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Who & What We Are

Established 1992 / Location: Tallahassee FL / Founder: Kurt Kuersteiner



There are plenty of bigger trading card companies, but Monsterwax is the oldest one in America to only produce Non-sports cards (since 1992). What really makes us different is that we produce original non-sports series on a regular basis. It's sad that no one else is bothers to do so. All the corporate companies are pursuing sports sets and Hollywood photo sets, but rarely paint anything new or different. (Art series "fell out of fashion" in the 1990s.) That's because it's time consuming and expensive to commission new art or write original stories. They can knock out dozens of sets in the time it takes us to paint a single series. Shock Stories, for example, involved over a hundred new pieces of art and dozens of original stories. It took over ten years to complete. (We produced other sets simultaneously during that decade as well.)





We're not criticizing the other guys. If exploiting Sports & Hollywood properties helps to sell more cards, great. But Non-sports can be much more than just promotional tie-ins for movie and tv franchises. In fact, all the best trading card classics created original art and stories. We're doing what we can to bring that tradition back.

We're not big. We don't rely on actor autographs or other Hollywood inserts to sell our base sets, and we only produce one or two releases per year. But what we lack in quantity, we make up on quality. Join the effort to bring ART, ORIGINALITY, and FUN back to Non-sports cards. Collect Monsterwax!

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