asking What Would Jesus Do is a great way to go bankrupt!

If you want to read some of Chick's open letters, we placed a lot of them on line at this address:

Thanks. I have a TWYL from 1988 that is a custom printing for a private "Fishermen's Club," that takes the scheme to the next level - if you will mail THEM 20 different Chick tracts, with a statement swearing that you've read them, they'll pay you a dollar (and send you a Chick catalog) - sort of a Ponzi scheme with tracts. But the original was a Chick progra. Again, check out old WHO ME.

I'll do that. Heck, if I got a $1 for every 20 tracts I read, I'd be RICH! (Except for the mailing back twenty tracts part. That would definitely be a kill buzz!)


Say what you like about Jack Chick-and I do!- you must admit that he's an equal opportunity bigot. Call me a sceptic, but I do wonder how he knows what happens when people die, as he hasn't died and gone before God himself. I never know whether to laugh hysterically at the tracts or weep at the thought that some gullible fools believe this dreck !

Who'd be that stupid ??? Lord, I thank thee that I am not as other men are. Thanks for the little precis of the tracts; I will now madden myself by looking them up...Wounded Children, here I come. - Anna R.

Hey Anna,

One of the amazing things about Chick is that so many diverse people collect his tracts, including those who hate his message. I always thought it would be fun to get all those folks together under one roof for a collector convention/ swap meet. It would sure be interesting.. assuming they didn't wind up at each other's throats! Haw-haw!

When is that Chick Documentary going to be finished? You mentioned it in one of the Chick Stalker newsletters, but that was two years ago and I haven't heard "jack" since then!


Hey Paul. Actually, that was probably more like THREE years ago, but I haven't mentioned it since then because making good documentaries takes a TON of TIME, especially if you have to earn a living doing other things in the meantime. But I'm happy to say we have just finished (all but a few minor changes.) We interviewed all the major players in Chick's comic history, except Chick himself, who refuses to be filmed for security reasons. We had fascinating discussions with Fred Carter, Rebecca Brown, Alberto's Widow (Nuri Riveria), Kent Hovind (before he went to jail), Chaplain Dan, Chick assistant David Daniels, Artist Hal Robins, Conspiracy expert Ivan Stang, and Authors of separate books about Chick, Bob Fowler and Dan Raeburn. The test screening went well on Feb 8th. The actual premier is on Friday Feb. 29th, 2008, here in Tallahassee at FSU's Dodd Hall Auditorium. It starts at 8pm. The general public is invited to attend for free and a reception will follow. See

Man, I CANNOT wait to check out this flick; If it is half sweet as everything else that I've seen you produce (non-sports cards, copy-cat tracts, the book, sweet haunted house promos; it should be both high quality, extensive and spot-on. Expect me to pre-order a copy as soon as you give the word.

Thanks Dad-- I mean-- Paul. Haw-haw-haw!

The guy who sold me (a batch of old tracts on ebay) told a depressing story: his father had gone through a hyper-religious phase, and collected ALL of the Chick tracts; when he died, his mother threw away "hundreds" of them, as she didn't think they were worth anything. He particularly remembers oversized WHY NO REVIVAL and THE BEAST, as well as POOR REVOLUTIONIST and the first version of LAST GENERATION. I said, half-jokingly, that I hope she didn't throw away any of the early promos like MISSIONARIES ARE FOOLS, or THIS BOOK HAS BEEN BANNED, or OPERATION SOMEBODY CARES. He said that MISSIONARIES didn't sound familiar, but he definitely remembers THIS BOOK and OPERATION SOMEBODY CARES. (Snif! or should I say SOB!) He's going to search his storage locker this weekend, just in case some of them might still be around. -Will

Dear Will. I have just one word in response to that story: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I fear that's happened a lot more often then we care to admit. Mothers and comics just don't seem to mix. They also had it in for non-sports cards, based on what I've heard from other collectors. Oh the pain, THE PAIN!

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