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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

This is Chick Memories 11

From Jan 1st 2006 to Dec 2007 (The latest entries are at the top.)

Revised. 1.3.08u (All contents ©2007 Monsterwax)


Hey, I just discovered that Greg Hildebrandt did a signing in this area a few days ago. I wish I had known about it in time - I would have liked to have gone, and asked him to sign one of his (?) tracts - maybe could have solved the mystery. Oh well.
(He's about to paint a) colorful mural that will feature key superheroes associated with DC and Marvel from the late 1930s to the 1960s.The DC mural features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spectre, Green Lantern, Hawkman, the Joker, and Lex Luthor. -Bill P.

Yeah Bill, you could have asked him if his mural was going to feature the DC Superman, or the Chick Publications Superman? haw-haw! Then again, all we know for sure is that the artist who Chick commissioned to do those tracts had the same name. Greg's agent denied it was him, and there COULD be someone else with the same first and last name, but that's an unusual name and the art does look similar to his hobbit style. Makes you kinda wonder.... hmmmmm.

Yeah, right - there's another highly talented artist with exactly the same unusual name, who works in exactly the same style, and who was also doing commercial religious illustrations during the same time period. (The famous one did a religious plate series for Danbury Mint in the 1980s.) No doubt there's also another person named Kurt Kuersteiner who writes about Chick, too. (Maybe you should blame him for any typos...)

Seriously, check out Greg's portrait of Bishop Sheen -
Even though it's a portrait, it's got that same long face and bulbous nose - it's got to be the same artist.

According to their web site, Greg worked separately from his brother from 1981 to 1993. I guess they got back together when Chick let Greg go - the chronology fits, anyway. And given that Greg now mostly does pin-ups and (Satanic) fantasy art, I'm sure that neither he nor Chick want to advertise any former association.

regards, Bill P.

Well, you know me, I try to give everyone the benifit of the doubt! Alberto, Todd, Brown, and now Hildebrandt! But I'm sure if it was the same Greg, the hand full of tracts he drew were just ONE part of what he was doing, along with many other projects that probably paid much more (but may have been less reliable than the Chick work was). And who knows, maybe Greg quit working for Chick when he went on to better things. It wouldn't be the first time the person who was dumped remembered it backwards, as if HE was the one who let the other person go! (Now if only I could remember all my previous girlfriends the same way. Haw-haw!)

I like your idea about how to explain away all the typos. I'll have to use that one.

Hi - Public Television (PBS) broadcast a show last Monday (Nov. 26), part of a series called "America at a Crossroads," this episode was titled "Homegrown: Islam in Prison."  Early in the show, they commented that several newspapers had written articles on this topic, and they showed photos of a number of headlines.  The very first one they showed was "RADICAL MUSLIMS RECRUITING IN U.S. PRISONS," and above this, in blue letters, were the words "BATTLE CRY."  Yes, someone at PBS reads Chick publications!  And you thought they were all Communist Atheists!  Can I get a "HAW HAW HAW"?

-Bill P 11/30/07

Oh yes, PBS gets full reports on Battlecry every two months... from their control agent in the Vatican! Haw-haw-haw!

(From 11/22/07)

Happy Chick Tract Day (see, I remembered); or, if you are celebrating that Pagan Harvest Festival instead, Happy Missing Day.

I noticed an interesting series of variations in Chick's tract IT'S YOUR LIFE! (Black TWYL) page 16A:
0522.6: faceless God (Jesus?) is black;
1228.6: different art, God is now white;
0705.7: same art, but God is black again.

As you know, Jesus was also recently changed from black to white in FREE AT LAST. On the other hand, the new tract UNFORGIVEN says "Who said Jesus was white?" I sure hope that Chick and Carter aren't having a fight over this question - I would hate to think that they are replaying that scene on page 11 of the 1970 version of WHY NO REVIVAL? (You know: "I'm a child of the King - WHITEY!")

Happy Thanksgiving - Bill P.

Haw haw, thanks Bill. Happy Chick Tract Day to you as well!

The following description was copied from eBay. The seller was giving his thoughts about Chick's 1970s tract, THE POOR REVOLUTIONIST. The opening bid on this rare tract was $100, as it generally sells between $50 to $175. Enjoy!

"Jack Chick is known worldwide for rankling the masses with his vitriolic tirades on all subjects that might be contrary to his interpretation of the Bible. He often came to some outré conclusions and made a few of his own prophecies, many of which have proven to be so far off the mark that he has rewritten some of his tracts over and over or just outright quietly retired particular titles. This book, The Poor Revolutionist, happens to be one of the latter. In 1971 Jack was warning us that the Hippies were staging a massive, violent revolution including killing cops on sight and wasting their families along with them, kidnapping women and children and executing the ?Capitalists? while taking all their possessions. Well, for some crazy reason, Jack?s nightmare just did not pan out the way he had predicted. Instead of taking up arms, the Hippies took up polyester and moved into the world of disco, terrorizing dance floors coast-to-coast. This little book has it all: brutal violence, including a mass hanging, anti-Semitism (a stereotypically drawn Jew fanning the flames of hate), Communism, you name it."

Hi! I read your page about Canadian censorship.  It's always good to find people speaking up for the rights of individuals, where-ever and however they might live.

It struck me as very funny that you would overlook the censorship by Christians worldwide.  Take a really good look around and you might notice (as I have) that the Christian God is so fragile that His believers cannot allow other people to follow their own beliefs, let alone speak about them.  Christians are rendered so delicate by their belief that merely saying one does not believe in their God is an affront to their faith.  Anything that doesn't fit with [Religion] dogma is "disrespectful" to that faith.

I personally found Chick tracts full of intolerance, racism, sexism and violence and supporting censorship. Decent people abhor these things, whether they have a God belief or not.  The overall message is to turn away from anything Mr Chick doesn't believe or do and stamp it out!  He would like to see any word or deed that doesn't promote his particular brand and style of belief to be burned, outlawed... censored.

I also found it amusing that you would mention apartheid.  This disgraceful violation of basic human rights (the right to live, not simply speak freely) was introduced by Christian invaders and spread and enforced by Christian missionaries.  Way to go for freedom, and not just for speech.

I also noticed one glaring grammatical error: "... even rules controlling what internet sites are aloud!"  "Aloud" means audible, able to be heard, as in speech.  I think the word "allowed" meaning 'what is permitted' would fit better in context.

It seems likely to me that you are a believer in a God similar to Jack Chick's.  I would offer this challenge to you:  discard all Holy books and writings based thereon; reassess all available evidence to support belief in God.  This includes discarding worldviews developed from said writings.  For example: looking around and thinking to oneself "It's obvious that God exists, just look at His creation" is an example of belief based on a story that only appears within 'sacred' texts.  It is not supported by any other means except lazy assumption.  Then, I hope you would ask yourself "If God is so big, so loving, and so clever, and if belief in God is so vital to the continuance of God's plan, then where is all the supporting evidence?"  Surely God would leave more, could do more, than a few ambiguous scraps.

Hope you have a great day, Celt

Hey Celt,
Thanks for writing. I appreciate the heads up on the "aloud" spelling error. My site is riddled with them! But I hope to get around to correcting them all as various people proof read & call my attention to them.

