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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chaplain Dann's Chick (like) tracts: Bikers Weekend

The original version (below), PLUS the revised version (top panels).

Chaplain Dann was a self-described hell raiser in his earlier days. (Check out his bearded photo below, suitable for framing... in a mug shot!) So Dann knows a few things about Motorcycles. (He had a near death experience on one.) So it's not surprising he featured that lifestyle in one of his tracts. It must have been an important phase in his life, because he had the tract redrawn not just once, but twice! The third version was by a very talented artist in prison, but alas, he was paroled and the project was never finished. However, the cover was, and it's featured on the 2nd version. Below are the revised version (the smaller tract on top), and the original version (larger panels below it). Dann seems to have drawn both, but he revised some of the dialog and his art is tighter in the revised version as well. Although the original version is taken from the original master art, Dann X-ed out much of the art to keep track of what he had redrawn. (But at least he didn't toss the master!) Be sure to check out the unpublished 3rd version. too.












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