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I was excited to get it. I already had ordered Series 1 & Series 2 awhile back and I just gave my series 1 box to my cousin for Christmas, so that is why I am reordering series 2 again. I was with my cousin when he opened up his box and he received a signed card from "Vince Carman", we were both excited about that. Your cards are great and they really tell the story of the "Ghostmasters" from days gone by. - Mark H.

I have a good friend who is big into comic books, action figures, etc.

We both grew up in the 60's, and, like many of our friends, were really into monster movies, monster models, Famous Monsters magazine, etc.
He told me about the Monsterwax spook show cards, (maybe on Kickstarter?) a while ago, as we're both really into the spook show stuff, William Castle gimmick movies, etc.
It always surprised me how little Spook Show merchandise exists for sale.

So, my friend and I are also Halloween fanatics, and we exchange a Halloween gift every year.
Yes, I know it's really corny and nerdy, don't laugh!

But anyways, I was looking around the internet for this years gift for my friend and somehow came upon http://www.battlegrip.com/spook-show-trading-cards-from-monsterwax

Which led me to back to your Monster Wax site. 

I then again remembered your Spook Show cards and knew this was a perfect gift. - David D.

I truly loved are the Spook Show cards! I received them Monday and they are fantastic.  I didn't expect so much information on each card. Awesome job! I put in an order for the sequel cards. Thanks so much.

(Alameda, CA)

Hi Kurt, I got the cards last week and they look great! I’m really happy with them. -Joey A. (Whittier, CA)

I've been meaning to tell you that my all time favorite trading card set is your Spook Show set.  I've had so much fun with those cards over the years - I even have 20 of my favorites framed in my home office.  I don't have many sketch cards (after all, I have 4 kids LOL), but the sketch card that came in my box from an artist named "Carpenter" is absolutely remarkable.   - Chris L.

Hi, Kurt. Spook Show card box arrived today. Really nicely done product!! I may need Insurance Policy against Death by Too Much Fun. 
Thanks for your fabulous creation,
Bob L. (Ashland, MA)

I have also been a huge admirer, and buyer, of your card sets, with the Spook Show posters being one of my favorite sets ever. All time, ever! I grew up during the final days of the spook shows. What great subject matter you choose! - Don F. (New Jersey)

Hey Kurt, Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the Spook Show cards in the wax box I ordered. Also liked Series 1 and 2 Monster Movie Classics sets I bought. I am sure I will buy some more boxes and sets from you in the future. -Robert (Georgia)

Hey, thanks Robert! I appreciate  your business, but appreciate your willingness to take the time and let me know you enjoyed them even more!

I got my box. Amazing. I see the love you have for this stuff. Great job. I gave you a plug on my Spook Show Facebook page. Members are asking where to get them. I invite you to jump on and post all the info. Thanks again. Dr Phantasm

Unsolicited (but certainly appreciated!) review from Youtube:


I got the box of Spook Show cards Friday and finally had time to open them last night. They are fantastic! I'm still not sure why I hadn't ordered these before. :) Really looking forward to the new Lovecraft cards as well. From the looks of it in your "teasers", they are gonna be awesome! Thanks again! - Greg (Indiana)

Couple days ago I was organizing my card collection and came across my set of Spook Show and so posted about that card series on my FB page ... the number of people who chimed in that it is their favorite set of all time was nice to see... not SURPRISING in the least, but nice to see. It's a beloved card series! -Ricard (Nevada)

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I received the cards. I had them sent to my parents house (I have problems with my mail here), so I just got them on Sunday.

I absolutely LOVE the Spook Show cards!!! Thank you so much for sending that set! I sat down today and read all of the card backs as I put them into plastic card pages. It was like reading a book on the old Spook Shows with dozens of great pictures of the promotional posters accompanying the book.