You assume a lot about my own beliefs. I don't declare them publically because this site is about the fun of Chick tracts, and not taking sides really. And if you go though the internet, the vast VAST majority of Chick related sites spend most their space condemning the political incorrectness of Chick tracts. (It reminds me of the Chinese running around with their little red books spouting Chairmen Mao.) Anyway, I think people are more grown up than that and can enjoy comics without feeling guilty about the political / religious overtones.

I don't agree with a lot of what Chick has to say, but, as the famous philospher said, I will defend to the death his right to say it. (And just as importantly, PUBLISH it.)

I think your take on South Africa is very misinformed. To blame the racism of the past on the "Christian invaders" makes it seem that you have a chip on your shoulder about Christians. Like black activists here in the US who blame everything wrong with their lives on the white man, you blame everything wrong in the world (or certainly South Africa) on Christians. You didn't, for example, credit the Christians for helping end apartheid, even though many of it's leaders (like Desmond Tutu) were Christian leaders (as Rev. Martin Luther King was also, in this country). On the other side of the fence, there were no religious leaders who started apartheid. That was done by political leaders. But even if there had been some, main basic push was political (maintaining political control of the vote, which ran along racial lines, just as it does today) and not religious. The most basic study of South African history would reveal this to you.

The reason I picked on Canada with my tongue-in-cheek criticism was because Canada considers itself to be a great progressive democracy, and yet it has all these speech control laws. The hypocrisy is outrageous, and thus, funny, to all but it's most ardent defenders. (Perhaps you're one of them, I don't know.) I don't personally believe Chick wants to burn any books, but there are certainly Christians who do. That does not, however, make it right for all of Canada (or South Africa) to outlaw religious freedom of expression in writing or publishing. It's rather chilling to think they could do so and still convince many citizens (like yourself?) that they are not censoring them. It reeks of the doublespeak in Orwell's 1984: "Ignorance is strength"

In regards to your challenge: I would never want to discard holy books or ANY books. I want to read and enjoy books, even ones I don't agree with. (That's why I'm against censorship of books, that, plus it's the stated law of our Constitution) But your basic premise shows how blind you are to what Christianity is all about. You say "If God is so big, so loving, and so clever, and if belief in God is so vital to the continuance of God's plan, then where is all the supporting evidence?  Surely God would leave more, could do more, than a few ambiguous scraps."

Christians believe God did exactly that by sending his only son to die in public for all humanity, then rise from the dead to show everyone it was no hoax. Jesus said before his death that you had to have FAITH to believe in him (and get into heaven). Obviously you do not. But others choose to do so. Even if Christians were wrong, what harm does it do to allow Christians to believe what they want to and for the non-Christians to believe what they want? What I DO have a problem with is allowing the non-Christians to publish all the Christian bashing books they want, but the Christians to have their books selectively censored or banned on the basis "it offends" someone. That is a double standard I think anyone who cares about free speech should be outraged about. (Or in the language of the PC police, "be offended.")

So I guess we have to agree to disagree on this issue. Nevertheless, I still appreciate your opinion.. and will defend to the death YOUR right to say it. Haw-haw-haw!

It's been awhile since I wrote to you. I hope everything's well. You remember Bill Eubanks the guy who flew over the Vatican & dropped 400 lbs. of Chick Tracts? Well. he's staying with us for a few days here in Da Bronx! He & his wife Janet having handing out tracts with the Black characters in Harlem.

Did you know he helped write "The Wall" Chick Tract? He even makes a cameo appearance in it. He's the gentleman with the glasses on page 7. He was just reading your book & wants a copy. He also wants to join the Chick Tract Club!!!!!!!!

We were just now busy "Shotgunning". That means making sets of tracts to be ready for distributing. He also told me that Jack & him are working on a new tract about (topic censored until release)!!!!!! I'll keep you posted

Abe from Da Bronx

Thanks Abe,

I always appreciate feedback on the book (pro or con) and we'd love to have Bill join the club. I just hope when the dropped those 400 lbs of Chick tracts on the Vatican that he spread them out a bit. It would sure be a shame to have a 400 lb Chick Brick land on a Cardinal, or better yet, the Pope. Haw-haw!

It’s just my opinion, but when things are boiled down, aren’t Catholics, Episcopalians, Baptists, Protestants, Presbretyrians, etc., really just Christians with small differences in beliefs? Personally I think that Mr. Chick will be the one going to hell. Why? Well, spreading lies about people is against the ten commandments. And what is this problem that Christians seem to have with homosexuals? They are good people too. My Great uncle was gay. But he fought in World War 2, and received several medals including the Silver Star and the Medal of Honor. When I hear people rioting about homosexual’s rights, it hurts my feelings because not all gays are bad people. If anyone should be condemned, Shouldn’t it be the child molesters and pedophiles? Shouldn’t it be the terrorists that kill innocent women and children? Shouldn’t it be the Dictators that commit genocide? I think the Christians should band together and focus on the real threats, instead of slandering each other and spreading lies about each other. And I Know that Gays and Lesbians aren’t any less of a man/woman than a straight person. Besides, isn’t it important for people to truly love each other? As long as two people love each other, should it matter if it’s heterosexual or homosexual? And why do people think RPG’s are bad? I play them and I am a devout Christian. In America, people must put aside stereotypes and ignorance so this country functions better.

After reading the review about Allah Has No Son, I was very sad. Not because of the “Glorious Sacrifice” the former Islamic man made, but of how Islam was bashed and flamed. Doesn’t god teach tolerance? Who would this cartoon help? It spreads the message that Islamic people are evil, which is not the entire case. Yes there are several out there, but what about the people that want to be part of America, as peaceful citizens? Even if someone doesn’t worship “the One God” they are still worshiping A god, to help lead them from their cultural evils in life. Islamic people will still go to heaven if they were peaceful in life and were tolerant of others. Here’s someone I’ve bet you’ve never heard about. Saladin. He was a brilliant strategist and general back in the Crusades. In stead of killing his prisoners, he took them back to his camp and taught them about Muslim culture. That’s how so many eastern things were integrated into western society. You cannot condemn people to hell just because they’re not Christian. People are judged by their actions, not by prejudice and hate. This is God’s message. When Jesus said that he was the way to heaven, he meant that by following his peaceful example that is the way to heaven. By actions, not by religious beliefs.

Thanks for your comments. Chick obviously disagrees with your beliefs that religious beliefs don't matter, but "good works" do. Combating such social relativist attitudes has been a common theme in his tracts. He cites his beliefs with Biblical references, something your philosophy does not. There are many liberal pastors that buy into your "all religions are the same if you are a good person and believe in God" outlook. They are not fundamentalists, however, which place an emphasis on what the Bible says rather than what is politically correct. It makes for some very lively debates though, that's for sure.

Oh, and you would lose the bet about Saladin. I was already familiar with him before the movie came out last year that featured him as the nobel Muslim warrior (sorry, I can't remember the title of the flick at the moment.) I only wish his forgiving attitude was more common in Muslim religious practice today, instead of sawing the heads off of hostages that are infidels. So much for progress!

