Spook Show 2 Feedback

Spook Show 2 Feedback

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Hi Kurt, I just had to tell you how much I love these things.
I remember when they were (first) about to come out, I had some big expense come up and I pulled out, but thankfully I went back in. Thank goodness I did, because these are the gift that keep on giving.
I've recently been gradually putting them in Ultra Pro mini snap cases and sometimes I just take five minutes to look at a few, other times I'll take an hour to just sit and read them and look at the artwork. They're just so wonderfully interactive. I never get tired of them.
Best, Tom E. (England)

Kurt, hello and greetings. I got the Spook Show cards today, they were great, really cool! I was not exactly sure what they would be like, I love those old posters - monsters and girls, how you could have anything better than that, and at midnight (in many cases) no less.

I ordered both the first and second box deals of these, so I can enjoy the whole enchilada and also so I can within the Spook Show 2 group get card 76 (Another Kara Kum Classic (sounds like a porno short film)) - I will give the card to Lenny, my buddy at the very cool James Dean Gallery in Fairmount, IN. https://www.jamesdeangallery.com/ since the card has Materialization ofJames Dean - back from the grave! Also will look for a card 104 Brandon's Tomb of Terror Show, to give to my wife's nephew Brandon, as he will enjoy it (he always sends us photos of him and his two sons dressed up for Halloween - my wife Mary (and me too) are very close to him as he moved in with us when he was 13, when his parents died. I think Brandon and his kids will like the card). Brian C. Indianapolis IN

Q: Your Spook Show 2 promises a Zombie slave, yet the postage does not jump significantly to pay to ship such a creature. Do we really get a Zombie slave or is this just a card?

A: You get an actual three-dimensional Zombie slave (not just a card). Not only that, it will be as active as you want it to be. (It will not rest unless you let it.) You are clever to notice the postage did not increase-- but that's due more to your suspicious nature than to empirical logic. We have a long history of saving our customers money by charging only the actual postage (if not, LESS) than what we pay to mail things. Moreover, we never said your Zombie would be sent via the mail. (There are postal regulations against mailing dead things-- although technically, he isn't quite dead.) Did it ever occur to you that we might command him to show up at your door at night? (They don't like traveling in sunlight... its makes their rotting exterior look even worse.) But you bring up a good point: We should make other arrangements in the survey for those who use Post Office Boxes. (Overseas patrons need not worry. Zombies can walk underwater with weight belts.)

Hello Kurt,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the package you sent and all of the sets (Spook Show 2 & Monsters From Hell) ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!

The same day I opened the package I was sprawled out on my living room floor looking through everything and reading each back of every card and taking in all of the artwork.  

I didn’t even notice that an hour and a half went by and then realized it was time to eat dinner!  The amount of information, facts, and history are great and amazing.

I sincerely appreciate all of the effort, energy, and superb results you put into your cards, along with your hand written note, “Death by Fright” policy, “Ghost Certificate”, and the other extras you included.

Thank you for delivering some awesome “magic in a box” and this definitely has been one of the best highlights for me in 2021.

I’ll be sure to keep tuning into your podcast and look forward to any new projects that you are working on.

- John

Recommending your Spook Show cards to my friend. - Robert J.

Hello Kurt,

I am really looking forward to Spook Show 2 because the first set of Spook Show cards was really great and one of my favorite sets of yours. To have cards of those old Spook Show posters is basically the only way to see them because I have seen original posters from the 1950's sell for a lot of money on ebay. One saw years ago I bid on and lost. It was an advertisement poster from the 1950's for a Spook Type show at a theater on Halloween with an ad for a Frankenstein who was a fortune teller and an exhibit of a crazy mixed up monster that was to be in a cage on stage and no one in the audience is permitted to speak because he had the ability to harm people with telepathy.
A warning was printed on the poster like the Wild man can hurt you with his thoughts and you must remain absolutely silent when he is in his cage on stage. I just wish I had won that poster.

Linda F.

I love the cards. I think I have done all of your Kickstarters except for one. I will have to think about what it was. I think it was a war set you did maybe 2 years ago? -David R.

Yes, that was for a very limited reprint (just 66 sets) of a subset for the rare 1939 series, War News Pictures. If you didn't already collect those, it wouldn't make much sense to get the subset. But it was the ONLY way I was ever going to be able to finish MY set! -Kurt

Thanks Kurt,

I was so impressed with my own set, that I just had to buy these for a friend who lives in the US who I know will just love them.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with them Kurt. All of the little details and extras too. You've really created something magical here. 

Best, Tom  Elliot, U.K.(The Twilight Zone Podcast)

I am very happy you sent this! I received the package today. The little bit I have looked through, everything looks great. -Jef F.

The cards themselves are *very* nice. Honestly, I'd forgotten the specifics of my order and was pleasantly surprised by the variety in the package. -Philip F.