I'm a big fan of the posters (I actually have a few T-shirts of old Spook Show posters that are some of my favorite shirts), but reading the stories made the card set even cooler! -Wade (Atlanta)

I have several of your card sets collected from you over the years. and enjoyed every one.-- really high quality. My wife and I had much fun with your "spook show" card box that we decided to get another. - Jay L. (Detroit)

I"m currently deciding which box will be my next purchase. Because yet again you have blown my mind!! Spook Show did indeed "make my mouth drop, my heart stop, and my eyeballs pop!"

The history crammed onto the back of each card is astounding. The inserts are the best yet! Barf bag! Faint Pill! Ticket to the show! and on and on and on!!!! Then there's the chase cards, the metallic posters and the embossed cards are killer.

But my favorite inserts have to be the Dr. Evil autograph card and the sketch card! I have yet to get a metal plate card, but it's impossible to be bummed when I'm gettin original art and autographs in every box!

I'll be back for more within the next week for sure. Stay sick man,
Jeff T.

I received my order today and I am really very happy. What a pleasant surprise! All is really high-quality! But I cut my finger off with the metal card and make blood everywhere! (Just joking). I have the book by Mark Walker (Ghostmasters) and now your trading cards. Very cool!- Krouch K. (France)

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the Spook Show box. I thought I'd seen most every spooker poster still extant, but almost all of the images are new to me. And the extras! An autograph card from Phillip Morris! And a Kara Kum ticket! And the "sick sack!" Hilarious! Plainly, the people who put this set together really get what the spook shows were all about. I will never get to see Silkini or Dr. Ogre Banshee in action, but these wonderful cards are treasure trove of bygone thrills.

Thank you. Chris

Thank YOU Chris! We invested a ton of time and effort making that series, but it's reactions like yours that made it all worthwhile. Thanks for writing to share your reaction and also for your support with your purchase!

I saw the latest production on you tube ....who's hand was it ?...LOL You're doing top class work in getting themed cards out there for such a large Monster market.

Regards, Mark E. (England)

Hey Mark, thanks for the "head's up" on the youtube video. That's the first I've seen of it, but I'm glad to see others are enjoying this series as much as we did making it.


I don't think I've ever written a fan letter to a commercial product before, but I can't get over how much I freaking love the Monsterwax Spook Show card set.

Spook shows and their history have become my new magnificent obsession, and though I'm no scholar, I can see the great care and love of the subject that has gone into each and every one of these cards. They're a mini-course in cultural folklore unto themselves, and the way you've put these sets together (guaranteeing at least one full set of cards, plus so many extra goodies, in each big pack) is above-and-beyond generous.

Please forward my heartfelt kudos to everyone who helped put together this stellar collection. Once Lent is over, I'm sure to treat myself to buying another box (I hope you still have a few left!), as I'm now fairly certain I want to get a full card set framed somehow for my office wall. Thanks again!

Bill M.

Hey Bill,

I'm delighted you're delighted, and I'll certainly pass the credit on down the line. You're right about the time we put into each card. That's the real reason we only produce a few sets per year. We're shooting for quality, not quantity. Right now we're shipping Legendary Lovecraft, and it is equally chalked full for neat items. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write!

Hello. I received my AWESOME Spook Show card set a couple of days ago. After sorting the box out I see that I did not get the following cards:

* The spook show (non-sport) promos #2, #3 and #5

* The spook show "metal card"

* Four of the five spook tickets. I only got the "Colfax Theater" one.

Otherwise, the set is truly fantastic in every way. Just need a nifty display folder!

Thanks. Garry P.

Hey Gary,

We try to cram as much as possible into every box, but there are some things that we don't have enough of. The metal cards, for example, are actual printing plates, and there are only about 264 of them, so half the boxes will not have them. We added autographed "ghost master" signed cards to those boxes instead. Likewise, most the promos are given away at shows and in NSU magazine, but he held enough back to include 2 in each box (alternating). And the tickets are likewise extras, one per box. However, I see extras of everything show up on ebay as collectors have discovered they can sell these special inserts piece by piece, and pay for their box that way.