I finished reading your excellent book on Chick. What a fun read! It left me with a greater understanding of Chick and his universe. The in depth reviews of the tracts and the research of the other Chick publications left me with a deeper respect for Chick and his religious views. I don't agree with all of Chick's beliefs, but Chick has a passion and authenticity conveyed through his message that doesn't compromise or sugarcoat despite his company being persecuted and banned. To me, thats admirable and that kind of integrity is nearly extinct in this celebrity status, sell-out culture we live in today.
Lots of great moments in the book about Lance Collins and Alberto but, for me, most memorable is the part at the end when you were touring the studio and there's Chick himself humbly selling tracts and chatting with customers about these end times.

I got an order of tracts today and found an extra one that I didn't order titled CONGRATULATIONS!. When I opened it and read it--HAW HAW!! Theres a panel of a procrastinating tract customer under conviction for hoarding his collection. A demon looks over his shoulder saying "you should KEEP them in that box as a collectors item...Cuz someday they'll be worth a lot of money." The collector is thinking "$" in a thought balloon. I had a hunch that Maybe you or Rich may have inspired that panel??? I attached a file with a scan of the cover and above panel. Personally, I would NEVER EVER leave out a tract for some poor hell bound sucker to find any more than I would abandon an issue my prized ZAP or WEIRDO's in a restroom stall or window sill.
I really enjoyed the fascinating and informative Talking Chick tape and the stationary and button and... WHOA!!! I didn't realize when I ordered you had Hal Robins to do the art. WOW NICE !!!


Haw-haw, yeah, I think we probably did have an influence on that panel. They saw the book and they saw the prices their tracts were fetching. But so far, they still just charge 15 cents retail for new tracts!

I am amazed that I just received another RARE chick tract. WHY NO REVIVAL c1961 5 1/2x7 1/2. Rusthoi Publications. It is in excellent condition and the art work is amazing. In your book you said that you only know of one of these. Has that changed or is that still true. If so, now you know of 2.

Now I have The Last Call, A Demons nightmare, and Why no Revival (1st editions all by Rusthoi publications.) Now I just need the first oversized editions of This was your Life, Holy joe, and Somebody Goofed and then I think I'll have a complete collection of the Rusthoi 1st editions.

Sincerely, Jimmy J.

Hey Jimmy,

Yes, you're only the second person I know who has that oversized tract. I should tell you though, it's not really the very first edition. It was originally 8 x 10 or there abouts in size! (I know of only one of those, a battered copy in the Chick Publications archives.) Then it devolved into smaller and smaller editions into its current 3 x 5 inch size.

Hi There,

For the most time of my life, I didn't know anything about Chick tracts. But one day, when I was still a novice to the internet, I came across a site where a Catholic defends his faith against accusations in Chick tracts. And then I found out that a friend of mine, a born-again Christian (but of the Charismatic kind!) owned some Chick tracts, in German. They were: "Why is Mary crying", "Holy Joe", "Earthman", "The Traitor" and I think "Are Roman Catholics Christians?".

Lately, I've been studying Wikipedia pages on Mr. Chick in several languages, and the English page had a link to your site, but I think it has been removed, for some reason. Maybe I have been on the Museum page before, but if so, I think I clicked away, thinking these people were blind fanatics like the woman. But this time I found the Museum page quite interesting, especially after reading some reviews. The reviews are the best!

Greetings, Anneke

P.S. As far as I know, the tract "Love the Jewish People" is classified as hate literature here in Germany.

Thanks for the story Anneke, and also for your review of the tract, The Unwelcome Guest. It seems the latest fad in censorship is not to ban ALL of Chick's tracts, just certain titles. I'm amazed to hear Germany has banned the pro-Jewish tract. I guess they've caved into pressure from Muslims. (Or was it the Jesuits? Haw haw!)

I received several recent letters from Canadians who are angry that I suggest it's silly they censor Chick tracts there. They're long enough that I gave them their own wing.

I'm interested in finding tracts to minister to the illiterate. Do you have any? I've searched on several websites but I only see the wordless book. I would like to have some tracts, on different subjects, with only the illustrations and a short prayer. Please direct me in the right directions. Thanks.

Yours in Christ, Ms. Z.

We're not Chick publications, but fans of his work. I only know of the three WORDLESS GOSPELs, using the same plot with three different ethnic groups. There is also SOMEBODY LOVES ME that doesn't use words. But the others have significant dialog.

Waha! I just wanted to thank you (or however many people run this website) for amassing such a great collection of these tracts. I discovered Jack Chick after an angry atheist friend pointed me to the website, but I've always found them morbidly fascinating. As a Catholic and avid D+D player I should be offended...but they're just so much fun to read! Especially the Alberto ones. And Dark Dungeons. ^_^ Jesuit plots! -Jo

At my church of 300 about a 1/3 rd are former mess ups. I myself came out of witchcraft. Now I serve Jesus. I've been able to witness to people in the occult. More and more every day are coming to Jesus from twisted lives...welcome to the end times.

Chick tracks have helped me witness to over 40 foster kids. I think a lot of Catholics are lost, but I don't think the pope has my name, or dna! - Latkin

Let's hope not Latkin. That's a lot of DNA to store in such a tiny little country (The Vatican)


Any hints about any new goodies Chick is up too? I scanned through your book The Art of Jack T. Chick last night (It's one of my favorite books, you should know.) You mentioned that Chick was planning on writing another Crusader comic. Did he ever hint to you as to when it would be out.

I know one thing that I wish would come out; poster! I've always loved Carter's art and I''ve never understood why Chick publications never made more aside from that evolutionary one.

I'm wishing like crazy that they make posters and or a book about The Light of the World. That's one of my favorite movies and I think it has some of the most gorgous artwork I've ever seen.

Speaking more on Carter what to you think of the new tracts he's put out ( example: Little Suzy) To be honest, even though I think on his worse day Carter's Art is better than Chick, I have to say that I miss the type of tracts that he used to do. The ones he makes now aren't as realistic as the old ones.


I heard what the next Crusaders comic is about, but they wanted to keep it secret, so I can't say just yet. But I will say it's controversial (and no, it's not on the Vatican this time). Rest assured, it will arrive sooner or later.

I would enjoy another Chick poster too. He did a few others back in the day and they are hard to come by in modern times. One is shown in my book on page 212 ("Going Home"... the youthful spirit of an older woman is received by angels as her family cries for her). Carter does amazing detail, so the larger format is always a sight for sore eyes!

Regarding Carter's later tracts, I'm a fan of his more realistic style tracts like Dark Dungeons. I like that look more than the more cartoonish style (like the Dirty Diamond). But I still enjoy the basic content of both. I've been enjoying Jack Chick's spurt in tract output as well, including his new book of cartoons, Babylon Religion. (I just finished it two nights ago, and it's full of tractish treasures.)

Don't mistake my silence of new web pages as a loss of interest. I'm continuing to update the Chickblog, as well as starting to edit the Chick documentary now. It will probably be another year before it is released. So I'm knee deep in Chick and looking forward to releasing our own "Light of the Comic Book World" flick!


I collect Chick tracts. The other day I bought (via the mail) a copy of "a demons nightmare" from a library selling old material for $8. The thing that was brought to my attention was the copyright date of 1962. Whe I received it it was a mint copy of the LARGE 5X8 version. It is awesome. I'm just curious if you know how rare it might be or what it might be worth. Just thought I'd ask.

