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Jack Chick Tract Club link

More Chick Related Links

Most these links and synopsis have been graciously provided by Ray Runes. (The descriptions are his, not ours or the actual sites.) -Jack Chick In Nomine: This is a strange section of a role-playing game meant to acknowledge and "deal with" Chick's particularl theology, which doesn't seem to be embraced much by most role-playing gamers. -The Real Alberto Rivera: The Jesuits' and "mainline Protestant" sellouts' damage control in full fling. (A site so vast, intensive and virulently anti-fundamentalist, the Vatican's finger prints are all over it! Haw-haw-haw!) Chick- Intro to a homosexual's essay (attack) about The Gay Blade. -Comical Jack Chick (1 of 2 parts) Agnosticism/ Atheism: 10/07/99 This is by's resident village atheist, Austin Cline, who looks disturbingly just like Lew Siffer from the Angels tract. Very long and detailed atheist appraisal of Chick. -The Holy and Righteous Jack Chick Archive: Gee, a fan of Clockwork Orange who hates Jack Chick. Who'd have ever guessed? on Chick Publications: A short, angry essay on Chick. This is from another liberal who, after losing an argument, comes up with the "hateful fundamentalist" retort in an effort to recover some semblance of pride. He even accuses Chick of interpreting the Bible incorrectly. Can you imagine??? -Anti-Masonic Examples (in Chick tracts): They insist that Chick's evidence for cultic Mason origins and practices is in fact based on a hoax, and an interesting variation of a source quoted in The Curse of Baphomet is reprinted for all visitors to see. -Infernal Site (attacks Chick): Even Satanists find Chick tracts irresistible, which is further proof that Chick tracts get read! (A very short essay on why they hate Chick.) -Satanic Conspiracy Exposed: Interesting (PC) overview of Chick tracts. Very short, with several links (listed here as well.) -Metro Active's AlterNodes: Abbreviated version of the article on Chick (from 1996). To read the full article (twice the size) go to: (It's the Weekly World Web.) -Critical Mass, Issue 2 (on Dark Dungeons): I often feel like the only role-playing gamer who sympathizes with and promotes Chick. Call me a non-conformist! (A very short overview of Chick's D&D tract.) -#spinnwebe Logs: I don't want to be Elfstar any more. I want to be Debbie! This is an apparent IRC (or other Internet chatroom) log of a conversation between cynics who nevertheless have some interesting opinions that don't immediately strike me as regurgitated of Chick and his tracts, particularly Dark Dungeons. -Fossil Hominids: Big Daddy? This is from the Home Page, which seems to be the favorite website of all the evolutionist acolytes in cyberspace. They've got neatly-packaged "rebuttals" of every one of Kent Hovind's and other creationists' arguments for a relatively young universe, for example, though the creationists, following suit, have a rejoinder or two to keep the ongoing debate over our origin alive and frenetic. The creation science equivalent to the archive is - Another Catholic anti-Chick propaganda. This one's from William Donohue, of the Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights. I have some of his books in which he amasses evidence against the ACLU, and I enjoy those, but I'm afraid I disagree with his categorization of Chick as a bigot. -Ink 19: Embrace Me, Love of Death: Some of the bands, like Pro-pain, featured on this site are real, but this one obviously isn't. Don't tell me you don't recognize the source of that hyperlink's title. This is a three paragraph overview/ essay on Chick's famous Angels tract. -New Page/ Sick Tract: This has an incomplete "Sick Tract" collection where one of Chick's The Trick tract is altered solely in the text balloons. Since I'm not yet a member of two or more occultic organizations, I couldn't understand most of the occult-specific jargon.


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