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Chick Tapes 4

End Times Magazine Interview with Jack Chick (Tape) Review! Chick didn't always dodge the media. He went underground in the mid 1980s after Alberto resulted in a media feeding frenzy, with the main course being Chick-ala-cart! This interview was probably the last time Chick went on the air with a journalist (circa 1986). Of course, this particular "journalist" is a right wing Christian fundamentalist. His name was Rick Henry Hall, and his questions are soft-ball questions at best. It includes some small time commercials, urging listeners to go visit "Vern at Brown Upholstery" and the like. Hall also plugs his book, A.D. 1991-- the Genesis of Holocaust. Hall compares his opus to Hal Lindsey's mega-bestseller, The Late Great Planet Earth. Hall's book is "the true story of prophetized future happenings, events so graphically horrifying, they beggar human description. A.D. 1991 reveals the scriptural perfection why the rapture of believers is in 1991. The beginning of sorrows as world non-belief is cast into the great tribulation. The final seven years of mortal insurrection against God, where, in hopelessness and desperation, existing man becomes a man-eater. The 1998 Battle of Armageddon, and the second coming of Jesus Christ." All these horrific predictions are read by an announcer while harp and flute music play gently in the background. It's an odd juxtaposition. One wonders if the latest edition of this "prophetic masterpiece" has adjusted the dates.

Hall introduces Chick as "Jack Trick," but then corrects himself. "You know Jack, you've been maligned, you've been misquoted and misunderstood by more theologians and more people in this country than anyone I know, trying to save souls!... And I couldn't understand that... And I had to come down here and from talking to you on the phone a few times and meeting with you and getting to know you, I see love. I don't see this 'hate this, hate that' that go along with many of the bookstores that don't carry the Chick tracts understanding." The two quickly hit it off. They especially enjoy agreeing about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Hall says, "Can we tell them about the new tract you have coming out on witchcraft? [Probably Satan's Master ©1986] Or do you want to keep that [a surprise]?" Chick interupts, "Yeah. We have a number of tracts coming... One is going to be on Rock music [Angels ©1986] -- Oh boy..." Hall chimes in, "This same one particular church I was mentioning that's growing, all they do every week is have something on Rock music and it's very easy to discern that those kids aren't gyrating, they aren't dancing to the Lord like David did. They're not doing that. They're dancing to Satan and the beat of this music, regardless of the words." Chick answers, "I almost dropped my teeth when I saw a Christian Rock group up there, gyrating and bumping and grinding to the name of Jesus. I got physically ill!"

Chick gets a chance to let his Christian critics know what he thinks of them. "See what happens is, everyone wants to compromise and be sorta nicey two-shoes. You see this with a lot of pastors. You don't make waves, you play it safe. You never go into an area where there's going to be fire. And this is the tragedy. This is what's causing the great falling away. In the old days, these men of God stood up and, man, it was hell, fire, and damnation. They hit the devil, they exposed him, and people were being saved everywhere. It's when men of God stand up and have the GUTS to face these issues and call the shots the way they really are, [that's when you'll] see a turn around in this country."

Chick also lays into the Vatican. "Satan has raised it up. It is the most powerful, the most wealthy organization on the face of the Earth. When you control the networks, they're scared to death to say anything anti-Catholic because at the signal of the Pope--er, ah--priest, immediately, they will deluge all the people who are sponsors of the program and boycott it, and the networks are in in the hands of the Romanists now. When they control everything, brother, you don't DARE open you mouth against them. When you control the networks and the news media and everything, the people will believe anything you say. And that's essentially what we have today." Far from disagreeing, Hall basically agrees by saying, "But you know, the scriptures tell us that every man be a liar and the Lord's word be the truth."

"You see Rick, I'm in the real world. I'm not in this ferry land of religiosity or pietisty (sic) like most of these Christian groups are. I'm working with missionaries and I'm out there where rubber meets the road. I'm out there with people in central Africa who are dealing with the situation as it really is out there in the world. And I'm going to tell you something that really going to shock you. This friend of mine just came back and he has been getting some of our material into Mozambique. We're talking communist control. It's a deadly situation. There were a number of Christian believers out there being Baptized. Okay, they were being put under the water and all at once, these troops showed up around them holding machine guns on them. They said, 'Alright, all of you out of the water and start collecting wood.' So they went out there, they start collecting dry wood and they build up this great big pyre. And they set it on fire. They grab the little five year old Christian girl and tied her up, and screaming, they threw this little sweet-heart ontop of the fire and burned her alive."

Hall groans like he's about to lose his lunch, but Chick continues. "Okay, God broke my heart, I cried so hard driving down the freeway, I almost lost track of where I was. My eyes were absolutely blurred... My heart was broken for this little girl. When they got done, they forced everyone to eat the flesh of this little baby. And this is what's going on in these countries over there!"