Thanks, Jimmy

It's very rare and you found a real bargain. I can't say I know the "worth" because I've never seen one sell. I have one copy and treasure it. I especially enjoy the 1950s styles everyone sports in it. It's quite a change (of clothes) from the later version.

Thanks for your response. Value doesn't matter at this point because I plan on keeping it for my collection. What other tracts were done in the 5X8 Version? I know that: Why no Revival, This was Your Life and The Last Call were done in this size. Are there others? Do you have any of these large ones?

Thanks, jimmy >>

WHY NO REVIVAL was originally offered as a super sized 8x10" or so! Then is was shrunk to 7.5 x 5.5. The others I have of that size are A DEMONS NIGHTMARE and THIS WAS YOUR LIFE (as well as THE LAST CALL, though some consider that more like a book since it was later reformatted into one). There is also a medium oversized HOLY JOE at 5.5 x 4.25, as well as similar sized (5 x 3.3) versions of THIS WAS YOUR LIFE, DEMONS NIGHTMARE, and THE BEAST. There is also a 4.25 x 3.5" SOMEBODY GOOFED, with a different cover and more primative artwork than the current version. There are medium oversized versions of CREATOR OR LIAR, and the New Guinea version of the WORDLESS GOSPEL (5.5 x 3.5). Those are the ones that immediately come to mind.


I had something to share with you. There is a Chaplaincy in this University (in England) and I heard one of the Chaplains say the same thing that which the Chaplain in the tract "The Chaplain" says, i.e. "I am here to help you, no matter what your faith is!"

And guess what I did? I gave him the tract, "The Chaplain". And he was really offended by that. Haw-haw!


It sounds like the Tract hit home! Haw-haw!

Hi curators of the J.T.C. museum of modern art!

I was in Denmark when I first heard about Chick tracts. I searched for them with a search engine and found some information. Later, I found out, that a neighbor of mine, a kind of Baptist or so (I would have to call him what he exactly is, but it's already close to midnight) and it turned out he actually had some tracts in German, which he graciously lend out to me. In the beginning, I couldn't believe they were real. Not only the facial expressions of the cartoon characters, also the ridiculous names in the German translation. Names that have been obsolete since the 1920s... But that was not all. Reading that Germany will remain a divided nation forever made me smile. But reading that Islam was created by the Catholic Church made my jaw drop. WellIslam was created by Catholicism, Catholicism was created by Satan, Satan was created by JesusI should better stop now. And what's it with the Jesuits? Most modern conspiracy theories are about the Opus Dei now. It's a good question why I occasionally read Chick tracts, as well as parodies and reviews. Maybe it's their distinctive features. The faceless God ­ by the way, in some tracts it looks as if the Faceless God is Jesus and in others he's God the Father, the latter being the case in "Little Princess", where the Faceless One, a dove (the Holy Ghost?) and Jesus with a face receive the little girl into heaven. In other tracts he says this "depart from me ye accursed" thing, which Jesus attributes to himself in the Gospel according to Matthew. ??? And his obsession with people being disowned for their conversion, or being dispised by former friendsthe naive (in my humble opinion) idea, that after your conversion you automatically feel betterwhich is expressed through these large cartoon eyes radiating the joy of being savedthe ugly facial features of the enemies of the truth, Ms. Henn for exampleand their all mean- tempered, of course.

Alberto gets on my nerves. I like Bob Williams much better. He has lots of relatives and acquaintances, and, as also noticed on Your website, a lot of money.But I'm going to stop reading Chick tracts for a while. The reason is a little strange. They don't make me dispise Catholicism, Islam or Buddhism. When I see some depictions or read certain statements I think: If that were true, I wouldn't read the Bible anymore and turn away from God. I believe in God, and I believe in the Bible, but some things are really annoying in Chick's retelling of Bible stories. The anthropomorphic God, for example. A giant hand closes Noah's ark. Jesus, on the other hand is faceless (okay, this is debatable, see above)but I'm quite sure he had a face when he walked on earth, otherwise it would have been mentioned in the Gospels. And this whole thing, that the saved people are neatly dressed, straight and simply righteous peopledoesn't one relative of Bob's mention that she has the impression that he doesn't sin at all? I understand that this conception is based on the Epistle of James, but it is far-fetched from real life.

Regards, Anneke

Thanks for the great letter Anneke,

You certainly seem to "get" what's fun about Chick a lot more than other Europeans. They can be soooo PC, they check their sense of humor at the door of the Ministry of Truth Speak! I hope you have a decent collection. I fear the typical Chick tract winds up in book burnings like the kind the John Todd clone performs in DARK DUNGEONS! (Only it's the green shirts who do the burning over there, haw-haw!) I think Chick tracts have a marvelous way of dividing people of opposing points of view who take themselves too seriously, and bring other people of opposing points of view together who do not!



That's how Chick knows he'd doing something right... from all those complaints! He figures if they say they love you, then you must be telling them what they WANT to hear, not what they NEED to hear.

Hi! my name is Safise. I've live in the new Zealand for 6 mouths now. I understand English (a little bet) but my language is French. Before I get to new Zealand I've been to Gabon and there I've discovered your tracks. I think thye are really handsome and helped me to understand more about God and to give gospel to some people cause I'm Christian.

So now I would like to know if it possible to get some tracks from you to get more understanding to the bible and to give to others so those ones who don't know Lord Jesus-Christ can learn about him. I will appreciate if you give me some in French and the other in English. I write it because it still difficult for me to speak clearly in English to people.

Hey Safise,

We're not Chick Publications, but a fan site that loves to collect his tracts. Chick sells his tracts cheap so people like you can afford to give them away. They run around 15 cents if you buy them in bulk. They also sell them in Australia so you can save on postage. You can out find more at

Thanks for including me on the Chickstalker updates. I read everyone, and my mind reels at the thought of certain Chick titles going for so much money.

My father has been a preacher for 55 years now, and as I kid I remember going along with him to Tuesday night "visitation" duty. This is where two or three deacons and a preacher would go door to door and "witness" to people. They would carry, in the car, literally boxes of Chick tracks to hand out. In the 70's, dad had a box at home at all times and I would read every one. These things scared the hell out of me, but I was fascinated with the artwork. Chick's work might have helped steer me to my vocation in artist. -Joe

Thanks Joe. It's good to know Chick's artistic skills are so contagious! And yes, those older tracts can be worth real money. Some people refuse to believe it, but the auction results speak for themselves.


I am an expatriate here. I run a public relations company for shipping companies. I came to Vietnam because I could speak Vietnamese and had a shipping background. But I was born and raised in Arkansas between Prescott and Hope. I grew up on the Jack Chick tracts. I was raised in the Church of Christ and these tracts were almost always available. I quite often took them home for myself, not even to pass around.

Basically I have been through many of the Chick Publications tracts and I find the ones that deal directly with salvation to be a great tool. Basic, simple and biblically sound. Unfortunately some of his Alberto Rivera tracts / comic books make some extremely provocative claims about Catholocism and Islam. When you wrote your book were you able to look into the veracity of some of these claims? I am interested to have your ideas on this.-Gary

Hey Gary,

I don't attempt to prove or disprove such claims, because much of it is based on a fundamentalist (literal) interpretation of the Bible. To agree or disagree with it has more to do with your own religious beliefs. Besides, it is virtually impossible to prove or disprove conspiracy claims because secrecy is an essential component to their success. They certainly make for provocative reading though!

