Check out our Sketch Artists for Spook Show 2:

Spook Show 2 wrapper

They're to DIE for!


Here's our killer line up of 13 sketch artists. Each Series 2 bag includes an original piece of art from one of these terror-iffic talents!

(Listed in alphabetical order of their FIRST names). Samples of their other work is displayed.

Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez Spook 2


April Grady-Reyna

April Reyna Spook Show 2 samples


Clinton Yeager

Clinton Yeager Spook 2


Darrin Pepe

Darrin Pepe Spook 2


Jason Crosby

Jason Crosby Spook 2


Jason Hyde

Jason Hyde WolfmanJason Hyde Jason Hyde Dracula

Jason Hyde DeadJason Hyde CyclopsJason Hyde Franky


Jerry Bennett

Jerry Bennett Spook Show 2


Kevin P. West

Kevin West Spook 2


Kilynne Munoz

Kilynne Munoz Spook 2


Michael Mastermaker

Mike Mastermaker


Robert Floydman Sumner

Robert Floydman Spook Show 2


Scott Rorie

Scott Rorie Spook 2


Trey Baldwin

Trey Baldwin Spook Show 2 samples


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