Thanks for your support and appreciate your feedback!

Here's an entire forum thread devoted to Spook Show feedback from NSU's card talk: http://nonsportupdate.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4026073384/m/9607048416?r=4737025516#4737025516

I recently received my Spook Show Trading Cards from your company and I wanted to let you know how amazing they are. The cards' presentation is tops and rivals any other ones I have seen or purchased. And there's a slice of gum in every package!

The Spook Show Trading Cards are more than just entertainment. They are a true slice of Americana; they are part of our pop culture history with rare, iconic images that are themselves illustrated by each show's history.

-Michael K.

Your cards are great and bring back great memories. i loved the Spook Show Box and had a great time with this box.

-Chuck, Oviedo FL

We received the card box yesterday. Great set! GREAT!! Do you have any chase cards available to buy? We'd like to complete what we have, but there's not much available on Ebay. My wife is reading Ghostmasters right now, and we're gonna go back to your site and check out the other sets too.

Best regards, Bobby (Bellerose Village, New York)

Hey Bobby,

Delighted to hear they arrived and you are enjoying them. "Ghostmasters" is a great book, too. Unfortunately, we only made 500 sets of chase cards, enough for each box. The same for promos, but we staggered those (2 of 6 in each box) and gave away the others at shows and through other outlets (so they turn up on eBay and in The Wrapper, just not on a regular basis).


I have a question. I am not a collector, really, of anything. I buy things that I like or want to collect mainly for my own enjoyment. However, as you know, I ordered two boxes of the cards. Friends of mine are collectors of various doll series and it seems unopened things sell for more if one does decide to resell them. My question is, since you still have boxes on hand, do you think there will be a substantial collectors value for these unopened boxes in the future? I had always planned on opening one box, and maybe saving one for resale later. However, because of the various gimmick, artist sketch, frightening foil and other bonus cards that are in the packs, I'm leaning towards opening both sets. What are your thoughts.

Thanks, Sterling.

Hey Sterling,

We make our cards extra collectible by making so few to begin with. Just 500 of a boxed product is incredibly low by industry standards. Plus, the topic is one that seems to do well on the secondary market. The GHOSTMASTERS book that also profiles spook shows sold for $20 new, now it's routinely $50 to $75 second hand. I can't presume to know what products will increase in value, but I can tell you this: It's a short supply item on a high demand subject, so both those indicators are bullish for future value. On the other hand, I wish you will open and enjoy at least one box, as it is a very fun product to look at and read the wonderful stories on the back. Unfortuantely, can not sell Spook Show sets by themselves-- there are not enough made. Each box has 1 complete set and another set shy just six cards (which is as many as we could squeeze in to the packs). So we used up the 1,000 printed sets making the boxes. But opening one box should take care of most your needs, since we it will have a complete base set and all the chase items in it (when supplies make that possible. For example, it will have either a spook autograph or a printing plate, and one of several different artist sketch cards). Unlike most other card companies, we make sure out base sets are every bit as interesting as the chase cards (but much more limited in production), and that's why you never see our products "dumped". I hope that helps with your question.

Hi Kurt!
First I must say these Spook show cards are great! A lot of fun to open and read. I keep thinking that the cards and the descriptions on the back would translate well to a book. There's so much obvious work and information put in to these that they are an absolute pleasure. I salute you!

I just wanted to thank you guys for really taking the time and effort and love that you put into this box. THE CARDS, THE EXTRAS, THE BOX - FREAKIN' AWSOME! And you can quote me on that. Please keep 'em coming.-Howard Z.

Thanks Howard, Your enthusiasm for the cards is our greatest reward.