What are you alls problem with Chick tracts? why the sarcasm? What's all this "gospel according to Chick" stuff and "Chickdom" and all that jazz about? Tracts rub you the wrong way huh? What wrong with The Chaplain? struck a nerve didn't it? don't say no or else you wouldn't be making your little snide sarcastic remarks. Granted there are some chaplains that are truely saved, I have a chaplain who attends my church at home and he's saved, and they witness to soldiers and tell them the true way to have eternal life, which is in Jesus Christ ( John 14:6, 1Cor15: 1-4, Rom.10: 9-10), but I would say the majority are not. These would be comparable to the Pharisees during Christ's time, who were the religious clergymen of his time, and to whom he had the sharpest and harshest words for.You can have graduated from a seminary and have a string of religious degrees behind your name, have the title of "clergy" or "man of the cloth" and still be lost. You may have good counseling skills and all that, but how are you going to be able to tell someone how to be saved, if you don't know Christ yourself? What if a dying soldier on the battlefield calls for a chaplain, and you are the only one around and he wants his "last rites"(another Chick tract I'm sure you're very aware of) what are you going to do? The Bible ( and I don't mean the "originals" either) is a very exclusive Book indeed. How dare Jesus say that He's the ONLY way to get to heaven ( John 14:6) how dare he say that unless you believe on him, you'll die in your sins, and you CANNOT go where HE GOES ( John 8: 21,24). How dare Him? How dare the Bible in its opening statements in Genesis 1:1, contradict at least four "truths" held by mankind ? As far as the Catholic church, it claims to be the Kingdom of God entered in by the sacraments, and has the God-given right to exercise political power over the kingdoms of the world ( Rev. 17-18). But the Bible says that the Kingdom of God is not material, but spirtual ( Rom 14:17), and the Kingdom of Heaven will be when Christ comes ( 2nd Advent) and sit on the throne of David ( 2 Sam. 7:16, Jer. 14:21, Matt 19:26, Psa 102:16, Acts 15:16) and rule as King for 1000 years ( Rev.20: 1-6). It WON'T be the " holy papa". Sincerely Steve

Thanks for writing Steve,

Our site encourages anyone to write reviews for Chick tracts. Some of the writers are not Christian (like "terrible Tommy", who is actually a witch), while others are actually preachers, like Rev. Rich Lee (he's an Assemblies of God minister). So the viewpoints can be very different. We view tracts as comic books with a serious message, but they are still comic books. As such, they are supposed to be funny also. So people are welcome to join in the fun and make snide, sarcastic remarks, as long at they are not personal toward's Jack Chick and company. This may seem disrespectful to some, but again, this is not Bible study, it's Bible Comic Book study, and we want to keep it fun.

The review you mention was from Rev. Rich Lee, the minister. He agrees with much of what Chick has to say, and especially enjoys the fact Chick confronts the politically correct crowd. He is also a personal friend of Jack Chick's. So rest assured, he is making fun WITH the tracts, and not AT them. But be equally certain others will make fun of the tracts. All I can say is to be patient and you'll get all view points here-- which is a lot more fair to Jack Chick and his supporters than any other site discussing Chick tracts.

The one thing we all have in common here is a love the tracts, even if many disagree with the message. So we focus on what we all can agree on-- that Chick tracts are fun.

I'm OK with that, but to an extent. I didn't mean to come off like I was ready to pull out my sword and cut someones ear off. Its just that there are sites out there that truely depise Chick Pub. and attempt to discredit him and his publishing company and poke fun just because every chance they get, and alot of the firey darts come from other Christians! I guess if you're looking at it from an artist and hobbiest point of view, yes there are quite a bit of interesting and even funny things in the stories, and some unique artwork. You can definitely have fun in the Christian walk too. However, the tracts are meant to bring conviction from the Holy Spirit and lead to salvation, and there are some that are geared towards Christians to bring about personal revival. I personally love that about Chick tracts, he "keeps it real" and captivating at the same time. I really like the comic books. I never would have thought that a Christian publishing company could put out comics with such artistic quality like that, rivaling Marvel and DC comics, yet keep it real scripturally. One of my favorites in the comics is Angel of Light. Man, you talk about exposing it for what it is! I'm sure Satan doesn't appreciate this one at all. An angel with stretched out arms with blood on its hands, with the piramids and zodiac signs around it. You know when I first saw this comic back when I was in college, I was into astrology, and considered joining the Masons, and was a horror movie buff. I wasn't aware at the time that astrology was a form of divination, and that facisination with horror and such could possibly lead to other things, and that the Masons are more than just a fraternity. I've heard other Christians say that the comic was satanic because of the imagery. But with a generation raised on a steady diet of Hollywood and cable, you're not going to get the point across very well with just words. The blood on the angels hands depicts the angel delivering a message of religious doctrine, with enough biblical truth in it to deceive, and you just follow this religion and you'll be OK. But what he doesn't tell you is that you are a sinner, and you need a Saviour, and that Jesus is that Saviour, and that He's only way to heaven. He throws Jesus in there somewhere as part of the "other" ways, so the deceived person lives on hoping he'll make it, only to find himself standing before the one he rejected at the White Throne judgement. So the angel has that person's blood on his hands for giving him religion, but not pointing him to the Saviour. So sure, I believe you can look at them from a collectors point of view, but I think you shouldn't read in something that's not there. But that's OK, the ones who have the tracts have enough of the word to give them something to think about.

Hey Steve,

You're putting it mildly to say that most the sites out there attack Jack Chick for his work. It seems almost ALL of them do! But I like to go against trends, so we have a lot of fun offering a different perspective (even though it isn't 100% consistent). I wondered if Chick would dislike it, but it turns out he doesn't expect to get endorsements. He's happy just to get a chance to give his side of the story, even if his critics also get space giving their's. So I'd like to think we've hit a happy medium.

I think Angel Of Light is a classic as well, although I think my favorite is Broken Cross. Another fave is Spellbound.

The little kid on the "somebody loves me" tract looks even cuter and more pitiful as an African American (or "black" as JTC would put it. Of course JTC would never fall for anything as satanic as political correctness - Haw, Haw) than he does as an Anglo. If Mr. Chick decides to make variations on his tracts based on differing ethnicity's you guys could be in business for a long time.

Eagerly awaiting the rapture, Ken D.

That's true. And then, of course, there's also the Asian variations he can do as well. We could be in for a lot of revamped tracts!

Just wanted to also say thanks for the great site. I feel, that love him or hate him, Chick is currently America's premiere folk artist. It is time he got some recognition. I am also glad that there are others that appreciate him as much as I. My friends usually look at me like I am crazy when I show them my chick collection.

Thanks, Clint

Thanks Clint. I know the feeling about trying to explain it to others who don't "get Chick". They're too busy greasing that pool to the Lava Lake! Surf's up, sin boy! Haw-haw-haw!

But seriously, it sounds like you're building a complete collection. Good luck with it. As you peruse the site, you'll find out there's miles and miles of files on Chick and his Comic Crusade. Enjoy!

