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Dinosaur Galaxy Collector Comments!

Your dinosaur galaxy set is hands-down one of my favorite sets of all time. -Jeremy F.

Well Kurt,
thanks to the Dinosaur Galaxy set, which took me forever to open, cuz i wanted to savor the two boxes, I'm not wearing any socks. Cuz they've been BLOWN AWAY by the sheer awesomeness of the set!

To be honest, when I first started collecting your cards, I saw this set and thought "what's that doing on a horror card sight. Too expensive for me. No way"
But as I bought more of your sets, and looked back again and again at what the box contained my feelings changed (obviously, I bought two).

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line about how much fun this set has been. I read the Bone Wars first, and it was like a freakin soap opera. Only awesome. Now I'm about 30 cards in to the base set....I can't believe there's so many dinos i've never even heard of.

As always, the inserts, subsets and pack-ins are top notch. My kids love the gum, and I gave them all the doubles which totally blew their minds.

So once again, I thank you for making my card collection that much cooler. Until the next box. - Jeff

Thanks Jeff, and thanks again for telling your friends about it on Youtube.com. We'll post it on our feedback page for others to enjoy.


The tube (of the uncut sheets of Dinosaur Galaxy) arrived today, everything is perfect. Sheets are incredible. You guys did a fantastic job and deserved WAY the $%&# more backers than you got.
Take care! Off to the framers!!!

Just to let you know that i got my parcel of Dinosaur Galaxy Cards today, thankyou very much. The Cards look amazing, i'm so very happy. You and your team did a fantastic job. I definitely be buying of you again. Quess how much Sketch Cards i have, at the moment i have 109 Sketches so far, and i still have more to come. One day i will put them all up on Blowout Cards so everyone can enjoy viewing them. Thanks again for all the effort you have put into these Cards, it really shows.
Yours Thankfully,
Alex (Australia)

The dinosaur Galaxy cards are even better than expected and I am so glad that I decided to get the two boxes! The artists are all incredible, not a single disappointing picture! What a great set! I posted my thoughts on Facebook awhile back with a couple of pictures. Check it out if you get a chance.


Just received my package, woohoo! Got a strong waft of gum when I opened the box that took me back 40 years. I feel like a little kid again! Chewing the gum while I break open the packs is worth the price of this alone, great flavor too :-) Thanks for bringing back those memories Kurt! The cards look amazing, well worth the wait! -Nick K. (Australia)

I can tell you that the Dinosaur Galaxy set is absolutely great. The illustrations are top of the line. The Lenticular cards are the best I have seen in ages. They actually work. The plastic cards fascinated my granddaughter as much as they did me. I got me two printing plate cards and they got me to thinking that the only thing that could have made the set better would be a couple of metal cards from those folks out in Las Vegas. Oh well, there is always the next set...

I put a "shout-out" to you on the chat board to celebrate the arrival of my cards. As I expected, it was ignored. I guess everyone was busy looking at their own boxes of cards. Keep it up Kurt, you help keep the NS hobby alive.
Joe M.

Received my boxes. Great set. Stunning art! -John B.

Saw the latest update this morning. Liked that picture with it. Damn, those promo cards shown look amazingly great!
Joe M.

Hi, Kurt!
Just curious as to what is included "complete" in each box. Are all the extra cards besides the Lenticulars, of course, going to be complete or are some of the others going to be in the "Chase card" category?
After I receive my box I will determine if it is feasible for me to get a second one, although I have never had luck in completing any subsets this way in the past from any other company. Either way, I am looking forward to an excellent experience, as usual!
Thank you, Hank

Hey Hank,

You probably remember from our other boxes that we have as good of correlation as possible-- non of the usual games forcing you to buy cases to finish our sets. We generally put one of everything in every box. The exception to that rule is when something is too scarce to provide one in every box, or when there is not enough room in the box for one of everything.