Dear Monsterwax, I loved the SPOOKSHOW and so did my customers they want more!! The hits are fantastic and the value for those SPOOKSHOW boxes are very much worth the price !! Very good value for that product!! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to get DON'T LET IT HAPPEN HERE !! -Joe (VA)

Dear heroes of Monsterwax,

Thank you so much for creating all these lovely trading card sets; they look astonishing to say the least! I'm particularly awe-struck by the Spook Show cards and was wondering if I can still order them? I just recently stumbled upon your website, hence the late reaction. Keep up the good work and all my best,

-Maarten (The Netherlands)

Hey Marrten,

I love it when collectors overseas also enjoy our cards. All our work would be worthless if people don't take the time to read and enjoy them. Yes, you can still order Spook Show. You will find that your time and money were NOT wasted. We spend as much time and effort on the writing as we do the art-- and since we produce (mostly) original art sets, we spend more time on the fronts than anyone else, too!

Sincerely, Kurt

(Maarten's response a week later:)

Hey Kurt,

What a coincidence, the box arrived yesterday! :)
It was great to unpack all these vintage poster gems; I just love the art they had back in the day. Much better than today's photoshopped posters (same goes for movie posters).. The card quality was very good, as well as the special inserts. I received a great sketch of Neil Camera and am very pleased with it, as well as with the original autograph.. Thanks for producing this set; I recommended it to some friends as well; hopefully they'll order. Great to hear that another one of my fellow countrymen has ordered a box; the more, the merrier!

I am not a card collector but a fan of spook shows, having attended them as a kid in the early sixties (hence my purchase of your cards). When the lights went out (no exit lights meant it was really dark until the film strip of lightning created a strobe like flashing from the screen of enough light for audience members to see the monsters in their midst. Being a monster fan, I brought a shopping bag filled with monster hands, feet and masks and I joined in the fun, thinking that is what you were supposed to do.

-Gary (Berkely, CA)

Hi....I got the box of Spook Cards today. They are really awesome !!!... I hate to sound like a broken record (or is it a skipping mp3) but I really love these cards! Great idea to do this set. I collect the actual posters, when I can find them & afford them, so this is a great way to have the art without the expense and I have new titles to hunt for......Darren

Oh my! The cards ,box, the whole kit and Kabootal.... Simply beautiful! A real gem. I might order more to sell at my spook show.
Many thanks for the nice work. With out stuff like this it would all fade away! Not with people like us that are still around.
-Adam "Ghostly Haunts" Cardone

Hi Kurt

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how blown away I was with the Spook Show box you sent out, which arrived this afternoon. The whole package is worth every dollar, even my wife mentioned how fantastic the attention for detail, she really liked the pack design and the amount of 'cool looking stuff' you get in a box (she even opened a few packs herself!). Anyway keep up the amazing work Ill be emailing another order next week.

Cheers, Stu (United Kingdom)

Hi Kurt,
Cards arrived today. I was going to hold off for "open that box day" but I doubt the chances of that. I wanted you to know that I check out your cards in my collection on a very regular basis. The Spook Show cards are in my top ten. Looking forward to more from monsterwax. Your cards rock.
All the best - Pete (Australia)

Well, as much as I hate to admit this, I went and bought that other spook show (lower case) set out of curiosity. What an inferior piece of crap. I wasted money I could have spent on Monsterwax product and I deserve to be punished.

No info on the backs, badly cut inferior quality cards, they reek of something that smells like fingernail polish, so I couldn't even finish opening them, not that I really wanted to bother at that point. I don't know how many of your set's posters are duplicated, but quite a few from first glance.

A little pack for a faint pill (with no pill). 3D glasses. A small paper poster of one of the crappier cards.

UHG! I feel violated. Send real Monsterwax product with all possible haste, as recovery from this sh*t is doubtful otherwise. - Mike

Yeah, those eBay knockoffs appear to be homemade, printed on a ink jet printer (which is why they are so blurry). But even though you had a bad experience with someone else's cards, you might be interested in knowing the original ghostmasters had similar problems as well. When amateur magicians saw the success of the popular midnight Spook Shows, some tried to copy the format but quickly discovered audiences were disappointed. Sometimes, the crowds would take out their anger on the movie theater! Those poorer shows "burned up a lot of territory" and made it impossible to lure those same audiences back to even the best Spookers. It was one of the reasons Spook Shows eventually became extinct.