Hi my name is mario l. You guys are so informative in your work. Thank you. Could you help me? I came across Mit brenneder Sorge an Encylical of Pope pious XI. Is there any historical evidence to it and does it support the family of this Pope, not the religion, of His integrity against Hitler? Because I am at a loss to explain to this family the protestant position seeing that the true historical documents show this Pope to speak out openly agaist Hitler and agaist anti semitism, also against the Neremberg laws. How do I share the gospel and not a religion to this family who do know of the inquisition that the catholic church did but see this Pope in deffense of the gospel? Granted we do not know the heart, based on the speeches given by Him and not the gosip to favor a religion.

I even like the comic book Alberto. When I read it with the information Alberto Rivera was only 7 in 1942 so He was only 15 in 1950 He could not possibly know anything that went on during the war years but if I get this right Jack writes in the comic book that the Pope that this family is related to favored Hitler when He came into office are they saying because they favored Hitler they the catholics are complicit with Hitler? Thats like saying, from the view of the family, when we vote for the president for His position on things and then does wrong we as the individual are complicit in His wrongs.

Please tell me how to minister to this family, again not the religion, to win them to the Lord with all facts being mingled with untruth for the victory of an argument and not for the pesonal truth of the matter? Thank you for reading this letter. As you can see I have an uphill battle with the family and the slanted facts to favor a position and not the truth. Any advise you can give me would be helpful. -Mario

Sorry Mario, we're not Chick Publications, just fans of the tracts and comics. Chick's company can be found at Regarding Alberto, he's passed away, but I've met his wife and she's continuing the crusade in Florida.

I received Chick's 2006 catalog about a week ago, and compared it to the March pricelist he sent 3 weeks earlier. There are no fewer that 14 titles that have vanished from the catalog in those three weeks. (They are all still listed as "in stock" on the web, however.) Does this mean that Chick intends to discontinue all of these titles in the next year? That would be too bad, because the 14 include all of the really inflamatory and offensive (in other words, entertaining) titles from the last two years, such as BIRDS AND THE BEES, THE LITTLE BRIDE, THE SKY LIGHTER, and SQUATTERS. (Has Jack gone soft on Islam?) And GOMEZ is going (he just barely came back). I'm particularly sad to see all of the LI'L SUSY series (#2 - 5) disappear - I was eagerly looking forward to the next one. I want to see Ms. Henn pass out condoms! I want to find out if Ms. Henn is a witch - or a nun! And I really want to see the grand finale, when Ms. Henn turns over Li'l Susy to The Healers - I want to read those magic words, "Dispose of her, or use her as food!" All I can say is @!!!**!, I guess we better stock up.


I don't expect they will all discontinue, just the ones that sell the least. He doesn't want too many in print because he can only squeeze so many in those all assortment packages (usually 85 or so). So one should try to play it safe and keep their collection updated. As you point out, you never know when a "common" title will disappear!

Hello Mr. Chick

My name is William and I am very concerned about you. I know that you believe that you are doing the right thing by trying to convert Catholics, but I believe you should re-evaluate your message. I have no problem with you trying to convert Catholics. In fact you reach out to the most liberal of us and with me being a hardcore conservative have no problem with you taking these people out of our flock. Such people are always calling for a gay priesthood ,woman priesthood, and other liberal messages to be stamped with Vatican approval. So please take and teach them some true values.

But I must disagree with you about Nirod's pagan religion being the base for Catholicism, if anything it's more like Roman paganism. But why would God allow these people to live and go to hell for all those years without even trying to reach them. I believe he didn't. Paganism was a buildup to true doctrine. God allowed certain practices to take place to prepare for the he wanted to be worshiped.

But at the end of the day I believe you are correct. Only faith in God can save you. Me before I go to confession I ask God for forgiveness and use confession as a cleaning, which God told us to do in the Bible "confess you sins to one another" (taken for KJV I don't recall verse and chapter)

But I think your faith in beautiful. And I harbor no ill will. And neither do most Catholics but we do believe our way is wholly correct. God bless you and may the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ remain with you always, and may the Saints offers continuous prayers on your behalf.

Thanks for the nice email. I wish all Catholics were as understanding as you are. But we are not part of Chick publications. We're just fans who enjoy collecting Chick's tracts. Many are Christian, some are not religious at all, and still others are Catholics. We enjoy the art, controversy, conspiracies, and other aspects of Chick's work. They certainly are thought provoking, and if they make people re-evaluate their faith, then they certainly serve a good purpose even if they make mistakes. After all, people should have faith for the right reasons, and not just because they were raised in a specific religion or want to be in a certain club.

I have a copy of War Zone ((0724.1) that has p. 23 in Spanish, the rest in English. I assume that this is a printing error, not a real variation? Is this sort of thing rare? I have no idea how good Chick's quality control is, or if people collect these kinds of mistakes. -Tommy

I always thought the quality control is high, but this one obviously slipped through the cracks! I don't know what it's "worth", but it's a fun one to have. One of my favorite errors is the Chick "fisting" cover of The Deceived,. It has the demon on a front with a giant fist going in underneath (probably the graphic from One Way! by mistake.) Too funny!

I recently bought "Poor Revolutionist" on eBay for $85. This tract really brought back memories - I was a college freshman in 1972. I knew a lot of revolutionaries, but they were all interested only in destroying property (and taking drugs). The only people I ever encountered who had guns and advocated killing police were the undercover government informers. I never figured out why the Federal agents wanted us to start an armed revolution - whether it was to have an excuse to put us all in jail, or because they knew that the Bible-belt right-wingers all had guns and would slaughter -Tommy

That's one of the cheaper prices I've seen for The Poor Revolutionist. They've sold for up to $150. There are three distinct variations. (All the same plot, but different characters with different clothes, like hippies vs. businessmen, etc.) That's a great story you recall.


My name is Pascal Cormier and I am writting because I recently saw a testimony by Dr.Gerard Bouffard and wondered if you knew where to find anything on the net about the guy. It seems impossible. I want to spread his message, I will make that tape into a computer and translate it so I can show people but do you know of anything about him online?

Also, it is not true that Canada has no free speach. Canada is alot better off than the States so far as far as freedom.Not to mention that the violence rate is far away from the US. The only problem is that we are completely infested by Catholics. I am not writting this to abolish the sates in any way. I just get insulted sometimes when people bash this beautiful place. Hope you understand that.

Peace and God bless.


Dear Pascal,

I'm afraid I don't have online info on Dr.Gerard Bouffard, but that isn't to say it's not out there. You could look the usual places, starting with Google. Let me know if you find anything interesting.

Regarding Canada, I agree it is a very beautiful place, and it's crime is much lower than the US. However, I cannot agree that is has free speech because it is a matter of public record that it does not. There are so called "hate speech" laws that outlaw what censors determine is offensive speech, including condemning homosexuality, questioning the holocaust, or repeating segments of the Bible that are deemed too politically incorrect. You can go and read about these cases on line, including the one in which Hugh Owens was fined for quoting the bible in a classified ad. I also know that Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus were not allowed on the air a few years ago, (I suspect this hasn't changed but maybe it has.) Also, Chick's Alberto comic books were banned in the mid 1980s. So more than just free speech, there isn't really true freedom of the press or even free thought... because people can't think about things they have never heard about. People who are censored are often unaware they are censored-- because the censors don't talk about all the information they have suppressed. So don't be surprised that you were unaware of these laws that have been operating behind the scenes for several years.

