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Legendary Lovecraft Series 2

Only 500 # SETS made!

H.P. Lovecraft changed the face of horror forever, and Legendary Lovecraft reflects that achivement with beautiful art by Ricardo Garijo, Jr.. When combined with the first series, Series 2 profiles every story H.P.Lovecraft ever wrote (as the solo author).

Cost of complete series 2 (w/out metal cards but at least 1 of 3 promos and all 3 foils): $29.95 (plus $3 postage)

Full set plus postage

Cost of 9 Card Metal Set (only 99 #ed sets made) with all different artwork from the base set: $39.95 (plus $2 postage)

Metal Set (of 9) plus postage

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Here's the checklist to series 2. Follow the links to read the actual stories (for free) on the web!

Please note: The numbering sequence for the 54 base cards listed below are in alphabetical order, and the number beside each title is not the number on the card itself. (Series 2 base cards continue the numbering sequence from the Series 1 base cards, so they start at card #67 and continue up to card #120).

  1. Azathoth (2 different)
  2. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (12 different)
  3. Celephaïs
  4. The Colour out of Space (6 different)
  5. Cool Air
  6. The Descendant
  7. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  8. Ex Oblivione
  9. The Festival
  10. From Beyond
  11. He
  12. History of the Necronomicon
  13. Ibid
  14. The Little Glass Bottle
  15. Memory
  16. The Moon-Bog
  17. The Mysterious Ship
  18. The Mystery of the Grave-Yard
  19. Old Bugs
  20. The Quest of Iranon
  21. A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
  22. The Secret Cave or John Lees Adventure
  23. The Shadow out of Time (3 different)
  24. The Silver Key
  25. The Street
  26. Sweet Ermengarde
  27. The Terrible Old Man
  28. The Thing in the Moonlight
  29. The Tomb
  30. The Transition of Juan Romero
  31. The Tree
  32. The Unnamable
  33. The Whisperer in Darkness (4 different)

Series 2 Base card total:

54 cards (Only 500 #ed sets)


Series 2 Promos (3 different)
P7. Nyariathothep
P8. Shub-Niggurath
P9. The Great Race (for Kickstarter Patrons only)

Other Inserts
C2A. Checklist 2A
C2B. Checklist 2B
CC2. Credit Card 2

Fear Foil Cards (Cthulhu Mythos)
EM1. Outer Gods (Doug Paszkiewicz)
EM2. Hybrids (Doug Paszkiewicz)
EM3. Elder Gods (Doug Paszkiewicz)

Malevolent Metal Cards (only 99 #ed sets made, each card #ed)
MC1. Lovecraft Portrait
MC2. Thing in the Moonlight
MC3. Dagon
MC4. Re-animator, A
MC5. Cthulhu
MC6. Nyarlathotep
MC7. Ibid
MC8. Re-animator, B
MC9. The Dunwich Horror

Total number of inserts: 18
Combined total of 2nd Series: 72
Combined total of 2nd Series (72) with 1st Series (89) = 161 different

Each Expansion set includes:

Full Series 2 base set (54)
Two (of 3) promos (2)
Both Checklists (2)
The Credit Card (1)
All three Fear Foils (3)
Series 2 wax wrapper
(Only 500 numbered sets made)

Read feedback of this series here.

Our special thanks to our Kickstarter patrons for making this series possible. Read all about it (and our patrons) here!


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