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Terror of Tallahassee 2018 from Vann Patacxil



Terror of Tallahassee 2017 from Vann Patacxil on Vimeo.




For 2016, TCC's tv show 224U caught some "behind the screams" action...



Also Channel 27 sent their morning crew over for a few thriills and chills...


A short documentary based on our interview about historic Sunland (the inspiration for Sunland Asylum)

WELCOME TO SUNLAND: Tallahassee's Hospital of Horrors from Mike Kozlenko on Vimeo.



"Flesh Peddler" 2015 spot by Vann Patacxil

(There is also the extended "Help Wanted" version.)



Our 2014 prank (you can skip to 4:00 to get to the screams)


"You Can't Kill the Dead" 2014 promo by Ferrocious Films



The "Mock-U-Mentry" that shows the aftermath of our 2013 season (by Vann Patacxil).



2013 "Help Wanted" ad

(Thanks to director Spencer Frankeberger and cameraman/ editor Vann Patacxil)


Hit arrow for 2012 promo

(Total time 1:04. Our thanks to Ferrocious Footage Films)


Nightvision 2011 promo

(Total time 1:05. Our thanks to Ferrocious Footage Films)



2011 Haunted Documentary Footage by Matt Spencer



"Night Terrors" 2008 promo

(Total time 1:45. Our thanks to Ferrocious Footage Films)



The Terror Attack promo from 2007

(Total time 2:00)


"The House that Death Built" 2006 promo

(Total time 1:05. Our thanks to editor Clay Elander)



Our cheesy TV ad (2002), when we were the Mystery Playhouse of Terror at 2576 N. Monroe St.

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