But that isn't to say we "bash" Canada by pointing out this one flaw in their otherwise Democratic nation. There are many things I personally like about Canada. But I think everyone would be better off if the majority of people stood up against the minority groups and insist that just because Canada allowed them to move there, that doesn't give them the right to change the laws and take away one of Canada's most basic democratic rights: the right to think and say and print what other people may not agree with. They've already applied this control to shut up critics of Catholics like Jack Chick. (I may not even agree with Chick's views on that subject, but I sure as heck agree that he-- and you-- should have the right to voice your politically and religious views, even if they are offensive to those being criticized.)

Unfortunately, the list of taboo subjects will only grow over time unless voters (like you?) complain about it.

Best of luck, and thanks for writing.

Hello Mr. Chick:

Just want to let you know that my husband displays your tracts in his office for his patients to take and read. He puts an array of them on a table and so far, I've had to replenish his stock. Also, I've put so many of these on windshields, in waiting rooms at hospitals and just give them personally to people. The other day, I had to go to a nearby Air force Base with a guard at the gate, where people have to present ID cards. Well, I said to the guard "here I have a free gift for you" and handed him 4 different tracts with other informative tracts of yours in regard to the NIV and other false bibles. So, there are many other ways to distribute them, but just wanted to tell you how we distribute your tracts.

Blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ, Leeann S.

Hey Leeanne,

Thanks for your comments, but we're not Chick Publications. We're a fan site devoted to collecting his tracts. Chick's site is But it's good to hear you're getting the tracts out. That's how I found out about them!

I just got the assortment sampler and wanted to put them all in a binder as a goofy coffee table book. Have you found a good way to keep the tracts? Are there vinyl pages like the ones people keep baseball cards in that could be used for chick tracts?

I enjoyed the site. Thanks - Tim

Yes Tim,

I personally like to use a regular note book binder with four pocket vinyl pages in it. Then I stick two tracts in each pocket, each facing outward (front and back). The only thing you have to watch is not to tip your binder down and let the tracts slide out!

I really hope you guys are for real. Because then, it would be obvious to anyone with a brain how you perpetuate hate and suffering. You guys are *not* Christians, and I hope that God will show you in the afterlife where you really belong. You are not good people; you are not holy people with a message to spread to the world. You reify existing structures of power and if you are not so ignorant as to think that you actually represent good, then know that people are on to you and your corrupt schemes.

God bless the people who fight every single day against ignorance like yours.

Hmmm. I always thought it was "obvious to anyone with a brain" that we are not Chick publications, but maybe I was wrong. I think it's worth noting, however, that the people who most often accuse Chick tracts of being "hate lit" are usually filled with a lot of anger and hate themselves, as your letter demonstrates.


I've been reading chick tracts since I was seven years old or so. I wish I still had some of the old tracts from way back. I found the following link on the internet, don't know if you've seen it yet. It's mildly amusing, here it is:

Back in the late 1980's I had the privilege of speaking with Jack Chick on the phone, it was during the time that the christian world was all astir about a little booklet about why the Lord was supposed to come back by 1987 or 1988.

Take care, I enjoy your website.

Rob E. (Sebring, FL)

Thanks Rob. We'll add it to our links page. Your link goes to a site that randomly mix various Chick tracts together to create new tracts of sorts.

I am really enjoying your new book about the art of Chick!

The book has a comment mentioning that the Grateful Dead rock group was influenced by the Bible. Very true! I wonder what Jack would think about Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Band tunes such as "Cold Jordan", "My Sisters and Brothers", "We Bid You Goodnight" ("I love you oh but Jesus loves you the best"), "Amazing Grace", and many, many others. Some of these songs are acoustic folk-rock and are so much better than any "Christian Rock" (which, I agree with Chick, is mostly pretty awful).

-Dion Berlowitz

Hey Dion,

Glad you enjoyed the book. I have several "dead" albums, and the Biblical influence is very obvious. Many of the references are rather hostile though, including "friend of the devil is a friend of mine." I knew one former dead head who wanted to write a book about how the dead were really satanic! He had amassed quite a collection of lyrics to support his thesis. I don't think he ever finished it though. I guess idle hands ARE the tools of the devil! Haw-haw!

The Wounded Children tract not on the site, and I have not seen it ANYWHERE... So what happened to that tract, I super want to read it..., and why is it so rare?

It's rare because of two things: supply and demand. The supply is low because they retired that tract and aren't making it anymore. And the demand is high because it portrays gay culture in a very inflammatory way, so it's pretty controversial and politically incorrect. Prices on ebay have ranged from $10 to $100 per copy!

Dear JTC Museum --

I just found your J.T.C. Museum of Fine Art site while googling around to see if JTC was still in business, and if I could find an adequately virulent example of his "anti-papistry" to show a Catholic friend. Bravo! What a wonderful site; what an admirable philosophy behind it. I think it's so important that people see what's out there, especially something as widespread as Chick's Tracts. I am horrified to learn of the censorship in Canada.

I want to commend you, too, for the respect you show Mr. Chick in your site. I've thought since I found my first Jack Tract that the man is whacked, but so am I. I've always felt, too, that he has to be sincere to put these tracts out. He's very out front; subtly anti-semitic (-islamic, etc., etc.) remarks are not for our Jack.

I fear it's becoming increasingly common in today's America to dismiss as unworthy of even perusing any opinion coming from someone deemed to be "on the other side". I seem to recall a time when people admired Voltaire's "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -John

It's pretty sad that many people who live alternative lifestyles got their freedoms though a free market place of ideas, but now that their numbers have grown, they want to close the marketplace and silence dissenting voices like Chick's. Voltaire said it best. Even if we don't agree with some or any of Chick's opinions, he's an excellent indicator if we're still have freedom of religion, speech, and the press. (Or if we're just a symbolic democracy like Canada, Austria, and Germany, which uses so called "hate laws" to jail people who speak out against sacred cow issues.)

I have a story I wanted to tell you... I passed my first Chick tract last night and it was the pass to end all passes, it was to a Catholic-tract passer!

Here's what happened... I was on the platform in subway waiting for my train when a conservatively-dressed, middle-aged woman approached me brandishing a couple of word-heavy pamphlets. I was wearing my headphones at the time so unfortunately I missed the beginning of her pitch, but hearing "... just take them home and read them at your leisure, whenever you have a moment..." removed all doubt of her intentions.

Knowing how skittish tract-passers can be I realized that the move I was planning required split-second timing. Before she could move I reached into my coat pocket and, quick like a gunslinger, pulled out my own far superior tract and held it out with a smile. "Why don't I trade ya?" (Stunned silence) "Uh, okay..." (Fast retreat). It was the last thing on earth she was expecting. Only later, once I'd taken a quick look at what she'd handed me, did I realize they were Catholic-Bible based.

