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Dinosaur Galaxy


24 pack box just $54.95!

Dinosaur Galaxy box w/ postage

Note: This series is so big (almost 200 cards), that we cannot fit it all into one box... even after avoiding duplicate cards! We suggest TWO boxes to finish your sets, which should also complete the insert sets (everythign except the promos).



Todd Marshall's Dino-art

(Todd Marshall's dangerous dinos.)

Get ready to RUN for it!

It features incredible art, created by a talented trio of consumate artists: Luis Rey, Todd Marshall, and Ricardo Garijo, Jr. The amazing images speak for themselves. The base cards were printed in mid-December, and now we're waiting on the last of the inserts. Half of the series is already SOLD OUT to our backers, so orders placed now will ship AFTER those earlier orders have been sent (first come, first served).


Dinosaur Galaxy

(Some hungry hunters by Ricardo Garijo Jr.)

Beautiful Behemoth Art!

This is a collection of monsterous masterpieces never seen in cards before, made by top artists. And there are only 500 numbered boxes made (less than 1,000 numbered sets) -- with no future reprints. Don't wait another 230 million years for these beautiful behemoths to reappear. Be part of this (pre)historic project!

See the Master Checklist to this incredible series. Collect all 190 cards!

See the incredible Inserts!


Luis Rey Dino Art

(Luis Rey's timeless terrors.)

Original Sketch Card in every box

Get ready for a stunning 123 base card set, cool inserts (including four different 3-D DINO-MOTION cards), Liquid Leviathan clear water cards, and Magnificent Megafauna spot light cards, and an original one-of-a-kind artist sketch original in every box, plus a special Bone Wars sub set featuring "Forty Finest" of our favorite sketch cards. (Sample below by Jason Brower, or follow the other links for samples by the other artists.)

Check out the other sketch artists:

Melody Brooke

Jason Brower

Neil Camera

Mark Carrillo

Anatasia Catris

Shawn Conn

Mark Dail

Sharon Gauthier

Daniel Gorman

Ingrid Hardy

Tony Keaton

Babisu Kourtis

Achilleas Kokkinakis

Terry Pavlet

Hal Robins

Victor Rodriquez

Matthew Stewart

Floyd Sumner

Mark Tannacore

Frankie B Washington

Christopher West

Chris Wolverton

Clinton Yeager



(View Collector's mail/ comments on this series.)


Thanks to our many Kickstarter patrons for jumpstarting this project. It allowed us to make a great series even greater!


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