On a happier note, your Monsterwax order went out this morning.

Another nice job with the " Spook Show." All those surprises in the box were really unique! Can't wait for your future projects! Jeff

Hey! I bought a Box of the Spookshow cards from you on saturday at Mad Monster Party. I just wanted to say what a great job you did with these! I'm not a card collector at all but this set is just too damn cool to pass up. I liked all the extra's and effort you clearly put into the set. Hope you guys had a great time and sold a lot of stuff at MMP! -Vincent

This is the best collated series of cards I have ever seen!!! Holy Crap!!! I was easily able to put one full set of base cards together and another set that is only missing 5 cards (#20 through #24). I really really really want a second series of these Spook Show cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Michael

Thanks Michael. We provide as good of collation as possible for two reasons: 1. It's what we would want as customers, and 2. With only 500 boxes made, that's less than 1,000 sets possible. Since there are so few sets to begin with, we do what we can to improve your odds of completing them.

Wanted to give you a quick shout to let you know Robbie and I opened a box of Spook Show this weekend and we both love them. I love the facts as well as the posters and Robbie loves the monsters of course and the gum. I've spread the word about them in my circle of friends so hopefully you'll be bogged down with more orders. We are planning on opening a second box soon. -Eric (Michigan)

Still digging the Spook Show cards! I've opened the binder several times now to read the backs of the cards. So interesting to read about the history of the different shows. I've also picked up another sketch card from a different artist off of Ebay to add to the set. A black cat subject by Neil Camera. Love it! You know, I just love that type of retro-Halloween art (think the old Beistle decorations.) - Debi

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Spook Show cards. Opening the box of cards was the most fun I've had in a while. From the base set with all the info on the cards to all the wonderful insert sets, Spook Show is the best card set to be made in quite a while. Thanks for creating such a fun set. - Bobby G. (New Mexico)

Hey, got the cards and they are amazing! One question though, I got the printers plate for card 64 (kara kum) but I see one now on ebay?? i thought they were one of a kind? -Paul

Glad you like 'em Paul. Your printing plate is the one used to actually print the cards, and it is indeed one of a kind. The cards were printed in color, however, which means four basic colors are used (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), and each of those has its own plate. When they are combined, they achieve all the different colors in the spectrum. The sheets are run through the press four different times to achieve the combination of colors that results in the finished full color product. So although each of the four plates look similar, they are very different under a magnifying glass and quite unique. I'm glad you asked though, as other people who do not work in printing are probably unaware of this process and may think we made some sort of mistake. (Or worse yet, some sort of trick/gimmick, the kind that made Spook Shows famous!)

Your Spook Show cards are pretty darn popular--at least in my world. Good job.
- Bob

I wanted to let you know that I received the Spook Show box fine. Your company did a fantastic job on this production !! The cards had a good thickness, and the gloss finish is very nice. All of the extra items (ie. show ticket, faint pill, insurance policy, etc.) really make this box a lot of fun for a horror fan. I'm also impressed with the amount of info on each card back. A lot of effort was obviously put into this, and it shows greatly. I'm telling my fellow horror friends about it. I also told a dealer friend about it too. He's out of Richmond, VA. I'll continue to spread the word to other dealers I know as well. This product deserves a lot of attention.

- John (Zebulon, NC)

This was the first time I had ever bought product from Monsterwax but the set sounded great and I had read nothing but good things about
your company, so I decided to go for it. Glad I did because the box I received did not disappoint! In fact I liked it so much I just ordered a box
of Monsterfaces (more on that later.) From the great looking base set to all of the cool insert cards, this was by far the BEST and MOST LOADED
box of cards I have ever opened! In addition to every insert promised I also got a Phillip Morris autograph and a Shawn Conn sketch. I really liked
the later because 1.) I like well-done sketch cards and 2.) I like "discovering" new artists. I hadn't seen any of Shawn's work before so it was
cool to get his card then go over to his site and check out more of his work.

