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Our (Pre)Historic Patrons!

Dinosaur Galaxy is the largest series we've ever produced, with a master set topping over 180 cards. It not only took more time than most series, but also more money. So we're especially appreciative of the many Kickstarter patrons who helped fund this mammoth undertaking. Of course, we also appreciate those who provided support by buying the cards when they were finished. But the main reason we were able to do so much more with this series was because of the advanced funding. So we are deeply indebted to the following individuals for making this mammoth monster project possible!

Patrons listed alphabetically by FIRST name (if a first name was given):


All Things Collectible

Amy Weisman

Andy Cheung

Angeline Burton

Barak Bosher

Bill DeFranzo

Brett Lehrer

B. Victoria Hillenbrand

Cards Downunder

Carolyn Andre

Cathleen G. Day

Cathy Franchett

Chris Lambson

Chris Loftin

Chris Rasmussen


David B. McGarry


Ed LeClaire

Edward A. Danyo Jr

Eric and Courtney Frass

Eric J Winston

George P. Burdell

George Higham

Greg Geerts

HC Brewer


Jaarik Abels-Smit


James A McElroy

James Trever

Jason Nesta

Jay Gardner

Jeff Allender

Jeff Hoffman

JKLM Eggleston

Joel P Bevan

John Biagioni

Jonathan M. Thompson

John Rauh

Johnny R. Luciani

Jon Kinkaid

Joseph Marciano

Judy mansour

Kalvin Roberts

Kevin Alsop

Kirby Nelson

Lee Luckeydoo

Looper McJones

Mark S Schwartz

Matt Lee

Matt Leitzen

Michael Fitzpatrick

Mike Riley (DinoFan.com)

Nick Hanchick

Nick Kossivas


Paul Abate

Paul and Tyler H.

Paul Hedges


Randy Hall

Richard Kerr

Rich Laux

RRParks Cards

Robert Gross

Robert Kidwell

Robert Mathieu

Scifi Cards

Scott A Montgomery

Scot-osaurus Leibacher

Sidekick Lab

Spencer Frankeberger

Spring Schoenhuth

Stephanie Wagner

Steve Carroll

Taylor Smart

The Faulkenburgs

Thomas Ngo

Tim Swales

Todd Riley

Trevor M. Moeller

William P Bengen

Zachary Solondz

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