From Cowboy Trails to Soldier Tales

From Cowboy Trails to Soldier Tales

The Autobiography of "Cowboy" Chaplain Dann

We've all heard stories about "the Greatest Generation", brave WW2 heroes who fought our enemies to save Europe from Hitler, & Asia from Hirohito. But here's a DIFFERENT story-- about a WW2 soldier who was really a misfit. He fought more American soldiers than he did the enemy. He enjoyed breaking the rules, exploring off limits (including enemy territory), going AWOL, and embarrassing those in authority. He was almost killed dozens of times, usually by his own crazy actions. But there was also a different Dann, one who loved animals and had a great sense of humor. He witnessed such awe inspiring natural beauty and encountered so many unusual people doing extraordinary things, that his true story could tell several books.

This is the story of Dann Slator, a kid who grew up in the Dust Bowl and became a cowboy, then a Marine in the wake of Pearl Harbor. He was shipped off to the other side of the world and saw Asia collide with modern warfare and Western culture. All his struggles eventually led him to help others who experienced hardships and transformed him into "Cowboy" Chaplain Dann-- a volunteer minister for the most hated places in America (our prisons). It was there that he began publishing his own comic tracts, inspired by the famous Jack T. Chick himself, who's Gospel comics Dann had personally distributed over 1,000,000! Dann's homemade tracts are "folk art" and limited to just 500 to a couple of thousand per title-- with over a dozen different titles made. They're all included in this unusual story about a very unusual man.

Dann's story will take readers back nearly a century to observe-- through the eyes of a rugged cowboy turned soldier-- America's hardest, yet happiest years.


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The Letter tract Image

"Cowboy" Chaplain Dann has appeared in numerous Chick comics as himself, including The Letter tract (pictured above), the Reverend Wonderful tract, and the Unwanted Crusaders comic. But the tracts he wrote, drew, and self published, are the rarest of the rare and treasured examples of folk art. They are great additions to any Chick tract collection.

Includes all of Dann's self-published comic tracts in the Appendices!

Chaplain Dann's Party Time tract

One of Dann's tracts, with an actual photo of him (far right) partying with Marlon Brando (middle) in Mexico in 1954. All 12 of his tracts are reprinted in this autobiographical book.


The Autobiography of Cowboy Chaplain Dann

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