- Debi (San Marcos, CA)

I want to let you know that I love this series and many of my customers do too. Good job!
- Bob (Redwood City, CA)

I received my box of Spook Show today! Amazing! Every aspect. Even the gum! Love the wrapper! I am one happy guy! Thank you:

- Don (New Jersey)

Cards arrived yesterday and yes they were worth the wait. They even smell great. Ten points for a great bit of nostalga and a quality card set. I'm going to order more.

-Pete (Australia)

Easily my favorite set in a long time. The 1st thing I noticed was the delicious smell from the gum, I can't believe you put gum in each pack! The box design was nice, and I really like the larger Kirma image on the back. Lots of fun extras in the box, but the cards are the real prize. Love the foils, super sharp & great colors, and the embossed were nice too. The images are a great selection with many I had never seen before, and while I have only read 1-18 so far, the text is really tight & informative as well. Really well done, congrats on a winner!

-Matt (New Orleans)

I received the spook show box on Thursday and I've been resisting the temptation to open it - until now! All I can say is WOW! I'm really impressed with the art and production - a fantastic effort all around! Best of all, I pulled a color sketch and got most of the extra inserts! Thanks much for creating a top-notch card set! I hope we'll see a series 2 before too long!

-Neil (Kansas)

Will you be offering promo sets for the Spook Show set? - Mike

Hey Mike,

Actually, we made six different promos for this set and they are all free. The first 3 were given away with Non-sport Update magazine, and the next two were given away at card shows (The Philly and Chicago show) and P6 is being given away by The Wrapper Magazine. In addition to that, all six are being given away in boxes, (two per box, evenly distributed). So everyone has a fair shot at them. I've also seen some turn up on eBay, but those are from collectors who got them at shows and the magazines. Only 500 of each of the last three were made, but that's still enough for one per box.

I received and opened my box today. You must have had a lot of fun putting this together. Thank you so much for such a great product. I am always so happy after opening your boxes !!!!

-Chris B (Toronto, Canada)

I rarely priase sets but the only reason I can think of for why these are not already sold out is because not enough people know about them. Even the gum in the packs is great. If they still did the gummy awards this set would get my vote hands down...

-Frank (NSU Cardtalk)

The Spook Show cards are so great I'm purchasing a second box. Thanks for adding the Delivery Confirmation with the shipping. Again, great job with the cards!

- John (Pittsburgh, PA)

My box arrived on Christmas Eve; perfect timing—I put it right under the tree. I can't get over how many extras you packed in the box; very satisfying. Mine contained a metal card (very cool)!

-Alan, New York

I am SO looking forward to these cards! At 58 years old now, I attended a couple of early 60s Spook Shows in East Orange, NJ at the Embassy theater. Still have my ghost viewer from William Castle's 13 Ghosts, too. And have just pulled out the Mark Walker book, Ghostmasters in order to prime myself for these cards. Thanks for making them!

I was only 7 & 8 when I attended those shows, so my memory for the details have faded. What I do recall is that total pandemonium reigned. Candy flying everywhere, popcorn being thrown and blowing into empty Good 'N Plenty boxes made great noisemakers. Not at all like attending movies these days. I miss that era so much. I do recall some flying 'ghosts' and lots of screaming.

Don, (Parsippany, NJ)

As usual, the new set is terrific-- I think Monsterwax outdid itself this time. The box yielded some fine special cards!

-Ray (Malden, MA)

(REVIEW from AEIOU) What Monsterwax has done with this card set is create something really fun and informative at the same time. The card fronts feature wonderful show posters scaled down to trading card size. The backs of the cards are loaded with info on the "ghostmasters" that ran these shows as well as the types of gimmicks they employed to entertain the masses... Not only did I get a complete base set of 66 cards, I also got two embossed cards, an artist sketch card, an autograph card, gimmick cards, and 6 foil cards.