I am writing to say that I received my package today and everything was great! My zombie slave is resting at the moment and I can't wait to release him to do my bidding. Unfortunately, the instructions were not very clear on the Death Curse and I accidently cursed myself! So, I am writing this comment from the Great Beyond through an unwilling meat puppet. Damn you, Kurt! *vigorously shaking ghostly fist*

- Mario V.

I want to commend you on the neat way you packaged everything. Finding my new zombie servant staring up at me when I opened the envelope was fun! I haven't yet released my ghost, though.... Not sure I want to risk the chance of getting an overly mischievous one - I really don't need a ghost hiding my keys or waking me up in the middle of the night rapping on the walls or something! Best regards, Lisa.

Hey Kurt! They look terrific! CHEERS! - Ken C. (Belmont, CA)

Hello Kurt,

Package arrived a while back. Very happy!! Still going through everything. Thank you for the bonuses. Looking forward to future releases. - Richard (Canada)

This set looks GREAT! Thank you - Much fun and your efforts are appreciated! Stay safe & be well, George H. (Bearsville, NY)

Hi, Kurt -

Belated thanks for sending out the cards; they arrived safely a while ago. The zombie peering out as the package was opened was such a fun touch, and the entire package was so well put together, from the great looking ghost certificate to the inclusion of the shipping deodorizer to cover up the zombie stink. I was really impressed by how much thought and attention you put into the whole thing!

Thanks again, L.M.E

Well, today is my birthday, and I really wasn’t expecting any presents or to make a big deal of it in any way, and look what arrived in this afternoon’s mail! I am both honored and frightened by the fact that I received a Zombie Slave for my big day!!

The top spook show card of “Dr. Silkini’s Ghost Show” is exactly the poster I have from Lexington’s Main Street Theater, so it’s incredibly appropriate. I’m looking forward to meandering my way through the rest of the package!

Many thanks, Kurt! - Bill S. (Lexington, Mo.)

Everything was awesome, I love these cards and I can't wait to see what you do next! -Kashima (Hawaii)

Hi Kurt. Love the set! - Dennis G. (Lansing, MI)


I just received the set and this is great. I'm always proud when I am part of a Kickstarter campaign for one of your sets.

Hope you have another  project coming soon.

You're doing wonderfull work with all those sets and projects. You're a winner.
Claude (Montreal, Canada)

I just got the Spookshow Kickstarter promos. Per usual your stuff is fantastic. And I'm not just saying that. I really like those cards. I've always been a fan of Something Weird Video from back in the VHS days and love the Spookshow stuff. -Todd J.

Hi Kurt!
We received our Kickstarter card sets -- Spook Show Series 2 and Horrible Ugly Monsters.  Both sets are fabulous!  Wow!  Obviously a labor of love. Definitely worth waiting for!  Thank you!

In fact, if possible, I would like to order a second set of Spook Show Series 2, same as you sent the first time.  The second set will be a Christmas present for my brother out West who is an amateur magician. 

-Dan M., New York

Cards arrived. They’re great!!! Many thanks! Looking forward to having time to go through them one by one. -Bill W.

Hello Kurt!
Just want to let you know that I found both of these sets (Spook Show 2 & Horrible Ugly Monsters) to be fantastic, as usual, and was blown away by the quality of both the artwork and prose. Every minute from opening the packages to putting the cards in pocket pages after looking and reading was over the top enjoyable! Your labors of love are always obvious and appreciated! A huge salute to everyone involved in these superb creations!Such wonderful stuff!
I will shortly be ordering your book on Old Time Radio and a couple of card sets that I have not gotten as of yet. And, as always, awaiting any new project with great interest.
Thanks and be well, Hank

Thanks Hank, not only for supporting the Kickstarters but also taking the time to provide your feedback. It means a lot to me!

Hi, I missed the kickstarter funding period.  Is it still possible to purchase this series at the Master set level? Thanks, Scott.

Hey Scott,

Sure, but it does cost a bit more (because our Kickstarters always offer discounts to patrons). I'm currently shipping those items out now, sothere will be a slight delay. During that time, you might want to figure out where you want to keep your Zombie Slave. Even though they can really help with the chores, wives can sometimes get a little creeped out by their presence! 


Hi Kurt,

Got my cards today, thank you! To top it off, today is my birthday, so that's something to brighten my day as well. 
I haven't looked real close at the cards, just got them 20 minutes ago, but they look great and lots of reading pleasure for the next couple of days. Not sure what I will do with my ghost, but it will be nice to have someone to talk to. - Frank A.

Hey, Kurt!

Spook Show ROCKS! I just got them in the other day and wanted to thank you for them. I hope to dig in more this week, as the semester wraps up.
I have to ask, are those SpookShow cards 18pt? It's a damn nice presentation!!! I'm going to actually have to buy a binder and sleeves for these for steady reference.

-Chris I.

Actually, Chris, they are even more: 24 point... the thickest my printer can put through their press! It costs more, and it adds to the postage expense as well, but I always liked hefty base cards. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!


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