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Spook Show: Just 500 #ed boxes made!


Ghosts! Monsters! And macabre magic! They were all part of the traveling Spook Shows.

During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, daring magicians opened movie theaters at midnight with the express purpose of "scaring the yell" out of their audience. For a $1 or less, thrill seekers witnessed black magic, gruesome illusions, and the "black out"-- when glowing spirits flew overhead and the crowds ducked in terror. Then the horror flick would begin... assuming the entire audience hadn't already fled the theater in panic!

If you were among the millions who experienced this incredible fright of fancy (and especially if you didn't), then you won't want to miss the sheer horror of Spook Show-- a new series from Monsterwax.

You'll learn the behind-the-scenes history of the "ghost masters" and the ingenious tricks they used to tantalize the imagination and dumbfound crowds from ghost to coast!

So climb aboard a time machine of terror, and go back to an era when monster movies, haunted houses, and mad magicians collided in a giant festival of fear. Get Spook Show this Halloween from Monsterwax.

(Not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from anxiety attacks, or anyone with a history of heart problems.)

Here's What You Get!


Each 24 count box includes at least one 66 card set, PLUS

Six different "Frightening Foil" cards (at least 2 per box),

Three different "Gruesome Gimmick" cards,

Two different "Emerge-O-Vision" embossed cards,

Six different promos are available FREE. The first three are in NSU magazine and the others will be given away at the Philly Show, the CECE Final Show and The Wrapper Magazine. At least two of the promos will also be inside each box.

Also included, an original artist sketch card.

And either a Monsterwax Metal card (actual printing plate from the series) or an autograph card from an actual Spook Show magician (a real Ghostmaster)!

Each box will also include Ghoul Gum, the gum so tempting, they serve it in HELL! (One stick per pack.)

A reproduction Spook Show ticket (one of five different), and a card-size full color comic tract (with a grim tale of dark magic gone horribly wrong)!

All this for --are you sitting down?-- just $49.95!

"Somebody call a doctor, he just fainted!"

Okay, we'll also include a faint pill, to prevent you from fainting from excitement, plus a special Spook Show Sick Sack, in case all the chills make you lose your lunch! But if you have any delicate medical conditions, you should play it safe and avoid this set, 'coz Spook Show is one thrilling series!

ADDED BONUS: A free $10,000 insurance policy will be included with each box, providing protection against death by fright from opening and viewing Spook Show!

Read the Non-Sports Update review here. View the blog entry about the 3 promos given away FREE in NonSports Update magazine. And another blog entry here.

Running low, order now ($74.95 per box)

Box w/ postage added


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See the NSU ad to this series (pdf file).


View Feedback, see more samples, or listen to UK Cardcast #42 about the series.

Also, a fun write up about the cards from a previous contest.

See also the WonderfulWonderBlog entry on Spook Show.

Spook shows inspired fun fads, including the gimmick films of William Castle,

(an homage of which is referenced in the above trailer within the movie, Matinee.)

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