But wait! There's more! (Read thier review here.)

Hoping to order more from your company as you are the only interesting card company out there, IMO!

John (Cleveland, OH)

Love the Spook Show set! Thanks for delivering in time for Christmas. Great theme, marvelous poster graphics, fascinating text. All on sturdy cardstock. Monsterwax rules! Spook Show is one of my favorite card sets ever! Happy New Year~

Dan and Lucinda (New York, NY)

Just thought I would drop a line letting you know how I liked your Spook Show set.

I was not expecting to enjoy the experience as much as I would putting together another SF related set but, surprisingly, I did. Being a Science Fiction fan primarily and a horror buff only in a small way (i.e.; Hammer films and the old Universal stuff and an occasional quality film like American Werewolf In London), I was really shocked at this set. The poster art was great and the text on the cards was always interesting and informative. The extras were really neat too!

Another great job of quality craftsmanship with obvious care for the subject matter. Thanks again for an absorbing trading card experience. I am looking forward to the next!

Thanks, Hank (Washington, PA)

The Spook Show cards arrived in time for me to consider them a Christmas gift to myself . Great set . Possibly your best yet . Card collation was super with only nine shy of putting together 2 sets . The "bonus" items were really fantastic and helped to make the set that much more desireable .

Don't know what your next project will focus on , but I'll be anxiously awaiting its debut .

Bob (Mulbery, FL)

Another first class product from you guys.

-Bill (Leesburg, VA)

Finally got a chance to dig in to the new cards. This is as cool a package as you've ever put together. A really terrific set. The extras, tickets, barf bag, faint pills... everything adds up to the most fun box of cards I've opened, ever. Congratulations on a job extremely well done!

-Mike (MA)

The cards arrived today -- once they found their way out of Florida they got here fast. You did a beautiful job on these -- a labor of love that really shows. Thanks for making such a cool thing!

Bill (Texas)

Great job, this was the most fun box of cards I have opened in a long time -thanks much and thanks for your hard work on everything. First cards I ever got were the Spook Stories cards in the early 60s that the delivery guy from the drug store gave me on his delivery,that nickel pack was worth gold to me then.

-Robert H. (Ohio)

I received the box of cards on Friday and I cannot say enough great things about this set. The Spook Show card set has to be the best set of cards you have ever produced. The images are priceless and your commentary is fascinating. I keep staring at every little detail in each of the posters. Thanks again for making my day a little brighter.

-Paul (Flemington, NJ)

I received my Spook Show cards on last Friday and I am very well satisfied. The cards are great! Thanks so much.

I never got to attend a spook show, but I can remember seeing ads in newspapers about some of them. Then James Taylor had an article inside one of his "Shocked and Amazed" publications (which deal with all manner of sideshows; if you have any interest in the sideshow, you should check it out. James does a great job and is a great guy as well) about the spook show.

That led me to Mark Walker's "Ghostmasters" book. Then I was later told by a magician friend about the great book about Bill Neff. Finally, at this years's Sideshow Gathering (SSG; held in Wilkes-Barre, PA each fall), I got to meet Keith Stickly. And I purchased one of his books and one of his DVDs.

Also, a few years ago, I purchased a small collection or Spook Show memorabilia incl. tickets (I have an original red Ali Babba's Spiritualistic Seance and Ghost Show ticket), a flyers, handbills, etc.

-Scott M. (MD)

Thanks Scott,

I'm delighted to hear the cards passed muster with someone as familure with Spookers as yourself. Please tell your friends. We only have 500 boxes to go around, and it would be nice if the spook show enthusiasts got the lion's share.

The more I look at these, the more I like them. A damn-fine job.

-Mike (MA)

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