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Monsters &

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The Monsters & Maniacs are here! And blood & thunder doesn't begin to describe the chills that await you with this series. Shot on-location where the horrors happened, you'll learn of shocking experiments and inhuman deeds too terrifying for the authorities to reveal. It's unlike any other card series ever before. Oh, and did we forget to mention the undead? Think of it as a mix between The Walking Dead and American Horror Story-- tossed in a blender and set on puree!

You'll scream in delight and fright, with dozen's of inserts, including fright foils, real relics, rare promos, and original art sketches in every single box. Plus lots of unique extras, including fingerprint cards, evidence envelopes, secret government memos, and Monsterwax metal cards. Checkout the checklist and see for yourself. It makes other company's cards look cheap in comparison (until you see the price-- which is the exact opposite!)

[Due to traumatic content in this series, it is RATED R.]

$2 Pack plus postage

Monsters & Maniacs: $54.95 (plus postage) per 24 count box

Monster & Maniacs sealed box

Included in every pack: a HIDEOUS HEADS card by Mark Thomas.

Collect all 24!

You'll also get a whopping NINE Fright Foils in every box, three Real Relic cards, plus actual evidence from the scene of the crime. As an added bonus, you'll receive free ghoul gum in each pack... to help stop your teeth from chattering!

crazy man

Yeah, we must be CRAZY, coz there's even MORE you maniacs! Every box has an original one-of-a-kind artist sketch card lurking within-- all for under $50!

Check out some of our killer artists.

(Above samples by Jason Brower)

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Be sure to collect both Monsters & Maniacs promos by Shawn Conn in the October issue of NSU!

Promo 2_ Promo 3


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NSU cover

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