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Spook Pix

    Spook Show Checklist

    6 cards per pack, plus ghoul gum, 24 count box

    1.   The Midnight Show
    2.   El-Wyn   
    3.   Dr. Silkini   
    4.   Asylum of Horrors   
    5.   Spook gimmicks   
    6.   Alive... Garganta!   
    7.   Durso’s Show    
    8.   Francisco’s Frolic   
    9.   On Stage: Dr. Evil   
    10. The Crawling Thing
    11. Lady Godiva in air! 
    12. Tomb of Terror   
    13. Don Brandon clones
    14. Living Nightmares   
    15. Spiritualistic Séance
    16. The Weird Show   
    17. Kirma’s Ghost Party
    18. Generic posters    
    19. Great London Show 
    20. Dr. Neff’s Show   
    21. Temple of Mystery  
    22. Shrieks in the Night
    23. Prof. Zomby   
    24. Weird Show cont.   
    25. More Terrors of...    
    26. Marquis the Magician
    27. Five Big Happenings
    28. Voodoo Party
    29. Dr. Zomb
    30. The Amazing Kirma
    31. The Mad Dr. Beaver
    32. More Weird Shows
    33. The Ghost Racket
    34. Horrors of the Orient
    35. Kelmar’s Terrorama
    36. Dr. Dracula’s Show
    37. The Mad Marquis
    38. Kelmar’s Night Terror
    39. House of Horrors
    40. Fetaque Sanders
    41. Ray-Mond’s Voodoo
    42. Ghost Alive!
    43. Dr. Zorka’s Horror Lab
    44. More Morris gimmicks
    45. Voodoo Festival Girl
    46. Museum of Monsters
    47. Dr. Nuba’s Nightmare
    48. Monsters crash p.j. party
    49. Movie Monsters Alive!
    50. Outer Space Creature
    51. Curitiba Cannibals
    52. The Inner Sanctum
    53. More Dr. Morris
    54. Blood Feast Show
    55. Mysterious Layne
    56. More Asylum
    57. Carlo's Cavalcade
    58. Mighty Garganta
    59. Bela Lugosi
    60. More Ray-Mond
    61. Silkini/ Frankenstein
    62. Teenage Torture!
    63. Teenage Psycho
    64. More Kara-Kum
    65. Ormond McGill
    66. Giant Scream Show
    CA. Checklist A
    CB. Checklist B
    CC. Credit Card

    Promos (2 per box)
    P1. Non-Sport Update
    P2. Non-Sport Update
    P3. Non-Sport Update
    P4. Philly Show
    P5. CECE Show
    P6. The Wrapper Magazine

    Wrappers: (12 each, 24 total)
    Black wrapper
    Red wrapper

    Frightening Foils cards: (At least 2 per box)
    F1. Kara-Kum Cannibals
    F2. Asylum of Horrors
    F3. Dr. Terror
    F4. On Stage: The Maniac
    F5. Virgil's Ghosts
    F6. House of Living Dead

    Gruesome Gimmicks cards: (1 set per box)
    G1. Trance Portrait
    G2. Faint Pass
    G3. Faint Check

    Emerge-O-Vision cards: (1 set per box)
    E1. Brandon/ Neff
    E2. Temple of Mystery

    Eerie Insert cards:
    A1. Original Art Card and an
    A2. Authentic Ghostmaster Autograph - or -
    A Monsterwax Metal Card (printing plate from series)

    Irregular Items: (1 of each per box)
    Comic Tract
    Spook Tickets (5 different, 1 per box)
    Faint Pill
    Fright Insurance ($10K coverage)
    Spook Show "Sick Sack" (red or black)

Spook Show Wrapper

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