They talk about other things and the 60 minute show flies by at a fast clip. Hall is delighted with his guest and concludes with "Well, you've convinced me, Jack. And uh, I just thank you for being on the show. I really appreciate you, and I love you brother, I tell yah. We need more people like you, to get out there and be bold, like you have been." This is a great tape with rare moments of Chick speaking off the cuff. An interesting bit of trivia is revealed when Chick says he used to be a syndicated cartoonist for the Times Mirror, but broke the contract after two years and was blackballed in the cartoon industry. It's recommending listening for any Chick fan, although you might lose your appetite for BBQ. Grade: A for A.D. 1991! Return to Tapes Index.


Going Bananas

"Going Bananas? Isn't Everybody?.....Here's Help!" Review by Rich Lee! (Art by Fred Carter 1979.)

This 224 page book is a companion to "A Solution to The Marriage Mess." It basically is an illustrated novel that acknowledges Fred Carter as the artist. This classic is no longer in print. The book's seven chapters feature the story of Janet and Jerry Roberts who take in extended family members. They are unsaved heathen who drive this Christian family "bananas," resulting in Janet's breakdown.

Janet's niece Cathy had abortions, drinks vodka, is a victim of incest from her good-for-nothing father and she hates her mother. The nephew Freddy is a foul mouthed brat who smokes and also hates his parents. Doreen is their dysfunctional mother who crashes in on poor Janet and Jerry. When Freddy gets saved at church, Doreen goes berserk. She hates Janet and Jerry for "doing this" to her son. Later, Doreen's creepy husband Chester comes over to feed mud to little Freddy for daring to become a Christian. "YOU @!!*#! LITTLE FOOL...I WISH YOU WERE BACK SIZZLING YOUR BRAINS ON DRUGS INSTEAD OF HUMILIATING YOUR MOTHER AND ME LIKE THIS," Chester shouts. Nice parents.

In true Chick fashion ala "The Next Step," Freddy takes his persecution without resisting while the mud oozes down his face. "(GASP...GASP HE'S MY LORD AND MY GOD...(GASP) AND I LOVE HIM MORE EVERY MINUTE!" Gotta face it, this is more fun than an hour of the Jerry Springer Show!

If this isn't bad enough, Janet's and Doreen's mother imposes on them. She is a dominating hag on the rag who is the source of this family mess. A Christian psychiatrist Dr. Morgan gives the sane remedy: get rid of Mom! Now! She is the one responsible for messing up her daughters Janet and Doreen all these years. Janet has to go for treatment, while her mother insists on making herself useful being the codependent walking incubater she is. Jerry musters up the courage to kick the old battle axe out on the street while she manipulates the situation in her favor. "YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE @!!*#! HOW DARE YOU SAY A THING LIKE THAT TO ME!!...I WILL NOT LEAVE MY BABY!" She eventually caves in and leaves before poor Janet suffers a seizure. "GOODBYE, JANET...I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY BREAKING MY HEART LIKE THIS... BUT THEN YOU ALWAYS WERE SELFISH." Jeez, enough already. Later, Janet goes for Gesthalt therapy and pretends that a chair is her mother. Dr. Morgan tells her to tell her "mother" off. "I'M NOT CRAZY..." says Janet in therapy. "IF THE TRUTH CAME OUT, YOU'D BE THE CRAZY ONE!" Janet is cured and eventually helps others as she was helped. Interestingly enough, many Christians do not believe in telling off their parents no matter how messed up and controlling they are. Jerry didn't even want to kick out Janet's mother in the first place and told Dr. Morgan "We're trying to show our Christian testimony to her mom." The good Christian doctor says, ""What's more important?...Your wife's sanity or your Christian witness?" This is a surprise, since fundamentalist Christians tend to go for the Christian witness over keeping one's sanity. Being sane is more important than witnessing! And this comes from Chick! Of course, if mommy dearest had been a Christian, you can bet the good doctor would have insisted she stay, no matter what the consequences. Haw-haw!

Another shock is that this book endorses Christian psychology and psychiatry. Most fundamentalist Christians view psychology and psychiatry with suspicion since the founders of these disciplines were atheists and secular humanists like Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, and Albert Ellis who strongly disliked religion. In fact when this book was published (1979), traditional psychology and psychiatry were openly hostile to religion and blamed it for neurosis. Born again Christians tend to believe that these disciplines are unscriptural substitutes for repentance and prayer. In fact, if Christians are openly blasted by their mothers as in Janet's case, they should happily put up with it and not resist lest they be guilty of dishonoring their parents! If the parents want to dominate the household, then they "should" because parental authority never ends over one's life. Hence, the fundamentalist Christian subculture is filled with 40 and 50 year olds who still live with their dominating parents in trailer parks. Now THAT'S bananas!

Grade "B" for Bananas! Return to Tapes Index.

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