Chaplain Dann's Chick (like) tract: 3rd Version of Biker's Weekend

The 3rd version of Biker's Weekend had the most professional art of any of Dann's tracts. But it was never published because the last ten pages were never finished when the artist was released from prison. (Five were penciled, but the other five weren't finished. His talent is pretty darn good though.) Dann remembes the artist last name was Anderson. He had spider web tatoos on his elbows and was a gang member, and he drew amazing motorcycles. Dann also mentioned that he included his two real daughters in this tract (Pamela and Dianna), and they are faithfully drawn by the artist. There are supposedly several church members thrown in for good measure.

What a shame the complete tract wasn't finished and printed, as it would have ranked among one of the best home-made tracts art-wise. Nevertheless, we're thankful it was saved and can at least be appreciated here. May we present for the first time in 30 years, the 3rd version of Biker's Weekend!













NOTE how Dann attempted to pick up where the other artist left off, inking the above panel, but then quickly gave up, as his style (and lettering) are no where close to the same style as the original.







I don't know about you, but the realistic art makes this story a lot more creepy to me. We all know what the Bikers have in mind for the chicks, and they're scuzzy enough to off 'em afterwards.

It's also fun to see Chaplain Dann's cameo get expanded in this version. The first two versions elude to him, but this one calls him out by name.

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