My only regret is that I didn't have any copies of "Last Rights" or "Are Roman Catholics Christians?" in my pocket. Still, the copy of "Busted!" I gave her was somewhat appropriate, as she had unknowingly "busted" an undercover Chick fan! HAW HAW! - Adam

Wow, a very interesting issue of chickstalker. Some of those tracts like Wounded Children sold pretty cheap. If only I had thought to save one as a mere child! I can't believe my parents let me read tracts like that and Lisa at such a young age!

That little Hispanic Christian bookstore I know of, most of the rare tracts are gone but thankfully I scored some like the bible series ones likes Cats and they still have a lot of the newer green cover Why No Revival, should I buy them all up?

They also have all the newer tracts I'm not up on like the Lil Suzy ones which kind of suck and my new favorite after Soul Story, The Peacemaker with the Deacon Carter and all!

I was also surprised to see so many tracts being retired though many of them were among the ones I thought were not as good. But The Curse of Baphomet? They should have kept that, the god of Lust being a personal favorite and all, haw-haw!

Thanks for the chickstalker and all and I look forward to the next issue...


Glad you liked the newsletter Paul. It will be interesting to see what happens with that giant eBay auction under way. As far as buying up out-of-print copies at the local store is concerned, it's a good way to get extras to trade. But the fact they are Spanish reduces the demand of US collectors.

Dear Folks:

I found your site on a Google search and I just LOVE IT!!! I've been a STAUNCH J. T. C. fan since my brother gave me my first Chick tract in 1972. I think it was "Holy Joe" or "This Was Your Life," but now I can't remember for sure. But I also got "Hi There (Steelworker Goes To Hell HAW HAW HAW,)" "Somebody Goofed," "The Assignment," and a bunch of others. I was in eighth grade, and my brother was just converted. He told me I should witness, and give the tracts away at the inner-city ghetto junior high that I was sentenced to go to every day, but I never did! I HATED the place and everyone in it!! Man, I skipped 71 days of school that year and got four Fs, but the honkies passed me anyway! Can you dig that? I guess they didn't want me hangin' around . . .

The man from the Bible I have always identified with is JONAH, and I HATED those $*#*^&%$* Ninevites!! I wasn't ABOUT to lay a Chick tract on one of THEM! Man, one of them might have BELIEVED it and been SAVED, and I didn't want THAT! I wanted ALL those MO-FOs to BURN, BABY, BURN!!!

Basically, I still do . . . I'm not what you would call a perfect Christian! But anyway, I want to ask you for help in something.

In a Chick tract, I once found a reference that said something like "When a preacher tries to use HUMOR, The Holy Spirit departs from him!" Now, I REMEMBER seeing this graphically depicted in Jack Chick's art as a picture of a preacher in a pulpit with an off-hand, jiving look on his face, cracking a joke, and like a white, "ghost"-like figure coming out of him - the Holy Spirit leaving him.

I have looked for something like this in the Bible but I have never found it! I've searched BibleGateway and concordances, but I cannot find it! Was it in a tract called "The Glory Has Departed"? I seem to remember, on the front cover, a picture of a broken-down old, abandoned church with ICHABOD written on a sign above the door. Can you help me find this tract? I would be grateful! Could you reply to me if you know the tract, or even the Bible verse in question?

Anyway, your site is really good, and very funny! Keep up the good work, and Long Live JACK T. CHICK!! - "El Gordo"

Thanks for your comments. I don't remember that humor comment, but I do remember that sign with the "Ichabod" on it. It's on the cover of Why No Revival?. Maybe one of our readers can remember which tract-- or book-- might have the scene with the preacher condemning humor in it.

The question about the preacher warning that humor wasn't holy. That writer was thinking of is an illustration from "The Last Call" by JTC, not a tract. It's a short book with text and a lot of JTC illustrations. It used to be shaped like a large 64 page tract. -Adam

Thanks Adam. The Last Call if often a hiding place for illustrations people remember but can't recall where it was from. They should have named it The Last Recall. Haw-haw!

My name Mario I. Lomelin jr.

This is a message for all to hear, so please you must listen. Do not take this as a joke. Because if you do, you will be blocking others from listening, hearing, and a witnessing the truth.

Hell exist 100%, I can prove it. Everything said in the bible and the things not, about what keeps hell in its existence. I can prove it. It is a place you do not want to be in, because for those that are there now, now know that there is "NO HOPE" of ever leaving. And the horrors of it, the never ending existence of there judgment by GOD, that will not be changed. I can prove it.

They have been screaming out their cries, a warning to all of us of the truth that they are burning in hell. Screaming these vary words "It burns us", "It burns", "It hurts", and "We Burn". A lot of time has passed now, since the beginning. We have not been listening, so there for we have not heard them, until now.

I must say again, please listen, this is not a joke. There is also a lot more than just the screams as proof. You must contact me, please. So I can explain more, in detail. My number is (909-899-XXXX) you can call me at anytime I'm always here. I don't sleep at night because that's when you can hear the screaming clearly. The world must know the truth, and I'm the only one, not the only one that knows, the only one that can prove it 100%.

Less than 10 people know at this time, I have a long and not easy journey still to come I ask you to please contact me, There is a Hell and it exist and the world must bear witness. I can prove it, but I cant if you think this letters a joke. So please help me prove it. Because its a place, we do not want to be in.

We're not Chick Publications, but only a fan site devoted to collecting and discussing his work. If you want to reach Chick, you can do so at

Your a blind fool, leading the blind, and creating fools such as yourself. Understand one word, in my message, you did not. There is not one, who can verify the mystery of hell until now. I must not waste anymore time. I can prove hells location and its existence 100%. Your scared like the rest, go back to your fan club and sit and wait with the rest. Let others bear witness to hell its existence, the one that i can prove.

I'm scared alright, that you might show up at my doorstep! But since your in California (big surprise), I'll probably manage. You'll be glad to know that Chick has already made a tract along the lines of what you're excited about. It's Back From The Dead .

I grew up about 6 miles from JTC HQ, then located in Chino, so Chick tracts were a constant of my childhood -- I even remember finding one in the john in Elementary school. In High School, we are on a field trip of some sort and the bus stopped for gas next to a Christian book store somewhere in the Inland Empire -- it turned out to be Mecca for Chick tracts, bins and bins of all the titles -- and my friends and I went crazy swooping up like 30 tracts before the bus left. Some of the titles were "Bewitched?" "Holy Joe" and "Hi There!" For a few weeks, "Go to hell, Charlie Connors!" was a catch phrase with my pals.

Best, Tim

That's a great story Tim.

Thank you for your site; it provides a very nice balanced view and much material that cannot be found elsewhere.

I particularly appreciated your "take" on those who refer to the tracts as "hate literature". There is no mistaking the fact that Jack Chick is a "fundamentalist's fundamentalist" (I suspect he would be proud of the appellation), but you will note that the message of his tracts towards non-believers is never "kill 'em!" or "beat 'em up!"; it is always "convert 'em!" - and not by force either, but by persuasion and conviction. I admire a man with a set of strong religious convictions who might try to persuade you to share them but never threatens personally to inflict bodily harm on you if you don't. Wouldst that a number of self-appointed spokesmen for Christianity or indeed any of a number of other religions felt that way! - Martin

Glad you like it Martin. I agree that the "hate lit" claim is Polictical Correctness run amok. Freedom of speech means very little if you can't criticize other view points without being labeled a bigot.

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