In Dinosaur Galaxy, both exceptions are in play. There are only 250 of each of the four different Lenticular cards made, and only 500 boxes made, so it's impossible to provide all four in every box. However, each box will have TWO in it, and they will alternate (two for even numbered boxes, and the other two for odd numbered boxes) so anyone buying two boxes at the same time will be assured to get all four dino-motion Lenticular cards.

Also, the 24 packs contain six cards each, that's 144 cards. But there are 180 cards (including the inserts) in the series, so any given box will be short 36 or so cards.

However, once again, we do what we can to make it easy for people to finish. The very next serial numbered box in the series should contain all the remaining cards. We go out of our way to do that, the exact opposite of what other companies do when they short print cards.

I believe the Lenticular cards are the only inserts that are printed fewer than 500, although some of the promos are given away elsewhere than boxes (we usually include two of six promos in each box--although the six one, the oversized kickstarter promo, was only given away for kickstarter contributors.) However, the promos are free extras that most companies do not include in their boxes at all, so I hope no one will feel we are taking advantage of them with that. In fact, I plan to make sure all the kickstarter patrons and early pre-order people get a complete set of the regular promos (1-5) since they've been so patient.

The long and short of it is that we're trying to pack each container so that there are NO DUPLICATES in your Dinosaur Galaxy box, whatsoever. But even so, it would require another box to finish the complete series unless you trade with a third party. This isn't why we made the series so big-- I did that because the art looks so great, I wanted as much of it as possible, and I think you'll be glad we did, too (when you see the series).

This will mean our boxes not only cost less than half price of the other recent Dinosaur series, but that the box breakdown is infinitely better as well (as good as mathematically possible). I'm sure they'll make a ton more money doing it the other way, but I'm betting that we'll earn more loyal customers.

I hope that answers your questions but always feel free to ask more if it does not.

Happy New Year,


This letter is from Mike Riley-- He's a dinosaur trading card expert (and hosts Dinofan.com) and he's the only person so far who has seen the electronic version of the finished cards and here's what he has to say:

Hey Kurt,

I just (saw the cards) and they look FANTASTIC!!!... Man, this has turned into an awesome set... Congrats... I have hundreds of (dinosaur) sets, as you do, and few if any have provided this much information and cool artwork.

Aloha from Palmetto! When can we pre-order the Dinosaur Galaxy cards?

Regards, Mark

Hey Mark,

I gave into your request and started taking early pre-orders, and sure enough-- got caught up in various delays! One of our artists had a serious illness in the family (happily, that person recovered), then some issues arose with the specialty cards. Only now (end of December) have we actually gotten the base cards all printed. The exciting part is, we used the delays to dramatically expand the series, more than doubling the original size and scope. It's now 123 base cards, plus 40 Bone Wars cards (featuring the "Forty Finest" of our original sketch card art), six different Liquid Leviathan deep water cards, six different Magnificent Mega fauna spot light cards, and four different Dino-motion lenticular cards. And a really top shelf original art card in every box (most all of which are in color).

Yes, all this increased the cost and there will be a price increase in 2016, but not for any of the pre-orders.

I apologize for the delays, but I feel confident no one will be disappointed when they see the final results. This is the biggest and best series we've ever produced in our 23 years of card making. Now that the base cards are printed and the inserts are at the printers, the checks are finally getting cashed. But of course, I'll cheerfully refund anyone's check or paypal if they can't wait, no questions asked!

Thanks again, Kurt

I absolutely love your cards! My friend and I are interested in buying between 6 to 12 boxes (TOO MANY TO CHOSE) LET ME KNOW WHEN THE DINOS ARE AVAILABLE. WHAT SORT OF PRICE WOULD IT BE TO POST BETWEEN 6 TO 12 BOXES TO AUSTRALI? ,THANKS MICK.

Hey Mick,

Thanks for your kind comments. You're in luck-- you happen to mention the exact "break" amount for discount shipping. We can fit exactly six boxes into an international priority shipping box and ship it to you for a combined shipping rate of $42.50 (which works about to be about $7 per box.) For 12 it would be $85. Sent separately however, the postal rate is not near as good; $25 per box. (We just charge what the post office charges us.)






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