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BOOKS by Monsterwax

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Spook Show 2 are killer cards!

Be advised: Persons with heart conditions should avoid this series!

Spook Show 2 wrapper

They're back from the dead: Spook Show 2!

This series picks up where Series 1 left off (#67 to #114)-- and continues the tradition of scaring the yell out of you!

Series 2 is sold as just the base set ($19.95) OR with all sorts of chase cards and extras in a Delux Master Set ($54.95).

The Delux Master Set is officially sold with the 13 packs with ghoul gum inside a paper Spook Show 2 VOMIT BAG (which is different from Series 1 waterproof Barf Bag). However, it is mailed with the vomit bag alongside the packs to prevent damage during shipping.



The base set starts where Series 1 left off (card #67) and goes 48 cards further (#114). It also includes two checklists (C & D), 1 of 3 promos (P7, P8, or P9), and a wrapper.

If you want the cheapest way to finish your Series 1 with Series 2 ($19.95 plus postage), use this option to get the base set of 48 cards only (below):

Spook 2 base set w/ postage


The Delux Master set includes 13 sealed packs (5 cards/ 1 sticker / 1 stick of ghoul gum), packed in an exclusive Spook Show 2 Vomit Bag. The packs contain:

All 48 base cards, plus

All 18 different Spook Stickers, plus-

Three "Frightening Foil" cards,

Either an autograph card signed by a real Ghostmaster from the Spook era...

OR- an actual 1-of-a-kind printing plate used in the production of the series.

Plus, you get a Mystic Metal Card, AND

An original artist sketch card

Two checklists (both C & D)

At least 1 (of 3) different promos (P7, P 8, or P 9)

A Monsterwax credit card to the series, AND (are you sitting down for this (You should. We can wait while you find a chair...)

An actual Zombie servant that can lift things, strangle your enemies, or even scratch your back!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to prohibitive delivery costs, the zombie is shipped without refrigeration. If the thought of rotting flesh causes you undue stress, you may request that we withhold the free zombie. A deodorant device will be included to help mask any fumes.

Zombie Ghoul

All this for $54.95!

Spook Show 2 (Complete)

Spook 2 w/ postage


Sorry, we're not responsible for health costs or ambulance rides caused by the panic this product may induce. Enjoy this series AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Zombie Slave

(And no, it's not a card, but a three dimensional zombie!)

See the Feedback from Series 2.

See the Wrapper Ad for this series.


Here's the classic Spooks -A-Poppin video documentary by Jim Ridenour, where he recounts his classic days doing the Spook Shows (he even took a show out for Kara Kum)! It's super poor in production quality, but super rich in Ridenour history and humor! Grab some popcorn for this eye-popper. It's over 2 1/2 hours in length.


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